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Your Own Personal Shampoo

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“Oh.” Ranma said. Looking down at the unconscious young woman in front of him. Her own Chui on her head. It having been kicked there by Ranma when she had tried to attack Akane. “Oh. Shit.”

It had been hard enough running for his life in his cursed form whenever she caught up with him. (And man was she a good tracker. How she managed to hunt him down in middle of Beijing, after being male for three days straight , he had no idea.) Now there would be no peace, unless he got out of here now.

“Well Akane I think I’m going on a training trip!” From nowhere he produced a overly large backpack.

Akane, seeing the seriousness, nodded and pulled out a sleeping back and camping supplies. Also from nowhere. “OK! See you later Ranma! I’ll write when she goes somewhere far away!”

That’s when Shampoo stood up, groaning, her eyes locked with Ranma. The chui fell to the ground with a heavy thud. (Kasumi, who was in the middle of sweeping, pushed it into her dustpan while humming cheerfully.) “You… you defeat Shampoo…”

“Me?” Ranma’s voice raised a few pitches. “No!”

“It was an accident!” Akane added.

Shampoo didn’t pay attention to their denials. She stumbled towards Ranma, who was wondering if perhaps if he could keep her from giving him the Kiss of Death…

Of course, that’s when Ryoga shoved him straight into her. “Come on Ranma! Face her like a man!” he said, smirking. Ranma made a mental note to punch Ryoga extra hard next time they had a fight.

Shampoo stared up at Ranma, her eyes wide and… tear filled? Ranma, who was weak to any sort of female tears, was taken aback by this change in her demeanor. Far from the cold anger she had displayed when he had first beaten her in China. That’s when Shampoo made her move. She fell to her hands and knees, bowing her head at his feet. “Master.” She said, quietly.

There was a stunned silence by everyone in the room. (Except Kasumi, who dumped her full dustpan into a nearby bin, still humming.)

It was at that point that Soun entered. “What is going on here?!” He asked, loudly.

“Oh it seems Ranma ordered a sex slave from China.” Kasumi gave her interpretation of the events.

Soun’s rage was a terrifying thing to behold, and almost made Ranma wish she had just given him the Kiss of Death.

It took a few minutes to calm Soun down and explain that no, Ranma had not spent the Tendo fortune on a high quality Chinese prostitute and that he had no idea what the hell was going on. the residents of the Tendo household (And Ryoga) were all gathered around the table. Shampoo was sitting demurely beside Ranma, head bowed and quiet.

“So… she tried to kill you and now she’s calling you Master?” Nabiki asked.

Akane frowned, was this some kinky sex game? She clenched her fists, if Ranma had a sexy girlfriend he played these games with and hadn’t told her…

Shampoo produced a book. “Here.” She handed the book to Ranma.

Ranma flipped open the book. “Uh… I can’t read Chinese.”

“Here, let me see that.” Nabiki grabbed it. “Huh… it’s a book about her village’s laws.”

“Wait you can read Chinese?” Akane asked.

“There’s a Japanese translation.” Nabiki pointed to the translation on the back half of the book. Ranma laughed sheepishly. “Huh. It says here that being defeated is a terrible loss of face for the warrior of the village. The higher ranked the villager, the greater the loss.”

“Shampoo champion of age group.” She said, “Heir to many secret arts.”

“Right. I guess you losing would be a massive loss of face. So, to make up losing to the female Ranma….”

“Shampoo give Kiss of Death. Defeat girl Ranma, recover honor.”

“But then, after losing face before, you were beaten again by him.” Nabiki said, “And then…” She flipped through the book, “Oh my.”

“What?” Ranma asked.

“Being beaten by a man is a far bigger shame.” Nabiki looked up, grinning. “It seems that if a warrior loses to a man, they are actually considered dead by the village. And, unless the warrior can do some great act of penance is, well, this is interesting…”

“What?!” Ranma asked. “What is it?”

“Should I explain… I do want some ice-cream…” Nabiki held out her hand to Ranma. But before Ranma could either hand over some yen or start the haggling process Akane snatched the book out of her hands. “Damn it Akane.” She pouted.

Akane stuck her tongue out at her older sister. “Now then… upon losing to a man. She must either commit an act of penance, to be dependant on her rank, or… or…” Akane’s face turned red.. “Or be reduced to a slave!?”

“Shampoo highest rank possible for age. Only penance would be slaying of great monster threatening village. And all dangerous monsters already dead” Shampoo said. “So Shampoo is slave.”

Ranma, who despite his occasional jerk moment was a decent person at heart, shook his head. “N-no way! Look, Shampoo, that law’s silly. If, uh, well. I don’t want, or, uh, need a slave.”

“Shampoo see.” She faced away from Ranma, so only Akane could see the dim look in her eyes. “Then Shampoo not needed.” It was fortunate that Akane was the one sitting next to Shampoo. Any non martial artist would not have been able to react in time to Shampoo drawing out a knife and thrusting it at her throat. As it was, Akane was only able to tackle Shampoo to cause her to drop the knife.

“What the hell!?” Akane shouted to the girl.

“Shampoo dead to village and family. If Master has no need of Shampoo then Shampoo have no reason to live.” She said flatly.

Ranma turned a little green at the thought, “Ah… uh…” He didn’t want Shampoo to die. He just wanted her to not kill him. “Wait a minute! If, uh, if you really want to. I guess I could, uh…” He looked to Akane to help.

Akane, who had just stopped a suicide, had her compassion for other human beings override any jealousy and worry about this sexy, perfectly formed woman coming on to her fiance. “I guess we have no choice Ranma. You can, uh, take her.”

“So… um…” Ranma blushed, feeling awkward as hell, “I guess, err, I’m your boss?”

Shampoo gave Ranma an uneasy smile. “Thank you Master.”

Luckily with Akane’s approval Soun couldn’t rage about a strange new girl being brought into the household by Ranma. So the day went, and Shampoo just sat quietly in the room, observing the inhabitants. By the time night came Ryoga had gone off to play P-chan, the jackass, and his dad was off doing something with Soun. Tired, he opened the door to his room and was ready to go to bed.

Though, he quickly saw that he wasn’t the only one in the room. “Sh-Shampoo!?”

“Nihao Master.” Shampoo said, sitting seiza by his futon. She was also dressed for bed. Shampoo’s method of dressing for bed was an old white button-up shirt, and panties. The top few buttons were missing, exposing a generous amount of her breasts. He could see every bit of her long, smooth legs, and even a trace of her panties! “Ready to go to bed?”

Now Ranma may be, at this point, moderately interested in his fiancee romantically. And, of course, physically attracted to her. However, he was still a teenage boy. And the sight of any woman dressed like Shampoo, especially a woman dressed like Shampoo with a figure like Shampoo, caused his mouth to dry and no small amount of blood to rush between his legs. “W-what are you doing here?”

“This Master’s room, no?” Shampoo asked. “Shampoo sleep here too? Master have futon with Shampoo? Or share futon with Shampoo? Perhaps unworthy slave sleep on floor?” She asked casually.

“Ack… err… ah…” Ranma began to panic. Shampoo expected him to give her an order. Namely, where to sleep. This would be his first official act as her “Master.” He took a few breaths, trying to figure out what to do with her.

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“Akane!” Ranma shouted.

Shampoo blinked, “What?”

“My.. my fiancee…” Ranma stuttered out, then winced at actually acknowledging the engagement in the heat of the moment. “Uh, go ask her if you can sleep in her room.”

Shampoo took that knowledge in, before nodding. “Ah. Shampoo understand.” Her Master was engaged to be married. Which meant that, once he married the young woman who had saved her earlier that day she would also be her Mistress. Obviously Master wanted for Shampoo to get to know her future Mistress better. She stood up, ignoring the sudden trickle of blood from Ranma’s nose as she flashed her panties at him. “Good Night Master.”

Akane was reading a comic with P-chan (It was really cute how the pig almost seemed to be able to understand the comic!!) when she heard the door knock. “Come in.” She said, and was a little surprised to see Shampoo enter. P-chan looked really surprised, but Akane missed the nosebleed from Shampoo’s sleeping outfit.

“Oh, hello Shampoo.” Akane said. Managing to, thanks to years of practice in the girls locker room, not look at those long legs or her cleavage. “What, uh, are you doing here?”

“Master tell Shampoo to see if Lady Akane would be generous enough to allow Shampoo to sleep here.” Shampoo asked.

Akane blinked, “Uh… sure.”

“Ah. Will Shampoo be taking bed? Futon? Floor?” Shampoo rattled off the options.

“Well… I guess we can share the bed. We’re both girls, right?” Akane said.

Shampoo simply nodded, “If that what Lady Akane wish.”

“Wait… why are you calling me “Lady Akane”?”

“Because Lady Akane is future wife of Master. So Lady Akane will also own Shampoo.” Shampoo answered, giving Akane a bright and very cute smile. “Lady Akane only have to ask and Shampoo will fulfil any need Lady Akane has.”

“R-right…” Akane said.

Now, one thing about Akane that she did her absolute best to hide was her attraction to women. Sure, she liked men. But there was also something about girls that was appealing as well. Part of the reason she had been so upset about Ranma’s curse, at first, was learning that the cute vulnerable girl she had met at first was really a boy. She had been the first girl she had felt tempted to try more than just appreciate her looks, and it had been a lie. Granted, she had long forgiven Ranma for it, it wasn’t even his fault really.

Now, a very sexy girl had just practically offered herself to her. Could she tell Akane was Bi? Was she just a natural flirt? Or did she just want to leave all options open as a slave she was convinced she had to be available.

Akane shook her head, clearing her mind of the thoughts that had came to her. “I’m just going to read some more then go to bed.” Akane gestured to a small shelf filled with books and comics. “If you want, you can too.”

Shampoo shook her head, “Shampoo no read Japanese.”

“Oh. Sorry.” Akane said, “We should probably teach you, if you’re going to be living here for a while.”

Shampoo nodded, “That be best.”

Akane soon learned that, when given something to cling to in her sleep, Shampoo would gladly become a human octopus. So, Akane did her best to ignore the strangely soft yet strong arms wrapped around her waist. The large, perky breasts pressed against her back. Or the Chinese mutterings as Shampoo whispered dream words directly into her ear.

She hadn’t seen P-chan since Shampoo crawled into bed with her. (Ryoga took one look at the sight, and decided it would be best for his blood pressure to not be in the room with her tonight.) So Akane didn’t have anything cute of her own to hold, and she wasn’t going to turn herself around. She finally got her eyes closed, and drifted off to sleep.

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The normal trouble from waking up from the best night's sleep you've ever had is that you are ending it. The difference in this case was that Akane was waking up hugging a super hot foreign girl that obeyed her every command. With their faces so close that if either of them breathed wrong, the suction force would have them kissing.

The first ten conscious seconds Akane had that morning entirely revolved around whether or not to breathe wrong. Then Shampoo's eyes opened, and the former warrior girl smiled at her.

"Nihao, Lady Akane," Shampoo cutely mewled. "What do in morning?"

For a moment Akane forgot how to speak, then she shook her head and made an attempt to disentangle herself from Shampoo's octopus-like grip. The Chinese girl giggled as if they were playing some sort of game, and suddenly Akane tumbled right out of bed.

"S-Sorry!" Akane apologised for basically nothing. She pulled herself to her feet while Shampoo lounged in an almost seductive manner on her bed. Akane deliberately ignored her sexy, sexy body and her cute, kissable face and tried to keep the conversation flowing naturally. "Uh, so normally I go on a morning jog around the block, then I'll come back home and do a spot of training. Then I bathe. By the time I'm done Kasumi has breakfast ready, so I get dressed and head off to school with Ranma."

Well, that last part was a recent addition. She used to head off with Nabiki, but these days Nabiki tended to scoot off well before Akane was ready to leave. No doubt trying to force the two of them to spend more time together for her own personal amusement. Or maybe Daddy was paying her off.

"Sound good!" Shampoo said, and off came her bedclothes. Those were some rather perky breasts, it must be said. "Shampoo borrow jogging gear? Not bring any."

"Okay?" Akane robotically said. Her hand trembled as she pulled out some appropriate clothing. A t-shirt and some shorts. Yes. That was all. That was fine. Just try to ignore the part where you're getting dressed in front of another girl, you do it all the time at school. Ignore her deliciously seductive body. Ignore the fit, creamy flesh, the healthy and powerful muscles lying beneath a lean yet curvaceous frame. Don't look at her. Don't try to imagine that she was looking at you either, checking out your butt when you leaned over just now to pull those shorts on, don't imagine that she wanted you as much as you wanted her...

"All dressed!" Shampoo happily called, prompting Akane to sigh in relief and turn around. That died just a little and turned into a very nervous, very disturbed gulp. Because Shampoo was indeed wearing the clothes Akane had given her, but...

Well, Shampoo was a little bit bustier than Akane. She was able to wear the shirt easily enough, but it rode up just enough to display her navel. That somehow gave it this weirdly erotic appeal as though it was something Akane wasn't meant to see, but could anyway. Also, the shorts were just a little loose. Not much. But a little. Which meant they gave the impression that they might fall down at the slightest provocation... But they instead stayed exactly where they were.

Akane wanted her. She wanted that girl so, so much.

And that feeling didn't abate any when they actually went out jogging. No matter how fast Akane went, Shampoo was able to stay just ahead of her. Almost like she was forcing Akane to stare in amazement at her long, luscious legs or her tantalising, swaying hips. On the one hand she could easily order this girl to cut that out, but on the other...

On the other, she should probably take the time to enjoy the view.

In the meantime, Ranma's morning routine was just a touch different. Wake up. Spar with Pops. Then settle down for a delicious breakfast served by Kasumi. Jumping into the air for mid-leap combat was the perfect way to build up an appetite and get those muscles in gear for a brand new day! And today, he gave that panda a good hard smack right into the pond just as Akane returned from her morning jog.

"Enjoy your breakfast, mister panda!" Ranma taunted. Hah! A little earlier than usual today. He watched Akane wander upstairs to her room and frowned. Something about the way she was walking seemed kinda weird. Eh! Whatever. For the time being he was content to sit at a safe distance and wait for breakfast while Pops tried to shake the water out of his fur.

"Good morning, Master!"

Or he could jump out of his skin when a certain cute girl that had, until recently, been trying her darndest to kill him suddenly knelt on the floor next to him and stared up at him in adoration. You know, like this she really was pretty. It almost made a guy forget about that 'trying to kill him' thing.

"Shampoo want help Master!" she excitedly said. "Anything Master want, Shampoo do!"

He remembered yesterday. If he ordered her to leave him alone, she'd probably kill herself. That wasn't something he wanted on his conscience. Trouble was, what exactly could he order her to do? He didn't need her to do... Well, anything! That was part of why he sent her off to sleep in Akane's room last night. The other part, of course, being that allowing a pretty girl to sleep with him would be... Letting a pretty girl sleep with him!

"Uh..." he began. "You could, maybe get a job? Buy yourself some clothes? Maybe learn to speak Japanese a little better..." Shampoo nodded enthusiastically, but otherwise didn't move.

"Those good long-term goals," Shampoo said. "But anything Shampoo do for Master now? Shampoo willing and eager to do anything Master want!"

Now, even Ranma couldn't hear a thing like that without feeling something. Though goodness knows he tried his best. So, let's see. Was there anything he needed doing right now that would keep Shampoo out of his hair?

"Make me a bento," Ranma said. Shampoo tilted her head and frowned in obvious confusion. "A lunch box. Something I can carry in a box and eat for lunch."

And off Shampoo skipped into the kitchen to make him lunch. Sorry, Kasumi, but maybe you'll appreciate a little lightening of the load? Actually, that was a pretty good idea. Get Shampoo to help Kasumi around the house. That way she wouldn't pester him at school all the time. Yeah. That might help keep things simple! That might work! Nothing could go wrong with that.


So now Shampoo was washing her back. With her hands. With her soft yet powerful hands. Soft, powerful, precise hands. Touching her naked back. Her nnnnaked back. It was a good thing Shampoo couldn't see her face right then because Akane was pretty sure she'd made at least a couple of lewd expressions while her back was being washed by this teasing minx.

Oh, there was little doubt about it anymore. This was deliberate. Shampoo was trying to seduce her. The way she'd burst into the bathing room just after Akane had finished stripping down, tossed her own clothes aside and then started expertly kneading and teasing Akane's shoulders while sing-whispering this strange Chinese tune into her ear... It was a wonder she didn't melt on the spot!

"Lady Akane is too, too tense," Shampoo said.She tapped a spot on Akane's back, and she let out a whimper in spite herself. "Need relax."

"... Okay," Akane muttered in muted agreement. And then they bathed together. Naked. Sitting in a bath. Shampoo scooped up some water, tilted back her head and let the water run down her front. It was a pretty glorious and mesmerising sight. If Akane wasn't already convinced Shampoo was making the moves on her, that would have absolutely done it.

Before she even knew it they were sitting at the dinner table. Shampoo had drifted over to sit next to Ranma, just on the opposite side from where Akane was sitting, and... And she started feeding him breakfast. It looked like Daddy was going to object until Kasumi hushed him, making a pointed gesture at her throat and nodding towards Shampoo. It looked like he wasn't happy with it, but he wasn't going to push the wedding even at the expense of another person's life.

"Ah!" Shampoo said, holding up the chopstick to Ranma's mouth. He blushed. But he ate it anyway. Shampoo giggled, and... And her other hand rubbed along the inside of Ranma's thigh. Gently brushing up against a certain point where there happened to be a rather obvious bulge.

Ooh, that little - How dare - Actually, which one was she upset at for showing interest in the other? Her handsome, arrogant jerk of a fiance, or the bubbly smoking hot babe that almost seemed to be hitting on both of them at the same time? It happened. It actually happened! For the first time since the Saotomes had arrived, Akane's righteous irritation at Ranma fizzled before she could even sit down.

Why did she feel this situation was going to get more complicated before it got simpler?

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Never let it be said that Shampoo did things by halves. When training to be a warrior she was her best to train as hard and as much as possible. When she swore an oath to kill that Female Ranma (Where was she anyways?) she sure as hell did her very best to murder that red-haired bitch so hard her ancestors would feel it..

And now that she had failed in the ultimate duty of any Amazon warrior, to never lose to a man, she would be the best slave to her conqueror possible!

Of course, the question came about how to better serve her new Master? He wanted her to find a job. Of course, the issue was that what sort of marketable job skills did she have?

She could crush steel with her bare hands. She was an expert tracker and hunter. She knew a lot of esoteric ancient Chinese techniques lost to the rest of the world. Yet would any company accept that and give her a part time job that suited her talents?

That’s when Shampoo noticed Soun, reading the newspaper while smoking a cigarette, and Kasumi, cleaning up after breakfast. Of course! She would seek the advice of the head of the household. She stood up and walked straight towards Soun, who was eyeing her suspiciously. She reached him, pausing for a moment… before ignoring him completely and calling out to the other person in the room. “Miss Kasumi!”

“Yes Shampoo?.” Kasumi gave Shampoo her sweetest smile. One which held no guile or alternative motivations whatsoever.

“Can Shampoo ask for advice?” She asked.

“Oh ask away.” Kasumi said.

“Shampoo want to find job. But Shampoo wonder what sorts of jobs Shampoo could do…”

Now, Kasumi could easily say that there were plenty of simple part time jobs that anybody could do with little qualification. However, something as simple as that just would not do! Kasumi was hoping that after spending some time in Japan she’d get over the whole “I’m a worthless slave” thing so Ranma and Akane wouldn’t have to walk on eggshells around the girl. Maybe then she could go home back to China and stop raising her father’s blood pressure. Yes, Kasumi had only good intentions.

And you know what they say about Good Intentions.

“Well Shampoo, if you want to get a better job, why not go to school first?” Kasumi suggested. After all, at school she could make friends and see just how much life had to offer her!

Shampoo’s eyes brightened. “That good idea!” With an education, she would be a far better slave to her Master. She bowed, “Thank you Miss Kasumi!” With a skip in her step, she headed off to school.

At the gates of Furinkan High, its guardian rested. Weary after doing battle, he rested at this noble hour. Recovering his strength so that he might do his duty once more.

AKA: Kuno tried to challenge Ranma to a fight while simultaneously flirt with Akane. The two had promptly run over him in their haste to get to class. He was now just barely starting to recover, mainly due to being roused to consciousness from. He peeked up from the concrete… to see up a fairly short qipao. That’s when she kicked him again.

“Not for you robe boy!” Shampoo shouted, as Kuno found himself embedded into the wall surrounding the school.

Not one to be effected by a woman inflicting brutal violence on him, Kuno pulled himself out of the wall. “Greetings fair maiden. What brings you to these noble halls of learning?”

Shampoo blinked, “This school? Shampoo needs to learn.” She had, of course, tracked her Master and Lady Akane to this building. Hoping it was, in fact, a school. She could see their footprints on this man's face, so she figured they were around here.

“Indeed it is. If you wish to register to this school, I, the Blue Thunder, will gladly escort you to the office.” Kuno said, then he produced a rose from nowhere, “Perhaps afterwards I could give you the pleasure of a date?”

Shampoo looked down at the rose, then back up at Kuno. Despite being outwardly calm, inwardly every instinct Shampoo had was screaming at her to just start punching this man. Only stopping once he was a broken, mangled, corpse. That was something Shampoo found odd. After all, the only other human being who had inspired this urge in her was Mousse. Still, just like how murdering Mousse wouldn’t have gone well back in her home village, killing this Blue Thunder guy might get her Master in trouble. Plus, he was offering to help, so Shampoo decided that he’d get to live. Well, unless Master wanted him dead. In which case she’d kill him discretely and in such a way that it would never be tied to him.

“Not now, can Mr. Blue Thunder take Shampoo to register office?”

“Of course!” Kuno took his arm and wrapped it around hers in a way that was far too familiar for Shampoo’s tastes. He gave her a smile that Shampoo was sure he expected to make her swoon with. “Shall we go?”


Resisting the urge to rip his arm off, Shampoo nodded.

Now, one may think that Shampoo might have some problems getting registered for school. First, it was an open question on whether or not she was even in the country legally. She had no papers, no educational history. By all rights she should not have been allowed into the school. However, there were two things that worked in her favor.

The first was that this is Furinkan High. A school run by a man with a palm tree growing out of his head. Standards were… lax, to put it mildly. As long as you do the homework and don’t flunk out the placement test, Furinkan had a place for you. The second was that Shampoo entered the registry office not through the door like a normal human being. She went through the wall. If she had wanted to get into Tokyo University the secretary would have enrolled her after that entrance.

And, of course, the cosmic law of perversity wouldn’t allow this chance to go by. As such, Ranma and Akane’s second period was interrupted by the teacher making an announcement.

“Class, I’ve just received word that we’re getting a new student coming in from China. Please give a big welcome to our new classmate, Shampoo.”

Ranma and Akane’s jaw’s hit their desks simultaneously. Shampoo beamed, she was in the same class as Master. “Nihao!” She bowed to the class.

“Now Shampoo, it says here you’re staying at the Tendo residence, in that case I expect Miss Tendo to get you a proper school-”

”NO!” And so the teacher was silenced by the entire male half of the class, minus Ranma, shouting down the teacher. The idea of putting those legs or that figure in a plain Furinkan uniform was a crime in their eyes. Now, if this school had some sense and had those cute Sailor Fukus with the short skirts maybe there’d be something. But it did not, so instead that hot qipao would have to do.

“Err… never mind… go sit next to Miss Tendo.” The teacher conceded defeat, and all the males minus Ranma (plus Akane) let out a sigh of relief.

“How do you do it Saotome?” Ranma immediately could tell his lunch was not going to be fun today.

Ranma looked up at the two guys who had, somehow, become the guys he hung out with at school. It was Hiroshi who spoke up this time. “Do what.” He asked flatly.

“Get those chicks! First you get engaged to Akane Tendo of all girls, now this new hot chinese girl is staying with you guys?”

“OK. First off, the whole… thing with Akane? That was our parents idea. Neither of us want anything to do with it.”

That’s when Daisuke jumped in, “You hear that Hiroshi? That’s what bullshit sounds like. I was there at that skating match man. I recall you saying, quote, ‘Akane is my Fiancee. Lay a lip on her and I’ll kill you.’” He had the most annoying smirk at saying those words.

It was apparently possible to turn pale and blush at the same time. Because Ranma did it. “That… uh… I was just trying to scare off that pervert!” He had completely forgotten about that mess! Shampoo had shown up right afterwards and neither he nor Akane had really had any time to catch up on things what with the whole Shampoo problem. He opened up his bento, seeing that Shampoo had indeed prepared it. Rather than the usual Japanese lunch foods, it was all Chinese.

“Nihao!” That’s when all three boys jumped back by the sudden appearance of Shampoo.

“Holy crap it’s her!” Daisuke whispered.

Ranma tried to take control of the situation, “Hey Shampoo…” He sent silent signals, hoping desperately she’d have the sense to not bring up the whole “Slave” thing in public.

Nope. “Master enjoy lunch?” She asked cheerfully, while also holding up a pair of chopsticks, clearly intending to feed him again.

There was perfect silence, the only sound being a distant “Where the hell am I now?”

“Master!?” the two said at once. Swarming him.

“Look! It’s… it’s not whatever the hell you two are thinking! It’s just, uh, well, she was…” Ranma trailed off when he noticed Shampoo’s expression turning cold.

“These boys bothering you Master?” Shampoo asked. With that question, Ranma remembered that Shampoo could probably kill every single person in the school bar himself, Akane, and maybe Kuno with nothing more than the pair of chopsticks in her hand. For Akane and Kuno she’d just have to pull out an actual weapon.

“B-bothering me? No! Of course not. Shampoo, these are my friends. Hiroshi and Daisuke. You know, they’re just teasing me. Cause that’s what guy friends do.” Ranma laughed nervously.

Hiroshi and Daisuke, not being martial artists and thus unable to pick up on the tense unspoken conversation that had just occurred, immediately jumped to the perverse. “So, Ranma, why is she calling you Master?”

“Ah… well…” Ranma thought about a way to explain if without sounding too bad, “Ah! Well, you see, I beat her in a fight in China. So, for a period of time, she has to, uh… study under me!” Yeah that will work. She’s calling him Master in the sense of a Martial Arts student would!

(Naturally, this excuse wouldn’t fly longer than five minutes if one bothers to think about it. After all, the word Shampoo may be using to refer to Ranma in universe Japanese is “translated” as “Master.” However there are a few words in Japanese that can be translated as such. The word used by a Martial Arts student to refer to his Master is “Shishou.” The title Shampoo has given Ranma, that for the sake of the readers is being “translated” from Japanese to English is “Goshujin-sama.” Which means “Master” in the context of a servant or slave speaking to their Master.)

“She’s, uh, not so good with Japanese yet…” Ranma finished off the lame excuse, hoping they’d buy it.

They didn’t.

Chapter Text

Back in her own classroom. Nabiki was waiting for the shoe to drop.

Now, despite the impression that she gives of being this all knowing schemer, the truth about Nabiki is much simpler. She’s a young woman with above average intelligence… surrounded by utter morons. The fact that Tatewaki Kuno is the most popular guy in school really says it all about the general intelligence of the Furinkan population doesn’t it?

Whispers had already reached Nabiki’s ears about the (really hot) foreign student who had joined Akane’s class. And so, Nabiki was waiting for the opportunity to pop up. She knew that, sooner or later, some miracle would drop into her lap that would provide another wonderful source of hilarity.

“Nabiki Tendo.” And Nabiki’s wish was granted in the greatest way possible.

“Well heloooo Kuno-baby.” Nabiki batted her eyelashes at him. “What brings you here today?”

“This is my classroom Nabiki Tendo.” Kuno said flatly.

“Oh? And here I thought you were just one of my stalkers. Oh wait. Akane’s the girl you stalk.” Nabiki said sweetly.

“To call the affection I give my love such a term is a new low for you.” Kuno responded.

“Sexual harassment then? Good old fashioned Assault? Give me a hint Kuno-baby.”

“Every day my loathing for you only grows.” Kuno said.

“You wound me.” Nabiki said without the slightest trace of sincerity. “So what brings you here today? I already sold you the ice skating shots of Akane and Ranma.” (“I did not purchase any photos of Saotome” He protested.) “Did you, perhaps, find a new victim?”

“Tis nothing of the sort!” Kuno shouted. “Nabiki Tendo, I merely heard that your home is giving shelter to a fair maiden of Chinese descent. Come to learn from Japan’s superior education system. I helped her enroll, and wish to know if there is anything I can do to aid her.”

Oh yes. This was perfect. Nabiki made a note to drop the fact that Kuno was the one to get Shampoo into school around Ranma some time. The question became, what to tell Kuno? She generally made it a policy of telling the truth. Not due to any moral reasons of course. But simply because it was more amusing to stretch the truth and watch idiots jump the completely wrong conclusion. All it took, most of the time, was leaving out a bit of information that created a completely different context. But then her grin became wider as she realized this was Kuno. He already had a completely stupid impression of Ranma, she didn’t even have to stretch the truth in the slightest!

“One thousand yen.” Nabiki said first. She had her principles, after all. Never do for free what idiots would pay for. Kuno handed over the bills without complaint. After counting them to make sure he got it right, she pocketed the money and began her explanation.

“Shampoo is from a small village in backwater China. It’s a matriarchal society, you know, women rule and all that.”

“How strange. A place where women rule, not knowing the roles the heavens placed them…” Kuno murmured.

Nabiki rolled her eyes, “Well don’t worry Kuno-baby. I know my place and yours. Anyways. Continuing on, these women are strong and dangerous fighters. You know the Pig-Tailed Girl?”

“Yes? Does the Pig-Tailed girl come from this strange village?” Kuno asked.

“Nope. She was just visiting while training in China with her dumb panda.” Nabiki said. “And, well, I don’t know all the details but Shampoo and the Pig-Tailed Girl ended up having a fight. The Pig-Tailed girl won.”

“Indeed. Such a fierce flower could not help but win…”

“Ah but here’s the tricky part. You see, the village has a law. If a woman warrior loses to an outsider woman. In this case, the Pig-Tailed Girl, she is to be given the Kiss of Death. An oath to hunt her down to the ends of the Earth and kill her.”

“She wishes to kill my beloved!” Kuno shouted, drawing his bokken from nowhere, “I will not permit her to-” Now, Nabiki usually wasn’t one for violence. But sometimes you needed to hit a dumb animal to get them to listen. In this case, a biology textbook to the head.

“Another thousand yen for interrupting me, unless you want to not hear the rest of the story. Don’t worry, Kuno-Baby, the Pig-Tailed Girl isn’t in any danger.”

Ignoring the growing lump on his head, Kuno handed another set of bills to Nabiki.

“Anyways. Eventually the Pig-Tailed Girl managed to ditch Shampoo. But then yesterday she showed up again at our house.” Nabiki said, “Long story short, when Ranma and Akane didn’t spill the info on where she was, there was a fight. And Ranma won.”

“Hmm…” Kuno stroked his chin, “So this maiden is, perhaps, aiming to kill Saotome? Perhaps I should-”

“Not yet Kuno-baby.” Nabiki said. “You see, that whole kiss of death law applies only if she loses to another woman. It’s far worse for her to lose to a man, like she did to Ranma.” She leaned in close, letting the suspense build. “Such a loss of face can only be made up for by something big, depending on how high up in the village hierarchy the warrior is, you see?” At Kuno’s nod, she continued. “And apparently Shampoo is way up there. So the only penance she can perform is to receive a punishment. Namely, she has to serve Ranma, basically a slave.”

Kuno’s eyes widened, “That maiden… enslaved…”

“And that’s pretty much it.” Nabiki leaned back, ready to see how this went. A reasonable person would look at this as Shampoo being the victim of her culture’s harsh standards. Ranma himself caught in the middle. The problem? This was Tatewaki Kuno. “A reasonable person” will never be put in the same sentence as his name unless there’s a “not” somewhere in there as well.

Sure enough, the concept spun through his thought process like a detailed train. Within a matter of moments, the facts had been assembled. They were then promptly murdered, and their corpses jammed around the conclusion he had already made.

“I see now. Hearing of the strength of this village. Saotome must have sent the Pig-Tailed girl to them! Risking her own life to lure the amazonian maiden, to enslave her for his own perverse needs!” Kuno thrust out his bokken, and Nabiki wondered if this was meant to be a stand in for something else. “First Akane Tendo… then the Pig-Tailed Girl… now this Shampoo… does Saotome’s perversions know no bounds! I, Tatewaki Kuno, Age Seventeen, must put a stop to this enemy of women once and for all!”

“I’m sure this will go as well as the last dozen times you tried to beat Ranma. Have fun Kuno-baby.” Nabiki commented, opening her lunch box. “Huh. Chinese for lunch.” Shampoo must have made more than just Ranma’s lunch then. “This is pretty good.”

Chapter Text

Akane had, thankfully, long learned how to deal with her bisexuality in situations like changing rooms. It wasn’t like it was that hard. The fact that Akane generally leaned toward wanting relationships with men helped with that.

Of course, that was quickly changing with the addition of Shampoo. Luckily for Akane, nobody really noticed her practically ogling the girl due to most of the rest of the class gawking at her. Shampoo just seemed to draw attention.

“Uh, here…” Akane handed Shampoo a bundle, “You can borrow one of my extra gym uniforms. We’ll go shopping for some of your own later.”

Shampoo gave Akane a bright and pure smile. “Thank you Lady Akane.”
There was a sudden hush over the girls locker room. “Lady Akane…?” Her friend Sayuri asked quietly.

Akane blushed, turning to the locker. “Shampoo, she, uh, you know, isn’t that great with Japanese yet. She’s just trying to be polite, since my family has taken her in…” Opening her locker, she pulled out a spare gym shirt and pair of bloomers. “Here Shampoo, you can wear this today, before we get you a new set.”

Shampoo beamed, “Thank you Lady Akane.” She took the gym outfit and began immediately taking off her dress. There was another hush as they bounced into sight. Several girls became intimately jealous of her chest.Akane, meanwhile, found herself quietly thanking God she would be able to see those perfectly formed orbs every day. Not a bit of sag, a perfect slight bounce, and nipples just the right size to fit between her fingers.

”Kyaaa!” Shampoo gasped as Akane suddenly grabbed Shampoo’s chest. “L-lady Akane…”

“This is how things go in a Japanese school. Shampoo.” Akane lied, “We got to make sure you’re healthy.” The other girls nodded and agreed.

“O-ok…” Shampoo moaned as Akane kneaded her chest. “It… ahh….”

“Very good. Very good.” Akane cooed, before running one hand down her perfectly toned stomach. “Your upper-body seems healthy… how about your lower body?” At those words two fingers were stuck between Shampoo’s legs.

“Ahhhhh!” Shampoo gasped. “That… ohhh sooo good Lady Akane…”

“Good girl.” Akane whispered into Shampoo’s ear, her breath making the slave girl shudder. “Now let’s see how those lips are….” She turned Shampoo’s head towards hers, leaning in close to make the final contact…

“Lady Akane? You OK? Face is red.” Shampoo’s voice brought Akane back to reality. She had gotten dressed, and it was if anything more eye catching then when she had been naked. Akane was far from the only one stunned by the sight. Shampoo’s breasts, tightly pressing against the already tight gym blouse, combined with a tight, perfect ass shown off by the bloomers, managed to catch the eye of all the girls in the locker room. Other than Akane, at least three other girls accepted their own bisexuality and one girl finally admitted to herself that she was a lesbian.

“I’m fine..” Akane said, beginning the process of getting dressed herself.

“So… you… uh… don’t wear a bra?” Yuka asked.

Shampoo shook her head, “No need. Many exercises and shiatsu treatments in village. Keep back strong and breasts up.” A grin popped up on her fact, “Shampoo’s Grandmother bigger then Shampoo, no sag. Shampoo’s Grandfather happy man.”

“You’ll have to teach me that….’ Akane murmured.

Shampoo nodded, “Of course Lady Akane.” She looked serious, “Shampoo must warn though, exercies hard.”

Akane’s pride as a martial artist jumped in, “Hah! I can take it. Heck, I’ve been needing an exercise and sparring partner for a while. You can help me with that, right?” She finished pulling on her gym clothes.

“If Lady Akane wishes it.” Shampoo said, following behind Akane to P.E.

Once those two were gone, the rest of the girls turned to Yuka and Sayuri. “Did you see that?” One girl asked.

“I wish Akane would look at me like that.” Another girl said.

Yuka shook her head, “I never thought I’d see the day Akane would be that… blatant.”

All the girls sighed dramatically. “It’s an upset, that’s for sure.” Sayuri said, “And I was so sure it’d be Ranma.”

“But Akane hates boys!” One of the girls shouted.

“Not that Ranma. The other one. The redheaded girl who’s popped up a few times.” Sayuri explained.

Akane was, after all, the most popular girl in Furinkan. And the Akane Tendo Fanclub did not include only men. Hell, the club’s unofficial motto was “It’s not Gay if it’s Akane.” However, unlike the boys, they were more subtle. Plus, they were happy just to watch, and self-insert as whoever ultimately won the most popular girl;s heart.

Yuka and Sayuri, being Akane’s actual friends, were the gods of the Fanclub. Within a matter of minutes, discussion was had, and a decision was made. The two of them needed to figure out just what the hell was up with this new sexy foreigner and what Akane’s relationship to her was.

Volleyball. Of course today the girls would be doing volleyball. A sport practically designed to watch sexy girls jump into the air and bounce around.

Because Akane and Shampoo were the two most athletic girls, the they ended up on opposing teams. And, of course, Shampoo really liked spikes. So of course she spent a lot of time in the air. Which meant that any girl on the other team got many good looks up her shirt.

Needless to say, it was the worst Akane had performed at volleyball for years, and Shampoo’s team won.

Chapter Text

Gym class. Ranma liked gym class. He was athletic, fit, and it gave him ample opportunity to show off just how much of both he was. Over there the girls were playing volleyball. Over here the boys were squaring off for table tennis, which meant that most of the time the boys had very little to do but sit around and wait for their turn.

Hiroshi nudged him and nodded across to the girl's side of the room. "It looks like your student is doing really well." The boy smirked knowingly. "And she's playing a mean game of volleyball too."

"That doesn't even make sense," Ranma answered. "Could you stop leering at the girls like that? It's kinda creepy." Not to mention that he was engaged to one of those girls, even if it was a decision he would have never made thank you very much!

"He's right," Daisuke nodded. "We shouldn't stare like creeps. Not at his women."

"They're not my women."

"That's not what you said when up against the Golden Pair..."

Huh? The hell did Hiroshi mean by that remark? Did Ranma say something during that fight? He didn't remember anything. Nah, what was he thinking? He wasn't the kinda guy that would make a comment like that! Especially not about that uncute, violent tomboy.

"You know..." Daisuke said. "I don't get you. I mean, before today you were already in a position most guys at school would give their right arm for. You're living in the same roof as Akane Tendo, and you're engaged to her."

"Yeah," Hiroshi wistfully sighed. "Me and my right arm have had great times together, but... I'd lop it right off for a day of that." The other two boys looked at him with quirked eyebrows while Hiroshi stroked down his right arm as if it were a cat. "Good times, good times..."

"Anyway, my point!" Daisuke said. "Now you've got some other babe who might actually be even hotter than the most wanted chick in school calling you 'master' and doting on you like a personal maid. Meanwhile you're sitting here looking like someone just told you your pet dog is sick. I mean... Most guys would be pretty happy about this situation, right?"

Ranma grunted and rolled his eyes. "In case you've not noticed, I'm not most guys."

If he wanted to check out a cute girl, he just needed a splash of cold water. Not that he was the kinda guy to do that sort of thing anyway! Ugh, this whole conversation made him feel uncomfortable. He really didn't want to think about it, but neither of these two could shut up about how he apparently had his pick of two babes, and -

"Nihao, Master!" Shampoo greeted him, wearing nothing but an apron. "Shampoo prepare special dessert, Shampoo hope Master like!"

Ranma nodded and stared at the delight in front of him. Behind that apron he could catch a glimpse of Shampoo's amazing figure peeking out. Her legs were bare and glorious, her shoulders seemed to gleam in the light and the hourglass perfection waiting underneath that frilly cloth was utterly stunning.

Then Shampoo pulled the large lid off her dessert... Revealing Akane lying there with her legs crossed, covered in whipped cream sculpted to look just like a gi. His fiance bat her eyes up at him and licked her lips seductively -

Oh no, no no! Akane would never do something like that. Nor did he want her to! Ugh! This whole situation with Shampoo was throwing him off, making him have a daydream like that! Stay calm. Control yourself, Ranma. If those other two even think you had those kinds of thoughts just now, they'd never let you hear the end of -

Was that a flash? Huh? Ranma turned around. There was some skinny kid with a camera lurking towards the corner of the room taking pictures of the girls. Not much longer if Ranma had any say in it. He leaped right behind the kid quiet as a mouse, tapped him on the shoulder and then caught the camera when the boy near jumped out of his skin.

"Hey, don't drop this," Ranma said, juggling the camera between his hands. "Looks expensive."

"It is," the boy gulped. Wow, those were some dark rings under his eyes. This kid ever get some sleep? Nothing about him seemed remotely healthy. "Um... S-sorry! Here are all the pictures I took of your women! Please don't hurt me."

His women. Yeah, whatever pal. Like he wanted some pervs pics of -

Actually, to his surprise the kid had some talent. He didn't know anything about camerawork or any of the jargon, but this guy sure did. In spite of how quickly the girls were jumping around, he managed to capture perfectly Shampoo's smiling face right in the middle of the frame. He flicked through them a bit more. This was a pretty good side shot that really properly emphasised her super hot figure. Heck, he didn't even recognise Akane at first in a couple of these pics!

They really were both pretty. Very pretty, come to it, and their bodies were definitely easier on the eyes than he was giving them credit....

"Wow, Ranma!" Hiroshi whistled later on. "That might be the worst performance I've ever seen outta you in any sport since you came here."

"... My mind was on other things," Ranma admitted. Oh, boy. This whole thing was gonna get worse before it got better, he could already tell.

Chapter Text

Deep within a dark dungeon, the Pigtailed Girl and Akane Tendo were imprisoned. Heavy steel collars connected to nigh unbreakable chains bound them to the wall. Both were wearing nothing but rags that somehow managed to both look destitute while still emphasizing every point of their figures.

Then light entered the room, a shadow cast over the innocent maidens.

“M-m-master…” The Pigtailed Girl said, tears in her eyes.

“Heh.” Ranma Saotome, Enemy of Women, said. Slung over his shoulder was none other than the fair Shampoo! Her clothing torn enough to leave very little to the imagination. “Guess what girls? You got a new member of the Harem!” He threw her down to the floor in front of them.

The girls trembled, another innocent girl trapped with this horrid fate! “P-please Master Ranma…” Akane whimpered, ever generous. “Can’t you be satisfied with just-” Before she could finish her sentence, she was knocked to the floor by her cruel master’s backhand.

“Satisfied?” Ranma roared, “Satisfied!? I will never be satisfied my little slave. All women of this world belong to me!” He pulled Akane up by the chin, looking straight into her terrified eyes. “They just don’t know it yet.”

“Of course Master Ranma. Forgive me for my impudence.” Akane said.

“Humph. I shall have to punish you later.” Ranma dropped Akane, who let out a cry of fear at the thought of more punishment. “But first I need to break in the newest member of the family…” He turned to Shampoo, who had awakened and was backing away with fear. “Don’t worry, it’ll hurt at first but soon you’ll start to love it…”

“I think not!” Suddenly the room was lit! Standing in the doorway was the hero, the one man who could stand up to Ranma Saotome’s evil!

“Tatewaki Kunnooooooo!!!” Ranma howled, “You dare come here!?”

“I do dare indeed!” He drew his sword, “Your wickedness has gone on long enough, Saotome! Today is the day you fall.”

“Fool!” Ranma howled, “The likes of you, defeating meeeeeee? Impossible impossible!”

“Nothing is impossible Saotome! For I have the light of righteousness at my side!” 

“There is no such thiinnnnnggggggggggg!” Saotome snarled, abandoning all pretense of humanity His eyes glowed red, claws sprouted out, and he charged forward on all fours! Kuno met his charge, the two meeting in one single clash, before landing on opposing sides of each other.

The three girls watched in silence, before they gasped as one. For black blood erupted out of Saotome’s side! 

“What!” He shouted, clutching his wound, “No… this… this CANNOT BEEEEEEEE!!!!!” His final words as he crumbled into dust, before being blown away by the wind.

“And so righteousness prevails once more.” Tatewaki stood up, and with a single slice cut Akane and the Pigtailed girl’s chains.

“Tatewaki!” All three girls tackled him. Yet he still stood. “Thank you so much!” The Pigtailed Girl said, kissing his chest.

“You’ve saved us from that horrible fate!” Akane said, pressing her breasts against his right arm.

Meanwhile, his left was being enveloped with Shampoo’s. “I don’t know what I can do to repay you!” She said.

“We love you Tatewaki!”

Kuno’s eyes snapped open. His meditations complete, he knew what needed to be done. The Kendo Team would have to wait. 

It was time to meet his destiny. As well as at least three really hot girls.

School was finally over. With that done, Ranma and Akane wanted nothing more than to get Shampoo home and lay down some ground rules. Hopefully things that would prevent the... incidents... today. Kind of funny how quickly they accepted the idea that Shampoo would blindly obey them huh? While Ranma and Akane walked side by side, Shampoo walked a few steps behind them, head slightly bowed.

This is important because when a voice shouted out, “There you are!” And immediately began running towards Ranma, this gave Shampoo opportunity to stick her leg out and trip the angry looking man running towards her Master. So he fell flat on his face in front of Akane.

“Oh, hello Ryoga!” Akane said happily.

“H-hello Akane…” Ryoga muttered, pulling his face out of the concrete.

“Who this?” Shampoo asked.

“Oh, this is Ryoga. He’s a friend of ours.” Akane answered.

“Friend!?” Ranma and Ryoga said at once. 

Akane rolled her eyes, “You know how boys are.” To tell the truth, Shampoo didn’t. 

“So what’re you doing here?” Ranma asked, remembering his promise to himself to punch Ryoga extra hard the next time they fought.

Ryoga snarled, “Why haven’t you gotten rid of her yet!” He pointed to Shampoo, “Such an… an expression of perversity! You’re engaged to Akane, and let you allow another woman to live under the same roof as you! Unforgivable… unforgivable!”

Ranma wasn’t really surprised that Ryoga was pissed about Shampoo, then again Ranma was pretty sure he could save a flaming bus filled with orphans and puppies and Ryoga would find a way to use it as a reason to be pissed at him. “First off, before Shampoo there were two women other than Akane I live with.”

Ryoga, not realizing that Ranma was talking about Akane’s sisters, saw red. “You cassanova!”

Ranma stuck out his tongue. “Plus, aren’t you the one who shoved Shampoo onto me Ryoga? This mess is at least halfway yo-” before he could continue this fun argument with Ryoga, he quickly jumped into the air. This way, Ranma expertly avoided the bokken that was suddenly slamming down where he had once been standing. Sure enough, Kuno had entered the scene.

“Saotome!” He snarled.

“Hey Kuno.” Ranma said. Now, he could have jumped to avoid the attack in any direction he wanted. But because Ranma is kind of a asshole, he jumped in the direction that lead him to land on top of Ryoga’s head, this driving the bandanna clad boy into the concrete again. “What’s up?”

“Ranma Saotome!” Kuno shouted, bokken pointed dramatically. “Do not think you can get away this time… first Akane Tendo… then the Pigtailed Girl.. now you enslave this innocent maiden as well!” He pointed to Shampoo. “I know full well what you have done!?”

“E-enslave?” Akane stammered out “Kuno what makes you think…” She trailed off upon remembering that he shared a classroom with Nabiki. Oh yes she was going to have words with her sister.

“See! Even Akane Tendo, fair and honest maiden she is, accepts your crimes as truth! Now, fall to the might of Tatewaki Kuno!” He swung his bokken down.

Ranma, of course, jumped out of the way. Free of the weight, Ryoga stood back up. “Ranma!” he shouted in rage. However, nothing came of that rage. For he was hit with the bokken blow meant for Ranma, and so Ryoga was driven into the concrete for the third time that day.

“You can not evade me forever!” Kuno shouted, throwing out dozens of thrusts at Ranma. He dodged each blow with a state beyond ease. Sure, Kuno was fun to piss off, but he had gotten really boring to fight.

Kuno used to be the best fighter in the area, with Akane a close second. When Ranma showed up he became the top dog in the pecking order. Then all the training Akane went though with some of the recent crazy matches she’d gotten involved with had driven her up to new levels, improving her strength, agility, and form quite a bit. And then Shampoo shows up. Now Kuno was, what, a distant fourth? Fifth if you count Ryoga? While everyone else in town was improving and training, Kuno’s improvement was somewhere between the realms of Jack and Shit.

“Come on Kuno.” Ranma taunted, “Akane gives me better workouts then this.” Now, Ranma was obviously talking about martial arts practice. Did Kuno take it that way? Of course not.

“You lecherous swine!” Kuno screamed, somehow getting faster from the pure power of his rage.

“The hell?” Ranma said, picking up speed.

“I will not allow one more second of this! I will strike you down!” Kuno shouted, raising his bokken high to bring it down. This time though, Ranma did not dodge. Instead he clapped his hands together, catching the wooden blade in them. He then bent his knees back, and with Kuno still holding onto the bokken because he’s an idiot, performed a perfect suplex, slamming Kuno into the ground. Now, one might ask why he had done this? Because if he hadn’t the giant sword Shampoo was holding would have cut him in half.

Ranma actually stepped back in fear, gone was the cute girl who seeme so devoted to them. Instead the dangerous hunter who had driven him from China was back.

Most of the impact had hit Kuno’s head, so he was largely unharmed. He stood up and immediately noticed the raw killing intent Shampoo was radiating. Being Tatewaki Kuno, he of course got the wrong idea. “Ah, I see Miss Shampoo. You wish to spar with me?” Completely forgetting Ranma was there once a hot chick came into view. “Very well, if you win I shall allow you to date with me.”

Ranma’s jaw dropped. “Did… I hit him too hard?” Nobody could be that stupid.

With a battle cry Shampoo swung her blade down at this impudent fool who dared attack her Master! Kuno managed to barely block it with his bokken. “Your strength and skill with a blade is impressive young lady.” Kuno said with a grunt of effort. Proving that, thanks to the fact that he usually ignored the head on his shoulders in favor of the lower one, there was someone that stupid. “But I did not become a Kendo champion for naught! I strike!” he swung his bokken, much slower than he had been when fighting Ranma because of course he was holding back against her because she was a girl. Even Ranma knew better than to hold back against Shampoo if she was trying to kill him.

Shampoo didn’t care about that, all she cared about was ending this nuisance, so she parried his pitiful attacks and swung harder. Knocking Kuno back when he was forced to block again. The differences between their training was obvious. Kuno had learned how to use the sword in order to play a sport so he could impress girls. Shampoo, on the other hand, had learned how to use the sword in order to kill people.

“Shampoo stop!” Akane shouted, but Shampoo was either far too gone in her battle lust to hear, or in this situation she would only listen to Ranma. 

Ranma, on the other hand, was ready for action. Ryoga was still eating dirt, so that left Akane. He turned to her, serious. “I’ll stop Shampoo, you stop Kuno.”

Akane’s eyes widened, before her expression mirrored his. “Right.”

Within the next instant, Ranma jumped behind Shampoo. She detected his action, but he was too fast for her to do anything about it. He looped his arms under hers and pulled her against him. “Stop this now!” He shouted into her ear

“M-Master…?” Shampoo said, dropping her sword in shock.

At the same time, Akane grabbed Kuno by the collar of his hakama. Now, unlike Ranma she was not going to attempt to avoid injury. In fact, one might say she relished in the thought of injuring Kuno. So she pulled him down, kneed him in the face, and finally embedded him head first into the wall separating the sidewalk from the nearby canal.

Shampoo saw the serious anger in her master’s eyes. What had she done to displease him? Was he going to punish her? Release her to her death, torture? Tears began to form in her eyes.

Because the universe is unfair and perverse, this was the exact moment Ryoga pulled himself up. And the first thing he saw was Ranma restraining a girl with tears in her eyes. “How dare you treat a girl like that Ranma!” Ryoga growled, “You’ll pay for that!”

Ranma let Shampoo go once he heard the whimper in her voice. He was ready to turn her around. Then Ryoga shouted, and began to charge at him. Shampoo stepped forward, a low growl in her voice. “Stupid man no attack Master!”

Ryoga, completely caught off guard by the girl he had been trying to defend suddenly attacking him, allowed the uppercut to hit him in the face. This sent Ryoga flying over the wall, landing in the canal.

That’s when Ranma grabbed Shampoo by the shoulders and spun her around, “What are you doing!?”

And bam! Back came the tears, both Ranma and Akane insanely felt the urge to hug the crying girl and tell her everything would be OK. But they resisted due to both being in public, and because they really wanted to know.

“S-Shampoo just… just want to do job, protect Master.” She admitted tearfully.

“H-hey now… look, I don’t need any protecting, OK?” Ranma said.

Akane nodded quickly, “Yeah, you don’t need to worry about Ranma.”

“These guys?” Ranma gestured towards Kuno, still in the wall, “Couldn’t beat me on my worst day, on their best day!”.

Before anything more could be said, the sad oinking of a little black pig climbing out of the canal caught their attention. “P-chan!” Akane ran over and grabbed the pig, “Poor baby…”

“Shampoo, meet P-chan.” Ranma said dryly, “He’s lower on the pecking order then you, so feel free to boss him around and smack him if he disobeys.”

“Yes Master! Though Shampoo met P-chan yesterday.”

P-chan glared at Ranma and Akane slapped him in the back of the head. “Very funny Ranma.” Akane turned back to Shampoo, “Shampoo, look, you don’t have to attack people unless they attack you first. And even then, they might not be trying to kill you. It might just be a regular challenge, you know?”

“Wait, Shampoo, what happens if another guy beats you?” Ranma asked, suddenly worried about the things that might happen if a guy as perverted as Kuno but with some actually skill suddenly attacked her.

Shampoo shook her head, “Only if man beat both Shampoo and Master can Shampoo belong to another.”

Akane let out a sigh of relief about that. “What about if a girl beats you?”

“Shampoo no longer Amazon. No can give Kiss of Death.” Well that was no small weight off their minds.

“OK! I think we can go home now.” Ranma said, “You got the ground rules set?”

“Yes Master!”

“Good, cause if you break em I’ll have to punish you.” Ranma said. He was, of course, just trying to instill into Shampoo how important this was. However, the word “punish” brought to mind… things.

Akane’s eyes widened and face reddened, “W-what… You’ll spank her or something?”

“Spank? The hell…?” Ranma asked, before the same mental image that came to Akane plagued him.

”You’ve been a bad girl Shampoo.” Akane, wearing a very short shirt and tube top, said in a sultry voice. “And bad girls need to be punished.”

Shampoo was laying on the bed, in nothing but a bra and panties, trembling. “M-Master…”

“Now Shampoo.” Ranma said, marching over to her, “You brought this on yourself!” With a single swift motion, he grabbed Shampoo and threw her over her lap. With a tug he pulled down her panties, exposing that perfect, soft, and smooth ass to the world.

Akane cupped Shampoo’s chin in her left hand, wiping the tears from their slave’s face with her right, “Remember Shampoo, this if for your own good.”

Ranma brought his hand down, creating a loud and satisfying smack.

“H-hey Shampoo! You still have trouble with reading Japanese?” Ranma asked quickly.

Shampoo nodded, “Took notes in Chinese, but couldn’t read textbook.”

“We’ll help you with that! The three of us!” Akane said just as quickly. Both of them unwittingly thinking the same thing. Got to get my mind off that!

“Three of us?” Ranma asked.

“P-chan will help too of course.” Akane said seriously. 

Ranma just shrugged, “Well every group needs a mascot I guess.” P-chan oinked in complaint about being reduced to a mascot, but all ignored him. The three began to head home.

Chapter Text

Consider the plight of Ryoga Hibiki and you, too, might wind up lost. Cursed into the form of a helpless little pig, while the boy he hated more than anyone else in the world complained about becoming a cute girl. That same boy was arranged into an engagement that he also complained about, when the girl was the divine, angelic, adorable and gorgeous Akane Tendo - who treated his pig form as a pet and left him in constant fear that she might discover the truth at any moment.

And now, just when he thought he could not get any lower, someone had decided to throw him a shovel. The little pig was simmering with rage. Ranma! How dare you take this cute girl and force her to be your slave!

"Master, how Shampoo pronounce this word?" the poor, pretty foreign girl asked, thrusting a book into Ranma's face while leaning into him so that his arm was rubbing in between her breasts, separated from them by nothing more than the material making up her dress. How dare he! Right in front of Akane!

"B-Blows," Ranma nervously answered, like the fiend he was. Masking his beastlike lust behind a guise of nervousness, but he didn't fool Ryoga. Not one bit of it! Not when his eyes revealed the truth so nakedly, so transparently! He had half a mind to rush off to find some hot water, but he dare not leave these two maidens alone with such a devil.

"The hot wind blows through the - Mistress, how Shampoo pronounce this word?"

"V-Valley," Akane nervously replied, like the helpful angel she was. What must the poor girl be thinking at a time like this? Ranma must have deceived her with his silver tongue, tricked her into accepting this new situation. It was clear, she was looking at Shampoo with a mixture of pity and... Something else Ryoga couldn't quite work out but he was certain it was pure and noble and not at all because Akane was fighting down the urge to order Shampoo to bend over the table and stay there until instructed otherwise.

"The hot wind blows through the valley," Shampoo said in passable Japanese, although her Chinese accent was still extremely thick. "Shampoo get that right?"

"Try saying, 'Did I get that right?'" Akane suggested.

"Did... I get that right?" Shampoo slowly said, feeling her way around the words. At Akane and Ranma's nodding encouragement, she said it again a little more certainly. "Did I get that right?"

"By George, I think she's got it!" Akane exclaimed, clapping.

"Huh? Who's George?" Ranma asked. The little piglet rolled its eyes. Of course, Ranma was the sort of guy who wouldn't get that obvious Western reference. Not that Shampoo seemed any more enlightened, but she was having enough trouble with Japanese culture so Ryoga could give her a pass. Not Ranma though. Never Ranma.

"Uh, forget about it. The point is, we're on track to teaching Shampoo how to read Japanese!"

"Yes," Shampoo nodded. "Lady Akane and Master Ranma have been so, so helpful to I. I language has improved too too much!"

For a moment there was silence as Shampoo smiled peacefully. Then Akane coughed. "Then again, we may need to have a few more lessons before she properly grasps it..."

"Yeah," Ranma grunted. "A few more lessons. In your room. With all three of us sitting shoulder to shoulder so that I can practically feel every curve of her body. Her warm skin up against mine. Both your faces in profile. Her thigh up against mine. So close I can feel every breath."

Ooh, that was it! Ryoga couldn't take any more of this! His first inclination was to bite the blasted pervert on the ankle, but that didn't seem quite as fulfilling as he would enjoy. Actually he was a little bit surprised that Akane's response to such a blatantly perverted statement was to stare at the wall in front of her with an unblinking gaze and a somewhat strange smile tugging at her lips, but that didn't matter right now! The only thing that did was that he could plainly see a direct, simple way to exact his revenge on Ranma.

Like the best plans, it was simple. Jump onto the desk while Ranma was distracted by the closeness of his new slave's body, bump a certain glass of water and then -

"Gah! Damned pig!" yelled a certain pigtailed girl, who had magically replaced the pigtailed boy. P-Chan chuckled as dawning realisation set in over that cute face. That's right, Ranma. Shampoo had promised to kill your girl form, and now she'd seen you transform right before her very eyes! No escape. No more being called Master by a pretty foreign girl right in front of Akane!

Shampoo rose slowly from her chair while girl form Ranma stumbled backwards away from her.

"I - I can explain!" Ranma protested. She tried rising to her feet, so this time Ryoga did bite her ankles. "Damn stupid pig!"

"P-chan, stop that!" Akane protested. "Wait, Shampoo! Let's not be drastic, we should talk this -"

But there was to be no talking. Shampoo simply grabbed Ranma by the collar, pushed her back against the ground, straddled her waist... And then tongue kissed her so deeply it was a wonder neither of them passed by Ryoga's sudden mood. Ever see a pig's jaw drop? No? Then how about seeing a pig get a pervy nosebleed?

Ranma's shock had given way to something else. Her hand reached behind Shampoo's back, carefully stroking the small of her spine, then tracing up and down her body, delighting in her curves while Shampoo's own hands were on either side of Ranma's head. Keeping it still and steady as though determined to suck the breath from his lungs.

"Buh..." Akane gasped. "Buh?" she asked. "Buh buh buh, buh? Buh!" she whined jealously.

There was a loud plop when Shampoo finally got off Ranma's face. When it happened Ryoga thought the sound had been his heart bursting; fallen onto his side, he went completely unnoticed by anyone else in the room.

"There," Shampoo said. "I remove kiss of death from Master Ranma. Not realise was pigtailed girl, or submit to slavery sooner. Sorry if cause misunderstanding."

"That's okay!" Ranma squeaked, staring intensely at the ceiling. "Ahem! I thought it might be something like that! Shall we get back to studying now, please?"

"Buh!" Akane nodded with great enthusiasm and a lick of her lips. Not that Ryoga saw or heard this, he was too busy wallowing in self pity, jealousy and hatred to pay especially close attention.

Chapter Text

Shampoo was of two minds about the whole “Master can shapeshift into a girl” thing. It was, after all, a bit of a shock to learn that she had been trying to kill him. She actually felt a little guilty, to her surprise. Shampoo supposed there was the whole silver lining that the village would just think she died somewhere out trying to fulfil the Kiss of Death. Though, in hindsight, Shampoo could see that, at her current skill level, she probably could have never succeeded. Perhaps if she had trained another few years… and Ranma had slowed down in his own improvement… she might have stood a chance.

On the other hand, part of her felt a bit… hurt, for some reason. He had taken her in even after clearly not wanting to. He could have let her regain her honor without inconveniencing himself and his fiancee. But instead he was teaching her to read Japanese! In her eyes, Ranma had become the perfect idealized Master, generous and perfect. Honorable in his victory and respectful of her former pride. The fact that his fiancee was an, admittedly not as skilled as him, fellow Warrior showed he did not hold a lot of the more negative outsider men’s views about women. (Shampoo had yet to learn the engagement was arranged). But he had been hiding this big secret from her!

Still, it was her duty to serve him, so she had given her the Kiss of Life (For when a Kiss of Death is given in error). Luckily her Master seems to have accepted it.

Still… it had been five minutes and thus far her Master and Lady Akane had just been sitting there, staring straight ahead, or up in Ranma’s case. Akane occasionally said “Buh!”

Closing her textbook, Shampoo sighed and approached them. “Master, Lady Akane?”

“Buh?” Akane said intelligently.

Her hands blurring, she slapped them both in the face a couple dozen times.

“Oh… uh… hey Shampoo.” Ranma said upon being sent back to reality, sitting up. “Err… so you’re not mad?”

“It Shampoo’s fault.” Shampoos said with a shrug. “Why Master hide it?”

Akane frowned, “We were, uh, worried about how you’d react.”

An awkward silence followed, the most awkward silence Shampoo could remember since that one time Pink and Link showed up at Joketsuzoku with a bunch of plants that tried to molest the men.

Ranma stood up, “Well I’m going to go take a bath now.” She began edging out of the room.

Shampoo brightened up, “Want Shampoo to come-”

“No!” Ranma shouted quickly, “No, uh... hot water makes me a guy again.”

Shampoo tilted her head to the side, “Ah.” So water was the change. “So?” She asked, tilting her head to the side. “If Master need back washed Shampoo there to.”

“Oh god no.” Ranma muttered, “That’s not going to happen. I’m a guy and you’re a girl! You can’t just jump in the bath with me. Stay here with Akane!” The door to her room was slammed shut, leaving behind the two girls.”

Ranma’s plans were, of course, to take a bath. But, as is often the case, his plans were derailed by well meaning yet less than intelligent father figures.

In this case, his potential father in law.

“Son.” Soun said, in contrast to her current sex, grabbing Ranma’s shoulders. “We need to talk.”

“Errr… about what?” Ranma asked.

“That girl!”

“Shampoo?” Ranma blinked, “Uh, what’s the problem Mr. Tendo?”

Soun’s eye twitched. “The problem is that she is going to ruin your marriage!”

“What marriage?” Ranma asked dryly. This was going to be one of those days wasn’t it. “Look, I don’t see the issue. Eventually Shampoo will… uh… give up on this thing. And Akane’s OK with it, so what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal son, is that there’s only one woman who should be devoted to you, your wife!” Soun said. “I understand you’re young, and the hormones are there. And this pretty girl shows up and is nice to you, but that doesn’t mean that…”

Ranma didn’t exactly hear the rest of Soun’s lecture. Because the moment Soun brought up a “wife” being devoted to him, an image slipped into his head.

”Welcome home darling~” Akane’s voice, coy said as he slipped into the house. She was, in theory wearing the sort of dress you’d see any housewife wear. Except that such modest dresses were usually longer, and didn’t show as much cleavage. “So, would you like a meal? A bath?”

She leaned in close, showing off her breasts in a way that made Ranma ever regret saying that his girl body was in any way better built.

“Or… perhaps… me?”

“Ranma! Are you listening!” Soun slapped the back of Ranma’s head, knocking the image out of her head.

“Ow! Damn it Mr. Tendo! What do you expect me to do!” Ranma snapped.

“Get rid of her!”

“In case you didn’t notice, that won’t work.” Ranma said.

Soun grinned, “Why that’s why I have a plan Son. You see, all you have to do is send her off on some impossible task and have her not come back until she succeeds. Something like finding a dragon’s egg, a phoenix feather, something like that.”

Ranma shook her head, “Look… Mr. Tendo. There isn’t any problem right now. Hell, it’s not like Akane has any trouble with it either. She likes Shampoo! The two of them are hanging out right now.”

Yes, hanging out. Who knows what things Shampoo is doing with Akane. Who Ranma sometimes wondered about after one too many weird glances at her current body. Shampoo, who would do anything Akane said. The two girls were in there, alone… with Ryoga.

“Oh that pig!” Ranma snarled, turning back and running to Akane’s room.

“Wait! Son! Are you going to follow my idea?” Soun shouted.

A bit before that conversation, Shampoo made an observation.

Akane seemed unusually tense and nervous around her. She supposed it could be from the whole “Kiss of Death” thing, plus probably a bit of old fashioned feminine fear. She had heard horror stories of jealous wives taking their frustrations out on enslaved Amazons. Some to the point where,if they survived, were allowed back into the community.

Not that Shampoo expected anything like that.

Still, it might be best to help Akane relax, and Shampoo thought of a great way to do it. “Lady Akane?”

“Huh?” Akane asked, looking up from her homework.

“Want help from Shampoo?” She asked.

“Uh.. sure.” She said, “What’re you helping me with…?”

“Help Lady Akane relax.” Shampoo answered.

“Oh, that’s great.” Akane said, “What do you need first?”

“First Lady Akane take off clothes.” Shampoo said.

A pause.

A longer pause.

“Uh excuse me what?” The stone statue known as Akane finally said,

“Shampoo’s mother doctor. Teach Shampoo many shiatsu and healing techniques. Shampoo give Lady Akane massage.”

“Oh. Oh that’s all.” Akane let out a sigh of relief. “Well, that does sound nice.”

Shampoo smiled, “It is. Shampoo very popular after training for massages.”

“OK then… I’ll, uh, get ready.” Akane said, standing up.

Ryoga managed to recover from the sight of Shampoo kissing Ranma. He then saw Akane unbuttoning her blouse and promptly died again.

Off the blouse went, exposing a pale yellow bra that cupped her breasts. Next, came her skirt. It dropped over her thighs, revealing the entirety of her toned legs. Akane stood there a moment, blushing slightly, in nothing but underwear and socks. “Now what?”

“Lie down please.” Shampoo asked, “On front.”

Akane did so, stretching out on her bed. Shampoo leaned over the slightly shorter girl, undoing the back of her bra. Before Akane could ask, Shampoo explained. “Parts of back covered by bra, Shampoo need to reach.”

“R-right.” Akane muttered. This was normal. Sure, she was almost naked but that was fine. Shampoo was just giving her a massage. Then Shampoo’s hands touched her. They were much cooler compared to her own skin, softly kneading kinks in her back that she hadn’t even realized existed. She let out a groan, “That’s… that’s great.” She got out.

Shampoo smiled and continued, pushing several pressure points on her back, which made her relax further, allowing for Shampoo to dig her fingers into those knots, built up from so much athletic work.

“Lady Akane need massages more often. Much work here.” Shampoo commented.

“I… ahh… maybe we can have more later…” Akane moaned out, Shampoo’s hands began drifting lower. Every part of Akane’s body needed to be loosened and treated. “Oh god!” She almost shouted when those cool hands began massaging her thighs.

That cry got Ryoga’s heart beating again, he glanced up at Akane, wide eyed. He knew he should look away, but he found he couldn’t. Why was this girl groping at Akane? And why was she making those noises and asking the chinese girl to continue. Of course! She must be performing some nefarious Chinese Technique to subvert her to her Master’s Will! I’ll save you Akane! He jumped, ready for action!

At the same time Akane was enjoying Shampoo’s attention. All jealousy over that kiss faded under Shampoo’s expert ministrations. She found herself rubbing up against her bed because it felt so good. She glanced up at her, face flushed and sweat building up. And Akane didn’t know whether to stay as she was or tell Shampoo to kiss her or flip over and have her massage her- Wait is that P-chan? Akane noticed her pig leaping up at Shampoo.

Then her door burst open and Ranma barged in. “Perverted pig!” She grabbed P-chan by the bandanna.

“Ranma!” Akane snapped, how dare he interrupt Shampoo! Just when it was getting good!

“Ah, hello Master.” Shampoo said casually.

“Damn it!” Akane stood up, hands on her hips she glared at her now wide eyed fiance. “Can’t you knock!?”

“A-A-A-Akane…” Ranma stared, unable to look away. Her bra left lying on the bed. Ranma got a good, long look at her in nothing but panties. Her body lightly flushed. The pink nipples on her perky breasts were erect. To top it off, Ranma could see the faintest bit of dampness on her yellow panties. It was too much, a trickle of blood came out her nose, and both Ranma and P-chan fell flat to the ground, passing out.

Akane stared in confusion at Ranma passing out through no action on her part. That’s when she noticed her lack of clothes. “Ahggghhhh!” She screamed, blushing heavily and grabbing a pillow to cover her chest. “Sh-Shampoo! Get him out of here!”

Shampoo shrugged, “OK.” She effortlessly picked up the girl and pig, slinging Ranma over her shoulder and picking up P-chan.

Of course Nabiki decided to check in on her sister at this point, “Hey Akane what’s-” She stopped and stared at the sight. “Er, never mind Sis, I see you’re busy.”

“Oh god why.” Akane muttered.