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The Vagaries of Fate

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Su Su cautiously made her way to the edge, another step and she would go back to where she should be.

Her thoughts went back to moments of the past. It was only a few short years, somehow it seemed like a lifetime ago. Her heart clenched painfully when images - from the day she helped him recuperating from his injuries, their simple wedding, the strolling among the Peachtree Woods, then her eyes was forcefully taken way, him giving her cold shoulder and the day Ali was born - filled her mind.

"Ye Hua, you let me go. So, I will let you go as well. From now on, we won't owe each other anything," she said softly to the mirror, then tossed it to the ground.

Su Su let herself fall forward. "If I could change the past, I wish I had never met him. Any destiny we have left, I wish no more. Let this lifetime be the last between us.”

Soon the vortex of energy under the Zhuxian Terrace seized her in its merciless hold. It whipped at her, burning her. Instead of killing her, it shattered the Ghost Seal Qing Cang had forced on her two hundred years ago when she tried to put him back inside the Bell of Eastern Emperor.

As such Qing Qui's nine-tailed fox queen Bai Qian returned.

The unraveled essence of the Goddess flared outward once then twice. She shook her head slightly trying to shy away from memories of her previous life -as an immortal- began to overwhelm her.

Then darkness came and she knew no more. It was Zhe Yan who found her gravely wounded and unconscious in his Peachtree Woods sometimes later.

After she was healed, she withdrawn completely into herself refusing to say where she was these three hundred years. Zhe Yan told her how everyone at home searched tirelessly for her whereabouts but always came up empty handed. The goddess never gave him an answer, said it was just a love trial. Seeing how broken she was, he decided to stop pushing the matter.

Bai Qian decided, she didn't need these painful memories of Su Su and Ye Hua as a reminder of her own disgrace. She asked Zhe Yan for the medicine that allow people to erase a certain part of their memory. It was time to start over with a clean slate.