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Across The Fandoms:Haiku Edition

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One boy and his ten
Sisters, what could possibly
Be better then that?

She loves to talk on
Her cellphone with Bobby her
Somewhat dim boyfriend.

She may not be the
Brightest but she surely knows
What is in style.

She loves to rock out
To her idol Mick Swagger
On her old guitar.

She loves to make puns
That make her family groan
But still makes me laugh.

She loves having a
Ball playing sports for life is
Her favorite game.

She enjoys writing
Poetry especially
About vampires.

She has won many
Pageants and her favorite
Color is pink too.

She likes to play in
The mud and unlike her twin
She enjoys messes.

She maybe only
Four, but it doesn't mean that
She is ignorant.

She's the baby of
The family but knows how
To be very cute.

He surrounded by
His sisters craziness but
Loves them all the same.

He is Lincoln's best
Friend who wishes to join in
the family's fun.

He's Lori's boyfriend
Who has worked at many jobs
Over this last year.

Ronnie Anne can be
A bit of a bully and
Kind of likes Lincoln.

Their parents names are
Rita and Lynn Sr. They have
A very full house.

Harold and Howard
McBride dote over their son
Whom they love dearly.