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“Have you ever thought of doing a cam-show but got afraid it would be too boring?”


Jess looked from Matt to Emily as she asked her question. Her girlfriend made a face like she had no idea where that had come from. They were driving along in Matt’s car. He had a station wagon so it was a boat of a car. Lots of room. They were all riding up front because his front seat was a three-seater. Jess was sandwiched between the two. Their stuff had been shoved into the back seat. They were off to a party on the beach with their friends.


“I can honestly say that’s a thought I have never had,” Emily said leaning against her window to look at Jess a bit better. She hadn’t meant anything by it. It was just a thought she’d had while looking for work before she started college. She was pretty enough for it.


“What’s a cam-show?” their boyfriend piped up after a few seconds. Both Jess and Emily turned to face him instead. Then Jess looked back at Em with a disbelieving face. Emily gave her the same look then she rolled her eyes. Jess giggled a little.


“Don’t even try it, hun,” Emily said with a smirk.


“Yeah, babe,” Jess picked up, “We’re not going to get jealous. We know that you’re a regular guy who enjoys porn.”


“Wait, what?” Matt said sounding annoyed at them, “No, that isn’t what I meant. I really don’t know what that is.”


“You really expect us to believe that you’ve never heard of cam-shows?” Emily asked skeptically.


“Yes, because it’s the truth.”


Jess giggled. It was cute whenever Emily teased Matt like this. The way she got all high and mighty and know it all. The way he got all flustered and annoyed. Her partners were both really cute people. She was a lucky girl.


“Sure, Matt, sure,” Emily continued winking at Jess. Matt sighed.


“I don’t know why I bother,” he said focusing hard on the road ahead of them. Emily laughed a little to Jess, but she felt bad for their boyfriend.


“A cam-show is an online show where someone, usually a girl, takes her clothes off for the camera live and people can pay to watch,” Jess explained leaning closer to her.


“Oh,” Matt said then Jess saw his face twitch up some, “I guess I can see the appeal of that. Sounds like something Josh would be into.”


Jess wanted to respond ‘What isn’t Josh into?’ but Emily spoke up first.


“If I didn’t know any better I’d say the thought turns you on, Mathew.”


“Of course not,” he defended blushing quite a bit, “Don’t be silly.”


“It’s so true though,” Jess laughed pointing at him and leaning towards her, “Look at him blush, Em.”


“Why would I even need to watch random girls get naked online?” Matt insisted defensively, “I have two beautiful girlfriends, remember?”


“Ooh flattery,” Emily cooed then whispered in Jess’ ear, “It definitely turns him on then. He’s trying to distract us.”


Jess laughed because it wasn’t a real whisper but a loud one that Matt absolutely heard. He sighed out heavily as he tried to stay focused on his driving. They weren’t too far off from their destination at this point in time.


“You guys just love to torture me don’t you?” he said and even when he said it Jess could see the small smile on his face. He put up with a lot. Matt was pretty in love with them.


“I bet he’d like it even more if we did it,” Emily teased talking to Jess as if Matt hadn’t said anything, “Don’t you think he’d like it, Jess? Especially if we did it for each other.”


“I don’t know,” Jess laughed, “Do you like it when Emily and I fool around in front of you, Matt?”


If Matt had been blushing before he was basically the color of a stop sign now, “What does it matter?”


“Oh it matters,” Emily said as she pulled Jess close to her, “Don’t you think it matters, honey?”


Jess giggled as Emily pulled her close enough that she could feel her breath on her neck. Matt’s eyes flickered over to them and then back to the road. Jess saw his swallow hard and his hands grip the steering wheel tightly.


Emily held Jess’ hair out of her way so she had more access and Matt had a good view. Then she placed a soft kiss on her neck. Jess sighed leaning her head the other way for her girlfriend. She relaxed her body against Emily’s watching Matt as she did. Emily wrapped an arm around Jess and began to pet her stomach as she kissed along her neck. Jess sighed in pleasure because she loved Emily’s soft but very deliberate kisses.


Jess saw Matt glance at them more than once and every time for longer than the last. His hands kept moving all along the steering wheel as if he was trying to contain his urge to do something with them. She could hear his breathing getting heavier as Emily’s hand lifted up Jess shirt to touch her skin and her lips traveled down towards her collarbone. This probably was safe.


Still Jess twisted in her seat to connect her mouth with Emily’s purposefully moaning out right before, “You’re so good at that, baby.”


Then she and Emily were loudly and hungrily making out in the front seat of Matt’s car and though she couldn’t see him anymore she could feel his eyes burn into the back of her head every few seconds. She and Emily ran their fingertips along one another keeping things innocent, but still teasing each other in the way they both liked. Matt grunted out something, but she couldn’t really understand it because she had a hard time thinking when Emily was kissing her like this.


It was just getting good when Jess felt the car come to a halt and she and Emily were jostled forward.


“Hey,” Emily whined looking over at Matt. Jess realized that the car had stopped and they were jostled because Matt had slammed on his brakes. Emily was still holding her but now she was looking over at Matt as if annoyed.


“What?” Matt asked innocently.


“What was that for?” Emily continued and Jess smiled at that. Emily was acting like she had a right to be mad when she had been teasing Matt just seconds before.


“We’re here,” he answered calmly, “And you two were ignoring me.”


“Well fine,” Emily huffed and then unbuckled her belt and opened her door. “Let’s go then.”


“I’d love to,” Matt answered then gave her and Jess a coy look, “But I kinda need a minute now.”


Jess barked out a loud laugh as Emily smirked rolling her eyes. Emily pulled her out of the car and Jess followed still laughing. They grabbed their things and headed down towards the beach to meet up with the others. Matt would catch up.


“That was mean,” Jess said as they walked. Emily slung her arm around Jess and pulled her in close.


“It’s okay we’ll make it up to him later with a real show,” Emily assured her with a sparkle in her eyes. Jess shook her head but was still feeling excited for that. She really did have the best girlfriend and the best boyfriend in the world.

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“You know I’ve never seen another person naked in real life, just in porn.”

Chris pulled his attention away from his phone long enough to look over at Ashley sitting on the floor by Josh’s feet. It wasn’t out of the blue. They were watching a pornographic film together. The most expensive one ever made Josh claimed when he showed them the DVD box. Apparently the guy who directed it liked the movie enough and the budget was so high there was a none porn version of it.


“Is that the version we’re watching?” Chris had asked as Josh put the movie into his player.


“Of course not,” Josh scoffed, “What fun would that be? But still it’s basically B-movie quality stuff which for porn is pretty amazing. Totally worth watching.”


The way Josh had winked at Chris when he sat down though he had a feeling at some point his “best friend” was going to make an excuse to leave and not come back for quite some time. That way Chris and Ashley would be alone in his basement lounge watching porn. Chris had a good guess where Josh thought that might lead as well.


“I’ve seen Chris naked,” Josh responded with a heavy implication as he leaned down towards Ashley, basically confirming his suspicions.


“Really?”Ashley laughed looking away from the T.V. that all sorts of sexual sounds were coming from, “When? Why?”


“We’ve known each other for over ten years,” Chris sighed feeling his face heat up, “Things happen.”


“Have you two hooked up?” Ashley asked with a smirk, not even a little bit of her attention was on the move at this point.


“What? No!” Chris denied at the same time Josh laughed, “Absolutely.”


“Josh,”Chris moaned in time with someone on screen which just embarrassed him even more, “Shut it. Stop messing with her.”


“Fine. We haven’t,” Josh conceded and Chris got to relax for all of half a second before Josh continued, “Truthfully I’m not sure I could handle Chris.”


“What do you mean?” Ashley said hoping off the floor and squeezing between them on the couch in her excitement. A couch that was not made for three people and she was halfway in his lap and halfway in Josh’s.


“Don’t,” Chris warned feeling his face very hot.


“Dude’s huge,” Josh answered rolling his eyes for emphasis despite this.


“Really?” Ashley said then flipping immediately to look at Chris instead her voice brimming with glee, “Really?”


Chris looked away from her wide shining green eyes that flickered between his own eyes and his groin. His eyes landed on Josh who was giving him a weird almost flirtatious look. He looked back at Ashley.


“I wouldn’t say huge,” he sighed, “Maybe big.”


“How big is big?”


“I don’t know big.”


“Can I see it?” Ashley smirked and her eyes stayed on his groin for a moment, Josh was busy rubbing her shoulders as he shook his head playfully.




“I want to see if you guys are telling me the truth or not,” Ashley said as if it was the most logical thing in the world.


“You think we might be lying to you?” Chris sputtered, “About my dick size?”


“Well yeah,” Ashley shrugged. Josh snickered with his hands still pressing down on Ashley’s shoulders, rubbing probably harder than he needed to for a friendly massage. She pressed into his movements with her attention still on Chris.


“We’re not lying,” Chris insisted.


“So prove it,” she countered, “What’s the big deal? It’s only us. And Josh has already seen you naked.”


“I’m not showing you my dick,” Chris sighed while Josh laughed behind her.


“Because it’s not true, right?” Ashley teased, “You guys are messing with me?”


“No, we aren’t.”


“So show me.”




Chris undid his belt and jeans probably with more anger and frustration then he meant to. Both Ashley and Josh’s eyes went wide as if they hadn’t expected him to do it. He couldn’t stand with the pressure of Ashley on his leg and the pressure of Josh against her. He managed to wiggle his pants and underwear passed his thighs though. He yanked free his penis for her to see.


“Happy?” Chris asked looking at Ashley who was staring at his cock as was Josh. He felt incredibly embarrassed all of a sudden. He couldn’t believe he had done that. The only sounds in the room were from the T.V. which was still on and still playing that porno. So the room was filled with breathy gasps and moans of pleasure as Chris sat there holding his dick out for his two closest friends.


“Yes,” Ashley answered her hand coming forward as if on instinct to take his dick in hand. Josh smirked. They didn’t stop her and maybe they should have because truth be told they were all horny. She started to pump his cock until it was hard. Chris’ head fell back as she did it because that was nice. He couldn’t believe she was doing it. In front of Josh who was busy himself sliding Ashley’s sweats down her legs.


She let him strip them and her panties off of her. That left Ashley and Chris’ pelvis areas bare. But Josh made no movement to remove his own clothes as he pushed the girl onto Chris. Even in his lustful haze it became clear then to Chris that this was what Josh wanted form the start. Josh didn’t just want his two friends to have sex. Josh wanted to watch his two friends have sex.


“I told you he was huge,” Josh whispered to Ashley once she was straddling Chris’s hips and holding onto his shoulders. Josh ran his thumb over Chris’ lips. Ashley’s wet core was gyrating against his dick at this point and Josh watched her biting his lip. Chris saw Josh’s own hard-on straining his pants and hated to say that the sight of it in combination with Ashley rubbing on him so roughly turned him on.


“Oh he is.” Ashley’s breathy sigh against Josh’s mouth made a chill run up and down Chris’ spine.


“Is he making you wet, Ash?” Josh cooed into Ashley’s ear while running his hand through Chris’ hair. “Do you want Chris’ fat dick to fill you up like you’re a nasty little slut? Do you want to ride him raw?”


Ashley moaned, nodding her head furiously and Chris couldn’t blame her. Josh was good at dirty talk. Josh grabbed Ashley’s hips with one hand, encouraged her to lift them up and used his other to guide Chris’ penis into her slit. Josh pushed Ashley down onto Chris before he backed away to lean against the couch arm opposite them.


“Oh! Holy shit,” Chris finally cried out having been silent through this whole ordeal. Ashley wasted no time before she began slamming herself hard against him. She was so wet and hot and she squeezed so tightly around him. He didn’t think she’d push his entire cock inside of her, but she did. Every time she came down on him she pushed him all the way inside of her again.


“It’s so deep, Chris,” she moaned, “You’re so deep inside of me.”


“Yeah,” Josh grunted off on the side, “That’s it, Ash. Fuck him good. Make him sore.”


Chris looked over at Josh to see that the other guy had finally undone his pants and had his hand buried in there. The fabric moved rapidly. Josh was touching himself as he watched them. Ash was bouncing away on his cock while Josh watched jacking himself off. Chris’ eyes went from one to the other not sure which image was hotter and feeling his dick throb hard. Finally he saw Josh’s hand speed up as he kept egging them on and Ashley slipped her hand between them to finger her clitoris because she was presumably close to orgasm, herself. All of their panting and moaning easily drowning out the movie’s.


Josh came first, his cum coating his hand as he did cursing up a storm, Ashley followed after yelling out Chris’ name and clawing into his shoulders as she did. Chris climaxed not long after her completely aroused by the fact that he had made both of them cum that hard.


Ashley climbed off of him after he finished and he fixed his clothes. Then he relaxed back against the couch’s other arm, a mirror to Josh. Ashley quickly pulled her sweats back on, but not her underwear before she lay across them both. She stretched out her legs over his own and tucked her head against Josh’s stomach. Josh winked over at Chris. Chris blushed as if he had reason to after that. Ashley was sighing contently as Chris stroked her legs and Josh her hair.


“Didn’t I tell you the movie would be worth watching?” Josh teased. Ashley laughed and as much as he hated to admit it Chris had to agree Josh had been right.

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“Shit. Someone’s coming! Get in the closet, get in the closet!”


Josh didn’t know what to think when Ashley said that. To be fair he didn’t know what to think about the situation in general. The three of them had been in her room, which wasn’t really something they were supposed to do, smoking pot when she had laid down on her bed because she was tired. The two boys had sat on her floor fairly stoned when she had announced quite loudly, “I want to take my shirt off.”


“You could,” Josh had joked, “Chris and I won’t mind. Hell we’ll do it if you do.”


Chris had punched him in the shoulder, but Ashley sat up smirking like a devil. She had lifted up onto her knees before she slowly pulled her shirt up and off of her body. The smiles on both guys’ faces fell when she did that. They glanced at each other as if checking to see if it was really happening. Then she had lowered each strap of her bra one at a time before she unhooked it and let it fall away. Josh felt his eyes go wide and assumed Chris’ did the same. She had laid back down this time supporting herself on her pillows so they had a decent view.


“Your turn,” she’d whispered. That was how Josh and Chris had ended up taking their own shirts off for Ashley. She had blatantly checked them out after they had as well. She apparently liked what she saw too.


“Come here,” she had said to them. “I have one for both of you.” That was how they ended up in bed with her each of them suckling on one of her tits. Josh’s hand had just gone into her shorts to finger her and she had been saying how good it felt to have them both sucking her when she had yanked them off. Then demanded they get in her closet. She pushed Josh in first not giving him time to protest.


“Josh and I aren’t going to fit in your closet,” Chris said as she shoved him right up against Josh and slammed the door shut. Both of them still shirtless and both of them still sporting hard-ons now pressed up against each other in the tiny space she had in her room that was her “closet.”


“Well this sucks,” Josh said as quietly as he could, “I thought we were in for a devil’s three-way.”


“A what?” Chris asked. Josh rolled his eyes.


“A devil’s three-way,” Josh said as if that alone explained it, “Two guys and one girl. One at the head, one at the back.”


Chris flushed an adorable shade of red, “You don’t really think she was going to let us… do you?”


“Seriously Chris?” Josh moaned, “How can you still be unsure about Ashley? You just had her nipple in your mouth.”


“Yeah, but so did you,” Chris replied. Josh wondered if that bothered Chris. It didn’t sound like it did and he didn’t seem to have any issues with it while it was happening. Though Josh’s mind hadn’t exactly been on Chris’ feelings when there was a girl around half naked and willing to let Josh play with her.


But looking at him Josh could see what was cute about Chris and why Ashley liked him. He had a good amount of bulk to him and a nice amount of hair on his chest that was a pale blonde color. He had seen the way Chris had tended to Ashley’s breast. So soft and gently and a little clumsy and it was endearing. A stark contrast to his own hungry, rough, needy way. That’s probably way she had liked them both at the same time. He wondered how Ashley would kiss and lap at him and how it would compare to Chris.


“Do you hear that?” Chris asked him quietly pulling Josh from his thoughts. Josh listened hearing two voices but not what they were saying and feet walking around. Finally they got close enough for him to understand them.


“One of the guys must have left it here when they were over last, dad.” That was Ashley’s voice. Wait? The person she heard coming was her father. Her militant, tyrannical father who basically disapproved of everything Ashley did and outright hated Josh. Josh held his breath. If he was found in here, in her room half naked, he was dead. He saw Chris’ eyes widen and he did the same obviously thinking like him in the moment. Chris might be better off. Ashley’s father liked him, but then he probably wouldn’t once he found out what they had been doing and that his daughter had been doing it with not one but two young men.


“Why would your guy friends be taking their shirts off in your room?”


“Well they wouldn’t be,” Ashley tried to explain and Chris pressed him forehead to Josh’s in solidarity, “I just meant that maybe it was in their bag or something. And fell out.”


“Ashley, do you have a boy in this room?” her father demanded and Josh could hear him right next to the closet door. It was nice to be this close to Chris and he felt like he shouldn’t be thinking something like that at a time like this.


“Dad, I can safely say that I do not have a boy in my room,” Ashley replied. Josh had to hand it to her. She was not lying. She had two boys in her room. Chris grabbed Josh’s hand as they waited for her dad to respond. Josh grabbed Chris’ shoulder, Chris grabbed his hip. This was starting to feel less and less platonic as the seconds passed.


“Alright fine,” they heard Ashley’s father sigh, “I know when you’re bullshitting me and you aren’t so I’m going to grab my phone and head back to work. You’re on your own for dinner tonight okay?”


“Okay, dad,” they heard Ashley reply as the footsteps faded away. Josh and Chris let out a breath and laughed as quietly as they could. Then in a show of relief, he thinks at least, Chris kissed Josh square on the mouth. Chris pulled back afterward as if afraid Josh was going to be upset with him but he just smiled up at him. It was a nice kiss. A few seconds later the door opened and they clung to each other.


Luckily it was only Ashley on the other side. She bit her bottom lip and raised an eyebrow when she saw them hugging one another so tightly.


“Ooh,” she cooed, “Were you two feeling each other up in my closet? That kinda turns me on.”


Chris released Josh and shuffled out of the closet, clearly embarrassed by what she said, as he sat back down on Ashley’s bed. Josh walked out after and locked eyes with Ashley. He saw her pupils dilate and knew she hadn’t been joking. A silent agreement passed between the two. Josh walked over to Ashley’s bed to sit down behind Chris and place his hands on his shoulders as he asked, “So is your dad gone?”


“Yeah,” Ashley said as she pulled her shirt back over her head and as she hadn’t put her bra back on was once again bare on top as she came forward and sat in Chris’ lap, “So where were we?”


As the three of them tumbled back into Ashley’s tiny bed, Josh was pretty sure he could get used to this.

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“The spirit board just spelled ‘fuck’ and I think we should listen to it.”


Ashley looked over at Josh when he said that. Then she looked at Chris who had his eyebrows raised. All of them had fingers on the wooden plate that came with the game. She had agreed to play this in the hopes of helping Josh work through some of his grief. She assumed Chris had agreed to it for the same or similar reasons.


“You moved it,” Chris finally said taking his hand of the toy. Because it was just a toy. Josh looked a bit taken aback.


“I did not,” he gasped, “How dare you accuse me of that? The spirits want somebody in this room to get down and dirty is all.”


“Stop it, Josh,” Chris continued with Ashley still looking between them both, “I know you moved it.”


“How do I know you didn’t move it?” Josh countered, “You were just talking about having me and Ash take off our clothes for you.”


“That was a joke,” Chris defended. Ashley sighed.


“Let’s just try it again okay?” she reasoned. Chris put his hand back and they waited for a moment to see what happened. Sure enough though the hole traveled once again over the letters 'f’ 'u’ 'c’ and 'k.’ Josh could not have been moving it though. Not from his angle and neither could Chris.


“Well, then it’s busted,” Chris concluded. Josh gave him a weird look. Ashley stood up and without any warning she removed her hoodie. Both boys turned to look her way as she dropped it on the chair and began to lift up her shirt.


“Nice,” Josh commented once that garment of clothing joined the other on her chair. Chris was turning so red he looked almost sick.


“Ash,” he asked meekly, “What are you doing?”


She had gotten to her shorts at that point and was dropping them and her leggings to the ground leaving her in just her panties and bra. “I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want a vengeful spirit coming after me. So I’m not taking the chance. Chris, get naked and let’s do this.”


“What?” he asked as Ashley got down on her knees and started to undo his jeans.


“Yeah,” she heard Josh say and saw him move his seat behind Chris in order to lift all his shirts up and off his body. Whether from sexual desire or just from shock Chris did not fight against his two friends taking his clothes off in a very public place in the Washington ski lodge. She didn’t tell Josh to leave once Chris was naked. Honestly had Josh tried to leave the room she would have probably asked him to stay instead. He licked his lips watching her as she stood up and slid her panties down her legs. He had his hands on Chris’ shoulders and his fingers dug in deeply as she removed her bra. He rubbed Chris’ shoulders roughly in anticipation.


“Like what you see, Josh?” Ashley teased as she climbed into Chris lap. Josh nodded with a smirk and then he looked down and laughed.


“Looks like Chris does too,” he whispered right up against Chris’ ear. Ashley glanced down to look at the what Josh meant. Chris was hard and big and ready to be fucked. She lowered herself in his lap until her fold were right up against his dick. Chris’ eyes widened. He looked back at Josh as if needing confirmation it was real. Josh nodded rubbing Chris’ shoulders again as Ashley began to get herself wet by rubbing against Chris.


“She’d gonna ride you, Chris,” Josh teased in a sensual voice, “She’s gonna fuck herself on your cock. And you know what? I’m going to hold you down while she does it.”


Fear flashed through Chris’ eyes right before Josh’s hands came forward and gripped his wrists hard and pulled them behind the chair back to hold them there with one hand. Then his free hand came back around and slammed over top of Chris’ mouth holding him back against the chair making it impossible for him to make noise.


Josh smiled wickedly at Ashley who sped up her pace when he did that. Chris tried to push forward but between Josh holding him down and Ashley’s sitting on his legs he couldn’t move barely at all. The idea that he was completely and totally at her mercy to do whatever she wanted with got her so hot. She ran her fingers into his hair roughly as she continued to grind herself against him and get herself ready.


“Look at you,” she cooed looking deep into Chris’ blue eyes, “You’re my little whore now aren'tcha?”


Chris groaned against Josh’s hand. Josh was leaning right on Chris’ shoulder watching her and licking his lips. She shifted her gaze to Josh’s eyes as she lifted herself up and finally after so much build up came down onto Chris’ cock. Chris moaned loudly against Josh’s hand but she ignored him in favor of watching Josh watch her.


“That’s right,” Ashley purred staring at Josh and ramming herself hard into Chris, “Take it like my good little slut. Let me ride you until I’m all done with you and maybe you’ll get to cum too.”


Josh began to breath heavily and run his tongue along his teeth. She could see an erection straining his own pants as Chris whined and whimpered against his hand in desperation. She leaned forward until her forehead was almost touching Josh’s. They panted heavily into each others’ faces as she continued to ride Chris fast and hard.


“God, it’s deep,” she whined loudly, “I can feel him filling me completely. He was made to be fucked.”


Josh groaned and grit his teeth when she said that, “Fuck him then, Ash. Fuck so you’re sore tomorrow. Fuck him so hard neither of you can walk after.”


Ashley gasped out and bounced herself as hard as she could in Chris’ dick. She could hear him trying to scream passed Josh’s hand and trying to move against Josh holding him back and he jostled her around. That just made her rock all around which made every second she rode him filled with more friction and thus more pleasure. She released one hand from Chris’ hair to reach down to rub her hand roughly over the material of Josh’s pants. This was all it took for Josh to cum in his pants and in his euphoria he let go of Chris.


“Damn,” Chris screamed and the second his hands were free they wrapped tightly around her to help rock her into him until they were squeezing together in orgasm. Once done Chris kissed Ashley hard.


“Well,” Josh sighed as Ashley climbed off Chris and literally tumbled to the floor from the weakness in her legs, “If the spirits wanted fucking then that should keep them at bay.”


Chris, who had finished pulling his pants up, turned around quickly and sighed, “Josh dude, we had sex for you, okay? Just admit you moved the spirit board already.”


“Me? You’re the one who got laid,” Josh argued back, “You’re definitely the person who moved it.”


As Ashley climbed back into her chair with her panties, her leggings and her bra back on she decided she shouldn’t admit to her friends that she was the one who moved the plate on the spirit board.