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Plans for securing a wife

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I have always known I was a little different than those around me. Not just because of my brain or my good looks, but in some ways, even I have to admit lacking a important element in social settings. Often feeling awkward when I had to communicate with others. Usually I prefer the company of my computer or complicated mathematical equivalents before having to order myself into social activities, with real human to human interactions. There has been more than a few times in my life where I have been accused of been rude and arrogant, but the opinions of others do not affect me in my daily life, so why should I care what they say or think?

Luckily, in college I met a few male friends who might not understand me completely but still accepted me. Despite the fact they were loud and had smelly socks, they made my life more interesting. Nonetheless, my relationship with those three guys was not close enough for me to fell conformable living together with them in our assigned dorm room. Luckily my parents was professors at the university I was studying, and go a special permission to live with my parents instead. My parents was rarely home, traveling to rural areas to perform archeological exhumation or holding lectures on how to preserve relevant findings correctly. Staying alone in the apartment was my own small haven. Even so, I still kept in contact with my roommates online and in our classes. After all, I had to keep my parents from worrying about me to much concerning my lack of a social life. As the years went by and after spending more time together with the three young men then I have ever spent with anyone who was not a relative, I offered them positions in the company I was planning too start. Putting my trust in them.
I have never regretted that decision so far in my life.

My assigned roommates had all noticed my reluctance to communicate with with others orally, and left those aspects of my behavior pass without it inflecting their support in my daily life. Nonetheless they all argued that my good looks was wasted on someone like me, and I would probably forever stay single. Unfortunate I could not even argue against their judgment. They might be right.


Wonder what my friends would think at this particular moment if they had seen me now. My eyes fixated on the fingers of a female online player at my uncle's gaming hub. My uncle had excused himself for a moment, having to take a phone call at the register, leaving me on a room filled with computers and other young games as I waited for him to finish his conversation. Waiting behind this perfect gamer. Leaving me standing perplexed behind a slaying goddess.

I think my roommates would have trouble understanding how I fell for someone just by seeing a womans fingers dance over a keyboard. I fell in love even before we exchanged one word or before I could see her face. Her thin talented fingers was enough to spellbound me.

Almost like a stalker I stood behind this young woman while she continued gaming online. Not moving an inch, my eyes following the movements on her finger as she played "A Chinese Ghost Story" online. I hardly blinked, afraid I would lose a precious second of the fascinating scene in front of me. The female player on the other hand had no idea I was standing there, and how much she had affected me as she assisted her guild in taking down a boss.

My heart fluttered even faster when I realized she skills was on a higher level than those around her. She was a formidable player, almost at my level. Her fingers making the online character react faster than I have ever seen someone using that particular character before. Not only did her fingers fascinate me, she actions online was also quite interesting. She obviously knew what she was doing.

As I stood there in trance I luckily managed to compose myself enough to see her screen name. Reed Wei Wei. She was even connected to the same server I myself had a profile.

Despite the fact if I had not played that game online in a while, I knew the second I got back home I would sit down in front of my computer. I would log on searching every female character dressed in red until I found her. Until I found the woman behind the nickname Reed Wei Wei.

After the female player was done with the fights online she did not waste time chatting with her guild members. She quickly said good bye and logged of. As she turned off the computer and walked away, she gave me a glimpse of her face for the first time. Not only did she play like a goddess, she looked like one as well. Ivory skin, with a long dark hair.

As she walked away I could not make myself react, still fixated on what had just happened. My eyes still focused on the now black screen soaking in the memory of the scene that had just unfolded in front of me, storing every small detail in my brain for later.

My trance was broken when my uncle came back. He informed me he was done for the day, and we should leave in order to have dinner together. Did he not just leave me a few second ago?

I had to shake my head a little in order to function normally again, not wishing for him to ask me any questions I could not answer myself. Finally I managed to turn my head away from the computer in order to focus on him, giving him a small smile as we left his gaming hub. Agreeing to join him for dinner.

Since the girl had just left I assumed she would probably not log online again today. Knowing this was the only reason I had not refused my uncles invitation to share a meal. A player at her level had to be online quite often in order to still keep her rating, and because of that fact I knew I would find her again. Of this I was certain of. Those thoughts followed me all the way home, through the dinner with my uncle and even when I logged online that night. Sadly she had not logged onto the game again, and therefor I could not find her this night.

If by some strange unlucky events I would not find her online inside the game, I knew could just hack my uncle's computer database for her profile if I was desperate enough.

Nothing would stop me from finding her again.

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She was married…

For me, even if I had never been in a relationship before I often thought online relationships should be based in reality. If you had feelings for someone online, why not in real life? And vise verse.

Seeing her already connected to another man made my stomach clenched in frustration. Was it over before it could even begin?
It would be immoral to steal someone else partner, but with some planning maybe I could get her to look my way without doing any everlasting damage.

After some online stalking I noticed Reed WeiWei did not act as a female in love related to her online husband. They never used romantic nicknames for their partner and rarely spent time together just the two of them. From an outside point of view it looked as if she was together with Zhen Shui just because they worked well together on quests. Her husband even spent a lot of time together with another female player by the name Enchantress.

Who uses a nickname like Enchantress without being self centered anyway?

When I asked Hao Mei about her he already knew who Enchantress was. She had posted pictures of herself online and was voted the most beautiful female player (or something like that) on the server.
Just out of curiosity I looked her up and found her picture. I will admit she was beautiful, but Reed WeiWei would had won the competition hands down if she had participated.

Having already stalked Reed WeiWei for a while I already knew she had not posted any pictures of herself online. If she had there would had be a line of pathetic men giving her things for free just to be given the opportunity to play together with her.

I felt oddly proud knowing Reed WeiWei let her skills in the game speak for itself instead of using her looks in order to gain favors. A striking contrast to what a lot of other female players did. Enchantress being a perfect example of those types creatures.

Knowing my roommates (which I still did not share a dorm with) desperation for female interactions, I allowed the three of them to invite a few females into our guild for a short time. I had forgotten until Hao Mei informed me that Enchantress had been one of them. Without interacting to much with the annoying females, I tried to lead their focus away from myself and in one perticular direction, Zhen Shui, Reed WeiWei's online husband.

It did not take long before I could not take the pathetic playing and nagging and threw all the females out of our guild of course. Hoping against all odds Enchantress got to sick of my character and tried to take the one who liked to flaunt his real life money inside the game, Zhen Shui. Enchantress sounded like someone more interested in spending money, than earning it anyway. In so making her the perfect wife for Zhen Shui, unlike Reed WeiWei.

Less than one week after I sent Enchantress in Zhen Shui direction it was announced that Reed WeiWei and Zhen Shui had divorced.

As I sat in front of my computer that evening I felt a small sting of regret. What if she really cared for her online ex husband, what if she was unhappy because of something I had done?

Quickly I shook those depressing feeling away, after all I did it for her own good. If she had really been in a real relationship with Zhen Shui outside of the game, I did her a favor. Considering how her "husband" was already playing around with other female characters when they were still married.

If Zhen Shui would not keep an exclusive relationship with one female online, he would probably not be any better offline.

Reed WeiWei was official single.
Now I just needed a plan to convince her to marry me instead.

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After Reed WeiWei was officially single I did not waste a lot of time thinking, making up a plan in my head the second I noticed her changed civil status. Considering she had probably only married that annoying guy because of tasks inside the game which demanded players to be married, I considered that might be the way to go. If she had married for that reason in the past, there was a high probability she would also be open for it in the future. Open for me.

A quick search of the forum did not leave me with anything solid in which I could use to convince her to marry me unfortunate. But my brain was not just good for school work and programming. It was luckily also great in planning things ahead in my advantage. Like how to place the stepping stones in order for Reed WeiWei to notice and hopefully fall in love with me.

Having done done research on the CEO of Feng Teng when we began planning a cooperation between our companies, I already knew both him and his wife was active players and married inside the game. Fent Teng was the owner and maker of "Chinese a ghost story".
I searched around and "coincidentally" met his wife online. Acting as if I did not know who she was I began chatting a little with her. During our conversation I told her a “rumor” I had heard. It was related to how a lot of players in relationships had expressed the want to battle against other couples in order to see who had the greatest compatibility as a couple. It did not take long to convince her of the brilliant idea.
The very next day it was posted online at the gaming forums about a new contest. A contest called “Match of Condor Heroes”. The only criterion for participation was marriage between the two players since they would fight other online couples. First inside their own server, then globally. The winners even got a hefty prize.

My plan was working so far, now I needed to take the main step, convincing WeiWei. Luckily I was the best player in our server, and it would probably work in my advantage when she considered teaming up with me.

After all my hard work I almost had an heart attack when I logged on a few days later. Enchantress and Reed WeiWei's ex husband was having a wedding ceremony. There in front of almost everyone was WeiWei, watching the newly married couple's wedding march walk by. Something was not right with her player, but still it made me nervous seeing people cheering for her to steal back her ex husband.

Worriedly I began considering the aspect of me being wrong. Did she have strong feelings for Zhen Shui? Did she want him back?

I opted to stay close, hiding myself, preparing to intervene if she tried to steal back that useless man. He was not getting her back as long as I could help it. I would even kill her in the game for a moment to prevent it. She would never know it was me anyway.

When she sat down and opened up a store in order to sell her herbal potions I could finally breath out. She was saving the situation without losing any face. Just by this action I knew there was more to this woman than beautiful hands, brilliant player and a nice face. She was also probably quite smart considering how she quickly solved the problem with the masses demanding her to steal back the groom.

I even smiled as I watched the scene unfold itself on my computer screen. WeiWei was even more than I had dreamt about.

When she closed her shop I did not waste more than a few seconds before I contacted her on the chat. Afraid something might catch her attention. She quickly walked the few meters dividing us and stopped in front of my character.

I had originally planned to ease her into a relationship with me, but the first time I confronted her inside the game was right after her ex husband's wedding ceremony to Enchantress. To be honest the wedding which just happened scared me for two reasons. Firstly, seeing her husband marry just a few days after his divorce made me afraid Reed WeiWei might also consider remarried soon. Secondly my heart could not take any more uncertainty, if she still had feelings for her ex then I needed those feeling to shift quickly from him and over to myself.

Even if I had in a way managed to convince the couple behind the game to make a fight just for married couples, I had to try and see if she wanted me for me before informing her of the contest. Wishing for her to accept my hand in marriage without all the scheming. Unfortunate I knew she had not stalked me the same way I had her, and therefor did not know me personally, so realistic it was a hopeless wish in my part.

Trying to hold my dying wish inside a little longer I started my first conversation with this unique woman dressed in red, asking her how she felt about the wedding ceremony which had just taken place. After a few seconds she replied “It was very grand”. Almost not even letting her finish the sentence my impatience snapped and I quickly wrote “Then would you like to have an even grander wedding ceremony?... Couple up with me” I held my breath as I waited for her answer, my eyes not leaving the computer screen in case I missed something important.

I almost felt disappointed when her first reaction was to ask me is my account had been hacked. Not that I blamed her.

In order to hide my disappointment I did not give up and asked her if she had “ the latest news on the official website. About the Match of the Condor Heroes”. As she obviously left to read my patience was stretched thin and my fingers began drumming next to my mouse on the right side of my laptop.

When she came back, her character sat down on the grass and asked me if the contest was the reason I had contacted her. I wrote a small lie confirming her question. For her it must seem like I contacted her for the matches, but in reality those matches existed because I wanted to get closer to her.

WeiWei asked me why I wanted to fight alongside her. I dodging her question a little and wrote back that she was only female player in top ten of our server. Stating a well known fact at least.

My answer obviously made her happy. In a way I could understand WeiWei's joy since she thought she was wanted because of her talent, and in a way that was why I wanted her. Yet again I became worried when she ignored our conversation and her character stood up and began walking around. She was probably weighing her options of my request. Did she not realize I was the best player she could team up with?


After what felt like forever she turned to face me, agreeing to the marriage. Before I could express any joy she requested we go together to legalize our marriage at the Stone of Three Lives. Slightly panicked I quickly did an calculation in my head, requesting her to hold the ceremony for three days.
Three days from this date was suppose to be a lucky day to get married, and I did not wish for anything to go wrong in our marriage. After all I planned to only get married once in my life. Well, once inside the game, and once in the real world. But maybe, just maybe to the same woman in both places.

I could feel her strange reaction to my request through her character's look. When she questioned my request to wait, and even argued against it I felt almost insulted. For me this was a lot more than a simple online marriage like her past relationship had been. As innocent as I was related to the opposite sex, this virtual wedding was more real than a simple date outside in the real world for me.

WeiWei did not let the matter go and even pointed out that since we only got married because of the matches, we could do a quick ceremony, she had after all done it before.

Just what I wanted to be reminded on during our engagement, her ex husband.

I hide behind my status and informed her that “Xi Xiao Nai He’s wedding ceremony could never be casual.” With those last words I turned away from her and walked away before she could change her mind about marrying me.

As I logged of the game I could no longer hold back my smile.

I was officially engaged.

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The day for my marriage finally came and unfortunate I had a lot of obligations outside the game before I could bind Reed WeiWei to me.

During my company's presentation I tried to keep my calm, but after everything was done a lot of company representative contacted me in hope of making a connection to my firm. I held my impatience and smiled until my jaws hurt and shook hands with those who wanted. Still I got worried as the clock ticked by. Finally it was just me and my three closest friends left.
Not wasting a second longer I told them goodbye and left them in the hallway hasting towards the exit.

It is after all my wedding day.

I opted to stay in my apartment and not the dorm for this special occasion. Even if my friends was suppose to take part of the ceremony, I still wanted some aspects of it to be private. Beside if they could see my smiling face they might make fun of me. They did not need to know the depth of my interest in Reed WeiWei.

When I finally entered my home, I did not waste one second and logged on as fast as I could.
My heart dropped when I came to our meeting place. Reed WeiWei was not there. Did she regret her decision to couple up with me?

One by one my noticed friends logging on. Even invited guest from different guilds came, but no lady in red. Just us men.

I had to leave my computer for a while, to nervous to sit still. As I made myself a coffee I tried to order my heart to calm down. Telling myself she was coming and that it was normal to be worried, I was after all getting married.

From the kitchen counter I could hear sounds coming from my computer as is someone sent me a message on the chat. Not holding myself back any longer I hastily walked towards my computer and sat down in from of the screen.

She came.

I held back a smile which was trying to enter my face. Reminding myself that patience is virtue, and that WeiWei has not accepted me yet. It made my nervous stomach knit itself up again.

I had invited a lot of important guests for this happy occasion. After all, from what I had read every Chinese girl wanted a big wedding. Reed WeiWei deserved the best I could give her, without thinking of the costs of all the red packages every guest was entitled to for participating in our wedding.

Money was after all not an issue for me.

Being the servers number one player meant I had performed exceedingly well in both quests and defeating bosses resulting in a lot of money. Since I was not someone who spend any money in the game except for necessities and new gear, I had saved up a lot over the years.

I even bought a house for me and Reed WeiWei to share inside the game. My future wife would (hopefully) not have anything to complain against considering its size and functionality. Not that she needed to know the house was new.

As I watched WeiWei I could almost feel her reacting confused with what she was seeing. As if she had not expected the guests or other aspects to our wedding. She had obviously not expected a big ceremony. Considering she only thought we were coupling up for a match I could understand her questioning eyes, but I ignored her silent questions, acting as if I did not understand what she wanted to know. I had argued with myself before I invited all of the other players that even if Reed WeiWei did not know it yet, this was going to be her last wedding inside the game. Because of this fact our wedding should be something she should remember fondly, hopefully forever.

Without admitting anything out loud, almost not even to myself, one of the main reasons I planned a grand wedding was to show her ex husband in how Reed WeiWei had upgraded. How I could, and would, care for her better than he ever did. I wanted to show him how it is supposed to be done, give him a taste of his own medicine. And at the same time show her how it is suppose to be like when you are in a relationship, both inside and outside the game.

When I presented her with her wedding gift she surprised me yet again. She refused my gift.
In the beginning I felt a little annoyed by her refusal and presented her with the sword yet again. This time arguing for her to accept before she could decline it yet again. I informed her she could use it in our upcoming couple matches related to Condor Hero. Almost acting as my gift was given by a selfish reason.

For me it would only feel right if she accepted my gift since I had not given her any engagement gifts as Chinese tradition said my family should present her with. If I had not rushed the wedding I would had tried to give her a lot of gifts over a long period.

My original plan had been to start slow, doing things for her and manipulating her to accept gifts without her knowing they were engagement presents until it was too late for her to decline me.

Not that I am complaining the speed in which we got to this point. Engaged at the first conversation, meeting the family on the second (my friends were my family inside the game) and getting married on the third meeting. Everything was going splendid and I even had to congratulate myself on how well my plan of connecting myself to Reed WeiWei was going.

When she finally accepted my wedding gift I felt a joy inside, she accepted me.

Surprising me yet again, Reed WeiWei presented me with a ring. She said it was part of her dowry, and that she would give me more in the future. Maybe she also thought this might be more than a simple wedding, it was after all a ring she gave me.

My happiness could almost no longer contain itself.

As we stood together in front of the shaman with our guest behind us, I could feel my fingers holding my mouse even got clammy and I could feel a blush rise in my face. This was it.

Our characters locked eyes and the second we were declared man and wife I felt my face losing control. Smiling brighter than I could ever remember having done in the past.

Reed WeiWei, the beautiful girl I had only seen once in real life is now my lawfully wife.

Her change status inside the game also officially changed her status outside the game as far as I was concerned. We might not be legally married in the real world, it was too soon for that, but from this moment I officially considered her my girlfriend, not that she would be informed of this yet.

Of course I will give her some time getting used to me before I eased her into the fact of her changed civil status out in the real world.

I am looking forward too see if her personality is as great as I think it is. Crossing my fingers I wish for us to have a bright and long future together.

I am now officially a married man.

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I know most newlyweds inside the game usually skip the honeymoon. Other players probably think it takes to long to complete, and the gain too little from the time spent taking part in it. For me skipping the honeymoon was not an option.

Reed WeiWei deserved a honeymoon, and without telling her I had planned for us to take part of the quest together. I wanted to spend some time just the two of us, me and my new wife. It would be a great way to find out more about her in order to understand her character.

Quickly I found my wife's character to be even more perfect than I could wish for. She let me plan things, and even when we were suppose to be inside our home for the honeymoon she did not question me my lack of participation when my phone rang in the real life. She allowed me to leave for a moment without asking who it was.

She allowed me to be me. Not demanding information unless I gave it freelym and if I choose not to answer her questions she let them go. Accepting my private personality. Beside during our whole honeymoon I could hardly say a word to her, just staying with her character so close to mine was enough to make me nervous.Afraid I would break down, telling her more than she would probably accept at this moment of our relationship kept me mostly quiet.

Just looking at my computer screen I could no longer hold back my smile.
She was now mine.
My wife.
I could hardly contain my happiness.

At the start of our honeymoon I took her on a sightseeing trip around the game from a hot air balloon. In real life couples often went on a trip together for their honeymoon, and a balloon trip was the most inventive I could come up with inside the game. I also thought she would probably never having shared a similar trip like this with her former husband, and that was always a plus.

When we came down to earth again I sat down to play some songs for her on my Guqin. The string instrument my character had inside the game fitted me perfectly considering we both played this traditional instrument. I have always envisioned I would one day play for my lifelong partner in real life, and have until this point never played for just one person. In the past it always felt to personal, but for my wife, I wanted to play. And play I did, trying to find the most romantic songs out of those my character could play in the game in order to transfer some of my feelings over to Reed WeiWei.

Wonder if she will ever comprehend how many of mine first I will give to her?

As I sat there playing she collected herbs right in front of me. In that moment I felt a calm I have never felt before. Picturing in my head the female character on my screen as the female I met at the gaming hub made me feel both joyful and wishful.
My thoughts began floating and I envision how our honeymoon could be in real life. Hoping that even if it was perfect right now, there would be a lot more intimate contact between the two of us if we ever got married. I blushed just thinking about it.

As we were out strolling I saw a flower similar to the chrysanthemum. With a mother such as mine I had early been taught the true meaning behind flowers. In the language of flower the red chrysanthemum was suppose to be the most important flower to be gifted during a wedding. It was the flower of love*.

I made my character jump up and gently grabbed the flower from the ledge before landing again. Turning around I began walking the last few meters towards my wife, before presenting her the flower with a small smile.

Before she could say anything after accepting the flower, we got an notice that our honeymoon was now completed.

When we got the notice I felt disappointed, but I knew Reed WeiWei could not easily leave me now that we are married. Even if we might not spend all our time together any longer, like on the honeymoon, she was now connected to me.

After we got the notice we just stood together on a cliff soaking in the moment. Usually I am really busy, with schoolwork, swimming, basketball, my business and everything else, I could not waste precious minutes not doing anything, but this was more important. I just sat in front of my computer screen soaking in the happiness I felt looking at the two characters on my screen for as long as I could until Reed WeiWei logged of.

I hope this honeymoon would make her care a little for me. For her to realize our relationship was more than just partners in the upcoming Condor Hero battles.

I hope some of my romantic feelings are transferring over to my wife.


Unfortunate I forgot to take a screen shot capturing of the scene of us on the cliff.

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Without knowing it I had began spending more and more time on campus and the area around school.
When I began analyzing my change in behavior, I realized it might be centered around the girl at my uncle's gaming hub. It was after all located close to my campus and maybe, just maybe, Reed WeiWei was a student here. My wife might be close.

One day while visiting the library I could finally confirm it. I just wish I had gotten the confirmation on another way.

After walking around the library soak in relevant information in my quest of finding my wife outside the game I found myself a semi interesting book and sat down for a small break.

Strangely the voices of those at the table in front of me did not annoy me as much as voices usually did in the library. They were talking about a new article posted on the school's webpage. In the beginning I did not realize the importance behind the words of the article “When I saw the department's beauty step out of that sports car it felt like the end of the world”. Still, the words drew in my curiosity and I lifted my head in order to have a closer look at what they were discussing.

Just a short glimpse of a strangers computer screen of a small picture made me blood freeze for a second.

My memory was close to perfect and after I had stood behind the girl playing for a long time I had noticed every detail about her, including her special backpack. I knew the second I saw the picture someone had accused my wife of having a boyfriend or even a sugar daddy off campus.

Even if I had not known Reed WeiWei for a long time, and only through the game, I strongly felt at once that the writer of the article had to be misinformed.

My wife had only me. We might not have discussed our relationship status outside of the game, but I just knew she would not have agreed to enter an alliance with me if she had someone outside of the game waiting for her.

As I sat there listening to those discussing the issue I felt annoyed in a way I have not experienced in years. How dare someone foolishly slander my wife's reputation.

I hope she will not take notice of the webpage, knowing it might hurt her feelings. But I think this might be an unrealistic wish, having early understood she was more social than me and if she did not find out on her own those around her might inform her of the slander.

For now I did not know how to react since I have never been in a relationship before. Some might even argue I could be consider total ignorant when it came to feelings, especially related to females.


After some searching online I quickly found out it was a husband's task in life to be there for his wife, to show her his support and to cheer her up when she faced problems. Often it was also written that women loved receiving gifts from their intended.

I could do that at least.

At first I had some trouble finding a way to cheer my wife up. During our wedding the only way I could convince her to accept my wedding gift was through manipulation. Because of this I knew she would never just accept something I would present her with without giving her a legit reason to accept. Beside it is not as if I could confess to her I knew she was experiencing a bad day.

After leaving the library I went home and logged on “A chinese ghost story” trying to find a way to make my wife happy.


It is not often I log on to the forum but I thought I might find something interesting there for once.
Finding out that Blood Devil was searching for “a large quantity of Guardian Beast Skill Books” I knew I could use him. Since I could not attack the one who wrote the article, I could use Blood Devil because he was the next best thing. He had tried to slander my wedding to Reed WeiWei, and even brought up her ex husband during our wedding day. Unforgivable.

One of my faults in life was that I held onto a grudge for as long as it took for me to get a revenge. Forgiveness was not part of my vocabulary, at least not when someone slandered my important person. He was the perfect gift to give my wife.

Having noticed what he was looking for I had a hunch what task he was trying to complete. During the day I followed him around for hours watching as he was performing a multi-task mission, waiting patiently for him to complete step by step closer to complete the mission.

Sadistically I wanted to hit him where it hurt the most.

If I waited until he had completed every task except the last one he would forever remember the feelings of despair. He would remember to never to talk bad about my wife.


Sometimes I am surprised how pathetic someone at his level is at protecting themselves. It took me just a few seconds to capture him with my swinging chain, and connecting him to a big pole. The second I had done so I contacted Reed WeiWei on the chat asking her to meet me at the Heavenly Palace in order to present my gift to her. I crossed my fingers hoping my action and gift would brighten her day a little.

When she first came she asked about Blood Devils captivity. Without telling her to much I just said she “...could use her worst weapon to teach him a lesson.” Personally I had not cared when Blood Devil talked down on me during my wedding, but no one, no one was allowed to talk that way about my wife.

When he argued with me, telling me just to kill him I felt a slightly sadistic joy. My wife quickly recognized his character and like me did not let him slip away. She found her beginners knife everyone was presented with as a new player in the game and used a auto program to slice him again and again.

One drop of blood per cut with the knife. It would take forever I thought with a smile.

When I informed her that Blood Devil was taking part of a mission and because of this could not log off in order to escape his punishment I felt a warm feeling spread inside when I noticed the effect my words had on her. She told me I was cruel with a smile on her face.

Ah, she was really the perfect wife for me I thought as I congratulating myself in finding her.


My phone was unfortunate ringing and in doing so demanding my attention away from the game for a few seconds. I informed Reed WeiWei that I had to leave for a second, and took the phone call. I had to remove myself away from the computer in order not to be distracted and opted to walk around in my room as I talked.

When I returned to the game I felt annoyed. Why were the three nagging females there, trying to ruin my gift to my wife? Angry I activated my character and turned towards them informing them to “Just go if you don’t want to die.” Meaning every word, how dare they interrupt my time together with Reed WeiWei. I turned towards my wife telling her I could take care of everything.

Reed WeiWei showed her trust not in words, but she turned her characters so that she was standing behind mine. Letting me protect her. Even if it was just against those unimportant females it felt good when my wife allowed me to stand between her and those who verbally attacked her.

When the girls began attacking me instead my wife came forward again, this time standing in front, protecting me against the nagging voices. Reed WeiWei was even giving the three females a chance to “win back” Blood Devil if they could beat us in battle. Not wanting to hide behind my wife any longer I turned towards her, telling her I would handle the battle myself.

The girls was obviously afraid and with a few seemingly careless words from Blood Devil they ran away.

It almost looked like my wife was impressed by how Blood Devil had tried to protect the three females (by annoying them) from battling against yours truly. Showing her respect my wife allowed the stabbing to stop.

Reed WeiWie told him she was going to gather some herbs and since I did not want to leave my wife yet I followed her without removing the swinging chain holding Blood Devil captured to the pole.

After all, my wife might have forgiven him, but I still felt a little annoyed by his former actions. He should use the reminding time standing there reflecting on how he should never approach my wife ever again.


As we walked around in a different part of the game together Reed WeiWei asked me a little in how I had managed to capture Blood Devil during his task. I told her the truth, but let her believe I had just noticed his task by coincidence.

To hear my wife happily reply “You’ve won, Master” to my story I felt glad.

Surprisingly she even thanked me.

I could do nothing except telling her it was my pleasure and that it was my business anyway. She partly misunderstood my words, not knowing I had presented her with the Blood Devil because she was having a bad day. Not that she knew I had seen her in the real world and knew of the photos posted of her online today.

For once Reed WeiWei let something personal slip. She told me she was not just thanking me for taking care of a man making some comments during our wedding, she thanked me for making her happy. I was the one who had misunderstood her gratitude.

Without getting into details she told me she had been unhappy due to something which had happened this afternoon, that she could not express her distress to her roommates because she did not wish for them to worry.

Hearing her declare “But now, I’am really happy” made a warm feeling flow through my body. Just to be completely sure I had to ask if I was the reason for her happiness. Seeing her confirm my question made me feel closer to her than ever before.

My gift had worked.

Chapter Text

After the meeting with president Zhen at Zhen Yi technology I knew this was not the company I wanted to work together with. It was obvious they tried to scam me, underestimating us just because we were a new, small company. Nonetheless I held everything inside and agreed to consider the offer presented, while feeling my anger burn inside as I shook hands with them and left together with Yu Ban Shan.

Considering how even my friend reacted to what was discussed during the meeting the second we walked out in the hallway away from the offices, it was obviously just how bad Zhen Yi technology was at hiding their agenda. Hiding how they exploit others in order to gain something themselves. Not even considering how the ideas presented was not their own. Rotten.
I felt the need to wash my hands.

Going down in the elevator I did not think anything could change my depressing mood, even Yu Ban Shan flatter of my personality did not work as well as I let on. I smiled and agreed with his thoughts of me being both sinister and cunning. He was right, but I still felt like I should not need to act that way. That president Zhen had pushed me into a corner making me reflect over how to proceed in a cunningly way in order to save ourselves.

When Meng Yiran came, interrupting my conversation with Yu Ban Shan I almost felt the need to look up towards the sky asking whoever was listening to tell me what was wrong with this family. Yu Ban Shan seeing a girl talking to me quickly excused himself and went into the bathroom leaving me with the niece of the president.
Having met Meng Yiran a few times in school I had already found her to be a boring, uninterested female. Unlike my wife.

At least she had the decency to apologize for her uncle's behavior during the meeting. As Meng Yiran stood close by me I impatiently waited for my friend to return. Finally I snapped, and called him, informing him I would wait for him downstairs. Quickly I said goodbye to Meng Yiran and walked in the elevator. Finally I was alone and could let my facial mask fall a little, portraying my disappointment on how the meeting had gone.

By the time the elevator reached the first floor my mask was yet again firmly planted on my face.

At the entrance of the company there was surprisingly many young people represented. A quick search around the room I found a banner talking about interviewing apprentices. That explained everything, there was no way this many would work at a shitty company as this. Those around me were mainly ignorant students hoping for relevant experience during their college years. How I wanted to expose everything. Tell them how this was an unethical company.

After what felt like forever I finally heard a familiar voice behind me saying my name. Yu Ban Shan was back, having taken the elevator down as well. When he began question me about what the “schools beauty” wanted with me I questioned our friendship. Did he not know me at all? Looks were not everything in life, beside even her looks did not interest me. Reed WeiWei's fingers was more erotic than Meng Yrans whole being.

Yu Ban Shan even dared to ask if I had accepted the girl. As if.
Turning around trying to escape my friends questions my whole body froze when I saw a unforgettable woman sitting just a few meters away from where I was standing.

My wife was here.

She was even more enchanting that I recalled from that vital day at my uncle's gaming hub. My focus was broken by Yu Ban Shan reaction when he noticed her as well. I felt a shimmer of annoyance in him seeing her as well. He should not look at my wife like that. Not that he knew who she really was.

I quickly gathered that my statement to myself was wrong. Yu Ban Shan was the one who knew the enchanting woman in front of us, not me who mainly just knew her online. My friends praising words defined her as out department beauty. For once I could not hold my curiosity inside and asked him what he meant by department beauty.

It felt a little strange hearing my friend tell me the real name of my wife. Bei WeiWei.

Yu Ban Shan kept on talking about last year’s schools beauty competition and how my wife, Bei WeiWei won great honors for our Computer Science Department.

When I realized Yu Ban Shan words and finally comprehended everything I could not hold my smile in longer. I now knew the real name of my wife. She was even connected to the same department as I in the same school. Suddenly it felt like a perfect day.

I have never looked at a woman the same way as I did at Reed WeiWei at this particular moment. Even Yu Ban Shan noticed my stare and smile. Not managing to hold it inside I let her name fall from my lips, tasting her exquisite name “Bei WeiWei.” She was drinking from a cup marked with my character from the game. Was she thinking of me as she sat there sipping her water? Wonder how she would react if she knew I was so close by.

Jokingly standing on my side Yu Ban Shan said he should buy a lottery ticket today. As I finally turned my eyes away from my wife I gave him a questioning look.
He replied by saying he had both seen two beautiful woman today and hear a female name coming from my lips, arguing his life was now complete.

Not arguing against his statement I let my eyes go back to the woman dressed in a white sweater, still smiling. I wonder what he would say if I told him he had also seen his sister in law today. Wanting to keep that secret to myself a little longer I just told him “Department beauty is very good. But it can be to much of a good thing.”

Walking away from both Yu Ban Shan and where my wife was sitting I heard my friends voice following me questioning me “What do you mean by to much?”

As I walked out of the building and into the sun I felt like today was a great day.

Chapter Text

As I was out walking close to campus my phone rang, looking at the name on the screen I accepted the call without even greeting him before asking what was wrong. Before hearing Hao Mei voice I knew there must be a special reason for the call since my friends knew not to call me unless it was an emergency. They all knew how much I despised small-talks after all. Without knowing much details from the short call itself I quickly realized from the conversation someone was personally trying to degrade my wife in a homemade movie inside the game.

After a quick mental calculation I knew the dorm room was the closest to me this second. Because of this I informed my friend I was coming over before hanging up the phone. Stubbornly refusing to wait any longer than necessary to find out what was happening in the game related to my wife.

Entering the dorm a few minutes later I could see my three closest friends panicking and running around the room removing all the used socks. As if I could not smell them even if they were hidden.

When the three young men finally realized my presence they quickly acted as if they had no worries in life, hiding behind silly smiles. For once I did not comment on the dusty room, or the smell. I had more important things to focus on. Not wasting any more time I demanded someone to log on a computer in order for them to show me the movie in question.

My insides was burning in anger from what I was watching.

Yet again my wife's ex husband would not leave my woman alone. Like a male child picking on the girl he like Zhen Shui was picking on my wife. Slandering her character and reputation. Poorly hiding an obviously dis-respectfulness towards Reed WeiWei in his homemade movie.

The only reason I did not throw a childish tantrum myself (like the characters similar to my wife in the movie), existed in the fact there were three others individuals in the room together with me. My pride was the only thing holding me back.

How dare the members of Reed WeiWei guild ridicule her like that! To have someone act as her character in a pathetic short move, without a real plot even. I had no idea how the users managed it but even the characters were bad actors. How can someone suck at acting when they hide behind a computer and using a mouse click in order to move their characters around was for me incomprehensible.

As I sat in front of the computer my anger just kept on rising, both from the movie and the discussion my friends had behind me about what was written on the forum concerning how my wife had been dumped by her former husband.

From a ignorant outsider's point of view it might seem like my wife was dumped. No one was smart enough to realize I was the driving force behind that...well it feeling wrong to define it as a break up, considering the two of them had just been playmates. Mine and WeiWei's relationship had a lot more depth than her ex husband had in every aspect of his life.

Just thinking about the strength of my relationship with my wife calmed me down a little. If, by some strange reason Reed WeiWei had some lingering feelings for her ex, this video might be the final nail to that coffin. Not that there had been any emotions between the two of them, I hope.

From my perspective Zhen Shu had dug his own grave without realizing his mistake. Burned a bridge he could never rebuild. There was no way my wife would ever leave me and return to that pathetic man.

My thoughts was interrupted when Qiu Yonghou leaned over my shoulder telling me to flag the post containing the movie published by Zhen Shu.

I realized I had shocked my friends when I declared there was no need to report the post. As I told them earnestly, “We’ll settle it in a sophisticated way.”


Despite the fact I was almost happy Zhen Shu stupid act probably strengthen my own marriage, no one, especially a former husband would get away with making a degrading movie about my wife. He must pay.

I shutdown the computer, not even taking the time to log off in anger. Turning around facing my friends I told them I would wait for Zhen Shu as he logged on tomorrow.


Tomorrow I would make him regret having known Reed WeiWei. My wife. Mine.

Chapter Text

Having already hacked the school's archives in order to collect information concerning my wife I knew she was out jogging almost every day around this time. Feeling the need to see her in order to confirm her behavior after the publishing of the movie yesterday I put on my workout clothes and went to the school's running track.

When I entered the track my eyes looked around, trying to act indifferent as I searched around without slowing down my speed.


Like clockwork she was on the track. Strangely she turned around and began jogging in the opposite direction not long after I entered the track. Maybe she was more affected by Zhen Shu video than I first wished to assume. Shortly after she exited. Having hacked her card before I knew she usually stayed on the track for at least thirty more minutes, but today she gave up after just a few minutes.

As I continued running my anger kept on burning. Zhen Shu would pay for hurting the woman I cared about dearly. WeiWei had obviously slept poorly the night before and had not the strength to exercise like she normally did, because of him. My thoughts circled around ideas on how she might even have cried because of her ex husband. Oh, what I would do if I ever met him face to face.

Not long after I had to give up myself, not realizing my high tempo until my knees almost gave out because of lack of strength. I had not just been jogging, I had been running at full speed for whoever knows how long. Completely out of breath I had to sit down for a few minutes in order to collect myself before walking back home.

I desperately needed a shower.


Revenge was such a negative word. Retribution might be more fitted, but let's be honest, me challenging Zhen Shu to a duel was a simple act of revenge. Not a counter-play or request for a fight, or even retribution, it was plain and simple revenge.


Someone had to teach that simple man how to cherish what was important in life. The first rule in order to live a comfortable life, one should never cross path negatively with me or my wife ever again. He had after all ruined my precious wife's resting time.

He had deliberate hurt my woman.

In order for him to realize the depth of his mistake I challenged him to a battle. Not a simple practice fight, a real one where the players lose status points if they are defeated. A duel.

He did not respond my request to meet me that evening. Getting more frustrated by his lack of acceptance, I kept on sending them publicly for everyone to see how scared and pathetic he was. Showing everyone who was the better man.

Quickly I realized one battle would not be enough for me, and in my invitation I put forward a request for two combats, knowing it might strip him of two levels.
From what my friends had told me he was a rich guy anyway, and since he could just pay for things in real life I wanted to hit him in a way he could not use money to fix. Losing two levels would take him hours upon hours of playtime until he could reach the same level as he had right now.

He would remember me defeating him.

To make everything seem more like we were on the same level I promised to leave out one important thing which could aid me in the fight. I also wrote that if he could win one fight he would win everything, I on the other hand, needed to win both duels in order to be crowned winner. If he did not accept everyone would look down on him. For someone like him, his pride must hurt if other players talked behind his back if he did not accept.

Beside I felt the need to defeat him twice. Once on behalf of my wife and on time for my revenge.


Despite the fact Zhen Shi had not accepted I went to our planned dueling stage at the planned time. Showing everyone who came to watch how at least I knew how to keep my words.

While waiting at the place for the duel I kept on playing my instrument in order to calm myself down a little. I knew with certainty the longer time Zhen Shi used in order to come, more players would appear in order to watch our fight. It is after all not often anyone got to see two high ranking players duel. Especially not an husband against an ex husband. For the audience this was probably the most excitement they could find inside the game these days.


In front of where I was sitting I could see my wife, in her red dress, running towards us. She stopped next to my three friends and obviously had a private conversation with them. Trying not to show my curiosity at their conversation I kept on playing.

In the end Zhen Shu came forth, showing he at least had some pride left in his pathetic figure. Walking behind his figure were the four annoying females players, whose combined talent had only an ounce of my wife.

Despite the presence of my wife's ex, I kept on playing,ignoring him.

His temper obviously got the best of him and he jumped on the platform next to me, already holding his bow with an arrow directed right at my character.
Having already assessed his rash behavior I knew he would start attacking soon before exchanging any words with me. As I sat there playing I already began working on my defense, knowing he might fight dirty. When the first arrowed was shot in my direction I made myself invisible.

The first part of the duel was over in just a short minute.
I quickly defeated him, not wanting to waste to much time to show everyone the difference in our level.


In the past I have never been one to curse, but hearing the annoying females declare our battle to be forced and unjust. Defining me loudly to be a bully.

If I was the bully what had they been while making their movie? If that was not classical bullying than I do not know what it was. Beside the unjust part was also untrue considering Zhen Shu new wife came unto the platform after he lost the first duel in order to heal him. They were also wrong to describe our battle as forced, Zhen Shu could had opted not to accepted the duel request. Someone might laugh on his expense, but there was no element for forces in this duel.

After she had healed her husband Enchantress turned toward me, nagging while arguing that I was not upholding my part of the deal. That I had not withhold any elements that could aid me in this battle.

I let everyone present hear my calm response as I declared I had left out my ring in this fight. My ring was after all presented to me by my wife during our wedding. I did not wish to use anything related to my wife in this battle, it was to precious for me to use on this pathetic man.

For our second battle I loudly declared a promise to use only one arm. Trying to save a face, Zhen Shu told us he would also leave out some part of his gear. In the end I have no idea what he left out from the battle considering it took such a short moment in order for me to defeat him yet again.

After our duel Zhen Shu stood up, with the help of Enchantress, and asked me why I had challenged him in dueling. As if it had not been obvious to everyone present.

Noticing the presence of my wife right behind me I told Zhen Shu, “You brought upon your own humiliation,” aiming at the movie he and Enchantress had made.

For once acting as a man, Zhen Shu admitted his defeat, informing me he was not as good as me in this fight. He must have realized what I wanted without me having to voice it out loudly and told us he would take down the movie from the forum.

When he even offered to publicly post a notice of apology my wife came forth for the first time. Acting more forgiving than what I felt, she announced he did not need to go to those lengths as long as he removed to movie. Without saying anything more Zhen Shu and Enchantress left, leaving myself and Reed WeiWei on the platform.


My three friends came forward, not even congratulating me before asking if I considered how Zhen Shu had left out some of his gear. I just replied “What for?” Hearing my wife declare, “Master doesn't need to care about him” warmed my heart as I crossed my fingers hoping her statement was true on her behalf as well. After all I had just shown her how I was the better man out of the two of us.
Hopefully her distress caused by her former husband resulted not in any longer lingering emotions. Maybe I needed to check up on her tomorrow as well in order to see for myself if she was happier.

Walking away from the stage I could hear Hao Me behind me arguing that in the unlikely event if I had lost, what would I had done. He even pointed out the fact that I could have lost the electrical power in real life which would resulting in me loosing my connections to the game.

Without wanting to show the others how his words hit me, I acted as if it would had been okay for me to lose if something like that had ever happened. To be completely honest his words shocked me, not that I could lose if I lost electricity, but the fact I had not even taken it into consideration when I challenged Zhen Shu to a duel. Just how angry had I been to not even remember elements such as that when I posted the challenge. What if I had lost because of things I had no control over? Just the idea made me shudder as I watched the conversation unfolded on my computer screen.

At that moment I realized my feelings was more affected by Reed WeiWei than I had first thought.

Was I already in love?

After all I have read once that “love makes a man do stupid things.”

Despite the possibility I might have lost by unforeseen disasters I would not have lost either way.
As I told my friends “Even if I lost, I still have my wife.”

Zhen Shu,without having realized it had already lost the war before he entered the battle.

Chapter Text

After having shown my wife she had entered a relationship with the most powerful player at our server, (and having listening in on my friends voicing the confirmation of the video having been removed from the server), I felt the need to spend some time alone with my wife. Grabbing her hand, I lead this beautiful woman away from my silly friends.

As we walked I wished, not for the first time, that I was holding her hand outside of the game while leading her around on a real date.

For now, the closest I could get her was through my computer screen.
Considering how I felt about computer games it was a lot better than writing letters. Fortunate, for my heart, this online reality was almost as good as real life for me.
Beside, being close to her inside the game gave me an opportunity to spend some time alone with Reed WeiWei which I might not have the chance to do outside the game.

I might often ignore the girls following me around all the time, despite the fact that I do not acknowledge them, I noticed the females staring eyes most of the time. Having a date online meant I could spend some time without anyone following our every move. No one to judge us.

Can it even be categorized as dating considering we were already married? Well, for now I used opportunities like this to spend time with her, making her comfortable with my presence for the future when we might meet on our campus.

Knowing my wife might still be a little upset considering the dagger she had gotten in the back from her ex husband, I took her to a beautiful place with a great view. Hoping it might brighten her day a little further. Sometime the view inside the game are more colorful than what I can see outside my window. It gives a calming effect on me, and I hope Reed WeiWei also uses our moment together to cleanse her thoughts from the video and every other problems she might have in her life.

As we stood there together, surrounded by flowers and beautiful colors watching out over the mountains and hills, I confessed to her that I should had let her handle the business with the video herself. I hid behind the excuse that too many players had already watched the movie and to hinder others for seeing it, had taken action without informing her.
To be completely honest I had wanted to remove the movie before she would had been given the opportunity to see it, despite the fact I knew the chances of her not having seen it herself was close to zero.

Beside it sounded better to hide behind that excuses instead to admit to her I just wanted to beat up Zhen Shu for his childish and hurtful behavior directed at her.

As we stood there together, just soaking in the company of each other I felt happy.

Reed WeiWei was not saying much, and neither was I. Nonetheless I could almost feel her presence close by, watching the same image on her computer screen as I was at this very moment. Together, not doing anything else except soaking in the beautiful image of our characters standing together.

As I went to bed that night I had forgotten all about my anger and frustration. Instead I was focusing on the exquisite image of the two of us together on that hill just a few hours earlier.

Oh, how I wish I had remembered to take a screenshot this time as well.

Chapter Text

Since I have always been known for my patience, those around me might be chocked and surprised to see what was really happening inside my head right now. After meeting my wife my brain transformed itself into an hungry beast which wanted more and more. Wishing for things to change quickly and not in the slow pace I usually strategically planned ahead.
Admitted, even I was shocked at how quickly Bei WeiWei became an exception to my former way of thinking.

Day by day I got more greedy, wishing to spend more time together with her. Both inside the game and out in the real world. I wanted her to know me, to see me, and to speak to me. Not just to communicate through our computers any longer.

Despite my desperate wish I knew she was not the type of girl who would fall for someone like me just because I was popular with the other students. I grasped the understanding of the need for her to take an interest in me outside the game in order for me to approaching her as her online husband.
She was too important to me to gamble with. To important to me to risk losing.

Not wishing to sound vain or anything, but a considerable amount of people have told me I was aesthetically pleasing, and considering I was known for my brain, and the fact I had already managed to open a company myself I knew I must be considered a catch for similar young female student as my wife. Now I just needed for her to realize that fact as well.

Once again I hacked the school's computer database and found her course schedule.
Trying to reason with myself it was not stalking since she was in a way technically, unofficially, my wife.
I tried to convince myself I was snooping just to confirm the fact that she was not longer hurt by her ex husband's betrayal a few days ago. Knowing her schedule gave me an opportunity to see for myself with my own two eyes if she was ok.

There has been more than a few times I was happy with my fascination with computers in the past. My understanding of it complexity gives me so many joys in life, and made my life so much easier. For instance, the knowledge and how to use that information in order to gain impasse at the the school database gives me so much satisfaction.

Living in the electronic age as we are most information was collected and stored by the schools database concerning its students.
A few illegal clicks on my computer, while sitting safely back home, and my screen gave me everything I wanted to know in this particular moment. In front of me I had Bei WeiWei course schedule, which contain information related to which canteen she used the most, and where her dorm was situated.


The few seconds I used in front of the computer gave me so much information. Now I knew where she usually spent both her time as a student, and where she spent her free time away from classes. Even what she preferred to eat and her grades. Just a short view confirmed what I already knew, my wife was a healthy, smart woman.

Realizing one of the first things I needed to do was to move into my dorms again in order for her to notice me outside the game. Being close to my wife was more important than to stay away from my friends smelly socks. After all, should not at husband and wife live close together?

Being older than her I knew someone would question my presence in some of the classes considering I had taken them in the past. Nonetheless I wanted to sit together with her for, just feeling her presence without informing her of who I really was. I was almost afraid she would not wish to meet me if she knew who was behind the character of her husband in ”a Chinese Ghost Story”. Despite everything she was after all my ideal woman, but I might not be her ideal man. This deduction was the main reason I had contacted her in the game in the beginning, slowly giving her time to fall for me as well.

Nonetheless, having always planned ahead I knew it might be a strategic plus if she noticed my presence more in her daily life outside of the game. It was after all in the real world I longed for her the most.


Satisfied with the new understanding I had for my wife and her life outside our game I gave myself a mentally clap on the shoulder as an congratulation and a well done executed snooping job.

Filled with a delighted feeling from all the new information I had gathered I decided to put it to good use at once.
Shutting down my computer I walked out of my bedroom and into our living room finding both of my parents reading in the sofa.

With one small white lie, I told them I was moving back to the door since it would be easier for me to communicate with my friends and employees in my firm. I was not technically lying to them considering it was partly the truth. Even if my friends were not the main reason for my move, it would be easier to hold meetings and share information if I lived close by.

Despite the fact I knew my parents sometimes worries about my lack of interest in the opposite sex, I do not think they would be happy to know their son was moving back to the school's dormitory mainly to be closer to a girl.

Having always supported my dream to operate a company successful, both my parents quickly understood my reasons. The one I gave them at least. Giving me a helping hand they volunteered to contact the school's administration on my behalf in order to inform them of my return to the dorm.

Shortly after gaining all this new information I decided to walk outside. Wanting to see my wife's commendations with my own two eyes I let my feet move me closer to the area she was suppose to be a resident at.

Luckily her dorm building was situated relatively close to mine. Just a short walking distance separating the two of us now I thought while feeling ecstatic inside, not noticing the world around me as I promenaded on. Nothing was as important than my thoughts and plans concerning the progress of mine and Bei WeiWeis relationship after all.

As I walked by her building, at this very moment I could almost feel her presence close to me.


Is it just me or did the evening breeze feel extra nice today?



Chapter Text

Even if I was a member of the basketball club my time playing around in a court with friends was a rarity I seldom indulged in. This was one of the few things I missed when I lived away from campus. Every small meeting with my friends had to be planned, and because of this I lost a lot of opportunities in fun activities such as this.

I can not remember whose idea it was for us all to practice together outside of the club but I gladly followed my friends, feeling the need to act my age for once.

As we played I felt more energetic than I have felt in a long time, it was nice to play around just for fun like we had in the past. Life might not give me to many opportunities such as this, but as I was running after the ball, feeling my adrenaline pumping I ordered myself to give more room in my daily life for pleasures.

Our game was interrupted when someone missed the basket and a stranger with glasses and a red shirt grabbed the ball. As he held it hostage he looked straight at me asking if I was Xiao Nai. Turning my figure toward the unfamiliar man I confirmed who I was.
The guy held out the basketball between the two of us, requesting me to join him in a game. Despite the fact I was a little annoyed he had interrupted my fun game with my friends I told him, “It would be impolite to turn you down.” Almost hinting loudly that I wanted to be impolite.

Silently to myself I wondered why this stranger was interested in playing me.
Maybe he was a first year who wanted to test his abilities with me considering I was part of the basketball team.
For now I just let my curiosity lie and got ready to beat the man in front of me.

Since he was probably playing against me because he was interested in basketball I decided to hold back a little. Nonetheless it did not take long before I won.

I had to give it to the other guy, he might not be the best player, but his stubbornness to give up said a lot when it came to his character. Sometimes I sensed the other man's frustration as we dueled and almost felt a resentment flow from his body toward myself. Strangely I did not think his troubles was completely related to our game.
After I was declared the winner, I moved closer to my friends who had stayed on the sidelines while they cheered for me. The man in a red t-shirt had sat down in the court, almost as if he no longer had the strength in his legs to hold himself up any longer.

As I turned toward my backpack, which among other things containing my towel, Mr Beaty asked me a question I myself wondered. Why had this stranger singled me out for a game? Not managing to give him a reply I opted just to let the whole thing go, without using any more time wondering why it might be important to know the other mans reasons.

Grabbing my things, and already ready to leave the court one of my teammates voice stopped my movements. His words “Cao Guang seems to be pursuing our department’s beauty,” Yu Banshan interrupted him asking if he meant Bei WeiWei. The other man confirmed my suspicion, and my anger suddenly hit the roof.

Looking back toward the man who was still sitting down at the courtyard having trouble breathing the only thing my head could focus on was “unforgivable.” This man was romantically interested in my wife, had he not the decency to lay off other people's partners!

Normally I took good care of my things, especially considering I often carried around small electronic gadgets and hard drives. Today I forgot everything and threw both my backpack and towel on the ground before walking toward the enemy.

Behind me I heard Qiu Yong Hou question why I walked into the court again. Stopping for a moment I told him “One more game. I was going easy on him.” My eyes fixated on my target. Personally I wanted to throw my fist at his face, but knew our school had zero tolerance for violence and the consequences might be expulsion I did not let my emotions take over.
It I was expelled I would lose the opportunity to see Bei WeiWei in real life on campus, and to be separate from her was not something physically hurting the guy in front of me was worth. At least I could hurt his pride a little.

When I found out Reed WeiWei was married in “A Chinese Ghost Story” I had felt the need to hurt or even murder her online husband. What I felt towards Cao Guang was on a completely different level. I wanted to annihilate him.

Unfortunately the closest I could get to that at this moment was to beat him in a game of basketball. He needed to be reminded of the difference in the levels between the two of us. I had heard my friends when they discussed Cao Guang, and how he was, like me, a top student. Quickly I realized he was an even bigger rival for my wife then what her ex-husband had been.

The man right in front of me was a guy who was close to my wife, how was both good looking and smart. If Bei WeiWei acted as a normal girl her age she would probably give Cao Guang a chance if he ever asked her out.
Luckily for me I knew my wife was not normal by any standard. She was special and deserved a lot more than what any man could ever give her. Including myself.

Walking toward my rival I did not show an ounce of compassion. He was still having trouble breathing normally and was clearly soaked in his own sweat. Looking pathetic.
Stopping right in front of him I looked down on the cockroach, ordering him to get up on his feets again. I could feel his burning eyes meeting my angry ones as he silently agreed to one more game.

This time I did not hold back. I wanted to show him how I was the better man, to make him understand the gap which was between the two of us. In the past I have always felt like every player in the court should feel the ball at least once during a game. This was no longer relevant.

Cao Guang was the exception to that rule.
I refused to even let him touch the ball as I threw the ball into the basket again and again.

Winning in order him realize how someone like Bei WeiWei would never date someone like him. Not when she could have me. To make him understand she was already taken. Hopefully soon both she and everyone else would realize that fact.

After having lost spectacularly Cao Guang left the court without saying anything except directing his angry eyes at me a few seconds.

Shortly after I had managed to score the last points I needed to win the game my friends came forward congratulating my with a game well played.

Despite the fact I had just won a game against a rival, my anger would not let go. Trying to hide my emotions from my friends I declared I felt the need for a cold shower and quickly left them inside the court. It was not often a short game of basketball made me sweat, but this time I could smell my own odor. Beside, I was still on campus there was a small chance I might meet my wife, and I did not wish she would see me like this.
If I met her right now I might do something which would hinder my carefully plans related to the two of us.


As I lied in bed that day, looking up at the white roof an idea suddenly began circling around in my head. Since Cao Guang had issued a request for a battle between the two of us, did this mean my wife had said something about me when she, maybe, denied to date him? Me, not her online husband Yixiao Naihe but Xiao Naihe, a man who was living in flesh in the same campus as her and not a online character inside a game.

Bei WeiWei had probably shown an personal interest in me romantically. Just thinking about it made me almost laugh out loud in happiness. Nonetheless I kept it inside, remembering I had recently moved back to the dorm, sharing a bedroom with three other young men.

But, my smile, my smile as I fell asleep, no one would notice.



Chapter Text

After school one day me and the guys was planning on taking down the boss, Meng Dong Xing, as a team. The three of them was backs at the dorm while I played from home, for once free of the smelly socks.
After we met at the pre planned place I carefully kept on dragging out the time, hoping Reed WeiWei would log on soon. Having already memorized her calendar I knew this was a time of the day where she was often active in our online game, and not to be romantic or anything like that, but I missed her. Beside playing together with her was always more interesting than with just men.

In the end the guys got impatience and not wishing to sound pathetically in love I agreed to follow my friends lead toward the boss. Not that they knew I was waiting for my wife.



Fighting Meng Dong Xing was harder than I expected. Nonetheless the second I finally I heard the sound my computer makes every time my wife logs on, I walked a little away from where the battle took place. For me then small “pling” is the most beautiful sound I hear these days. It warms my heart, knowing I can once again be in touch with her. Realizing I would finally see the figure dressed in red, and to feel the presence of the woman behind that particular character.

Wasting less than one second I quickly sent her a message, requested for her to, “Hurry to the foot of Grassy Mountain to help slay a boss.” Not even wishing to consider the possibility she might have other plans which did not include spending time together with me.

Luckily she agreed and soon I could see her beautiful character on my computer screen.
A little confused I noticed her her lack of attacks directed at the boss. Even if boss Meng was a little difficult WeiWei was not someone who backed out of a fight.
Before I could ask her what the problem was, one of my friends questions her lack of participation.
When she replied that boss Mengs attacks would only increase if she, a female, participate I became a little intrigued.

My team consist of me and my three male friends, and because of this have never battled against boss Meng with a female player as part of our team. I wonder if what she told us was true, would the boss be jealous?

When Qiu Yonghou commented the rumors that boss Meng might act lewd against female players a small flame of anger was lit inside me. Despite the fact that I knew the boss was invented by the game-makers, no one, I repeat no one, was supposed to talk to my wife in a lewd manner.

Almost immediately after hearing Reed WeiWei’s statement, and after he had voiced the rumors about the slimy bosses nature Qiu Yonghou requested for my wife to attack the boss alone. Like my friends, I stood on the sidelines, carefully watching boss Mengs reaction.

The difference in strength from the attacks was immediately as the level rouse.

Then boss Meng did something no man, or a computer made character for that matter, never was suppose to do. He began talking to my wife, requesting her to rest in her chambers as boss Meng would take care of her. Internally I began burning with anger, and I felt like it was my responsibility to make him die for uttering those words concerning my woman.

I have never thought other persons could be categorized as possessions until this moment. Reed WeiWei was mine, and no one, especially a green monster was going to keep her as a sex slave. Mine!


Even my friends reacted negatively to the way the creature was talking about their sister-in-law.

Luckily my burning anger did not cloud my judgment, and between the five of us, using our strongest tricks to hit boss Meng in sync he was defeated in just a few short seconds. Take that you bastard, I thought to myself as I watched the scene on my computer screen with a smug grin.


Qiu Yonghou came forward to collect the prize we earned from defeating the ugly creature. As I sat there in front of the computer I realized Qiu Yonghou did not share with the rest of us what we earned. Knowing he was not someone who would try and keep the prize to himself I sent him a message on our chat asking what we had earned. After all it might be something my wife would appreciate.

Shortly after I got my reply, it was a man's hair...nope, my wife was not getting her hands on those strings of hair from a princess lover. In other words a useless prize.

I noticed that Reed WeiWei had not written a word since the defeat of boss Meng. Maybe she was angry with how the figure had talked about her, after all, having spent time together with her I knew she took pride in her strength as a player, and to be told to be almost like a housewife made for pleasing boss Meng might be too much for her innocent heart.

Qiu Yonghou obviously had the same idea as me and wrote in the chat directed at my wife, hinting to her shock with boss Meng words and the “special” gift we acquired.

Her reply “No, I’ve roamed the world for so many years. I have long since shed any materialistic desire,” made me both prideful and worried. She sounded like me, and at the same time, if she meant those words, maybe my wife was not so innocent compared to myself.
Beside she confirmed one thing I already knew, Reed WeiWei could not be bought with things, making my attempt to woe her a little more difficult than for instance if I wanted someone from the Xiaoyu family.

Oh the horror.

I felt a dread flow through my body just thinking about those nagging women.
Luckily my precious wife was a walking contradiction to those low level girls. My incredible wife was a queen while they could be categorised as low life peasants or someone working the street corners. There was no limit to Reed WeiWei’s talent from what I had gathered so far. She was a precious enigma. A woman worth admiring.

When my mind cleared a little up I saw my friends coming to similar conclusions concerning her sentences likeness to mine. Since they realized the similarities as well it meant there was probably some truths in that statement which warmed my heart a little. Her personality was becoming a little more like mine, I was affecting her daily behavior. Ah, life was great.

Nonetheless, as I looked on the chat again, I was not happy with Hao Mei gesture of describing me as a narcissist in front of my wife...even if his statement represented the truth.

Chapter Text

After we had defeated boss Meng my wife and I all stayed online for a small chat with my fellow roommates.
Reed WeiWei brought up the movie her (pathetic) ex husband had made together with his new (fake) wife. Just thinking about it made me frustrated.
My wife informed us that the movie had been made because of a contest which had been posted on the online forum. WeiWei told us she wished to make one herself, telling us how the fight with boss Meng had inspired her.

My friends obviously inspired as well told her they were at her service, while I questioned her if she had a plot in mind. She did not surprise me when she described a plot not related to the movie those bastards had made. WeiWei wrote, “A musician encounters a female bandit in the forest of the mountain. She kidnaps him and brings him back to her mountain stronghold. Anyway, the female bandit falls for the musician and treats him very well. However, the musician is unhappy.”

WeiWei keeps on writing about how the musician refused the bandits hospitality, and ignores her when she tells him about her family's relations with the bandits, and how the female thief is living the only life she has learned to live. WeiWei describes how the bandit tried to make the magician see that even if he might hate the thief, the bandit is trying to make her see that she is not a bad human confessing to never having killed anyone. My wife told us that the thief described to the musician the simple quiet life in which she wish she could live. The bandit admits in the end how those ideas are just dreams which will never come true.

WeiWei follows up with “The female bandit set him free. But she couldn’t bear to leave him so she followed behind him closely, in secret. All of a sudden, a monster appears in the forest and attacks the musician. The female bandit was injured saving the musician.Soon after, the musician accepted the female bandit. The two of them returned to the mountain stronghold to be married.”

Those with more simple minds, might have ended the story at that happy ending, but my wife was not done writing her plot. She kept on informing us of a plot-twist. How during a nice gathering where the musician was playing, and the female bandit was dancing in front of the other thieves, they were attack by soldiers. The female bandit protected her husband against the attackers, and when everything was seemingly done, and she had won, her husband walked towards her where she stood among all the fallen soldiers. Without saying a word the musician pulled forward a dagger and stabbed his new wife in the back. He held the thief with remorse as she died in his arms.

The sad scene was broken when one of the soldiers came forward, addressing the musician with “Your excellence. You have endured much suffering during this time. In one single sweep, we’ve eliminated this thieves’ lair. The people here shall have their peace. Your contribution will not go unnoticed.” Having noticed the musicians reluctance to let the female body go the soldier voiced his opinion “Your Excellence. You could have spared her life.” For the first time the musician would open his mouth and uttered “Rather than letting her live the rest of her life resenting me, death was a better choice.”

WeiWei said that the ending should be when the musician realized he had fallen in love with the female bandit, and that he would jump off a cliff in order for him to die with her.

Despite the fact she described the plot as cliche, I thought it was interesting. Reed WeiWei had just had a few minutes to come up with the idea, and it sounded like a good plot which might not be to hard to make into a movie.
When she asked us for our opinion I told her the truth, that it was a good idea and that we should film it together.


We spent days filming all the scenes, trying to make everything perfect.

One of the most positive aspects with making the movie was all the time I got to spend online with my wife. Many of the scenes was just between the two of us and therefore did not need any assistance from my friends in order to make them, making it almost feel like I was on mini dates together with Reed WeiWei.

Since my wife had made the plot, and I had come experience editing clips it was decided that I would be the one who would put the clips we were filming together with our friends. Gathering everything together.


After the electricity was cut in her dorm during the nights I spend hours working of the video alone. Because the light would be turned off in the seniors dorms as well, I spent most of my evenings back home with in my private bedroom. Working on this project throughout the night without disturbances.

Despite the fact I loved what we were doing, I even got to marry the woman in red twice! I must admit I actually found some aspect of if difficult mentally. For instance the scene where my character stabbed the female thief. I already knew we were just filming a scene, but still...killing my wife felt wrong. When we played out that particular scene I gave it my full attention. There was no way I could make myself kill her one than once, so the first take had to be perfect. Seeing it unfold in front of me made my physically sick inside.

In an attempt to forget what I had made my character do I clicked on the forum in order to read about the contest myself. There it was written that the prize doubled if the winning movie was longer than thirty minutes. Since my wife deserved everything in which I could present her with I decided to make the film longer than what we originally had planned.

Not wishing to act out any more depressing scenes I decided to change the ending a little.
Originally the character I was playing was suppose to take suicide by jumping off a cliff with the dead body of the female thief in his arms, but I wanted to change the plot a little. Considering how that man had just killed the woman he loved he did not deserve to follow her in the afterlife.

The bastard deserved to spend the rest of his life regretting his actions. Forever remembering until he died of old age how he had been the cause of her death, and therefore his own unhappiness. I used some scenes we had from the filming, giving the story an idea of the thoughts of the musician as he sat alone in the mountains playing his instrument, imagining the female thief dancing to his music. One night, when I was working on the more depressing scenes I really wished to have my wife close by. Unfortunate I knew it was not time yet for me to revile who I was and ended up sending her a mail, requesting her to play in a sound file containing a few sentences related to the movie we were making. The next day I got the file. To be completely honest just hearing her voice made me shiver. Even if I had requested for her to record herself for the movie, the main reason was that I wished to hear her voice. The file was uploaded into my phone, and for a big part of the following days I used a headset everywhere I went. Just listening in on her beautiful voice.

In order to give it a small extra edge I recorded myself playing my own instrument, and put in the music into the movie. Her voice and my music in a movie together with our characters, completing each other beautifully. Just thinking about it made my heart beat fast.

I hope she likes how I put everything together.




Lying in bed that night I had to wonder what people would think if I ever told someone I was making a movie together with my wife, which we were planning on posting online. It sounded so dirty.
Just thinking about it made my head filled with ideas of how such a movie might be made, and to be perfectly honest I was not focusing in the clipping, more the “production” part of it.

For once I did not fall asleep imagining all the things I had to do the next day, this night, the last thing I remember before falling asleep was of me and my wife in my bed where I was peeling off the layers which made up her red costume.

Chapter Text

Despite the fact that I had decided days ago to move back to the dorm I had not informed my friends, yet. To be completely honest I had forgotten to tell them.

One night as we were filming the movie online in the game, my friends and wife came into the discussion of our living situation. She asked them we were all living together. My friends replied that we shared a dorm.

Unfortunate my friends could not stop gossiping and Yu Banshan wrote to her “But...third sister-in law...Nai He often doesn’t come home at night. You’ll have to keep tabs on him.” Before I could defend myself Hao Mei followed up with “He doesn’t come back during the day either!” My friends was obviously on fire and Qiu Yonghou did not waste one second before updating the log with “At school he is nowhere to be seen.”

I completely understood the image my friends was trying to paint of me, and it was not a pretty one. Without lying they made me seem like a guy who was out partying all the time, who had no care for rules and school in general. What friends I had! They were just envious that I had a wife and they were all single.

Hopefully after all the time WeiWei had spent together with me online she would had already realized I was not a useless guy like the one they portrayed to her.

Refusing to sink to the level in order to defend myself against their creative wordings I just wrote back “Hide your socks well. I plan on staying until the semester ends.” I could almost feel the panic in my friends as they quickly replied for me not to move back. As if their begging would make me change my mind. After I felt a strong need to live closer to my wife.

Showing her ignorance in relations with boys, my perfect wife wrote back, asking about a rumor concerning how seldom boys washed their socks.

My male friends replied back with a uncertain question, asking if it was unnormal to wash used socks more often than a few times a month. They kept on informing her that the males studying science and engineering all had smelly socks, except for yours truly of course.
It was not nice to be described as an anomaly by one's friends, but in this particular subject I almost felt proud to separate myself from my fellow classmates. After all you had to be an ignorant fool to think girls did not mind smelly socks.

To be completely honest I have no idea how my friends can live surrounded by the smell of well used socks. The whole dorm stinks at times because of the lack of hygiene. As I sat in my clean house I almost had to shudder when I remember the smell coming out of the dorm rooms as one walked through hallways in the male dorms. Realizing for the first time the extent of what I would have to go thru when I moved back I felt a shudder move through my body. Oh, all the things love made me do.

Shifting the subjects from socks, Reed WeiWei asked my friends if we were part of the computer science course. She drew her conclusion on what they had told her about hacking into accounts in the past. Yu Banshan took the lead and confirmed her suspicion. My wife quickly replied that she was also a student in that subject.

I ordered myself not to reply with a “I know”, and sat in my couch holding my hands together as I read my friends reaction to her statement on my computer screen. Hao Mei wrote back, asking as if she was one of our female under classmates, forgetting she did not know which school we were connected to. Yu Banshan, using statistics, showing that ninety percent of the students in our course was boys, while congratulating her on being fearless in her education choice as a female. Considering he was a forever pessimistic Yu Banshan just had to asked her “Might you actually be a male under classmate?”

I had to smile as I read his comment. If only he knew.

Reed WeiWei ignored his question, and turned the conversation back to the planning related to our homemade movie.
I could almost feel my friends strong wish for her to confirm or dis-confirm Yu Banshan's question, but none of them dared to ask her again.

Knowing how much they wanted her to answer, I had to smile to myself. Imagining how much trouble they probably all had while trying to hold back a new request for an answer made me laugh a little.

I had to conclude that my wife was brilliant and perfect for me. After all she realized the importance of how to annoy my friends without using any relevant words.

She made me so proud.

Chapter Text

When I found out she was a student in my father's class I had to smile. His class might not be popular among the students, but I just knew she was someone who would not skip classes without a legit reason.
Most students knew my relations to the archaeology professor, and because of this I knew his lecture would be a perfect opportunity for me to be close to my wife. No one would question my presence in a lecture given by my own father. Except my own parents of course.

In order for my father to not question me infront of everyone else during class, I inform him on beforehand of my planned presence during a manly game of go we played together back home. To him I acted as a good son, telling him I knew of his problem concerning people not showing up for his classes. That I wanted to help him in a way. My real reason on the other hand was more connected to my hunger for the presence of Bei WeiWei. After having known my persona for all my life he should had realized that even if I could be considered a good son, I was famous for being egocentric. Because of this it was in a way his own fault not realizing my main purpose for attending his lecture.

Well, I can not judge him to harshly. After all, since I have never shown any interest in females before he would not assume someone else might affect my voluntary presents in his class. Just the idea of me connected to a woman would for him be a wishful thought, and not something he would even dare to consider.

Luckily both my father and myself knew that if I participated, so would a lot of other students as well. My father's response was just to laugh at my statement of me bringing more students into the classroom, while trying to act as if he was not embarrassed of how poorly he played a game of go against his own son.


Despite the fact that my memory was almost flawless I checked WeiWei’s calendar on the school's database one last time. Confirming that today was the day.
I would be close to my wife.
Finally I would spend some time close to her, close enough to study her outside the game as well. Just the thought of me in a room together with her made my palms sweat.

I do not even wish to think about how many times I changed my shirt before exiting the house this particular morning. Everything had to be perfect without it looking like I had done anything unusual.

Like a stalker I hid around the doorway leading into the auditorium my father was suppose to teach in today.
Finally my moment of truth had arrived and I could see my angel walking in my direction. Not that she could see me from my hiding spot.
In a black and white striped sweater with bright red arms she walked past the area I was hiding without noticing anything strange.
I could almost smell her.

Before following her inside the room I used some extra time in order to calm my heartbeat down. I even gave myself a small pet talk about how to present myself to her. After all I had already on beforehand promised myself the gift of the opportunity to sit close to her if the seats around her was free. This might even lead to some conversation.

I gave her a few minutes headstart before my vision once again locked onto her persona, and step by step I began walking closer to where she was sitting. My heart was almost beating a hole in my chest as I got closer and closer.

As I had predicted the auditorium was mainly empty, and luckily my wife was sitting alone on a row of benches.

Stopping close by where she was sitting I opened my mouth for the first time in her presence and asked her “Is anybody sitting here?” As if she had no care in the world WeiWei shifted her head in the direction of my voice and froze when our eyes met.

In the past I had fallen for her fingers as they danced over a keyboard, at this very moment I fell in love with her eyes. They were spectacular.

As I stood there waiting for her reply, which never came, I shifted my head a little, reminding her of my question. Quietly her low voice answered my question with a small “no”. Oh, how I wish she would had said more, to let my listen in on her as she would talk to me.

Maybe she was as nervous as I was, and unlike me, who had practiced for days in front of the mirror, was shocked by my presence. Despite the fact we did not know each other on campus, I was after all a little famous in this school, and even she might know of me thru rumours.

Without giving her a opportunity to object to my presence I sat down on the seat next to her. Concerning how empty the auditorium was I knew a lot of the other students sitting around the room began question to themselves as to why I had voluntary sat down next to a girl, instead of one of the empty areas as I normally did when I attended classes.

Just sitting next to her made the butterflies in my stomach fly around as if they were trying to break free. Having spent years perfecting my mask of indifference I felt proud of how I was handling the situation. I was finally sitting close to the love of my life. The warmth of her body excited me.

Oh, how much I wanted to inform the woman next to me of our status as a married couple.

In order for me to hold everything inside I demanded my head to focus in the front, where I knew my father would soon stand. He would teaching in his dull way about subjects almost only he personally burned for.

To hinder my hands from touching the female next to me I held them together in front of me.

WeiWei was focusing on her books and almost rudely ignored my presence. I was not used to this from females, just looking around me I noticed most of the other students was gossiping and taking picture of yours truly. But the female I wished to give me attention, she was ignoring me. My carefully practiced conversations would not happen if she did not talk to me.

Not knowing how to behave myself I had to give my fingers something to do and began turning the pages of one of the books I had brought with me. I hope she did not realize how my books was wrong for this class, I had after all already finished this course last year.

A few times I managed the strength to turn my head in her direction in order for us to start a conversation before class started, but seeing her hiding behind some white papers made it impossible to talk to her, and soon I lost my courage.

Hopefully anyone of those who was taking pictures of myself, sitting next to my wife, would post it online. It would be nice to have a memory of the first time I was sitting next to my wife.

When my father finally entered the classroom I had read the same line in my book probably a few hundred times, or at least I think I had ready it, not that I remember the written words.
Next to me, WeiWei finally put down the papers who was covering her face and presented herself as a perfect student, with her book in front of her and a pencil in one hand.

Like the truthful man my father was he started the class with commenting on the number of students inside the auditorium this morning. He even went as far as to ask if they really were there to listen to his lecture. I could hear voices from around the audition reply in a favoring note.
Not wishing to let the opportunity go my father, the professor, began telling those present “It’s my principle to trust others. I believe you guys, but I still have to test you. At the end of our previous lesson, I left you with a topic. I want to see if you still remember it, so I’d like for one of you to answer me.” All around the room faces flew away from the lecturer in front and fell downwards, not wishing to meet his eyes. Not letting go of the issue, my father asked yet again if someone could answer him about last week's subject.

With my hands still holding on to the book, (to stop my hands from lingering over to the warm female body next to me), my father's eyes met mine for a second before they stopped on a point a little to my right. On my wife.

My intelligence might be higher than normal, and one of those reasons for my smartness was the man in front of this class. Even if his lectures might be famously boring, the man holding them was a intellectual individual.
Just seeing me sitting close to a female figure he concluded easily that there was something more to my closeness to the strange woman next to me that what I wished for him to know. My father obviously realized than the two of us was not just coincidentally sitting together. Unlike what WeiWei probably thought. After a short second he began talking again, this time addressed my wife personally in front of everyone, requesting her to answer his question.

Even I had not expected his focus on her, and my eyes quickly left my forgettable book and fell on his figure yet again. Without him knowing it I began coursing him, promising him loudly, in my head, that I would never speak to him again if he embarrassed the love of my life.

WeiWei was at the beginning uncertain if the professor was singling her out of everyone and then my father said something which fitted more than he could ever imagine. He said “The girl in red, next to the boy in the white shirt.” It made me strangely giddily to know someone was addressing her and myself this way, especially considering it was how our characters dressed in similar colors inside the game. After all, identifying myself with the musician inside the game was the main reason I had put on a white shirt this morning.

My eyes left my father and focused for a second on the female next to me as she stood up. Quickly making a decision I prepared myself to step up and help her if she needed some assistance. WeiWei was not to be embarrassed. Least of all from my own father. She was after all mine to protect.
I realized my intervention might make the situation even harder for her and angrily shifted my grip on the book as I sat backwards in my stool, making room for my wife if she wanted to leave the classroom quickly.

In the end she blew both myself and my father away with her answer. Not only did she tell him about his last lecture, she even extended the subject in which he had addressed last week. My wife kept on telling him, and everyone else, how his lecture had inspired her to study even further in that particular subject.

As I sat there listening in on her calming I got the last confirmation of how I had chosen the right life partner. I let my eyes drift from my focus on the wall toward her for a moment, soaking in on her figure before letting my eyes shift its focus unto my father. Even he was intrigued by her intellectual answer.

Like a proud husband I just sat there as the respect for my wife from those inside the room just grew and grew. No one would question my choice of a wife if they had seen her right now.

At the end of her speech my father made a gesture, signalling for WeiWei to sit down. As my father admitted he had picked someone knowledgeable about last week's subjects his voice had an almost proud and a embarrassed sound to it.

Before he officially began today’s lecture he told everyone he had also been an handsome young man in the past, and that he hoped the students would pay attention to himself during today's class. He was obviously hinting the focus many of the students was subjectifying myself to.
I wanted to protest his statement, but then I heard a unearthly sound from my right hand side.
My father had made Bei WeiWei laugh.

For a second her eyes and mine met and my butterflies was back for full. She was the first one to break the connection, and after letting myself have a few seconds longer to drink in the glory of the woman next to me, I turned my eyes back to the book I was still holding in my hands.

Wonder how WeiWei would react if she knew the man sitting next to her was her husband and that the professor holding the lecture was her father-in- law.


After today's lecture was over I did not move away from my seat, as if I had no care in the world. Stupidly acting as if I did not realize class was over.
This time I would make WeiWei talk more than one simple word to me.

With my book still firm between my fingers I turned a page as if I was reading the inspiring book. Still ignoring the fact I knew she was packing up, and getting ready to leave the auditorium.

I could feel her figure becoming more and more restless as she was locked inside with me on one side, and someone else on the other side.

In the end she made a coughing gesture, and I looked at her straight in her face asking her if she wanted to “get out?” She still would not meet my eyes and I threw in my towel and stood up, sadly admitting to myself that she had said only one word to me during the hours we had sat together. This was not how I had pictured our first time together.

I think I have never stared at a female as much as I did the moment she stood up and walked away, leaving me alone.

Despite the fact I had just spent a few hours in close contact with my wife I felt a little sad. I was not used to be ignored like this.
Everyone else I did not care for, but to be ignored by the love of my life hurt a little.

I quickly realized my “stardom” on campus was not enough to tempt her even a little. I had to make an even greater effort in order to change my strategy a little for her to notice the real me in the real world.

Chapter Text

Considering the lack of response I got from my wife during my father's lecture today I decided to keep on following Bei WeiWei around. After the lecture she went to the library and as a diligent husband I was right behind her. Or a few meters away in the shadows at least.

As I saw her sitting down on a empty table I contained myself yet again, hindering my body from following her to close. I felt a deep hunger inside, ordering me to keep close to her, but for now I managed to contain myself.

From the stack of books surrounding her I knew she would be studying for a while, and I got a brilliant idea. In between her books I could see her her computer, and if I was lucky she would log onto our game if she got bored.
Yesterday I had completed our movie, and now might be a perfect opportunity to send it to her. I had after all promised her earlier that I would send it to her today. If I was lucky I might even get a response out of her as she watched it.

With a haste few have ever seen me move, except for on the basketball court and when I was out jogging, I went back to my dorm room in order to collect my computer. Before exiting again I gave myself one last look in the mirror and fixed my hair a little. After all, today was a extra special day. Being in the company of my wife twice in one day was after all not something which had ever happened to me before.

A few minutes later I was back at the library. Quickly I secured a desk where I got a good view of my wife. Sitting on her side, a little behind and partly hidden behind a bookcase was my hiding spot. She could not see me but I could notice her every movements.
I booted up my computer and logged on to "Chinese a ghost story". A few seconds later I had sent her an email containing the full movie.

Hopefully she might watch soon.


Hours went by, where WeiWei did not focus on anything except her books. She was a diligent student, I had to give her that.

The first hour I could not concentrate on anything except her, but in the end even I got tired of seeing her back. Don’t gent me wrong, it was a great back, but in the end even I got a little bored.
To make time go by faster I began programming on my own computer, after all I had already to much things to do. Considering the number of hours during a day, I had spent too much time making the movie, and my focus on my business had been lacking these few days. Now was a perfect time to catch up on the tasks in which I was behind on.

As I sat there I could not help myself from wishing that she would give me a stronger response to the movie I had sent her. Considering the little response I got earlier today during class I wished she would not disappoint me.

Hours went by, and one by one the other students left the library, mainly leaving myself and the studious figure of my wife.

Finally she laid down her pen, and pushed her books to the side as she grabbed for her computer. When I noticed she also found her headset I knew this might be the moment of truth, and left my own computer on the desk as I stood up quietly. After all, seeing her reactions on her face would be a lot more interesting than just watching her back.

I hid myself behind a shelf and moved a few books away so I could see her reaction perfectly.

The moment of truth was finally here.

My heart began thundering in my chest and I angstly awaited for her to start the file.


She was smiling, even giggling a little. Did she know how enchanting her smile was to us mere mortals?

Looking through the bookcase was not ideal. I waited a few minutes until I was certain her focus was only on her computer screen before I moved a few steps in the direction of the walkway in front of where she was sitting. I let the dark brown corner of the bookcase hide part of my body, my eyes greedily took in the facial expressions of the female sitting just a few meters away from me.

She was beautiful.

Having spent hours upon hours putting the movie together I could easily see on her facial expression which scenes was played out in front of her. After a while her eyes got glassy, and she expressed a sorrow on her face as she kept on watching. She was probably close of the ending.

Shortly after tears began falling down WeiWei's cheeks.

My wifes emotions got so out of control that she began making small noises as she cried.
In the end I could not longer look at her sad face. Forcing myself to turn around from her sad figure, letting my back hold me up against the wall made up by the bookcase.

As I stood there the only sounds in this big room was her small gasps as she was trying to control her tears.

When I had first noticed her tears I felt like a shit to put it mildly.

I had made my wife cry.

Then I realized another fact, she was crying so hard because of the characters in the movie. Even if the story was a sad one, I just knew Bei WeiWei was not someone who would cry just from watching a short movie.
She was crying as if she was experience the betrayal of her love herself, and not the female thieves man.

My wife was crying for the miserable souls portrayed by myself and her.

Finally I got a response from her that I had hungered for when I sat together with her earlier today.

Her emotions, and sorrow was flowing out of her small figure as she watched the end of our movie.

She was crying at the thought of me betraying her.

She was crying because of her strong emotions connected to me.

More certain than ever before I finally got a confirmation that she might feel something strongly for me as well. I could no longer hold back a smile from my face as I stood there quietly listening in as she was crying her heart out.


When she dried her tears and began writing on her computer I knew it was time for myself to move.

Quietly I walked back to the desk where I had left my computer. Still with her in my sight again, I logged on so that I could angstly await some sort of reply from her. I had after all changed the ending a little, and wanted her input on that fact.

I also wanted to see if she would confess to her sad reaction to the scenes she had just watched.

Wonder if she would admit to crying loudly in a library?

The first thing she asked me when I logged on was about was if I had changed the ending from her originally plot, as if she had not just watched a movie which had shown her the changes.

My reasons to the changes was personal, after all, the man I was playing did not deserve death after having killed his wife, he deserved to suffer for the rest of his life wallowing in his own sorrow.
But, I felt like I might show a little too much of my own emotions if I ever admitted that fact. Instead I hid behind one of the rules I had found the forum. Informing her that it had stated that if a video was longer than thirty minutes the prize would be doubled. After all, if I could help my wife win, she deserved to get the full prize.

Quickly her response came and she wrote “So the current ending is just to make it easier to lengthen the video with flashbacks?” Considering the speed in which she had written I had to let my eyes move over to her figure, almost feeling her annoyance.

Not wishing to admit anything I just wrote back “More or less”.

In what felt like forever she finally began writing again. My wife asked online if we could post it on the forum. My fingers began flying over the keyboard even before she was done. I wrote back that she should post if since I was to lazy. Yet again not telling the whole truth. Knowing already we had made a good movie, WeiWei deserved all the positive replies those who watched replied with. But, I have to admit, I was to lazy to keep track on all those comments which I knew this movie would gain. I was after all not a people's person except when it came to business, and conversations with this enchanting female.

When she replied she would post our movie on the forum I could do nothing except watching her figure with what was probably a silly smile.
As she began focusing of doing what she had just told me she would I knew my time was running up. WeiWei would no longer just focus on her computer, and I knew she might notice me sitting close to her. At this point, even if my heart argued against it I did not wish to reveal myself yet. Beside she would probably soon pack her things together and leave the library in the near future. It was getting quite late.

Still, I did not want to leave her and instead moved to a place hidden between two bookcases yet again. Standing straight I booted up my laptop yet again as I was holding it with one hand and writing with the other. Ah, all the things love made me do in order to continue the conversation with my wife.
Not hearing anything from her, but still taking notice of the fact that she was still online I managed to find myself a chair to sit on. Still hiding between the bookcases in a place where I could follow her movements with my own eyes.

For a while she was silent, but then Bei WeiWei was on fire. Writing at a speed similar to my own when I had two hands on the keyboard. She told me that there was already a lot of comments on the movie, and how many of them was related to the sad ending.

Considering how I was not to interested in anybody else's response, and that I had just seen the reaction from the one most important individual, I felt no need for anymore information.The only exception was the result from the competition of course.
She agreed and told me she would keep me updated with the process daily. I had to smile when I read her comment. She wanted to talk to me online daily.

We began talking online in a way we had hardly before done before.more intimate. Bei WeiWei asked me “Why must the musician kill the bandit?” Considering how she was the one who wrote that part, I informed her of that fact, not answering her question. Then she followed up with a question in which was almost hurtful to read. She asked me “If you were him, would you kill the thief?”

It felt like she was asking me if I would kill her if we were in a similar setting. For a moment I had to shut my eyes, pushing the sad images my brain had created inside my own mind away. After breathing in and out a few times I let my fingers move over the keyboard, stating the fact that I was not him.
She had obviously not understood what I had meant, and sent back one small word “What?”

Writing back I told her the truth “He’s not me. I won’t go that far.” I would ever go that far, however how desperate the situation would ever become I would never hurt my wife. I promised to myself as my eyes fell on the small female figure sitting alone on that big desk. Never.

Having obviously felt my eyes on her, WeiWei began looking around her. Probably for the first time noticing how empty the library had become.

When she wrote “I’m off now. There’s no one else here anymore.” I could not help a small lingering feeling of sadness. As a last resort to keep her there I wrote back “There should still be someone around.” I was of course hinting of myself. Unfortunate she had seen someone else and asked me how I had known she was not alone?

Oh, how I wanted to tell her the truth.

In the end I replied that I had just guessed that she was alone. I told her to be careful on her way home. Yet again hinting how I knew she was not back home, something she had not informed me during our conversation. Both fortunate and unfortunate she did not realize what I had just admitted to her.

She wrote back a small “okay” and logged off, breaking our connection. I sat there quietly as I watched as she packed her things together and delivered back a book at the front desk before walking out the doorway into the hallway.

After she had left I quickly packed my things together and followed her at a safe distance. Just to be certain I followed her all the way back to her dorm. Making sure she got back to her building safely.

If I had not done so I would probably not have slept one second that night. Knowing she was safe was after all important for my beating heart.


When she had entered her building I began walking in the direction of my own dorm room while congratulating myself on today's success.

The day might not have started as planned considering our lack of conversation during my father's lecture, but I finally managed to spend a whole day in her presence. Not that she had realized it.
This day had helped me see both her brain, her shy face, her smile, her laughter and tears filled eyes. Emotions from being in front line of my father's questions, and a direct result of a story we had created together. Emotions connected to the sadness of the fate our characters represented.

On a finale note before falling asleep for the night I began question my wife's lack of notice connected to her surroundings. After all I had stalked her for a full day, and she had not noticed, except for when we had shared a bench during class.

There and then I promised myself that for her safety I had to keep on following my wife around campus. After all she did not take care of her own safety at a high enough level considering how precious she was.


Chapter Text

In one of our daily updates concerning the competition we had agreed to meet at five o'clock the next day in order to fight a monster together.

Almost the second WeiWei noticed I was online she asked me if I (and my friends) lived in Beijing. Considering how I wanted to shorten the space between myself and my wife I quickly admitted at once that her assumption was correct. After all, I needed to open her up to the possibility for her to imagine the two of us meeting in future. Her knowing the fact that we were residents in the same city might make it more realistic for her to consider the possibility of meeting me one day. Preferably soon.

Like in our honeymoon my wife did things which benefited the both of us. In the honeymoon she had for instance collected herbs, and shortly after meeting me today she began fighting some small monsters by herself. Letting me get some fighting points as well considering we were a couple. I, on the other hand, sat down and began playing my instrument. It felt like a small bit of heaven when we could spend time together like this. Just the two of us.

Our perfect bubble was broken when my three male friends entered the scene as well.
As they began talking to me I refused to stop my playing as I carefully watched my wife fight. I was not per say ignoring them, but she was a lot more interesting than what they had to say.

Jealousy they began talking about the relationship between myself and my wife. Hinting that I was not a real man considering I usually let my wife fight as I did almost nothing. Even if I knew they might have a small point, I knew my wife was not the same as other females inside the game. Reed WeiWei had earned her strong position on the servers because she genuinely liked fighting and being of use. She did not need to hide behind anyone.
It fitted perfectly with my new favorite purpose inside the game, naimly watching my wife brutally kill beasts.

As a small stick to my friends I informed them “People like you, who don’t have a wife to protect you inside these games wouldn’t understand.” Even if my comment might seem a little harsh, it spoke the truth. After all, I hardly think there is a wife like the one I have. WeiWei prefered to face the danger herself as she was protecting her husband, even if it might be a little against the common norm. Beside I do not think there existed anyone except myself which really appreciated the protecting. Not that I needed it, but because she wanted to give it freely her actions warmed my heart.

I'm a lucky man.

My friends reacted in anger at my comment. Collectively all three of them attacked me at one in a pk. Almost disappointingly easily I defended the three of them.

WeiWei had not even realized we had been fighting right next to her, and by accident stepped on Qiu Yonghou hand as he was lying defeated on the ground. He was telling her of her ignorance of the fight, and how the three of them had tried to defend her honor against her own husband. “Those ignorant fools” I told myself. They did not know what they were talking about.

Restarting his life again, Yu Banshan stood up and said “They are husband and wife, indeed. We can’t meddle in family matters.” His words warmed my heart, he understood what I felt. I knew his competence at computers was not the only reason I wanted him close to me.

WeiWei on her side, told my friends she had not noticed them arriving and therefore could not be hold responsible for what she had or had not done when they arrived. When Hao Mei informed her how he refused to believe she had not noticed me torturing them. I almost wanted to intervene, hindering his ignorant statement. I was not in the business of torturing people, except those who was in my way, or hurt my wife of course. Before I could say anything my wife retrospectively asked them “Is this...what you call turning a blind eye?” I almost had to laugh at her answer. It was similar to what I might have replied with if I had been confronted in a similar situation.

The continuing of the conversation was interrupted by an announcement concerning the games video story contest. On the screen in front of me there came a notice board announcing “The winner of the contest have been revealed. Reed Wei Wei and Yi Xiao Nai He’s video “The Bandit and the Musician” come in first place!” It felt good seeing the nicknames of us together for everyone to see.

I could feel the happiness in my wife’s words as she wrote to me “Nai He, we really won the contest.” As if we had any real competition. Giving her a smile I told her “I saw”.

Suddenly in front myself and my wife two boxes appeared. They were shiny and obviously contained the matching rainbow costumes which was given to the winners.
Next to me I saw WeiWei's hands reach forward, touching the package. By her gentle touch the package transformed to a dress.

My friends, who stood behind her told her to put it on, already knowing what would be inside. WeiWei turned in my direction and looked like she wanted for my approval as well. I gave her a small smile and a confirming nod.
With one last smile in my direction she made her character touch the new clothes, and her traditional red costume transformed into a bright dress.

She had always been pretty, but seeing her in a traditional white costume my heart jumped over one beat. I knew the woman in the screen was not the real person, but in a way I could almost see my wife, the real Bei WeiWei, in front of me dressed in the new costume.

Yu Banshan requested for me to try on the costume as well. Not seeing anything wrong with wearing anything matching with my wife, I pushed my hand forward so it touched the package in front of me. Less than one second later my character was dressed in a matching rainbow costume as my wife.

Yet again Yu Banshan came with an request. This time he wanted us to turn on the function which came with the costumes. After all the rainbow name was was suppose to symbolize the costumes function. They were made to change into all the colours in the rainbow.
Before I started the colors schemes I went over the seven colors in which the new costume contained. Seeing the green color I felt annoyed. It was the same shade as WeiWei's ex husband used to were. Just thinking of wearing that color made my grind my teeth. I did not wish to use that particular color. Not now, not ever.

Removing that color from my selection I let the other six stay, and started the rainbow suits transformation. One by one my costume changed colors so the others could see the changes as well.
Every color except green.

Considering how Zhen Shui character was dressed in green, I did not wish to wear that spiteful color. Especially in front of my wife. When it comes to trees and grass the color fitted well, but as a clothing article there was just something wrong with it.
I had even thrown away in the garbage my one green shirt a few days ago. No longer feeling comfortable in that color.

When I think of it, I mostly dressed in white shirts these days.

For once my friends used the brain I knew they had hidden so well under their hair. They noticed my suit lacking the green color, and quickly drew the correct conclusion concerning as to why I did not use that particular color.

In the end the whole costume annoyed me a little , and I made my character change back to my traditional white one.
Hindering Hao Mei from completing his sentence as to his theory as to why I changed out of the matching outfit I shared with my wife, I interrupted him and wrote “We’ve been married for ages. We don’t care about things like that.”

After a few seconds of silence my wife just wrote back “Keep chatting. I’m am going for a walk”. Not waiting for a reply or even extending the invitation to join her she made her character hop to somewhere else in the game.

Finding her behavior a little strange, I could do nothing except staring at the place my wife had been just a short while ago.
Had I done something wrong?

It was not as if she was logging off, I could after all see she was still online.

Not wishing to make her any more annoyed, I concluded to let her be for the time being.

Looks like I need to study the subject of the female behavior a little more thoroughly before I made similar mistakes in the future. That is, if I had done something wrong.

Chapter Text

Taking into consideration what had happened online yesterday I thought today would be another nice day to stalk Bei WeiWei on campus. After all, I had to see for myself that nothing was wrong with her.

As my friends was cleaning the room around me I hacked on the school's database yet again.
Considering how myself and my friends were seniors we had a lot more free time than the juniors. WeiWei was younger than me, and therefor had more of her timetable filled up. Her time for lunch was right around the corner, and with a few magic touches I found out which cafeteria she usually visited during this time of the day.
A closer look on her card information also told me of which dishes she usually preferred. I took notice of them since it might come in handy sometime. Who knows, maybe she will at one point go out on a date with me in a restaurant. Of so, I needed to know her taste when I decided where to take her.


While I sat in front of my computer Yu Banshan got a phone call from Zhen Yi technology. The dirty firm we had a meeting at not to long ago. After Yu Banshan had hung up the phone my friends began discussing what we were suppose to do with the issue related to them wishing to do business with him as an individually.
A quick look on my watch told me it was the time for WeiWei's lunch. In a calmer voice than I felt inside, I told my friends that we could discuss the issue after we had eaten lunch.

They all agreed, but vainly they had to change first. Arguing there would be a lot of females around us if the four of us went together to eat on campus. I got a little frustrated while waiting for them, but could not protest since I did not want them to know about Bei WeiWei yet.

After what felt like forever they were finally ready and I would hopefully soon see my wife again.


The second we entered the cafeteria my eyes began discreetly searching around for the love of my life.
Ignoring everyone else, even my friends, my eyes found her quickly as she stood in a line. As a leach she had another female hugging her from the backside.

Quickly I found a place in a parallel line which gave me a perfect view of WeiWei and her friend as we were all waiting to order our daily lunch. My line was moving quicker than hers and I could feel the meters between us shortening step by step.

WeiWei’s friend noticed me standing there and made my wife aware of my presence. Her eyes was on me for only a second or so, but it made my whole body tingle. Quickly she turned her head away from my direction again, focusing on the card she was holding in her perfect fingers instead. I had to make my eyes focus right on front of me in order for me to still hold my mask of indifference.


Considering how fast she turned her eyes away from my persona, did this mean she did not care about me? At least not like almost every other female close by did.
Frustratingly I could not decide of her lack of attention was something positive or negative.

I could hear her carefully say something, but her voice was too low for me to hear what she was telling her friend.

As I was almost completely parallel with where she was standing I notice her friend holding her phone in my direction. I knew she was probably taking a picture of me, and since she was a close friend of my wife, I for once, looked right into the camera. Probably giving her a nice picture. Both of the females reacted and tried to act as if they were not taking my picture. Instead they began fooling around as they took picture together. I had to hold back a small smile as I watched them acting as it was nothing strange with their behavior.

Soon I was standing right next to my wife in front of both our chefs. As I saw today's selection I opted for the one I thought WeiWei would choose. As if we were a team the both of us said in sync “Sweet and sour pork ribs”. A long silence followed, even the chefs in front of us did not say anything. God it felt good to be so close to her. I could even smell a light lavender scent from her.

The male chef looked down on the food he was serving, and told us there was only enough for one person left. Being the gentleman I wished to present myself as to my wife, I told him I could change my order to the salted chicken. From my left side I could hear WeiWei protest as well. Telling the chef she did not want it.

Before I could tell her to take the ribs Hao Mei pushed himself between us and told the chef he wanted the ribs.
He was taking my wife's lunch!
Since WeiWei was still here, I could do nothing except to look at my former friend with burning eyes. How dare he.
In the end we all got our food, and unfortunately this meant I was separated from my wife.

After a quick survey of the room, I calculated where the perfect place to sit in order to watch most of the room. Just seeing her in line did after all not give me enough information on how she was feeling.
Usually I sat so my back in the direction of where the most people was situated. All the filming and the curious eyes usually made it a little more difficult for me to enjoy my food. Today I would sacrifice the food in order to see WeiWei.


As we sat down Qiu Yonghou commented on the fact that he found it a little strange how I had chosen this cafeteria. After all we have never been here before, and it was situated far from our dorm. Holding back the main reason I just told him I had chosen random, when in fact this was the first time in which I had not chosen randomly. After all someone like me should not eat at the same place everything. It would be too annoying if the rest of the students could predict where I would be during the day.

Luckily for me Hao Mei was so happy with the food he declared himself to be in love with this cafeteria, and that he wished to come here more often. We might have dissimilar reasons but I agreed with him. The food was great here, beside I felt the need to try out everyone of my wife's favorites. Therefore I needed to come more often in order to try them out myself.


It is almost as if I am sharing a meal together with my wife.




Chapter Text

In less than one week, the matches for Condor Heroes was suppose to start. As agreed WeiWei informed me of this one night we were playing together online. When I watched her written message on my computer screen I had no idea how to react in the beginning. I had forgotten the “Match for Condor Hero”.

Forgotten the reason as to why WeiWei had agreed to become my wife.

I, who never forget anything had forgotten such a vital element of our relationship.

As I sat there it felt like I had a heartattack. One of my hands unconsciously even let go of my mouse. Instead it grabbed the area on my chest where my heart was beating in the hundreds. As if trying to keep it from breaking out.

What if she wanted a divorce when the match was over? Her seemingly innocent words about the contest might be my downfall. I could lose her.

To be perfectly honest that particular, but dreaded, thought had not hit me before now. I was known for planning ahead, but this time I was too busy playing around in the moment of today. Forgotten the planning of the future as if it was a chess game. Planning ahead in order to win.

I felt more annoyed with myself than I could ever remember having been in the past.

What if the fights was the beginning of the end? My heart was almost breaking just thinking about it.

I almost wanted to scream at my computer screen. Ordering it to change the dates for months into the future.

Despite the fact that I had gotten closer to my wife, it was too soon. I needed more time in order for her to fall for me like I had for her.

When WeiWei asked me online if the schedule for our matches was okay for me I could do nothing except to reply with a “Sure”. To be completely honest some of the dates might be a little difficult, but I needed to prioritize.
Spending time together with my wife was more important than school and my business.

In the end, without confessing everything my heart was screaming for me to tell her, I asked her to contact me the day before every match in order to remind me of them. As if someone with my memory might forget something as important as them.

I just wanted to spend a few more minutes together with her. Even if it was just a short message where she informed me of the matches, it was a few more seconds where she was thinking of me.

For now, the only thing I had to focus on was to train myself even harder.

Those who wins will go through more battles, and therefor will be together longer.

It would give me just a short while longer for her to turn her focus on me. And only me.

Chapter Text

Despite the fact the both of us knew no couple had ever solved the “Condor Hero Quest””, we tried together. WeiWei told me that the consensus in the forum was that this particular quest was more made for breaking up couples instead of them becoming closer. In itself it is one of the longest quest in the game, probably the longest for couples to solve together.
When if was first published a lot of couples tried to solve it, but as time went by one by one they gave up. A few made it as far as the last step, but not any further.

Having used more than a few days on this quest we had today finally entered the last stage. So far we had both worked well together in order to solve the different tasks. Refusing to disappoint her, I had my heart on solving this quest as well.
After all this quest had made my wife play together with me for hours upon hours. Finding quests such as this had been one of my main focus when I visited the forum. The longer the quests were, the more time I could spend together with WeiWei.

When my friends defined me as insane for taking part of such a complicated quest I almost felt sorry for them. I told them I was not insane, I just had the perfect partner in which made the quest possible to complete. After delivering that line I made my figure turn towards my perfect wife, telling her it was time to complete our mission.


As I looked at her small figure on my computer screen I let my thoughts flow around a little.
I realized that working together with WeiWei gave me a drive in which I have hardly ever felt before. Before meeting her everything had seemed mundain and those things I executed in life was too easy. One of my philosophies was “why do hard things when there was no need”. Because of this I usually did not put myself in positions where there might be a possible for me to fail.

After seeing a young woman with beautiful fingers playing a online game in my uncles gaming hub my whole life changed. My life was no longer easy and mundane. Instead I spent a lot of effort and energy on gaining that particular woman. First making her divorce her pathetic ex husband, then presenting an opportunity which would make it a higher possibility for her to connect herself with me through marriage. After a short while I got engaged to this fantastic woman, and a few days later we married.
Inside the game of course.

In real life I saw her more and more, just a short moment here and there, but my computer skills made it possible to follow her around. Making her more comfortable with seeing me around campus, in real life.

Even if I had been the serves number one player before meeting my wife, she made me play hours upon hours more than which I have done in the past. Before meeting her I just did what I was good at, slaying demons and winning battles. Now I was looking around the forum for quest in which I had in the past defines as a waste of time.
After all, who wanted to spend days upon days in order to solve just one quest?

Well, life had changed.

I had become a man which found all those quests, and convinced my online wife why we should participate in them. So far she had not told me no.
Unfortunate I knew her exams was beginning at some point, and therefore would leave me with a lot less time to spend together with her online.

Having seen her grades I knew she was someone who spent hours upon hours reviewing her lecturing notes before an exam. My wife was smart, but not at my level, and therefore had to spend a lot of time reading in order to uphold her good grades. I did not wish to be the reason her grades to drop. Instead I focused on spending as much time together with her today, and would give her more room for her studies during her exam period.


As I made my figure walk next to my wife I felt a sense of completeness. With her next to me I felt like I could take on all the problems in the world.

When we came to the area where the next task would be presented in this quest we met a female figure by a temple. She delivered a speech in which she defined my wife and myself as “a perfect pair”, that our “ and courage” was the reason in which we had gotten so far. I could do nothing except to look at the female figure standing next to me in her red dress. Despite the fact those opinions was programmed into the game for every couple managing to enter this stage, it felt nice to hear someone voice how our love was the reason we had done so well in this game.
I just wish WeiWei felt the same.

The second the programmed figure asked if we were ready for the last level the both of us did not say anything except to push the enter button together.

In less than one second later I was left alone.

For a moment I looked around me, trying to find my wife. Where was she? Had she lost her internet connection? No,that was not it. Something else was wrong.


Before I could worry to much the lady in front told what the last quest was. I was suppose to find my wife. At least this quest was something in which made my blood pump. They had taken my wife from me. How dare they! This game might be the main reason I had relationship with the lady in red, but they were trying to break us up.

I knew this was not a mission I would ever forgive myself if I ever lost. And I had sixteen hours in order to solve it.
Just the idea of being separated from her those hours felt like it would last forever.


Originally I thought the game might severe our connection on the chat as well, but I had to try. If I could not contact her online for sixteen hours I knew I might have to contact her one way or another. After all, going so long without any form of contact was not healthy for reasonable newlyweds. Sending her a small message which only containing her name, I gave it a small try. While crossing my finger at the same time hoping against all odds she would receive it. When she quickly send a reply I could finally breathe normally again, not even realizing I had held my breath as I worriedly awaited a response from her.

Now I could finally concentrate on finding her.

Asking about her surroundings did not leave me with a lot of hints. WeiWei could only describe the place she was as very dark. Fortunate she could hear the sound of water. Well, it was not the best hint, but at least I could exclude large parts of the game.

Despite the fact I knew this was just a game, it almost felt like someone had kidnapped my wife and for a moment I lost my logic way of thinking. Like I fool I made my figure run around in every areas of the game where there was a hint of water, hoping against all odds I would find her.
Desperately searching for my lost wife.

My heart was beating loudly in my chest, and after going over every place I could think if I had to physically remove myself from my computer for a moment. As I walked around in my dorm room I was glad no one of my door mates was present since I began arguing with myself on how I was suppose to find her.

In the end I concluded this was just a game, and that I would find my wife if I could find the breadcrumbs the game had probably hidden for me to follow. Trying my hardest to act as if this was just a normal quest I went back to the last place I had been together with WeiWei before she disappeared.

Less than fifteen hours left.


The only comfort I had during my search was the knowledge I could contact WeiWei if I became to desperate. It also claimed my heart since our connection made me certain she was not in a dangerous situation.

When WeiWei informed me she had searched around on the forum for hints my heart warmed. Even if she could not do anything except wait for me where she was stranded, she stayed in front of her computer, working on her end the best of her ability to assist me in my search.

She told me there was only one hint at this level of the quest. One sentence “Rely on unspoken understanding between lovers to pass this level.” I could not hold back a smile when I read her “What the heck?” reply to that sentence. My wife was obviously also frustrated at our separation.
Despite the hint I felt that it hardly game me any information.
Reed WeiWei and myself was already working together on a level in which we did not always need to exchange words in order to understand each other. We were already connected on a personal level despite having almost only exchanged words on a chat in a game. Personally I have never felt as connected with anyone before, and the hint she had found made me realize this.

Even my parents which have known me for my whole life had sometimes trouble understanding me, but WeiWei hardly ever asked me why I did things the way I did. She might not completely comprehend everything, but she supported my actions in what I did anyway. My heart burned with my love for her.

Unfortunate I had to concentrate on other things, after all I had a wife to find.


Step by step I solved different tasks, fought against dragons and a pair of beautiful big birds. In the past I had thought I had been to every corners of this game, but I had been wrong. Walking in invisible steps over a valley took me to areas I had never been before.

Out of nowhere a voice asked me if I would sacrifice everything I had in order to find my love. I knew the answer at once. Shortly after a box came upon my computer screen. It said the same as the voice, either I quit searching for my wife, or I had to accepted the fact that I could lose everything. I pushed the acceptance box after less than one second.

Of course I would give up everything in order to see my wife again. After all, this was just a game. If I lost everything here, I still had a body in the real life which could make contact with WeiWei outside of the game.

All my life I have loved games, but my feelings for my wife are stronger than that love.

Right now, my love for “Chinese a ghost story” was centered around the lady in red. If I had not met WeiWei this would be just one of many games in which I loved, but now it holds a special place in my heart. Nonetheless finding my love was more important than all the years I had worked hard in order to become the servers number one player.
My position was in the past, Bei WeiWei was my present and hopefully future.

The clock was ticking and having realized more than a half day had gone by I began to feel worried for the first time. What if I did not manage to find her before our time ran out. Players which had just entered the game could not marry yet, and therefor my marriage to WeiWei would dissolve if I has to start at zero again.
Did WeiWei care enough for me to stay single for the time I managed to gain the level in which I could marry her again. This would take me longer than the beginning of the couples battles. And since she married me because of those battles I might lose her forever since she might find herself another husband to fight side by side with.

Despite being a member of the school's basketball team, I hardly sweat during practice like I did at this moment.

When I was informed I had sixteen hours I thought the time was needed for those less competent in this game, now I realized its importance. Worriedly I looked at my clock, noticing time was going by at a speed in which I have never felt before.

Tick tack, tick tack.


After winning against the birds a man came forward, attacking my while trying to convince me to stop looking for my wife.
Fighting him was surprisingly difficult, but I felt like I was in the lead when he suddenly stopped. He grabbed an amulet I had been given by a man when I finished a game of go for him during this quest a few hours earlier.

Those two men was obviously connected and with a sentimental sound to his voice the strange man told me to use the pair of lovebirds in order to find my wife. He told me she was at the bottom of the hill we were standing on. She was close!
The man informed me the two phoenixes would show me the way, and that he would give them to me.

Did this mean I would finally be reconnected with my wife again? That I would not lose her forever?!!

I didn't even leave the man with any form of gratitude before I walked towards the two large phoenixes. After all, it was just a programmed character.

Almost the second I jumped on the back of the male bird it took off. As the bird was leading me in the direction of my wife the game finally confirmed that I had completed the “Condor Heroes Quest”.



The bird carried me into a cave. For the first time in what felt like forever I saw the small figure dressed in red. She was a beautiful sight for sore eyes.

Before my bird had landed WeiWei walked in my direction, stating an obvious fact. That I had found her.

I replied with “Sorry to keep you waiting, my dear wife”. Ah, I love the words mine and wife in the same sentence.
As I sat on the bird it felt like the meters separating me from WeiWei was to far, and I jumped off the phoenix. My wife met me halfway as we walked closer to each other.

Even before I could tell my wife anything as we stood side by side, a global announcement was given on the server. Declaring that my wife and myself had completed the “Condor Hero Quest”. Since we were the first couple to ever complete this mission we were given the title of “The first immortal lovers”. What a nice title I told myself. If fitted perfectly in what I wished for in our future.

WeiWei expressed a real surprise in the fact we were given the games first flying pair of phoenixes. Even the forum went wild with others players surprise by the birds. After all, no one knew they existed inside the game before this moment.

When my wife looked closer at the phoenixes she managed to insult one of them by describing it as fat when she questions the birds ability to fly anyone with it weight.

Obviously the bird was not happy, and refused to carry her. This behavior made me beam with joy. After all, now my wife had to sit with me on the male bird.

As we flew around in the sky around the game my life felt almost completed. I had excelled in something no one else had done before inside this game, I was experiencing something new considering I was seeing the world in the game from the sky, and my perfect wife was sharing this moment with me. The only thing which could had made the experience better was if I could had felt WeiWei's warm body next to mine as we flew on the phoenix.

Seeing what was written by other players as well made me feel even grander. In the past, more than a few have hinted that even if I was a stronger player than her ex husband, she was the losing party in their divorce. The tune had now shifted, and people began discussing all the positive aspects of her marrying me. How she had upgraded her husbands, from him to me.

It felt nice to see everyone else acknowledge what I had always known.

Chapter Text

As we were flying in the sky at our newly received flying phoenixes I noticed one thing in the chat on the side of my screen something which worried me a little.
More than a few players talked about how Reed WeiWei had left her guild.

When I addressed the issue with her she confirmed the rumors. Telling me it happens a few days ago.

She told me of how her guild members accused her of sharing secret information with outsiders. Her guild master told her how her teammates (I quickly deduced that would be my friends and myself) had stolen the prize from some of WeiWei's guild members after a boss had been defeated.

As WeiWei talked the happiness I had felt just a few seconds before began to slowly drift away. Instead it made room for a burning anger directed at those who accused my wife. When she told me the rumors was started by Enchantress and her female family members, I was seconds away from hacking the game in order to block them from ever logging on again.

My beautiful wife kept on informing me how the despicable female tried act as if everything was just an misunderstanding. WeiWei had asked her guild master for an explanation for the wrongly accusations directed at her. Without giving her a real reason the guild-master just responded that he had made a mistake. In the same speech he accused her for selling the guilds potions during the wedding ceremony of her ex and enchantress.

The guild master told her that the ingredients in those potions was collected by the members after all, and therefore should not be sold privately. WeiWei told me the guild-master acted as if he was giving her advice for her mistake, and that he would let her behavior go just this one.

My strong wife had not let the issue lie, and told the guild-master and the rest of the guild members that those potions was made by herbs she herself had collected. She questioned his decision to accuse her of selling her own products, especially since it had happened a long time ago. Before everything could blow up, one of WeiWei's friends had intervened.

When that happen, WeiWei told me she directed her attention the the female which had started everything. Like the strong character she was, WeiWei threatened the pathetic female that her accusations would become a reality is she did not apologize.

Before the other woman could say anything the other weak females, (I have had the unfortunate luck of meeting in the past) intervene. They demanded for WeiWei to stop, while describing her as snobby and mean.
I tried to tell myself that violence was not the correct solution, but by god I wanted to get my hands on those annoying females. And he guild-master. And everyone else which did not back up my wife in this conflict.

WeiWei told me it was when no one spoke up on her behalf that she decided that “The Jade Seas Roaring Tide Guild” was no longer something she wanted to be a part of. She might have spent years in that guild from its forming, but it was no longer what it had once been.

My wife told me it hurt her mentally when she pushed the button which declared her withdrawal from the guild, but that it also felt like the right thing to do.

Still on the phoenix together I told her “That’s fine. From now on we'll be together.” When she agreed and describes us of being a rouge par roaming the world together I felt the need to correct her descriptions. We were not a rogue pair, we were after all officially a married couple.
I could almost feel her smile as she commented that I had no humor. As a reply I made my figure move even closer to hers as I wrote back that “Status is very important.”

When I had told her about the importance of being specific I felt like everyone should know we were married. Despite the fact this was widely spread among the players on this server, I felt the need to broadcast it to everyone I met. I wanted to show everyone how proud I was of being WeiWei's husband. It was a great honor to have my name connected to hers.

Usually players have their own name written over the head of their figure. Since the game only had so many characters, and in order not to confuse other players, we usually have the name visible so that everyone could easily see who we were.
I felt the strong need to change mine. From now my name would be read as “Reed WeiWeis husband”. What a beautiful way to be addressed.

When we had flown together over the whole game the both of us said goodnight, while promising to meet online tomorrow as well.
Despite the fact I had just spent almost a whole day playing around inside the game, and that I had more than a few things I should focus on, my priority was focused on something more important.


But first I needed a shower, and to change out of my sweat drenched clothes.