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Prompt: Halloween Smut
Rating: Explicit

“Bobbing for apples is gross. If I’m going to swap spit with people, I’d rather just make out with you.”


Matt looked at Emily as she said that. A recently single Emily, by the by. He had just finished his turn at the bobbing for apples game at their school Halloween fair and Jess was now pinning her hair back so she could try. He had come over to her wielding his shiny red prize to offer her a turn at the game. That had been her response.


“Are you…” Matt began feeling his face grow hot, “Do you mean that?”


Emily rolled her eyes, “Yes, it’s a gross, childish game. Look at those morons gathered around so they can see Jess’ top get soaked through.”


Matt cleared his throat and running his hand through his hair tried his best to sound cool, “I meant the making-out part. Cause I know a couple of good spots for it.”


Emily quirked her eyebrow up at him and leaned back. He was worried he had offended her until a big smirk overtook her features.


“Mathew Taylor,” she teased, “Are you asking me to sneak off and make-out with you?”


“If you want to,” Matt added as charmingly as he could, “I parked my car pretty close to the grounds.”


This wasn’t wrong because she and Mike had already broken up. Almost a month ago actually. The guy had probably been with half the school by this point. Besides she could always say no. It wasn’t like he was forcing her. She looked him up and down as if appraising him, sizing him up. Then she gave a nod like she accepted what she saw.


“Alright lug head,” she said with a shrug, “I’ve got nothing to lose.”


Matt was almost in shock. He had kind of expected her to say ‘no.’ Trying to keep his composure cool he took her by the hand and slowly led her through the Halloween fair and to the parking lot. He didn’t want to seem too eager after all. That would look lame and he wanted this to happen. He was almost in a daze when they arrived at his boat of a car and he opened the backseat to let her in. He climbed in too and was pounced by her as soon as he had the door shut and locked.


Funny, Mike had always said Emily was cold, but this was anything but. It was slow sure but it didn’t lack passion. She liked to tease him. She kissed him softly and slowly and let her hands just barely trail over his chest. She sighed deeply as he ran his fingers up into her hair.


“You have a lot of room in here,” Emily breathed as she pulled away and Matt kissed his way down to her neck. Her long manicured nails scrapped along his t-shirt under his Letterman jacket. She made it to his back and slid her hands into his shirt. Her hands were cold and made him shutter under her touch. Matt pushed towards her, one of his hands abandoning her hair to slid along her side to her leg. His lips continued their steady trial down along her collarbone and then back up peppering her jaw before he retook her lips. She hummed into him scratching her hands down his back when he pushed his tongue in between her lips.


“You’re good with your mouth,” Emily teased pulling back and slipping one of her hands away from his skin to press a finger to lip, “Of course you won at apple bobbing. I wonder what else you can do…”


Matt let out a small laugh. He couldn’t believe Emily was this flirty. He and their friends had had her pegged all wrong. Before he knew what was happening Emily was sliding off the straps of her dress and allowing it to slip off. She lay it along the back seat and then laid herself down on the seat itself. She took Matt by both his biceps and pulled him in top of her. He licked his lips, not sure where he wanted to put them first. Her hands gripped into his hair and guided him down to kissing her again as he was taking too long to decide.


“Fuck, Em,” Matt muttered against her mouth as he felt her removing her underwear and bra beneath his body. She slung them up by her dress and she was naked under him.


Emily was completely naked underneath him. His hands slowly began to roam her small chubby body, massaging deep into her sides, grasping her breasts firmly, wandering down to lift her soft smooth legs around his waist. She made no motion to take off any of his clothes. Even as his mouth went again to her neck and she began to moan and whine loudly in pleasure. Her voice was deep and had a bit a rasp to it. All this made his even hornier. He rubbed his still jean covered crotch against her and hoped he didn’t hurt her.


Emily pushed his head down to her breasts and Matt needed no more encouragement than that to suckle on them. He teased one nipple with his mouth while he massaged the other with his hand. His hips kept grinding forward into hers. Her voice was getting higher and breather as he kept going. Her long nails dug deep into his skull and her legs squeezed around him.


Emily pulled his mouth back up to her own after a particularly loud whine and whispered desperately against his lips, “Matt, tell me you’re one of those cocky jocks that keeps condoms on him at all times.”


The worst thing about admitting he did in fact have condoms in his wallet was that she would think he was just like his obnoxious teammates. The best part about admitting that was that he’d probably get to fuck Emily. The pro outweighed the con by a landslide. He barely hesitated to pull the small package from his pocket and toss it to her. She set to opening it as he undid his pants and got them as far down as was needed.


“Big boy,” she teased as she grabbed hold of him and he hissed out a pleased breath. God, he hoped she was close because this was not going to last long. She slid the rubber onto him and then wasted no time in guiding him to her pussy. Her eyes closed tightly as he pushed into her. Her hand fumbled along his chest in an adorable clumsy way before she got them around his back and pulled him onto her. Once he was inside all the way he began to move. Rolling his hips into hers gently picking up speed a little as he went on.


“Ah, ah, oh Matt, that’s nice,” Emily whined. Her legs crossed behind his beck as if trying to get him as close as she could. He picked up speed a bit because he felt himself throbbing and aching for a release. He held her legs high because she liked this angle it seemed from her shrieks of joy and he didn’t want to make her work. She looked and felt and sounded so sexy. Emily the powerhouse, completely weak to what he was doing to her. Whining out his name as if begging him to let her cum. Then her hand went between them to finger herself. That was too much.


“God, Em,” Matt moaned, “I’m gonna lose it in a second.”


“Hold out, babe,” Emily cried, “I’m so close. Just… just a little more.”


Matt bit his lip in hopes of keeping his climax at bay waiting for her to finish first. Finally after what felt like far too long Emily’s whole body squeezed tightly around him and she cried out rocking up and down as she did, “Yes, Matt!”


He was gone after that, pumping into her to make himself cum as well. He could swear her saw spots after he finally relaxed out of orgasm. He clumsily fell back as he pulled out of Emily. She was taking deep breath to calm herself down. Matt set to cleaning himself up and disposing of the condom in his trash bag. Emily quickly got redressed. Matt leaned over and kissed her.


“Was that okay?” he asked as he pulled back, “I just really wanted to.”


Emily smiled, “Yeah that was okay. But we should be getting back now. My parents are at this thing and they’re gonna notice I’m not around soon.”


Matt nodded. He helped her out of the car which she blushed at. They headed over towards the fair together hand in hand and she smiled at him as they went their separate ways saying, “Huh. I guess I did have something lose by coming to your car with you.”


Matt didn’t get until she was already gone.