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OT3 Prompts

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“Have you ever thought of doing a cam-show but got afraid it would be too boring?”


Jess looked from Matt to Emily as she asked her question. Her girlfriend made a face like she had no idea where that had come from. They were driving along in Matt’s car. He had a station wagon so it was a boat of a car. Lots of room. They were all riding up front because his front seat was a three-seater. Jess was sandwiched between the two. Their stuff had been shoved into the back seat. They were off to a party on the beach with their friends.


“I can honestly say that’s a thought I have never had,” Emily said leaning against her window to look at Jess a bit better. She hadn’t meant anything by it. It was just a thought she’d had while looking for work before she started college. She was pretty enough for it.


“What’s a cam-show?” their boyfriend piped up after a few seconds. Both Jess and Emily turned to face him instead. Then Jess looked back at Em with a disbelieving face. Emily gave her the same look then she rolled her eyes. Jess giggled a little.


“Don’t even try it, hun,” Emily said with a smirk.


“Yeah, babe,” Jess picked up, “We’re not going to get jealous. We know that you’re a regular guy who enjoys porn.”


“Wait, what?” Matt said sounding annoyed at them, “No, that isn’t what I meant. I really don’t know what that is.”


“You really expect us to believe that you’ve never heard of cam-shows?” Emily asked skeptically.


“Yes, because it’s the truth.”


Jess giggled. It was cute whenever Emily teased Matt like this. The way she got all high and mighty and know it all. The way he got all flustered and annoyed. Her partners were both really cute people. She was a lucky girl.


“Sure, Matt, sure,” Emily continued winking at Jess. Matt sighed.


“I don’t know why I bother,” he said focusing hard on the road ahead of them. Emily laughed a little to Jess, but she felt bad for their boyfriend.


“A cam-show is an online show where someone, usually a girl, takes her clothes off for the camera live and people can pay to watch,” Jess explained leaning closer to her.


“Oh,” Matt said then Jess saw his face twitch up some, “I guess I can see the appeal of that. Sounds like something Josh would be into.”


Jess wanted to respond ‘What isn’t Josh into?’ but Emily spoke up first.


“If I didn’t know any better I’d say the thought turns you on, Mathew.”


“Of course not,” he defended blushing quite a bit, “Don’t be silly.”


“It’s so true though,” Jess laughed pointing at him and leaning towards her, “Look at him blush, Em.”


“Why would I even need to watch random girls get naked online?” Matt insisted defensively, “I have two beautiful girlfriends, remember?”


“Ooh flattery,” Emily cooed then whispered in Jess’ ear, “It definitely turns him on then. He’s trying to distract us.”


Jess laughed because it wasn’t a real whisper but a loud one that Matt absolutely heard. He sighed out heavily as he tried to stay focused on his driving. They weren’t too far off from their destination at this point in time.


“You guys just love to torture me don’t you?” he said and even when he said it Jess could see the small smile on his face. He put up with a lot. Matt was pretty in love with them.


“I bet he’d like it even more if we did it,” Emily teased talking to Jess as if Matt hadn’t said anything, “Don’t you think he’d like it, Jess? Especially if we did it for each other.”


“I don’t know,” Jess laughed, “Do you like it when Emily and I fool around in front of you, Matt?”


If Matt had been blushing before he was basically the color of a stop sign now, “What does it matter?”


“Oh it matters,” Emily said as she pulled Jess close to her, “Don’t you think it matters, honey?”


Jess giggled as Emily pulled her close enough that she could feel her breath on her neck. Matt’s eyes flickered over to them and then back to the road. Jess saw his swallow hard and his hands grip the steering wheel tightly.


Emily held Jess’ hair out of her way so she had more access and Matt had a good view. Then she placed a soft kiss on her neck. Jess sighed leaning her head the other way for her girlfriend. She relaxed her body against Emily’s watching Matt as she did. Emily wrapped an arm around Jess and began to pet her stomach as she kissed along her neck. Jess sighed in pleasure because she loved Emily’s soft but very deliberate kisses.


Jess saw Matt glance at them more than once and every time for longer than the last. His hands kept moving all along the steering wheel as if he was trying to contain his urge to do something with them. She could hear his breathing getting heavier as Emily’s hand lifted up Jess shirt to touch her skin and her lips traveled down towards her collarbone. This probably was safe.


Still Jess twisted in her seat to connect her mouth with Emily’s purposefully moaning out right before, “You’re so good at that, baby.”


Then she and Emily were loudly and hungrily making out in the front seat of Matt’s car and though she couldn’t see him anymore she could feel his eyes burn into the back of her head every few seconds. She and Emily ran their fingertips along one another keeping things innocent, but still teasing each other in the way they both liked. Matt grunted out something, but she couldn’t really understand it because she had a hard time thinking when Emily was kissing her like this.


It was just getting good when Jess felt the car come to a halt and she and Emily were jostled forward.


“Hey,” Emily whined looking over at Matt. Jess realized that the car had stopped and they were jostled because Matt had slammed on his brakes. Emily was still holding her but now she was looking over at Matt as if annoyed.


“What?” Matt asked innocently.


“What was that for?” Emily continued and Jess smiled at that. Emily was acting like she had a right to be mad when she had been teasing Matt just seconds before.


“We’re here,” he answered calmly, “And you two were ignoring me.”


“Well fine,” Emily huffed and then unbuckled her belt and opened her door. “Let’s go then.”


“I’d love to,” Matt answered then gave her and Jess a coy look, “But I kinda need a minute now.”


Jess barked out a loud laugh as Emily smirked rolling her eyes. Emily pulled her out of the car and Jess followed still laughing. They grabbed their things and headed down towards the beach to meet up with the others. Matt would catch up.


“That was mean,” Jess said as they walked. Emily slung her arm around Jess and pulled her in close.


“It’s okay we’ll make it up to him later with a real show,” Emily assured her with a sparkle in her eyes. Jess shook her head but was still feeling excited for that. She really did have the best girlfriend and the best boyfriend in the world.