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A young woman was running down the street late at night. She was in a hurry but it seemed that she was also hurt there was blood dripping from her and she was in pain but she endure it as she held the little bundle of sunshine in her arms. 

"It's going to okay." She told the little one smiling like there was nothing wrong. She kept running and running when she came upon a a beautiful white church. She stood there for a moment looking up at the church. 

She looked at the baby in her arms. The little one was smiling at her. That smile made all the bad things that was happening to her go away, tears spill down her face. She wanted to be with her baby a little more but she knew that she couldn't do that. She almost fell to the floor ground with her baby in her arms but she manage to balance herself so she wouldn't fall hard for her baby. 

"Are you okay!" A man appeared with a concern look on his face when he saw the woman with blood and in pain. 

The man tried to help the woman up and helped her sit down on. The man then noticed the tiny little thing in her arms. 

"Please take care of him for me." She said, her voice cracking slowly. 

"What do you mean by that?" 

"I won't be able to take care of him. I promised I would live for him but it doesn't look like I'm able to fulfill that promise." She had tears roll down her cheeks, she was sadden that she wasn't going to be there for her baby. 

"You can't die!" The man yelled. "You’re the only one left for him." 

"I am but I can't take care of him so please take care of him." She begged with tears in her eyes and the man couldn't say no to the woman. 

"What's his name?" He asked. 

"His name is … " 



"Eijun are you ready yet?" I was in my room when my uncle came into my room. He saw that I was packing the last bit of my things since today I would be going to Italy. 

"I'm almost done." I smiled. I was excited about going to Italy since it's a place I never been before and I heard so much good things about it as well as that is the place where I'm having my painting course. 

My uncle has been staying care of me since I was little, he's the only family member that I have left. I heard that my mother passed away when I was little saying it was a car accident but I could tell my uncle was lying probably didn't want to tell me the actually truth. I'm mad he won't tell me but one day I will confront him about it, probably when I get back to Japan. 

"I'll get the car ready." He said and walked out the room. I could hear his footsteps as he walked down the stairs, the way he walked was very comfortable for me, it made me feel good whenever I knew he was nearby but now he wouldn't be with me. I knew that was something that would happen someday to think it came so soon. I'm a twenty-year-old-man now so I have to do things on my own. 

I grabbed my side bag and put it around me and then grabbed my suitcase. I looked at my room one last time, there wasn't much in my room beside a bed and side tables since I didn't need much stuff. I went downstairs where my uncle was waiting for me. 

He put the suitcase in the back trunk of the car and I got in the front seat with him.  

"I'm going to miss you." My uncle was already tearing up, he was such a crybaby. He was like this when I started my first day school when I was a middle schooler and high schooler. It never gets old. 

"I'll miss you too. I promise I will call." I said smiling. 

I would have never thought I would be going to Italy for my studies. I studied really hard for this, I even taught myself how to speak Italian a little bit but still I'm not fluent. 

"Call me if anything happens!?" My uncle yelled as I walked away. 

"You worry too much." I said and waved at him as I walked away. 

I found my seat and sat down. I took out my headphones and put it on and listened to some music as well as reading some book at the same thing as I got ready for the plane to lift up. 

As I was relaxing I overheard some of the people on the seat three seats away from me talking. I can hear people even from miles of way, don't know why. 

"I heard there is a war going in Italy among the mafias." 

"Mafia?" I questioned it. I didn't know Italy had those. Maybe the people were just joking around. 

The announcement told all passengers to put their seatbelt on so I did as they said and the plane started to slowly move, it was a strange feeling since this was my first time on a plane. People said first time is scary but for me I felt really excited about it. I looked out the window as the plane finally lifted off from the ground and into the sky. 

"Is this your first time on the plane?" I turned around to the person who was sitting beside me. He seemed curious about me. 

"Yes. It is so I can't help but be excited." I said with a smile plaster on my face. 

"Your pretty odd most people on their first try are too afraid to even look out the window." He said. 

"I heard that but I guess I'm different." 

"Your pretty funny." He said. "By the way I'm Nagao Akira and your seatmate I suppose." He smiled. 

"I'm Igarashi Eijun." At first I was going to give my real last name but I thought it's better to give the one my uncle gave me since I had been using it for a long time now. 

"Igrarashi-kun." He smiled. 

The plane ride was pretty long but it wasn't boring at all since Nagao was there and I was able to talk to him about all kind of things. I told him about why I was going to Italy and all the places I wanted to see in Italy. He listened to me and also told me he had a huge job to do in Italy. He didn't tell me the details of the job but said it was important and it affected Italy which I didn't understand at all. 

"You do business trip from Japan to Italy." I said amazed by Nagao-san. 

"Yep." He smiled. "My job is hard when I have to travel lots." He's words soundly harash but he was smiling like it was nothing at all. 

I was enjoying talking with Nagao-san when I heard something, that only I could hear with the abilities that I had. 

"Stop it!" 

"Your making a big mistake. Put the gun down!" 

"Nagao-san." I spoke the older man's name. 

"What is it?" He asked. I didn't know how to explain what I heard. 

"Will you believe me with what I'm about to tell you?" I asked. 

"Sure." He smiled, not really understanding what was going on. 

"There's somebody here with a gun and threatening to kill somebody." I explained, but Nagao-san didn't look shock at all, he looked like his normal self. 

"Where are they?" He asked, wait did he just believe what I just said. 

"It sounded like it was coming near the restroom." I said. 

Nagao stood from his seat and I decided to follow him as well and there were two man hidden from everybody else and like I said one guy had a gun. 

"I'll be wise and put the gun down." Nagao said with a smile plaster on his face. He stood there smiling like everything was okay while I was panicking with fear. 

"Don't worry." Nagao assured me when he turned to me. 

"Who the hell are you!" The man with the gun pointed at Nagao-san and I was fearing for the worst. 

"Having a gun isn't good especially if your heading to Italy when you are not authorized to have one."   

"So you can't have guns in Italy well it's not like I will ever carry one." 

The other man looked like he was scared with the man with the gun. 

"Help me please. I don't want to die!" He begged for Nagao-san to save him. 


"Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you or anybody else."  

"Are you ignoring me!" The guy looked like he was about to press the lifter on the gun but Nagao-san kicked the gun out of his hand and then pushed the guy toward the door and twisted his arms in which the guy yelled in pain. 

"Is everything all right?" A attendance came with worried look. 

"I suggest you to call the police to the next stop." Nagao smiled. 

"Yes!" She hurried and called just like Nagao-san said. 

"Are you okay?" He asked me but I didn't really get hurt or anything or rather nothing really happened to me, I just stood there as I watched. Nagao-san was really cool. 

"Let's go back to out seat shall we." Nagao said after he tied the man up. 

And in the next stop the policeman came and arrested the guy with the gun. One police man noticed Nagao-san and came up to us. 

"I should of known that one of you guys would be involve in all this." The police man seemed familiar with Nagao-san. 

"Itsuki-kun, it's nice to see you too." He smiled. 

The man called Itsuki then noticed me. 

"Who's this? Your seatmate." 

"Yea. His name is Igarashi Eijun and we became friends, right." He turned as he explained. 


"I advice your to avoid this guy at all cost but you don't even understand what I'm talking about." He sighed. 

"Yea I don't understand at all." 

The long ride was finally over and we had arrived at Italy. Nagao-san and I had to go out separate ways but we exchanged numbers to stay in contact. I was happy to meet somebody so kind and gentle as Nagao-san and hope to see him again soon. 

We said our goodbye but before Nagao left he gave me a golden button with a lion print on it. It was so shiny and beautiful something I never seen before and my eyes got glued onto it. 

"What is this?" I asked, when I rolled the button onto the palm of my hand. 

"It's something to keep you safe." He said, he kissed on my forehead as he departed from me. I was at shocked from the kiss but then I thought maybe it was normal here. 



I had found the apartment that my uncle had rented out for me. I was happy for him to do everything for me, helping me apply for the school here as well as my living environment. The apartment was just perfect for me, it had two bedroom but I would only be using one, guessing my uncle couldn't find one with one room but that's okay. The kitchen was big and nice and the living room was right beside it. There was one bathroom with a tub and sink. 

Now I just had to wait for my other things to arrived that I ordered from the nearby stores here. I thought it would be easily to buy things here rather then back home and send it from Japan. I decided unpack my things I had here and get my place ready by cleaning up and unpacking. 

"I should probably go find a job even though uncle said not to get one and concern on my studies." 

I stopped what I was doing half-way and decided to take a walk around town. I was amazed when I stepped out with so many people and the smell. I felt like heaven not like I died yet. 

I went to a burger shop since I love burgers and it was amazing. People thought I was strange how much I enjoyed eating with a smile on my face and to start it off I was alone as well. 

After I was done eating my burger I saw a another store and they sold muffin and while my mind said no my mouth said yes so I ended up buying an blueberry muffin.  

I walked around when I found a shop that sells fresh oranges. I decided to buy some since I like oranges. I then walked around the park that was nearby with the oranges in my hand that was in a brown paper bag but I didn't see a rock and tripped on it and all the oranges went flying from my arm. I then notice a pair of legs, I looked up and saw a man that looked like a bum with a hat and black sunglasses and he had beard and he dressed in a brown jacket. The bum took a orange and started to peel it and eat it himself. 

"Hey! That's mine!" I hurried got up and yelled. 

"It maybe yours but it came to me so it's mine now." 

"What? That isn't right." 

"It is!" He smirked at me. 

I didn't know why but I sat next to the bum and started sharing my oranges with. I had nobody else to share it with so it's better with this guy or nobody at all. 

"You were just against me eating these." He said. 

"I know but I have a change of heart. I'm not that heartless for a bum like you." 

"Is that so?" He chuckled. 

"By the way do you know where University luav di Venezia is?" 

"So that was your goal all along?" The bum pointed his finger across from where they were and when I looked I saw a huge building just across from the bridge. 

"It was right in front of me this whole time." I giggle at this news, I know people said I was dumb and careless but to think I was stupid not to see it was right there. 

"Thanks Mr. Bum." I smiled as I got up ready to leave. 

"It's Uta." He said. "Don't call me Mr. Bum again." 

"Alright." I smiled.

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The bum had returned from his walk in the park like he always did. He took off the old hat and put it on the coat rack as well as taking off his black sunglasses. The door to his room opened but he didn't bother to look who had come in. 

"Miyuki where the hell have you been?!" His angry friend yelled at him but Miyuki didn't care one bit. He let out a sigh. "You keep on wandering around looking like a homeless and don't even tell any of us where your going?!" 

"You know I like to take a walk and have some freedom without you guys once in a while." Miyuki said, he started to take off his jacket as well. "I should take a shower." He mumbled. 

"What's that?" His friend asked the brown bag that Miyuki had. 

"Oh this … a clumsy boy fell near me and suddenly we started having the oranges. He gave me half of the oranges." 

"Seriously do you really have to go out looking like that. I mean your our boss for god's sake." 

"You worry too much Kuramochi." 

Miyuki headed toward the washroom and shut the door behind him leaving Kuramochi waiting. Miyuki stared at his own reflection on the huge mirror in the bathroom. He had pretty long hair that was tied at the side and he could see the beard he had was getting to the point where he had to cut it soon but right now he didn't feel like it. 

He took off his clothes and stepped into the tub and turned on the hot running water. He closed his eyes as he felt the hot water fall on him. It felt nice. It was always good to have a bath after going out for a walk. 

When he came out drying his hair with a towel he saw that Kuramochi was gone. It looked like his friend didn't want to stay to wait until he was done with his shower. He then saw a note that Kuramochi left for him. 

"He can be so old fashioned sometimes. He could have just sent me a text." Miyuki looked at the note. 



There's going to be a meeting soon so you better be ready when that time comes. 

Youichi Kuramochi 


Miyuki put the note down then grabbed an orange and started to peel it. Suddenly he thought about the boy who offered him these. It's kind of strange for that boy to even offer an bum oranges, if it was real bum they might actually hurt him. Miyuki hopes that boy doesn't approach any homeless person that he encounters. 



I had decided to go buy some things I needed. My stuff had arrived but I still needed some things. I didn't need much but I thought it would be good to have some things to lighten up the room. Before I left my uncle did say something about having more stuff, if I ever made friends that wanted to come over. Now that I think about it I never had any friends come over. It's not that I didn't want them to come over it's just I was always helping my uncle around so it thought it wasn't right and I didn't burden on him. 

"I never seen you around here before." A man selling potatoes said. 

"I just arrived yesterday." 

"Why would you want to come to this city?" The man didn't look happy. "There is nothing but bad going on around here." 

"What do you mean?" I asked, a bit curious. 

"The mafia are always making trouble for our citizens with their fighting." He sighed. 

I heard about the mafia before as well. The people on the plane were talking about it. I didn't it was real even my uncle used to talk about but I had thought he was joking, is that why he was worried about me going to Italy. 

"I'm just here for school." 

"Anyway youngest I advise you to be careful when your walking around even on days like today." He said. 

I looked up at the blue sky with the bright yellow sun. It was a nice day but the man said even as such a day like today something horrible could happen. I didn't want to be involved in any troubles with my school. 

After I had finished my shopping I decided it was time for me to go home. I was walking and walking but stopped when I saw a sign on one of the restaurants that I had almost passed. I was good to catch it with my eyes before I walked passed it. 

The sign right now said Now Hiring. I looked up at the name of the restaurant. 

"Nero Japanese restaurant." I spoke the name out loud. It was strange for a Japanese restaurant to be in Italy but I thought it wasn't so bad since a lot of other countries nowadays have other kind of restaurants. 

I walked in the restaurant the bell rang as I stepped in. 

"Welcome." A tall man greeted me with a smile. God that smile was really dashing. I looked around and saw all the guys here were pretty much good-looking. 

"I saw the sign." I said. "You guys are hiring right." 

"Oh are you interested in working here?" He asked. 

"Yes!" I nodded. 

"Your Japanese, right?" He asked. 

"I am." 

"Good because everybody that works here are Japanese as well. How about I set up a interview for you tomorrow." 

"That's fine with me since my school doesn't start until next week." I explained. 

"You’re a student." 


"I'm Oda Aoi and the manager of this restaurant." The manager introduced himself with that handsome smile of his. 

"I'm Igarashi Eijun." I smiled back, but I felt like my smile went fake since the way the man looked at me was nerve wracking. 

The left the restaurant with the time given to me by the manager that I had my interview. 

"Aoi-san I know that you didn't even need to give the boy the interview since your going hire him anyway." 

"But I want to be like a real manager." 

"Don't it's not in your character." 

"Katsu-kun, your really mean to your boss." 

"Oh shut up!" Katsu sighed. 


I was happy that I was getting an interview. I had to do my best and prepare everything. Everything was going as planned. My university and now a job, hopefully I will get it. I smiled up at the bright yellow sun, to me it looked like the sun had smiled back at me. 

"Your really a strange one, huh." I turned around and saw the same bum from last time. 

"Uta-san, was it?" I said trying my best to recall his name. 

"That's right. Now I think about you never gave me your name." 

"It's Igarashi Eijun." I said. I thought for a second and then opened my mouth. "Uta-san, how come you don't have a last name?" 

"I just don't." Miyuki left nervous all of sudden with that question. 

"Everybody has a last name." 

"We I don't so give up with this conversation." 

"Fine!" I pouted, not fully giving up the idea. 

"Why do you have the happy-go-lucky look on your face?" Miyuki asked, kind of curious. 

"I got a job interview tomorrow so I'm excited so I hope I get the job." 

"I guess if you try hard you will get it." Miyuki said smiling. "At least you didn't fall on your face today." 

"Hehe … funny you say that." 

"Don't tell me you actually fell down." 

"I didn't fall the road just made me fall." 

"That's the same thing!" Miyuki argued but he let out a laugh. Everything that Eijun did made Miyuki's day more fun, he never met such a person before. 

I suddenly heard a lot of noises from my ears that it was getting annoying so I put my headphones over my ears to block the noises. 

"Why did you suddenly put your headphones on?" Miyuki asked. 

"To block the thoughts and feelings of others." Miyuki didn't understand what Eijun meant. 



Later that night Miyuki was getting ready for the meeting with his family. He had finally shaved off that beard of his and looked like a normal good-looking guy then a bum as what Eijun and Kuramochi would call him. 

"Are you ready boss?" Kuramochi asked, who was by his side. 

"Ready then I'll ever be." He sighed. Miyuki didn't like meetings like this but he was the boss so he had to deal with these. 

Miyuki and Kuramochi headed toward the huge room where his famiglia members were already there. The Arcana Famiglia were already seated and waiting for his boss to arrive with Kuramochi. Miyuki and Kuramochi sat down on their seats. 

"Let's begin shall we." Miyuki said in such boss like serious tone of his with his both hands stuck together, he stared at each member of his famiglia. 

"Yes boss!" They all yelled in union. 

"Then shall we start with you Kuramochi." 

"It seems the records of that night have been resurfaced." He said. 

There were suddenly whispers among the other members. 

"The death of Sawamura Tsubasa was murdered by another famiglia." Everybody in the room was shocked by Miyuki stayed stood looking like his own serious self. 

The name brought back so many memories for the members. Sawamura Tsubasa was a member of Arcana Famiglia, she was very kind and Miyuki even looked up to her. 

"There's more." Kuramochi said. 

"Explain." Miyuki said. 

"Sawamura Tsubasa was pregnant when she was badly hurt is what I got from my resources." 

"Does that mean she had a child?" 

"Where is the child?" 

"Is the child even alive?" 

"Calm down everybody." Everybody turned to Ryosuke who gave them a glare which shut them down. "Continue Kuramochi." 

"Thanks Ryo-san. As I was saying she had a child and the child could be alive somewhere but the last I heard where Tsubasa-san was before she disappeared from Italy was Japan." 

"Japan." Miyuki could understand why she would head to Japan since they were all from Japan but why did she disappear without saying a word that made Miyuki upset. 

"I want a group to go to Japan and search for that child!" Miyuki demanded. 

"Yes Boss!" Everybody yelled. 

"Tsubasa-san." Masuko was in the corner mumbling the woman who took cared of them all with sad look on his eyes. 

Tsubasa cared for all of them but how did they not know that she was pregnant. 

Miyuki swore that he would find the child dead or alive. 

"Miyuki." Tetsu got up and spoke up. "The Noro Famiglia is causing problems again." 

"I'll take care of that." He sighed. "Meeting dismissed." 

Once that was over Miyuki headed back to his room. He sat on his couch that was in his room. He was exhausted from everything. 

"Tsubasa-san, why didn't you tell me anything?" 

Miyuki hoped the child was alive if the child was dead he didn't know what he would do, the child was the only thing left that was part of Tsubasa. 

Miyuki was going to have hard time relocating the child since he didn't know if it was a boy or girl. Either way his top priority is to find the child then anything else. 

"Boss!" Watanabe entered the room without walking. "Sorry to describe you." 

"What is it?" Miyuki asked looking at Watanabe as he spoke. 

"I believe that the child could have changed his name." 

"Changed? Why would the child do that?" 

"It could be the people who took him in had promised to keep the child safe that could include changing their name." 

"I See." Miyuki said.

Chapter Text

That morning I woke up early I just couldn't sleep. I had that same dream about a woman that I didn't know and somebody chasing after her. I wanted to help her but my hands couldn't reach her and before I knew it I had woken up. I don't know why I have the same dream. I couldn't sleep anymore so I got up and washed up. 

I decided to take a walk around town. As I was walking I found a very large tree. A cherry blossom tree which was kind of odd because I didn't think Italy had a sakura tree like it did in Japan but they did and it reminded me so much of home and my uncle. 

"That bum would probably be happy to see this." I smiled thinking about it. 

"This is strange to see a youngster like yourself here." I turned around and saw a old man with a cane. 

"Is it really strange?" I asked. 

"Yes. Because Italy isn't a place where good things happen and it's all those mafias fault." The man yelled angry at the grass around us. He didn't seemed to like the mafias, it's not just him but most people around here didn't like them. I don't know what's going on but I didn't want to get involved either. 

"Kids these do stupid things." He yelled. 

I didn't know what to say to this man. I wasn't around here so I didn't know anything about how the kids here or even the students here lived. 

"I'm sure they just want to do what they like." I said. 

"You sound just like somebody I met a while back." 


"Yes. He said he was married but he always had this sad look on his face. Poor guy wonder what happened to him." 

"I'm sure that everybody has their own story." I said. 

"Your wise, even wiser than me." He chuckled. "I better get going before my wife nags me again." The old man said goodbye to me and head the same way he came from. 

I was really curious about Italy. As a child I always wanted to come here for a visit the reason because the way the houses were build. You could say I wanted to paint one while looking at the real thing and my dream came true. Most of the houses in Italy were covered with beautiful flowers and they gave such a sweet scent that couldn't be forgotten. 

There was a lot more that I had to learn about Italy but there was another reason I wanted to come to Italy as well. I heard that my mother was from here. My uncle didn't have much info about my mother but he did say that she had her passport with her picture and it seemed Italy was the place that she grew up in even though she was originally from Japan and a Japanese. 

My uncle never really told me much about my mother in truth I already knew that he couldn't since my uncle wasn't my real blood but even so I was glad that he took cared of me. I'm really grateful for that. 

I kept staring up at the wonderful cherry blossom tree when I heard more steps coming toward where I was. I was thinking it would be another elderly person but I was wrong when I turned around and found two young people. I say young but they looked older than me. 

One guy had green hair and looked like a cheetah and very dangerous looking and the other had pink hair and the aura around him looked way more dangerous than the cheetah guy. I didn't have my headphones on so I could clearly hear their feelings. 

"Why is there a guy here? I wanted to have some alone with … " I spoke the words that the man was thinking and the guy tried to deny that was what he was thinking but if you deny it means that it's the truth. 

"Who the hell are you brat!" He glared at me. He wasn't happy with my words it seems. 

"I'm just a passerby and I'm not a brat!" I yelled back. I didn't like being treated like a kid. 

"Are you new around here?" This time it was the other person who asked me, he seemed more understanding than the cheetah. 


"I could tell you were Japanese." He said. 

"Wait! Ryo-san this brat is Japanese." 

"I'm standing right here you know." I said annoyed. 

The two started to speak to me Japanese and I found out they were from Japan and were currenly living here in Italy for some kind of job. 

"Why is a young man like you all alone here in Italy?" The pink-haired man asked, he was curious I could tell. 

"I came to study at the university here. I'm doing a painting course." I explained. I thought I shouldn't really say anything to them but my mouth just went out like it was better to explained things then them looking at me like they want to know like my uncle. 

"You must be stupid to come here all alone without knowing anybody." And here the other guy was making his day horrible with his words. 

"But Kuramochi-kun didn't you do the same." Ryosuke smirked. 

"You don't need to talk about that to this brat." He yelled but his face was blushing red. 

"Does he having feeling for Ryo-san?" I spoke it out loud without thinking. 

"I do not!" The other denied it but his friend didn't just smiled. 

"We should start getting to the boss now." Ryosuke looked at his watched as he said that. "It's nice to meet you." He smiled and walked away with the unfriendly friend of his. 

I was alone again and it was quiet again. 

I looked at the time and saw it was time for my interview that I had today. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. The restaurant wasn't even open yet for the day so it was quiet. 

"So your name is Igarashi Eijun." The manager said while looking up at me then back to the resume that I had brought along. 

"Yes." I said. 

"Is this your first job?" He asked. 

"I had a job before this but I wouldn't call it a job since I was volunteering by choice." The other job I worked at was at the public library helping with the books and other things that they needed help with. 

"Wait what do you mean first job!" I shouted without thinking. 

"So you caught on to that." The owner smiled. "I already like you so your hired."  

I wasn't expecting this but I was grateful that I got the job. A first real job. 

The interview was still going on when people started to coming inside from the back room. Probably there was a back door for the employee or something like that.  

"Let me introduce myself and everybody else." The manager said. "I'm Oda Aoi the manager." He then introduced me to each and every one of the workers that's when I noticed all the workers were all men which I found very odd. 

"Katsu-kun will be helping you with your training." Aoi said. 

"I'll be in your care." I bowed my head, I have that habit of doing that since I'm from Japan but I should probably stop, yea that's the word stop. 

"You can speak to us in Japanese since we are actually all from Japan." I was surprised to hear that. I guess there are more Japanese here then I thought. 

"Can you start tomorrow?" Aoi asked. 

"Sure." I was actually ready to work right now but tomorrow was fine too. 

"I'll make a schedule that will go well with you since your attending the university." I was glad that Aoi-san was really understanding about that. 



I was heading home when I stopped by the park. I was just curious I guess. When I stopped there on my way I found the person I was missing. 

"Mr.Bum!" I yelled hugging the guy without thinking. 

"What the hell are you doing!" He yelled, shocked by my actions. 

"I just hadn't seen you for while." I said. 

"Didn't we just see each other yesterday?" He asked, thinking I was crazy. 

"We did." I chuckled, I had completely forgotten about it. 

"What a weirdo is what your thinking right?" I said the words for him and he just smiled. 

"I guess I don't have to say it if you understand it." 

I looked at the bum he looked the same as before but did he shave his beard because I'm sure it was more ruffy before and now it looks cleans. Guess even bums have to shave sometimes. 

"You look tired." I said. 

"I may have overdone my work." He said. 

"What work does a bum like you have?" 

"Your really hurt me with those words." He chuckled.  

It was fun to talk the bum. He was the first person I talked to when arriving in Italy expect for Nagao-san who I met on the plane on the way here. Speaking of I still have his number but I haven't contacted him but it's not like he has either plus right now I'm fine adjusting to things here. 

"I don't know what kind of work a bum like you would be doing Uta-san but have a orange." I handed the bum the orange that I had in bag all this time. He laughed the moment I suddenly brought it out like magic. 

"Your way too funny." He said holding onto his stomach while laughing out loud. 

"Is it that funny?" I then started to laugh alongside him as well. 

Once I was done with my visit to the park and meeting Uta-san again I went home. I had to start preparing for my university soon. The day after tomorrow is when my classes would finally start. 

I called my uncle the moment I got home and as usual he was crying like a baby. He missed me and of course I missed him as well but he's the adult here and it should be me crying. 

I was preparing my things while I put my headphones on and listened to some music. It always calm me down whenever I listened to music. I wonder what kind of life I would have when I start school. Will I make friends. I never really went a normal high school before since in Japan my friends were creeped out with the way I said their feelings out loud and because of that it was hard for me to make friends but Italy had all kind of people so I decided to apply and I was right in doing so because there were all kind of strange people even if most of them were Japanese and they didn't seemed to mind well even if one got angry at me for it. 

Uta-san is really kind and I can hear his thoughts out loud, it rings inside my head. He is worried about his work but the work he does I do not know but I hope things work out. 

"But what kind of work do Bums even off." Those thoughts rang through my head but I couldn't figure it out.   



Miyuki had arrived home after visitning the park. To think he would ending up meeting that boy again and he even offered him an orange. It made him laugh the way the boy suddenly had the orange in his hand. That just made his day and forgot about what he was dealing with. 

Miyuki changed into his normal clothes. If he had he wished he could stay out and look like the bum all the time because then he had more time relaxing but he knew he couldn't do that since his job was to take care of his famiglia. 

Miyuki went to his desk and sat there and then he pulled the drawer on his desk opened and there was a picture of a woman, his father and another man. The woman was Sawamura Tsubasa the woman who had died in Japan. He wasn't sure if she really died in Japan but she must have since all the resources is from Watanabe Hisashi their informer and he was really good when finding these things were. 

There was a knock on the door and the person he was just thinking about walked in. 

"Boss I found something you might be interested in." Watanabe said. 

"What is it?" I asked looking up at him. 

"I found out there was a grave made for Tsubasa-san." He said, those words made Miyuki very surprised by the news. Miyuki was really close so he was glad to know something like this. It was good news. 

"Where is it?" He asked. 

"It's in Japan and the priest is looking after it." 


"Yes. It seems that he has been taking care of it for a long time." 

"I see. If I could leave Italy now I would go but right now I can't so I'll have to postpone it." Miyuki was disappointed he couldn't go but the grave wasn't going anywhere so he could go anytime. 

"I'll keep looking for more info on Tsubasa-san." Watanabe said and left the room. 

"I'll come see you when all this is over Sawamura Tsubasa-san." 



I felt like something or somebody had called me and turned around. I took my headphones off but nobody had called me. I looked out the window of my apartment, nothing. Maybe I was over thinking. That must be it.

Chapter Text

"Igarashi-kun, can you help out that table over there?" Katsu asked. 

I had started working at the restaurant that I had applied at and it wasn't that bad. I had experience with customer server so it wasn't so hard for me. My co-workers as well as the people were very friendly to me, there are some rude customers that come in but that's the same in any restaurant, cafe and shops. 

The customers that came were mostly girls but guys came too. I found out the only reason there were so many girls coming here were because of the handsome guys that work at the restaurant. I couldn't blame them since they were pretty handsome even the owner was. 

"I wonder why they didn't hire any girls." I mumbled low so nobody could hear. I found it really strange. I was curious but it's not something that I wanted to ask, especially on my first day here. I was grateful for the owner for hiring me do I didn't want to give me trouble by asking such a thing. 

"Your doing a really good job." Aoi said smiling at me. He nodded his head, he seemed very pleased with the way I was doing my job and I was happy for that. 

Since I was young I always wanted to work my very best. I didn't want to cause any problems for my uncle who was taking care of me so I did my best in school and helped him around the church. 

"I wonder how uncle is doing." I sweep the messy floor as I thought that in my head. I had stayed in contact with my uncle but we didn't talk much since even he sounded like he was busy with his own life. 

To think I would really move to Italy to do my studies. It was all a dream and goal I thought would never happen but it did. 

"What are you thinking so hard about?" Katsu asked. 

"Nothing really." I said. 

"Are you nervous about starting school?" 

"M-Maybe!" I had forgotten about school. I hope to do well in school also make friends. 

"Your doing the painting course, right?" Katsu asked. 

"Yea.' I answered. 

"Well I'm sure you will do well since it's you." 

"What do you mean by that?" 

"I didn't intent to offend you. I meant that since you do a good job here I'm sure you will do well in your studies as well." 

"Oh. Sorry if I sounded like I was mad but I was just curious about your words." I apologized. I guess in my mind I still think about Japan and the people who didn't treat me well. The hell I had to deal with. 

"Igarashi-kun are you free this weekend?" Aoi asked, as he approached both me and Katsu-san. 

"This weekend? Why?" I asked. 

"There's a party at the Grand Hotel and a lot of people from other restaurants as well as important people will be there." 

"I guess I'm free since you didn't schedule me working those days. Why didn't you schedule me those days?" I asked, curious wondering why since usually weekends are important days to work. 

"We have enough staff for the weekends." Aoi explained. 

"Is that so?" I knew he was lying but I didn't want to say anything back to the owner. 

"You should come." Katsu said. "The parties there are always fun and a lot of people will be there and the mafia will probably be there." 

"Mafia?" I looked up at Katsu shock but he and the manager looked fine with the mafia being there. 

"Mafia aren't bad people." Aoi said. "People probably have said bad things about them but they are actually doing a good job for us people." 

I didn't understand what Aoi-san meant but I decided to believe him about Mafia not being bad people. 



"Boss I found something that might interest you." Watanabe said. 

"What is it?" Miyuki asked when he stopped moving his pen and looked up at Watanabe. 

"It seems the son of Tsubasa-san is actually in Italy." 

"What?!" Miyuki looked up surprised by Watanabe's words. 

"I'm not so sure if this is the true but it could be." 

"I see." 

"I'll ask people around and get the others to look out for the son." 

"Okay." Miyuki nodded his head. 

Watanabe left the room and left Miyuki to finish his work. He was tired but being a mafia boss was hard dealing with all these paper work and dealing with the other families. At first he never wanted to be the boss but after seeing his people and the friends and families that looked up to he decided he wanted to protect them all but he never thought that the mafia would be hated so much but he ignored it and tried to do his job. 

"I wonder what that brat is doing?" He chuckled thinking about the orange. That boy always made his day, they always seemed to bump into one another by chance and he was sure he would see him again. 

"Why are you giggling at yourself for?" Miyuki turned toward the door and there stood Kuramochi looking grossed out. 

"I didn't hear you come in." 

"It must be because you were busy giggling to yourself like a weirdo." Kuramochi never shown any respect to Miyuki since they had been friends for a very long time. "Anyway I'm not here to deal with that now but Chris-senpai said that he is attending the meeting with the Noro famiglia so you don't have to worry about attending and Tetsu-san is going as well." 

"Really?" Miyuki was surprised. 

"They saw how hard your working so wanted to give the boss a break." 

"I'm thankful for that." Miyuki wasn't smiling but he was really grateful. "By the way did you take care of that." 

"If you mean that party we're attending then yes." Kuramochi answered. "I know you don't want to attend but you have to since you are our boss." 

"I know." Miyuki said. 

The party happens every month where all the mafia gather but not only mafia but ordinary people attend too but they don't know that the mafia would be attending. These same people that talk badly about the mafia will be in the same room. Miyuki wasn't looking forward for this at all. 

"By the way does my face say what's I'm feeling?" Kuramochi asked. 

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Miyuki looked at his friend in confusion. 

"Just I me this brat and he said exactly what I was thinking which was annoying." 

"Really? That reminds me of someone." Miyuki chuckled thinking about the boy with golden eyes. 

"Anyway I will report back to you when I'm done my tasks." Kuramochi left the room leaving Miyuki alone. 

Miyuki still had so much more pile of work to do. The paperwork wasn't decreasing at all. He let out a sigh. He wanted to get out and do what he always does but the others will have his head if he doesn't finish all this work. 

"I don't know what kind of work you are doing Uta-san but have an orange."  Miyuki laughed just thinking what happened the other day when Eijun offered him an orange.  

Miyuki got out from his seat and went to grab a orange that was on the table. It was the same oranges that Eijun had given to him that day. He still had a lot seemed the boy had bought to much. He started to peel it and sliced it and had piece by piece. 

"It's really delicious." He smiled. 



"So this is the university." I had arrived at my university since it was finally the day that I start my classes. The university was huge from the outside and more bigger in the inside. I felt like I would get lost but I kept my head up high. 

I came a bit early so I could take a look around. It was different from the schools and universities in Japan. I was glad I came here to study since there were a lot to learn from this new environment. There were a lot of painting that was placed on the walls in the school and that amazed me. There were even a small pond outside in the courtyard. I could even see the houses from the university. 

"Are you new here?" I turned around to the sound of the voice. I looked around to see if the man was talking to me. 

"Yes I'm talking to you." He said. 

A handsome man walked up to me. I was beginning to think do all guys here have to be handsome. I seemed to keep bumping into people like that. The guy didn't look like a teacher or even a student he looked too old for that. 

"Who are you?" I asked. "You don't look like a teacher or even a student." I said the words that I was thinking out loud to the man. 

"I guess I don’t. Well I'm not a teacher nor am a student. I'm just a visitor." He said. 

"I see." I guess that made sense. 

"Sorry to suddenly interrupt you but I haven't seen you around before so I was just curious." He said with his gentle smile. 

"I am new. I'm new to the country and this city." I said. 

"That makes sense since I know everybody in this university." 

"You know everybody." I was shocked by his words, how can he remember everybody's face. 

"It's a gift I have. I can recognize the voices and faces of everybody that I have met before." He said. I was amazed by this ability that he had. 

"What's your name?" He asked. 

"I'm Igarashi Eijun and I start my classes today."  

"Igarashi is it?" He said my last name. 

"Are you Japanese too?" I asked. 

"I am." He said. 

Only japanese people would start calling others by their last name so it made sense to me or even add kun or san to their names so it wasn't hard to tell Japanese apart but there are some that may be adjusted by their life where they were raised other than Japan. 

"I'm Takigawa Chris Yuu." He introduced himself to me. I noticed his name so does that mean that he was half-Japanese. 

I looked at my wrist watch and saw it was about time to head to my class. 

"I have to head to class now." I said. 

"Sorry to take up your time." He said. 

I didn't really mind it was nice to meet new people. I waved goodbye to the man and ran toward where my class was. As I looked around I saw him still smiling. 

I arrived at my class. There were a lot of students. The students in class weren't all Italians. There were some Japanese like me and others from all different country. You could say they were like me who came from Japan to come study here. 

I was a little happy that I wasn't the only one from outside. I thought I wouldn't be so nervous when I got ready for school this morning but I guess I was well this happens to all I suppose when you start a new life in a new environment with people that speak a language that your not used to. 

"Settle down class!" The sensei walked in and announced his presence and asked all the students to quiet down. The sensei was somebody I knew to think I would see him again and like this. 


He saw me and was shocked as I was but he gave me a smile.

Chapter Text

I would have never thought that my teacher would be Nagao-san. Well he did look older to me so it made sense but it's really strange for him to be my teacher since this is the guy he got along well on the plane. 

"Igarashi what are you painting?" An classmate of mine asked me as he looked over my work.  

"Cherry blossoms." I said. The color for paint I used was light pink just like the color of a real cherry blossom. 

"That's interesting." He said looking at my work with a smile on his face. "I never thought of painting something like this." He had his hand under his chin, he looked like he was thinking about something. 

'What about you Gli?" I asked. 

"I haven't the finest idea what I should paint." He said shaking his head. No wonder he was thinking hard when he was looking at my painting. He was having a real time thinking up what to paint. 

"How about you paint something that you like?" I suggested. 

"Do you like cherry blossoms? That's why you painted them." 

"I like them but that's not why I painted them." I said. There a very good reason why I painted these and it's because it reminded me of my late mother even though I don't know what she looks like but I picture her to be a very beautiful person since that was the way my uncle had described to me. Also he told me that the cherry blossom was blooming that day. 

"Your art is coming along fine." Nagao had walked by each work when he came by to take a look at me. "Very beautiful." He smiled. 

"Thank you." I said. 

Art really does make me feel calm and think of happiness and rule out all the noises since times like this is the only time that the people around me don't think too much about their rough feelings that they hide inside. 

"Gli did you decide on what's your making?" Nagao asked. 

"I think I do now." He said with a smile on his face. 

"You do?" I was a bit surprised that Gli was able to find out what he wanted to paint since he looked like he was having a hard time a moment ago. 

"It's all thanks to you." He smiled. 

"I don't know what I did but I'm glad to help." I smiled back at him. Gli then sat down next to me and started taking out his brush and started to paint what he had in his mind. 

The classes weren't bad and my classmates were really nice too. I don't know how to speak Italian too well even so my friends help me little by little and they even speak to me in English which most of the people in this country speaks. 

I never really had any problems with makings friends but the problem was with what came after that. I decided that I should ignore the thoughts and feelings I could hear of the people and stay low but of course that was a problem since I have a habit of saying what they are feeling out loud but Gli doesn't seem to mind and thinks I'm some kind of mind reader, even my other friends finds it really cool which I find it strange for them to agree to like something like this. 

The people in Italy are really nice, maybe too kind. They are nothing like the folks in Japan. But not all the people here are nice but they are much nicer than the one in Japan, that is for sure. 

"Igarashi-kun your art is very pretty and refreshing." Nagao pointed it out to me. I looked at my own work and thought of what he meant. I get it's pretty but what's so refreshing about it. 

It was just cherry blossoms dancing in the wind. I couldn't help but look at my painting with confusion as I titled my head Nagao-san laughed at me to a reason unknown to me. 

Nagao-san left and went to check on the other students. It's strange that Nagao-san is my teacher or even a teacher at all he just doesn't suit as a teacher at all, he should really find another job. 

"Hey are you going to that party?" 

"Party? I questioned to what Gli was asking. Then it hit me in the head. It was probably the one that Katsu-san and Aoi-san was talking about. "I guess I should go." 

"I'll be there too since my family will be there too. They are part of an important meeting they are having before the party starts." 

"Important meeting?" I wonder what Gli meant by that but it wasn't my business so I didn't bother asking him about it. 

"What kind of party is this?" I asked, I was a bit curious and my co-worker and boss didn't let me much about it. 

"The party happens once every month and every citizen from each city are welcome to come and enjoy while interacting with others. It's like any other parties but there is a catch." 

"What's that?" I asked. 

"The party is also dangerous for citizens since the party is supposed to be for the mafia families so it's dangerous but even so people still come." 

"I guess they have no life." I said. 

"You have a tongue like a snake." Gli said. 



I was at home cleaning up the apartment a bit. I had no work today so I thought I should tidy up the place that's when I stopped when I thought about the party. I'm not somebody that likes going these kind of events and I remember the time my uncle dragged me to one of his work parties and I didn't like it but since almost all the people from all the cities of Italy would be I thought I should go. I looked through my closet to see if I had anything decent to wear. I saw that I had something for such a event like tonight. 

Just then I heard a knock at my door. It was strange because usually people would ring the doorbell instead of knock on it. I walked to the door and opened it and found nobody was there but there on the my front door was a small box. 

"What's this?" I picked the small box. I took it inside and closed my door. 

I sat in the living room eyeing the small box on the table. The address was sent to me but there was no return name or address who had sent it. 

"Should I open it?" I was debating if I should open or not. I didn't even know who sent it. 

After thinking hard I decided to finally open it. I was surprised when I found a kitsune mask. It had ears that was colored red as well as the closed eyes and mouth with the whiskers. 

"Who would sent me a mask like this?" I asked nobody in particular but I found it odd that somebody would sent me something like this. I mean this isn't Japan so how in the world would they get something like this here. "And what am I supposed to do with this?" 

"Maybe it's uncle." 

I decided dial my uncle's number. 

"I didn't sent you anything like a fox mask." He said. 

"It's not from you." 

I was shocked when I found out it wasn't from my uncle. The who send it. I was thinking so hard that I didn't notice that the time had passed by and it was already evening, almost seven o clock. 



I had arrived at the party at the big mansion but I was beginning to think that I didn't belong here at all. I dressed up nicely wore a white dress-shirt with red ribbons falling down, it wasn't a suit since I didn't have any. I was wearing my high school uniform but it looked formal enough to pass it as a formal suit with the black pants and blue blazer. There were so many people here that I wanted to leave. 

"Igarashi you made it." Gli's voice snapped me out of my thoughts of wanting to escape. "You look like hell." He told me when I turned to look at him. 

"I thought this was going to be a normal party." I mumbled. 

I didn't think that this party would be in such a huge mansion. So huge that I was sure that I would get lost if I wander on my own. 

A man waved to Gli and the next time I knew Gli had to go say hi to that person and I was left alone. I was sure if Gli was here that things would be good. I was looking around for Katsu-san and Aoi-san but they were busy as well so I couldn't rely on anybody at the moment. 

"Care for a drink?" I turned to the sound of the voice and found a young man, he looked around my age. He was wearing a waiter uniform and holding a tray with a orange drink on it. He had pink hair like the same color as that guy I met near the cherry blossom tree. 

"Thanks." I said I took the drink and took a sip. 

"I've never seen you around here before." The young man spoke. 

"Oh it's probably because I'm not from here and your not the only one who has said that to me." 

"Are you from Japan?" He asked. 

"I am and are you as well." 

"Yes I'm from there but moved here with my older brother." 

"Haruichi the idiot table is calling for you." Another waiter called out to the pink-haired guy who was apparently called Haruichi. 

"Idiot table?" I questioned when the waiter said that. 

"I'll see you around." Haruichi then left with the other waiter and I was alone again. 

"This taste kind of different than orange."  I was wondering why the taste was very unusual not like your normal orange juice even so it was good so I didn't care much about it. 

"Are you having fun?" I turned around once more and found Katsu-san and Aoi-san standing behind me. 

"I'm not sure. This party isn't my kind of thing." 

"We know." Both said in union. I looked at them with confusion in my eyes. 

"You look like the type who don't attend parties much." Katsu said. What Katsu-san said was right. 

"I see you got yourself a drink for yourself." 

"I wish to say I got it myself but one of the waiter gave it to me." 

More and more people started to gather inside. I then noticed the man I met before my classes started that day. It was the one who said was visiting. He was speaking to a guy with black hair and another guy who looked like had a small bear growing. 

As I was standing there looking all around I felt a bit dizzy which was very strange for me. I thought nothing of it and continue to have my orange juice as I chatted with my coworkers. 

Suddenly the lights went off and a man walked in the room making all attention go to him. He looked like a very important man standing there with two guards beside him. He spoke about something but my head wasn't in the game for whatever he was saying. 

I needed some fresh air so I left the room I didn't even say anything to Katsu-san and Aoi-san. I didn't feel like saying anything my head was spinning like crazy. I had nearly finished all my drink. It was so good that I wish I had more. If I see Haruichi again I should ask him for more but I don't want to bother him since he looks busy as it is. 

I got outside and walked along at the backyard of the mansion when I spotted a fountain. I knew I was walking funny but I didn't care. I started to smile for no reason. I was feeling very strange but good as well. I then saw a figure sitting there. I started to walk closer and closer but my legs felt like it would give way and I felt I was about to fall toward the ground when I felt I was being lifted but by who. I looked up t see who had caught me. I saw a face so familiar I had seen many times before. 

"Uta-san you look really handsome." I giggled. 

"What's wrong with you?" He asked then his eyes went to my glass that I was holding and the smell went up to his noise realizing what was going on. "You shouldn't drink something your not used to." 

I don't know why but I felt very safe in his arms. I smiled as I looked up at that handsome face of his. 

"How come you don't look like a bum at all tonight?" I asked. 

"I wonder why as well." He smiled. " His eyes gazed into my golden eyes. "Your really light you know are you not eating enough." 

"I eat enough when it counts." I smiled. My eyes started to close and next thing I knew I had completely fallen asleep but I didn't care, why was that. 

Miyuki didn't think that Eijun would be attending the party. Well everybody is welcome but to think that he would bump into him again and he realized who he was right away. Miyuki was scared when he saw Eijun about to fall but he was glad he caught him in time but to think he was so light. 

"Seriously who gave you an alcoholic drink?" Miyuki stared at the boy in his arms when he noticed something now that he looked at the boy closely he resembled Tsubasa a little bit but that couldn't be right but Miyuki knew that he had to keep all possibilities out there. 

"Boss there you are!" Kuramochi had gone looking for Miyuki since Miyuki always likes to disappears when events like these happens often but when Kuramochi saw Miyuki holding somebody in his arms he was surprised. "That's the cherry blossom boy!" Kuramochi pointed at the boy with his finger. 

"You know him?" Miyuki asked. 

"Not really just passed by him when Ryo-san and I had took a detour and that boy is really rude. It's like he can read my mind or something." 

"Is that so?" Miyuki smiled inside thinking about it too the times the boy spoke what he was truly thinking out loud. 

"I'm going back home." Miyuki said turning around still having Eijun in his arms. 

"Wait! Your taking him along too." 

"Yes!" Miyuki answered leaving a very confused Kuramochi there.

Chapter Text

My head was spinning as if I had been in a roller coaster ride. The sun-light tapped my face making me get up from the soft warm bed that I was in. I didn't want to get up but my mind told me it was time to get up. I wonder how long I had been asleep for. I yawned and fully opened my eyes. Then my eyes circled around the room, I was very confused. The room wasn't my own neither was the bed. 

"Where am I?" I slowly got up from the bed, of course the ringing in my head was a pain. I recalled that I had attended the party last night but how in the world did I end up here and where is here anyway. First thing first I had to find out where I was. I looked around to find some kind of glue but there was nothing that's when my eyes landed on a photo in a frame on the side table beside the bed. 

My hands reached for the photo and I stared at the picture of a woman and a little boy. My eyes were glued onto the woman for some reason I felt something familiar about her but why did I feel that way when I have never met this woman before but she was truly beautiful with her long brown hair and golden eyes that's when it hit me she had eyes just like mine. 

"Are you awake?" I turned around and the door to the room opened and I was surprised to see that it was Uta-san looking dressed up in a suit and his hair didn't look as dirty as it did and the beard was gone then I recalled that I bumped into him at the party well not exactly bump into him but you get the point. 

"That's a very important photo of mine so don't break it." He said. I put the photo down. 

"Sorry but I was just curious." I said, yea curious about the woman but seeing that this photo belonged to Uta-san then I get the feeling that the boy in the photo is Uta-san. 

"You had a lot to drink last night didn't you." He smirked as he stared at me. 

"Drink?" Now that I think about it when I started having that drink was when I started having such an headache not to mention getting dizzy. "Was orange juice supposed to make your head hurt?" 

"It wasn't orange juice but alcohol drink that you had taken." 

"That explains a lot now. It's my first time having an hard drink." 

"And I expect you not to drink again if your going to be such a drunk." 

"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked, I hadn't the glue what he meant by his words. 

"You really say a lot when your drunk and you wouldn't even let me go. I tried to take you home but you begged me to take you to my home. You sure were clingy." 

"Your lying!" I yelled in panic to his words. 

"Am I now?" He had that smirk on his face that I didn't know if he was lying or not. 

The door opened without warning when Kuramochi and Ryosuke walked in the room. 

"Miyuki there's something important that we need to discuss." 

"Miyuki?" I questioned the name, why was that cheetah guy calling Uta-san by that name. 

"Is Uta not your name?" I asked. 

"Sorry but Uta is my name but not my real name. My real name is Miyuki Kazuya." He explained to me. 

That name actually suited him but changing to call him Miyuki Kazuya would be a hard one when he was already used to calling him by the name of Uta. 

"You’re that boy from last time." Ryo said. 

"Just great." I heard Kuramochi huff from under his breath. It looked like he didn't like me being here. 

"Why is he here? He shouldn't be here at all." I spoke his feelings out loud and the cheetah man glared at me but I didn't care. 

"I guess he shows how he feels." Miyuki snickered. After a few seconds Miyuki turned to me and smiled. "You must be hungry since I don't think you ate anything since the party." Now that he mention it he was right I did have a bite to eat at home then I drank at the party and that was all. 

"Miyuki." Kuramochi said. 

"Explain it after I have my breakfast with Igarashi." He said and grabbed me by the hand and dragged me toward the kitchen. 

I was amazed at how big the kitchen table was. Really big that I wonder who else eats here. I could tell the place was already big as we walked passed many rooms. 

We sat down and the food had already been prepared by who knows maybe the family chef. I dig into the food since I was really hungry and Uta-san I mean Miyuki-san looked at me with a smile on his face, why the hell was he smiling for? It was kind of creepy. 

"Can I ask you something?" I stopped eating as I said that. 

"What is it?" He asked. 

"That woman in that photo of yours. What's her name?" I was really curious and just wanted to know. 

"Her name is Sawamura Tsubasa and used to live here with the rest of us." I was shocked by the woman's name because I remember my uncle telling me that my late mother's name was Sawamura Tsubasa. 

"Is something wrong?" Miyuki got on to my shock look but I shook my head. 

"Nothing. Nothing at all." 

I know I didn't hear wrong and her last name was the same as mine. 

"Why did she live here?" I asked. 

"It's because she's part of the mafia. Part of my mafia." I choked on my food when he said that. Lucky there was water there for me to drink before I died from the shock. 

"Mafia? Did I hear wrong or did you say Mafia?" 

"You didn't hear wrong. I said Mafia." Miyuki-san was sitting there with a straight face like nothing was wrong with the fact that he just told me he's part of the mafia and that woman was as well. 

"Don't tell me... 

It made sense that the house was huge with many rooms and the fact the kitchen was huge to bit so many other people like a whole famiglia. And why was he even telling me all this. 

"That stupid boss." In the corner of my eyes I could see Kuramochi and Ryosuke and heard the small insult that Kuramochi threw at Miyuki-san. 

"Igarashi-kun. You don't have any family beside an uncle right." 

"That's true. How you know that my uncle is the only one I have left." 

"Also that you don't remember your parents, right." 


I didn't understand what he was getting at. I was about to say something when Miyuki got up all of a sudden. 

"Why don't you finish your meal? I have some work to do and don't leave this manison." He said before leaving and letting me say anything else. 

"Just what does he expect me to do while he works." 

At least I didn't have to go to the university or even have work today so it was okay but being in such a huge mansion made me nervous.  

I walked around the mansion since I didn't want to be sitting around doing nothing. I walked by a couple of people and they stared at me. They were probably wondering who I was and why I was doing here and my mind went thinking all these people were Mafia. 

It was still hard to believe that they were Mafia and Miyuki-san told me like nothing was wrong with telling me. To think I thought he was a total bum all this time but actually he was part of a mafia and very important person. 

I made myself to the gardens. It was huge with many flowers blooming. It was a sight I have never seen before and I felt happy about it. I laid down on the field full of flowers feeling the flowers on my skin. I looked up at the sky as he lay there. 

I always said I didn't want to be involved with the mafia but apparently I was already involved with him the moment I met him which I had no idea about. Why was he pretending to be a bum in the first place? 

"Aren't you that guy from the party?" I shot up when I heard a voice. I turned around and saw the waiter from the party, the one with pink hair. 

"You’re the waiter!" I pointed shock. What was he doing here? Wait! Is he part of Mafia too? 

"Sorry about the drink. I didn't know it was your first time drinking a strong drink." 

"Not it's fine. I should of noticed it when I drank it but I'm bad at those things."  He chuckled as I said that. 

"I think we're about the same age." He said. 

"I think your right Haruichi." 

"How do you know my name?" He asked, confused in his face wondering how I knew. 

"I heard the other waiter call your name at the party." I explained to him. 

I lay back down on the field of flowers. 

"I didn't know there was a place like this here. It's the most beautiful place I seen since coming to Italy." 

"Your very similar to a woman that used to live here." He said. 

"How so?" I asked. 

"She said the same thing when she first came here. She said she has seen almost all of Italy but the back of the mansion with the flowers were the best for her." 

"Is that so?" From what I could tell there was only one person that Haruichi could be talking about and it was the same woman from the photo, the one Miyuki-san had explained to me. I wanted to know more. 

"How come your part of the mafia? I mean you don't look like your part of it." 

"I get that a lot but you don't know me at all to know why." Suddenly Haruichi's eyes went serious, it was kind of scary. "Igarashi Eijun-kun, right." 


"The boss told me your name and told me you were in the mansion and told me to keep you company for the time being." 

"Here." Haruichi picked a flower up from the field and then put behind my right ear that I was surprised by his actions. One moment he looked like a gentle guy the next he looks dangerous and now he's being kind. 

I was beginning to think that all Mafia were like that seeing Haruichi. 

"It suits you." He smiled. 

I could tell that what Haruichi said was really what he meant. I didn't feel any ill attention from the guy, not even when I met him at the party. 

Speaking of party I didn't even get to speak to Nagao at all or did I see him. Did he even attend? Well it's not like I would remember much after getting drunk for the first time. 

"What's that?" Haruichi saw something small fall from my pant pocket. I picked it up and there was a shock look on Haruichi's face like I'm not supposed to have it. It was the gift that Nagao-san had given me. "I'm warning you don't let the boss know you have that. Hide it so he won't know." 

"Why?" I asked. 

"That's from a rival mafia famiglia." He said. 

"What?" I was the one shocked because Nagao-san had given me saying it would keep me safe to think it's from a mafia family. Wait did that mean that Nagao-san was also. I wasn't so sure anymore. 

"Anyway if Miyuki-san finds out you have that it won't be good." Haruichi said. 

"Okay." I put it in my pocket. I guess there is a lot going on with the mafia familes. 

After a couple of minutes I heard footsteps. 

"Are you guys having fun?" It was Miyuki-san who had appeared. 

"Boss!" Haruichi greeted Miyuki like he was really important person who he was currently. 

"I'll drive you home." Miyuki suggested. 

"Okay." I said. I waved goodbye to Haruichi. 

I told Miyuki-san where I lived. The drive wasn't that far from the mansion.  

"How come you were pretending to be a bum?" I asked when we arrived at my apartment. 

"I just wanted to forget and get away for a bit." He answered. 

"I thought you were really a bum and I even gave you some of my oranges." I said. 

"Yes you did and it really helped." He smiled. 

"Well if it helped I guess it's good." I just couldn't ignored Miyuki-san's smile because it shot through my heart, what the hell was wrong with me. 

"Don't go out late at now because it's dangerous." He told me but I just nodded my head but I couldn't agree with him since I had my boss and some of time if late but I didn't tell him that.  

I thanked the older man and got out of the car but before I got inside my building he shouted out to me. 

"I'll come see you again Ei-chan." I turned around, did he call me by a nickname that I don't know. Miyuki-san just smiled like it was normal and then he drove away.

Chapter Text

Before my classes started I went to the huge cherry blossom tree that I had been to before. I always liked coming here because it was so relaxing. Cherry blossoms were my symbol of hope for me. I know it's pretty strange to think this way but I just do. I always loved cherry blossoms ever since I was told about it by my uncle since it was something to do with my mother. 

I really want to know more about my mother but my uncle won't tell me anything. I'm old enough so I should know the truth but he is still hiding it from me. Every time I try to make him spill it out he changes the subject to something that's not related at all. 

My thoughts then went to back to the mansion where Miyuki-san lived with others. He was part of the mafia and the boss. I never thought that he would be such an important person but my thoughts was actually on the photo of that woman. I felt like I knew here but that was crazy talking on my part. 

"Do you like the cherry blossoms?" A man walked by and stood beside me as I stared up at the cherry blossom tree. His eyes looked lonely when he looked at the tree. 

"Yes." I replied. 

"She loved cherry blossoms as well." He said. 

I didn't know who the man was talking about but it must've been somebody important to him to be able to talk so sadly like he is now. His eyes didn't move from the tree. 

"I wish I could see it with her." He said. I felt pity for the older man as he spoke those words. I'm guessing by the way he speaks this said person passed away. The man didn't look that old then again people don't really look their age from what I have seen. Even I don't look my age which is something I hate to admit. 

"Do you like the cherry blossoms?" I asked. 

"I do since it was something she introduced me to and because of her I learned to love it very much." He smiled and turned to me as he spoke those words. His smile of bright and warm but there was still sadness in them. 

I knew how he was feeling but I didn't say anything since I felt it wasn't right but I hope this man will find his happiness without thinking of his past which held sadness in them. 

"It was nice talking to you, boy." He said and turned to walk away. 

Once the man was gone I looked up at the cherry blossom tree one last time before I also headed out. My classes were going to start and I didn't want to be late. 

I arrived at my University and I saw that Nagao-san was already there. He was looking through some books probably something to do with today's class. 

"Where did you disappear to at the party?" Gli tapped on my shoulder as he came up to me. 

"Oh right." I didn't even say goodbye to anybody let alone know what had happened to me at the party but from what Miyuki-san had said. I was drunk. "Sorry I felt sick and went home." I lied but that was better then knowing what really happened. 

Now speaking of parties Nagao-san wasn't there or I didn't see him. I wonder if he even shown up. Well it's not my business but still it would have been good to see him. 

The class started and we continued our painting from last class. The classes here were really fun and I enjoyed it. Nagao-san's teaching wasn't so bad either. He was a good teacher but what Haruichi told me got stuck in my head. Since the pin that he gave me was something that isn't good and I should never let Miyuki-san see it. 

"Igarashi-kun, something wrong?" I pulled away from my thoughts when Nagao-san came up to me. I was holding my brush but my hands were not moving. 

"Sorry. I was thinking." I said. 

"It's fine since it's good to think when you want to paint something good." He said but my thinking wasn't about the painting at all so I felt a bit guilty. 

At break time I walked around the halls with Gli. We were going to get something to eat. As we were walking I spotted that same guy as before, the one who I met here and he was also at the party. I believe he said his name was Takigawa Chris-san. He wasn't alone he was with those two men he was at the party with. 

"What did you want to eat?" Gli asked, making me turn toward him and forget about the three men that I had spotted. 

"I don't know. I could eat anything."  

"That doesn't really help at all." Gli looked like he was in trouble with the way I answered. I laughed at his reaction. 

In the end we both ended up getting some pork noodles. Gli's favorite food is pork noodles and he eats them a lot and I don't mind having it once in a while. 

After class that day I was packing up my things when Nagao-san called out to me. 

"Do you want to hang out?" He asked. I was surprised but I smiled and agree to go with him since we haven't hardly talk since we departed that day. 

Gli went home before me so I was free to hang out with my teacher. 

Nagao-san took me to a small café that I have never been to before. It was nosy for a café and the people inside weren't your normal everyday people. They looked rough and a bit dangerous. Why did Nagao-san want to bring me here? 

"Are you scared?" He asked when he saw how frighten I looked. 

"A little bit." I said. 

"Don't worry I'm with you and they don't bite." The last words seemed like he was teasing. 

He took my hand and pulled me inside the café and all eyes were on us that it was scary. I didn't like being stared at. 

"Akira, your back and who is this with you?" A man spoke up who was working and he seemed to know Nagao-san since he was calling him and even his first name. So they might be really close. 

"This is Igarashi Eijun and he's my student and friend." 

"It's strange for you to bring anybody new here." His friend chuckled. The man held his hand out to me and I slowly took it and the man smiled at me. "It's nice to meet you Igarashi-kun. I'm Hidokoro Yoshimi." 

"Same here." I said. 

"Yoshimi, is Masaaki here yet?" 

"Sure is. He's in the back right now." 

"He's one of my other friend." Nagao said seemly as I was confused by the new name that popped up. 

Just then we heard footsteps and the one called Masaaki appeared, he looked like a mess. 

"Akira, you’re here." His eyes then went to me. "And who is this cutie?" 

"I'm not cute and I'm Igarashi Eijun." I said. 

"Is that so?" He smiled then he held out his hand out to me like Yoshimi did to me in a kind matter. "I'm Inamoto Masaaki." I took his hand and shook it in return. 

"Igarashi-kun, did you want something to drink or eat?" Yoshimi asked. 

"I'll buy it so order anything you want." Nagao said. 

"It's fine I can pay for it myself." I said but Nagao gave me a glare telling me I had no say in that matter so I ordered a white hot cholocate with whip cream and a banana bread. Well I didn't really order it since Nagao was the one who ordered for me and I enjoyed it very much. 

The café seemed like a nice place but why were such scary looking guy in here. I wonder but I couldn't voice my thoughts out. I didn’t want to be rude. 

"Nagao-san, did you go the party the other night?" I asked. 

"Oh that party. I didn't. It's not like I don't like those events but there are certain people I don't like seeing." He said. It seemed even Nagao-san had people he didn't like even though he seemed like such a nice guy. It's strange to find out even he has people he doesn't get along with. 

"Shall we go for a walk." Nagao smiled. 

We said our farewell to two of his friends but what I didn't noticed was the darkness that the café held while we walked out of the café. 

We walked near the riverside and then sat near the bench that was nearby. 

"Igarashi-kun, do you still have the button that I gave you?" 

"Yes I do." I said. 

"That's good. Always keep it with you since it will protect you." I didn't understand what he meant. How can a tiny little button be able to protect me but I didn't say anything back and continued listening to him. 

We watched the birds fly up in the sky in a group. It was nice seeing something like that. It must've been a family as they were together like that and it made me really happy. I didn't know what having a huge family was like because all I had was my uncle. 

"Something the matter?" Nagao asked. 

"Oh … it's nothing."  

"It's just you had this really sad look on your face." He said. 

"I'm not sad. It's just it's nice to see a family like that." I said, covering my sadness with a bright smile on my face. 

Nagao had something to right after our visit to the riverside so we departed ways but it wasn't sad because I would see him at the university. 



I was making my way through the crowd when I saw a huge commotion going on. I wanted to ignore it but I was curious since so many people were gathered in one place for the first time since I came to Italy. I poked my head in to see why the crowd were like this. 

What I saw was something I never saw before. A man laid there, I could have believed it if not for all of the blood. How can so much blood come from one body? The holes in his skin told of a messy end and his pale skin and blue lips. I could tell this man had been here since last night. 

The thought of seeing somebody like this made me sick that I hurried out of there but I couldn't keep the dead man out of my thought. 

"Your trailer!" I spoke the feelings I felt from the man. He was yelling at somebody, somebody probably close since he had sadness when he spoke out those words. 

"Ei-chan!" A hand tapped on my shoulder making me fear out but once I heard my name being called in a strange way I know who it was and turned around. 

"Uta-san." I said, surprised to see him. I hadn't seen him since yesterday. 

"You know my name is Miyuki right but I don't mind you calling me Uta." He smiled. He then looked into my face looking worried. "Something happened to you." He could see it. 

"Well... " I explained to him about the events that had happened moments ago with the people gathering. 

"Things like these always happen here." He told me. "But even if I said that you will keep getting worried, right." He then pulled me close to his chest and hugged me. "It's fine to be scared, you know." I don't know why but I felt safe, safe in a arms of the Mafia boss and a former bum. A smile appeared on my face as I felt the warmth from Miyuki-san's body. 

"Do you want to spend some time with me?" Miyuki asked.

Chapter Text

"Where are we going?" I asked since it only looked like we were walking around with no destination in mind. I didn't even know what the mafia boss was thinking at this point. 

"We're going to my favorite place." He gave me a reassuring smile.  When people gave me smiles like that I'm not too okay about it but with Miyuki-san I felt it would be okay, why did I feel that way I mean I don't even know the guy that well yet even so I felt safe with him, it's pretty strange to feel this way. 

I continued to followed Miyuki-san. He was a humming a tone as we walked. It was a very familiar tone to me. It was the song of the cherry blossom but why did it feel familiar. I have never heard of it but I felt like I heard it many times  before. 

It's a real mystery to me. 

"We’re here!" Miyuki announced. 

We arrived at a shrine that was on top of a hill. We were the only two people around. The shrine looked pretty old but it also looked like a safe place to be. I also felt like we weren't alone, I was feeling all this kind of things today and the reason unknown. 

"I come here when I want to relax." Miyuki said. He then pointed at the large cherry blossom tree behind the shrine. I was amazed at how beautiful it looked with the wind blowing some of the petals. One petal landed on my hand. I looked at it and a smile appeared on my face. I was happy. "When things don't go well just come here and relax." 

"I will." I smiled. 

"Just don't bring anybody here since it's my secret place but now I guess it's yours as well." 

I was happy that Miyuki-san brought me to this place. 

"Also can you drop the san and call me Kazuya."  I was surprised when he suddenly told me that. 

"Even if you tell me to do that it's not like I can." 

"Try it!" He demanded. 


"Too slow. Do it again!" 

"Kazuya!" I yelled. I knew my face was red. 

"It's a start I guess though I want you to say my name." 

"Don't ask for the impossible." 

We sat at the shrine for a while. It was really peaceful and I could tell even Miyuki had things he needed to think about since he was so quiet like his mind was somewhere else. I didn't know much about him and him being a mafia boss might be hard. 

Even though what I saw earlier was horrible and wanted to forget about it I couldn't and it was still in my head. It was scary that a person could die like that and the next person could be anybody. It still scared me a lot. 

"A important person was the one who showed me this place." Miyuki explained. "She loved cherry blossom a lot and from your reaction earlier so do you. She was happy when she met the man she loved during the time that cherry blossoms started to bloom." 

"That's a interesting story but why are you telling me about it?" I asked, it was really strange since Miyuki didn't even know me that much and he was explaining to me like it was no big deal. 

"I don't know really but I feel like I can tell you." He smiled. 

"I don't get him at all." 

After the shrine visit we went back walking around. We ended up getting something to eat from the stalls that were nearby. 

Italy food wasn't so bad but I did miss the Japanese food that my uncle used to make. It's not like you can't get Japanese food because you can but I just liked the food from my home better. 

"There's a fire!"  

When we heard the loud yell both myself and Miyuki turned to the source of voice. Some were running away while others were looking at what was going on. 

"Wait a second! My apartment is that way." 

"Let's go check!"  

So Miyuki and I went to the direction of the fire. I was surprised that it was a huge fire and not just that but the building that caught on fire was my apartment that I was currently living in. But it wasn't just mine there were others too. I stood there. I didn't think it was sad or anything but one thing was sure I didn't have a place to live anymore. 

The firefighters came and put out the fire but even so all my things inside had been ruined. When Miyuki and I walked inside the burned building all my school books and things that I brought from Japan were all gone, nothing was left. 

"Since you don't have a place to live anymore do you want to live with me." Miyuki told me out of the blue. I knew he was worried about me but I didn't know if I should. "You don't really have any choice since there is nowhere else for you to stay at the moment." What Miyuki said was true so I decided to take him on his offer. 



Miyuki showed me to a extra room they had. I was amazed how big it was even the bed. I didn't know what to say when I saw the room. I'm glad that Miyuki was helping me out with all this but I didn't feel good. 

"I'll pay for the book that got burned." Miyuki said. 

"You don't have to." I tried to stop him but he wouldn't take no for an answer. 

"You don't have money enough to buy new ones." What he said was right. I couldn't afford to buy new ones since I had just recently paid for the bills for my apartment and my job didn't pay me much that I could get new ones right away. 

"I have some work to do but I'll see you later." Miyuki said and left the room, leaving me alone. 

I sat on the bed and look around the room. It was strange being in such a huge place. I know I was here before and it wasn't my first time but still I felt awkward. I wasn't so used to be at others houses. Maybe because I never actually went anywhere then my own home before. 

I got up from the bed and settle my things inside. I didn't really have much. I had to go buy new things again, like clothes and other things that I would need. I opened the curtain in the room and peered outside and saw the garden from my room. It was amazing view. I was thankful for Miyuki but then again I wasn't since I didn't like how I was staying here for free. I was like a freeloader, more like I am one. 

I decided take a walk around the halls since sitting in my room was getting boring and a new one. I walked around when I saw somebody familiar. 

"Haruichi!" I called out the name of the person that I knew. 

"Eijun-kun." He said my name. He walked toward me and greeted me with a smile. "The boss told us about you living with us now." 

"Oh you mean Miyuki-san." I said. 

"Are you hungry?" He asked but I shook my head since I had just ate out with Miyuki. Then I noticed that Haruichi looked like he was about to go somewhere and I might have interrupted him. 

"Are you going out?" I asked. 

"Yes. I have an important engagement to attend to." He said, he sounded nervous when he said that. "Well I'll see you around." He said and left me standing there, alone once again. 

I continued to walk around in the building when I saw another person with pink hair and the loud one that was like a cheetah. They looked like they were having an important conversation. 

"Ryo-san. I said I was sorry." The cheetah was begging to the other. 

"Even if your sorry you will be punished." The other said. 

Next time I saw was them kissing one another and that gave me such a shock that I accidentally hit my leg on something and that made both of them turn and look at me. 

"Your that brat!" Kuramochi yelled pointing at me with his finger. 

"It's Igarashi Eijun." I said. 

"What are you doing here again?" He asked. 

"If I remember Miyuki saying that he was going to be staying with us." Ryosuke said. 

"Oh right he did say something like that." Kuramochi said finally realizing the conversation that they had with the boss earlier. "Wait a second! Did you just see us?" 

"It couldn't be avoided." I walked away from the two while Kuramochi flaming up Ryosuke just smirked. 

I had been walking so much that I was getting tired from all of it. 

"The brat that Miyuki picked up huh." I turned around and saw two people older looking an I believe I saw them somewhere before. 

"Jun, quiet down." His friend with him was calmer then the beard guy was. The guy then looked straight at me it made me nervous the way he looked at me. "Igarashi Eijun, right." 

"Yes!" I shouted without thinking. 

"There's an familiar feeling coming from you." Tetsu said. 


"Nothing. Sorry just thinking out loud." 

"Ei-chan, there you are." Miyuki appeared and he looked like he had been running around. 

"Miyuki-san." When I said his name he gave an annoyed look with his arms crossed together. "I mean Kazuya." 

"Good." He smiled. His eyes then went to Jun and Tetsu who were standing with me. "Why are you guys here?" 

"We just happened to be here." Tetsu explained. The two then left to finish their own business. 

"I was looking all over for you since you weren't in your room." 

"Sorry but I couldn't stay put and wanted to do a bit exploring." 

"I guess it's okay since you are living here from now on." 



The following day I headed to the university. Miyuki offered a driver or even himself to drop me off but I declined since I know they will bring too much attention if they did that. I didn't even want to think about it. 

I arrived in front of the university. At least the only good thing since the fire was that my university was still safe as it was. I let out a sigh and got ready to go inside. As I walked I accidentally bumped into somebody. My shoulder had bumped into his. 

"Sorry." I apologized. I then looked at the man that I had bumped into. He had blond hair and blue eyes. Boy was the guy a pretty boy much like Miyuki-san. 

He then looked at me, more like stared at my eyes. I didn't know what to say or do at this point, it was really nerve racking when somebody stared at me like that. 

"Mei-san, don't wander off on your own." Another guy appear, more normal looking and he looked concern for the man with blond hair and blue eyes. 

Just I noticed the huge clock on the wall of the university and I realize that I had to head to class so I bow to the man and hurried inside before I could be late. 

"His eyes are like hers." The blond man mumbled. 


"Itsuki find out about that boy just now." 

"What?" Itsuki hated when his boss told him things out the blue but since he is the boss he had to do as he was told. "Alright leader."

Chapter Text

I was mopping the floor since it was closing time at the Japanese restaurant that I was working at but I kept thinking about the apartment that I had recently lived in. I couldn't believe what bad luck I had for it to be burning but what had me curious was how it got burned in the first place. I mean I'm not clumsy enough that I would leave the oven or even the stove on. I know when something is on. 

"You been sighing a lot lately." Katsu said. 

It was just me and Katsu since we were closing today. Aoi was off earlier since he opened so it was just the two of us and late this evening it doesn't get so busy so that's the reason there are always two people closing together. 

"You know that I told you about my apartment, right." I said. 

"Oh right. Your living with a friend of yours right." 

"Yea." I couldn't tell him the truth that I was living with Miyuki who was the boss of the mafia but do they even know who the mafia boss is, well they could but right now it's good to stay silent about it. 

"Your wondering how it got burned right." Katsu was right about that. I didn't know how it happened and because of the fire most of my things were gone. 

"Maybe your overacting with things." Katsu said swept the tables down. 

"Maybe." I said. 

We finished cleaning the restaurant and counting the money in the till. We looked to see if there were anything else left doing and once we were done we grabbed our stuff. 

"Should I drop you home?" Katsu asked. 

"No it's fine my home isn't far from here." I said that but that was a total lie but I didn't want to bother Katsu so I decided to go on my own. 

"If you say so." Katsu said his goodbye as I did and we parted ways. 

It was late in the evening and pretty dark out. It gets late pretty fast around here. As I was walking I saw a bunch of guys that I don't usually see standing together and they looked dangerous. They didn't look like any of the friendly people that I would usually encounter. I decided it's best to ignore them and be on my way but when I passed them a hand grabbed me by the arm. I turned and looked and saw it was one of the men that were standing together. 

"Spare us some change will you." One said, his breath stink like he was drinking. His feelings said more than that and it annoyed me. 

"Your pretty cute, are you really a guy." Another came from behind me. 

"Let me go!" I yelled and pushed them out of my way. I may not be so strong but I could do this much. The guys were about to go again when they notice something that fell from my pocket. 

"Are you with the Vanetti Famiglia?" Both looked shocked and scared and next thing I knew they had ran off and there I stood there confused. I fell down and sat there thinking what had just happened. 

I grabbed the button that fell from my pocket and stared at it. Nagao had given to me but it seems it was something really important if it meant that it could drive those two away like chickens. 

"Was Nagao-san part of the Mafia as well?" 

"Ei-chan, there you are?" 

"Ei-chan?" There is only one person who calls me that. I looked up and saw it was Miyuki standing there. 

"You were taking a while and I was worried so I came to get you. Why are you sitting there on the ground like that?" 

"Nothing really. Just resting a bit." 

"Is that so? Did resting give you a scratch mark here." Miyuki said as he touched my right cheek where there was a red scratch mark that even I didn't even know was there. It was probably by those two which I didn't know how it happened. 

"I may have gotten into a little trouble." I said, laughing as I said that. 

"At least your fine." Miyuki held his hand out to me and I took it and he lifted me up from the floor. 

Miyuki's car was nearby so we go inside and he drove us home to the mafia mansion. All the way home I couldn't stop thinking about Nagao and the button but I didn't take it out because of what Haruichi said before since Miyuki might not like it for a reason even I don't know of. 

I took a nice relaxing bath when I got home. I was exhausted from today, having classes and work is very tiring for me but I had to do both. Once I earn enough money I had to find a new place to move into. I even told my uncle about it and he was surprised but I told him I was living with a friend so he was fine with it. 

But I feel like my apartment was the one whoever started that fire targeted because it was my building and most of the things inside was all burned and the rest of the building still had things inside while all my stuff was gone but who would do that I mean I don't know anybody from here. 

I shook my head thinking of all the possibilities that could be going on. That's when I noticed somebody was at the door laughing. I turned and saw it was Miyuki. 

"As much I like seeing your many funny expression dinner is ready." 

"Miy-Kazuya." I said, a bit embarrassed that he saw me doing something like that. 

We walked in the dining room and food was already placed. It was just myself and Miyuki. 

"Where are the others?" I asked. 

"They are busy with their tasks but don't worry they eat so you don't have to worry about them." I didn't even ask him that but he apparently knew what I was thinking about. 

"Ei-chan. I don't like you working so late at night since it's dangerous like tonight." He said pointing at the scratch on my face. 

"It can't be helped since it's my job." 

"How about I come pick you up from now on?" 

"Are you crazy! If you come pick me up then you will stand out too much." 

"Your quiet rude to your savior." Miyuki pouted. "I know then how about I pick you up half-way and that way I won't draw any attention to myself." 

"That's fine I guess." 



It was my day off from university and work so I had the day to spend it out with Gli. We went shopping since Gli said he needed to buy a few things. We ended up in a baseball shop. 

"Have you played baseball before?" Gli asked. 

"A bit in high school." It was kind of true and not. My high school life didn't last long since I was pulled away. My high school life was hell when I think about it. 

"What position did you play as?" Gli asked. 

"Pitcher." I said smiling. I always did like baseball since I was a kid. 

"I was baseman." Gli said. 

Gli didn't play baseball in the university nor did I but it was always nice to see the baseball equipment when inside a baseball shop like this one. 

I then noticed at the counter where the cashier was a painted cheery blossom cup. 

"This remind me of Japan." I said smiling upon the cup as I looked at it feeling happy. 

"You remind me of this one woman. She said the same exact thing." I looked up at the man who was the counter, the worker. "Now I look at you she looked a bit like you." 


"Maybe you guys are related." He said. 

"I don't know anybody from Italy. If I did then I would have lived with them." I questioned those words the man said about the woman. It made me think of that woman in the photo that Miyuki had. 

Once we left the shop we ended up going to a small cafe that was nearby and both of us were hungry from walking around that we decided it was time to eat. 

"Say, what's the deal with the mafia war?" I asked Gli since it seems he would know more info from all the friends that I knew. 

"Wha?" Gli almost spilled his drink when I asked. "Why do you want to know about the Mafia?" 

"I'm just a bit curious." I was very interested and somehow I feel like I could be connected in all this but I wasn't too sure or it could be all in my head. 

"I heard a a few years ago there was a huge war going on. It wasn't good since a lot of people died from the war but there was something else and that was one person escaped to Japan when it happened but that is nothing but a rumor." 

"To Japan?" I thought about for a second when he said Japan. 

"Well Japan is safer place then it was back then and I suppose that person is living a normal life. And the mafia aren't people that you want to mess with I mean they are dangerous even if they seemed kind." 

"Is that so?" 

"So Igarashi-kun I advise you to stay alert and don't get into any trouble that involves them." 

"It's not like I will do anything crazy." I smiled. 

After our snack Gli had to leave since he had other things to do. He had planned to spend the afternoon with me and leave right after we were done. 

I ended up going to the University. I know it was my day off but I needed to know something and I headed to the big library there to do my research. 

There weren't many students at the university and that worked fine for me. I looked through all the books trying to find some info about the mafia and the families. I found out the mafia were very big and because of them people had a place to live but they were also very dangerous and could kill anybody. That reminded me of that man who I saw dead. 

There were history of all the mafia families expect for the Arcana family. I was curious to why there wasn't much said about Miyuki's family. As I was searching through the Arcana family a photo fell out. It was of the photo of the same woman but she wasn't alone. She was with two man. She was holding onto one man while the other just stood there with them smiling but the smile the other man had he felt it wasn't his real smile. 

I decided to sneak the photo into my inside jacket and walked out the library. 

"Aren't you the one who was with Mei-san?" As I walked out the university a guy approached me. He was the one who had been looking for the blond guy yesterday. 

"Who are you?" I asked. 

"Sorry. I'm Itsuki Tadano." He introduced himself politely.  

"By Mei-san, do you mean that person from yesterday?" I asked since I didn't know the guy. 

"Yes Narumiya Mei." He explained to me his full name not that I was asking but oh well. 

"Why are you here?" I asked. "I don't think you’re a student here." 

"Your right about that." He looked nervous when I asked that question and I could see the sweat coming down slowing from his forehead. "I had some business with somebody that works here." He said but I could tell this guy was lying but it's not my business so I didn't ask him any more details. 

"I have to head home." I said turning around about to leave. 

"Wait!" Itsuki called out to me and made me stop on my tracks. 

"What is it?" I asked turning around before I could head home. 

"Sorry for doing this." He looked apologized when he said those words and the next thing I knew I was hit on my neck by somebody and I blacked out as I saw Itsuki's face vanishing from my eyes as they shut closed.

Chapter Text

"Why me?" That was the question I was asking myself over and over in my head. I didn't even do anything and here I am in a room that I don't recognize. Seriously to think I would get kidnapped. If it anybody else I'm sure they would have freaked out but me nope, not happening. I sat there staring up at the ceiling thinking maybe the time would go by quicker this way. 

Suddenly the door opened and a man entered the room. The man was that blond that I had met before and he was with that Itsuki person. Now that I recall what happened it was his fault but then again I doubt that he wanted to do anything like that because he doesn't seem like the type to do that. 

"Igarashi, right." Narumiya spoke my name with a straight face, like nothing was wrong with what was happening right now. 

"Is there are reason you had to kidnap me?" I asked, I was mad and glared at the blond. 

"I just wanted to speak to you." He said. 

"Then why didn't you say so instead of kidnapping me right when I was heading home." I was really frustrated with this whole thing and he has the guts to just smile at me. He kind of reminds me of Miyuki a bit, just a bit. 

"I thought this way was faster." 

"Are you kidding me?!" 

"I just never seen anybody have golden eyes like yours besides hers." He spoke. 

"Hers?" When he said that all I thought was of that woman from the photo in Miyuki's office. She was the only one I could think of who had eyes like me. 

"Who are you talking about?" I asked, maybe I could get some info on the person he was speaking of.  

"She. She was amazing person but she betrayed us." He spoke fond of her until the end when his face turned into rage. 

"I wonder what that woman do?" 

I thought that I would get more info about the woman but he didn't say anymore beside that. 

"So you a student at the art university?" Narumiya asked, he seemed curious about me. 

"Yea." I replied. It wasn't a lie and if I did lie he would know since he saw me there the other day. 

"You must love art a lot." 

"I guess since it's the only good thing I'm good at besides …" Hearing people's thoughts." 

"You must have other gifts within you." It was like this guy could see through me but I wasn't going to be played by him. 

"I don't know about that." I acted dumb like I knew nothing. 

Usually I didn't mind speaking out what people thought but right now I thought it's better to keep everything hidden because this guy wasn't like Miyuki or the others that I have met before, I had a feeling he was dangerous. And I had a feeling he was part of a mafia family. 

"Your staying with the Arcana famiglia right." 

"How do you know that?" I asked. 

"I know a lot of things that goes around here." He spoke like a genius when he said that. He had pretty blue eyes but to think such a evil man had such eyes. I said evil because all his thoughts are evil and isn't good for the people around him but there are people that follow this guy like Itsuki. 

"Your from Japan, aren't you?" He asked. 

"Why ask me when you know the answer to that." I said, a bit annoyed by this blond man. 

"Your right." He chuckled. "Do you have any parents like a mother?" 

"Sorry but I was raised by my uncle so I don't have any parents. My uncle is like my parent I guess." I said the most common thing that I could think of. Well when I think about it my uncle is like a parent to me. I mean who nags that much as he does to somebody who's not their own child. 

"I see." Narumiya seemed to be thinking something. 

"Narumiya-san, it would be nice if you let me go home." I said. I didn't want to be here for a second and I'm sure Miyuki would be worried about me and he's the type that is a pain in the ass when something happens like that time I got home late from work. 

"Not yet. I have lot more to ask you about." Narumiya turned around and left the room. 

"Sorry about knocking you out." Itsuki apologized to me and he seemed like he was really sorry well like I said he isn't like the type that seems want to harm me or do anything but Narumiya on the other hand is a whole another story. 

After Itsuki apologized he left the room as well and left me there alone. I stood up because there was no way I was going to wait for them to come back. 

I then had a thought in my head or more like a flashback. I had met this Itsuki person before with Nagao. I didn't think much about and thought Itsuki is friends with other people as well, it's normal. But it seems that he forgot that we met before but that doesn't really matter to me. 

I looked out the window and saw it was pretty far down and I could see a lot of trees and branches. I didn't know where this place, mansion was but I knew it was somewhere in the middle of the forest well that's what I think so far. 

I decided grab some bed sheets and make some rope. I threw it down the window and smiled at myself for thinking about something like. 

"I'm such a genius." I felt proud of myself. I was about to jump when I heard a crash and it was coming from out the door and then I hear voices like fighting. I didn't want to stand and find out. I was ready when I spotted a familiar face standing down the entrance of the mansion. 

"Miyuki—I mean Kazuya!" I yelled and when Miyuki saw me there was surprised look on his face as well as relief. 

Just then the door slammed opened and Narumiya appeared and tried to grab me but I jumped before he could have a hold on me. I didn't think much when I jumped but the rope made go in circles that it made me dizzy and when I thought I was going to die I landed on something or someone to be precise. I landed into the arms of Miyuki. He carried me like some princess which was embarrassing but it's better I'm safe then dying for sure. 

"How come Miy-Kazuya is here?" I asked. 

"You almost called me by Miyuki twice but it's improving but right now we don't have time to talk." He said and rushed off while carrying me. I was thinking this the first time to aren't I heavy I mean I'm not like a girl who's very light but Miyuki was carrying me like I was nothing maybe he's really strong. 

We were out of the forest and made our way near a bridge in town where the river flows. In fact Miyuki took us into the water, he was still carrying me in that princess style or bride style either way both was the same and embarrassing. He stared at my eyes for a long period of time. I didn't know what was wrong with him but when I looked back into his brown eyes I felt my heart was beating. It's no lie that Miyuki Kazuya is really handsome man. I felt my cheeks were blushing red and I knew he saw it but he didn't say anything but smiled at me. 

"I'm glad your safe." He then put me down on the ground and then I could feel the water on my feet, it was a nice refreshing feeling. "I really think that I need somebody to be your body guard."   



I was back at the mansion at Miyuki's place. I was lying on my bed. Boy was I exhausted from all that had happened to me. To think I would get kidnap is something that I would never dreamed of and it happened. If my uncle found out about all this he would pain that's how weak in the heart he is but that is something he doesn't need to find out. 

There was a knock on my door. 

"Come in." I said. 

It was Miyuki that entered the room but right after he entered another man entered and it was that man I saw before I started my first day of university. 

"Oh it's you." I said. 

"Do you know Chris-senpai?" Miyuki asked. 

"Chris-senpai?" I repeated his words and it went into my head and kept repeating. 

"We went to the same university." Miyuki explained. 

"Same university. Don't tell me that you went to University luav di Venezia?" I had a shocked expression on my face but both Miyuki and Chris just laughed at my reaction. I guess that would mean they are my senpais but I would never have thought Miyuki would study in such a school. 

"You were just thinking badly of me." Miyuki said shooting daggers at me. 

"I did not." It seems Miyuki is started to read my thoughts. I found it funny. " 

"I came to check on you." Chris said." Chris answered the thoughts that I was thinking. 

"Check on me?" 

"I heard from Miyuki the ordeal that you went through." 

"I'm not really hurt. I mean Narumiya-san didn't really do anything." 

"He probably didn't but either way I want you to be safe." Miyuki said, apparently the boss didn't like Narumiya since he had that disgusted expression when I mention his name. 

So in the end I let Chris check me. He was a doctor and was really good at his job. 

"All looks good." Chris said. 

"I did say I was fine." 

After that was all done Chris left the room saying he had some other business to attend to.  It was only myself and Miyuki now. 

"I'm fine." I said noticing that Miyuki seemed really worried about me. I didn't understand why he was worried about me a total stranger, well not really strangers anymore I guess but I guess even I would feel worried if something had happened to Miyuki. 

"You remind me a lot of her." Miyuki said. 

"The woman from the photo." I answered. She was the only one I think of. Everybody seemed to know that woman and I wonder what kind of person she is. I have a feeling I know who she is but I'm too scared to know the truth. 

"Yea. She was really reckless like you. Her husband would always yell her for not thinking." 

"Is that so?" 

"Like when you jumped out from the window." 

"But you were there to catch me." I smiled. 

"Catch you. You made me catch you I didn't have a choice. Seriously if I wasn't there I don't know what would have happened. You nearly gave me a heart attack." 

"I'm alright though." 

"I guess." Miyuki sighed. 

"Nowadays I don't you in that bum outfit of yours." I thought about the first time I met Miyuki as the bum he was. 

"It's because I have much more important things to do but if I have time I would dress like a bum again but I know I will get an earful by Kuramochi." Miyuki laughed as he explained and that made me laugh along side him. 

People say the mafia are dangerous and they kill but even if they do Miyuki and his gang are pretty nice people and that is something they won't understand. I know they might hide things but that's part of being a mafia.

Chapter Text

Miyuki was in his office. He was doing some work but the recent event of yesterday was still in his mind. He never thought that Eijun would get kidnapped but it seems that even Mei noticed something about Eijun. He slammed his fist on the table. He was in a very crappy mood. He manage to find out that Eijun was kidnapped when he didn't show up at the mansion after his time with his friend and he even bumped into that friend of his. 

"Miyuki, I'm coming in." Kuramochi opened the door without waiting for Miyuki to reply. "You look shity." Kuramochi didn't even mimic his words when he said that to the boss. 

"Why are you here?" Miyuki asked, his eyes still glued to his paperworks. 

"Miyuki, you should look up when somebody is speaking to you." Miyuki heard another voice in a room and to honest he didn't think this guy would be here as well. 

"I'm still listening." Miyuki replied. "So what is that you came here for? It must be important that even you Ryo-san is here." 

"It's about the boy that you picked up." Ryo said it like he picked a pet up from the road or something. 

"You mean Eijun." 

"He said he was from Japan right." Ryo confirmed if that was true. 

"Yea." Miyuki replied. "What about it?" 

"I will explain the rest." Kuramochi stood in front of Miyuki. "I heard that he was adopted by a priest in front of his church." 

"What are you getting at?" He asked. 

"We found out that his mother died before she could raise him." Miyuki realized what they were thinking. Of course the possibility that Eijun was her son was true but he didn't have proof besides those eyes of his. 

"If what they said was true then does that mean that she died." Miyuki didn't want to think about it but it made some sense when she was last seen heading to Japan to escape. 

"And since Narumiya kidnapped him we can all say that he could well be her son." Ryo said. He was right about that since Mei wouldn't kidnap anybody without any reason. 

"Where is Eijun anyway? I haven't seen him all morning?" Miyuki asked. 

"He's in the garden with Haruichi. He's teaching Haruichi to make some flower crowns." 


"Just like her. They are so alike in that aspect." 

"Get somebody to watch over Eijun as a bodyguard. I don't want the same thing to happen to him again and I don't want him to see that Mei." 

"Roger!" Both said in union as they put their hands up toward their head. 

The two left the room and leaving Miyuki alone. 

"If you are the son then I don't want anything to happen to him." 

Just when he thought he could relax there was a knock on his door. 

"Who is it this time?" 

"Come in!" He said. 

"Working hard as always Miyuki." 

"Nori, your back from your mission." 

"Yea. And I came to report back to you." Nori walked toward Miyuki and sat across from his desk. 

"What did you find out?" Miyuki asked. 

"To be honest it's trouble." 

"What do you mean?" Nori had a sad look on his face and that made Miyuki go serious. 

"Japan is in trouble." 


"And it's worse than then Martiillo Famiglia." 

"Nori, thought I told you not to mention that name." 




"Your really good at making these flower crowns." Haruichi watched how carefully Eijun made the flower crown. 

"There was somebody that I knew in Japan that taught me how to make these." I said, it made me think about the past a bit. 

"A friend of yours." 

"An old friend." I didn't want to say anymore about this friend of mine since we didn't have much connections anymore. We got distance after that day and of course he wouldn't forgive me. 

  "How is living in Japan?" Haruichi asked. "I used to live there as well but I didn't live there long since I had to come here with my brother." 

"It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either." All the bad memories started flowing into me, from the people I encounter to the rumors that said about but of course I ignored it. "The only good about that place was probably my uncle and the sakura cherry blossoms." 

"Is this uncomfortable for you to talk about?" 

"It's not that." I didn't want to worry Haruichi so I smiled like nothing was wrong. 

"Igarashi there's a package for you." A worker in the mansion called out to me. 

"I'll see you later." I said to Haruichi and headed inside to my room that was currently staying inside. 

There was a small box on my bed. I reach for it and saw it was from my uncle and there was even a letter attached to it which was strange since his uncle isn't the type to sent him any letters with anything he sends him. 

Eijun how are you doing? 

I know this will come as a surprised but I left Japan to do some business overseas and probably won't be able to send you anything often but I thought this was a good opportunity to tell you about your late mother. I told you that she died from a car accident and of course you knew that I was lying but you didn't say anything but I think it's about time I tell you the truth about your mother. I found her bleeding with blood holding a baby in her arms and that baby was you. I tried to help her but I knew that she wouldn't live long but she handed me the people and told me to keep you safe and raise you and that I did. She even gave her last breath to tell me your name. I knew she was running from something but I didn't think it was the mafia. I had encounter many people and always came to my church looking for your mother. I always lied about your mother and hid you from them but I didn't think once you grow up that you would have such gifts that I didn't know what to do but even so I raised you like the good son you are. 

In the package I sent you I wrapped something that belonged to your mother. I'm sure she would want you to have it. I'm sorry that I couldn't give to you sooner but I thought you were still young so I hid everything from you. 

One more thing that I should tell you is that other power you gained when you were little. You always had that gift of reading what people said but you had one other gift and at first I was scared of it when you used it as a child but once your grew older you forgot about well that was me thinking that you did but I'm sure you knew it was dangerous and didn't use it as much. 

The power of your golden eyes. 

Love your uncle. 

I put the letter away and then took the package apart and then there was a small box inside I unwrapped it and inside I saw a small golden locket. I reach for it and opened it and there I saw photo of my mother and I'm sure the baby was me. I realize this woman in the photo that was my mother was the same woman in the photo with Miyuki. 

"So you are my mother. I didn't want to believe it at first." I held the locket to my chest and held it tight and then without noticing tears started to flow down my cheeks. I haven't cried like this for a long time. 

"Okaasan." I mumbled under my breath. 

I lay there on my bed thinking about everything the letter the locket and I know understand why people thought that I looked familiar or even acted like her. 

"To think my uncle had all the answers."  

After lying down for a while I got up straight and made my mind up. I wasn't going let anybody knew that I was her son, not yet. There was something else that I had to do and that was find some info on my father. My uncle never mention him so I'm guessing he's living somewhere and doesn't even know about what has happened to his wife. I didn't really care about the man since he was never part of my life and he wasn't there when my mother died but even so I wanted to face the man who was my father and my mother's husband. 

I then heard footsteps heading my way. I hid the letter and locket in my pocket as fast as I could. The door opened and Miyuki appeared. 

"Are you resting?" He asked. "I haven't seen you all day so I thought it would be good to see you." 

"I was just lying my head down that's all." I said. 

Miyuki walked closer to me and then sat on the edge of the bed. 

"Starting tomorrow I'm going have a bodyguard around you." 

"Are you kidding me!" I yelled without thinking. "I don't need somebody to be with my 24/7!" 

"It's for your own good. You got hurt the other night right. And just recently you were kidnapped." 

"Yea. But it wasn't that bad." 

"I won't say it again but you will have somebody with you whenever you head outside." I tried to glare at Miyuki but even so he wouldn't let this thing go. 

"Fine." I gave up but to think it would end up like this. 

"I might have to end up using it after all this time after I told myself I won't use it but I didn't have a choice when I had to learn where my father is and as well find out why my mother was involved with the mafia when clearly she didn't look like one to be in one." 

"I know it's not something you are fond of but once everything gets settle down then I'll take them away." Miyuki petted my head assuring me everything would be fine. 

Miyuki left and I was alone again. I then opened the drawer on the bedside and grabbed the kitsune mask that was inside. I said everything was burned but somehow this managed to stay safe from everything else and apparently this was outside in the road of my apartment and the policeman thought it belonged to me. I don't know who sent this but this might come in handy for me and what I'm about to do. 

"I know I'm crazy to do something like this. It feels like I'm back in Japan again." I did a lot of crazy things back in Japan and that made my uncle upset with me but this time I was doing something for the good so he won't complain when I do this for myself. 

I took out my mobile and dialed a number from my contacts. 

"Gli, can you help me with something?" I knew I had to this. I also wanted to find out who the hell killed my mother. Anger rose in me when I thought about it. I could imagine my late mother as she tried to run from the people who were after her. 

"I want revenge." To think I would say something like this.

Chapter Text

"You said you needed help but to think you wanted to know about the mafia." 

"I'm just a bit curious about them since this city is owned by them as has many mafia everywhere." Eijun realized he needed to know more about the mafia if he wanted to find out more about his mother and his disappearing father that abandoned them. 

"Your one strange one. One would not want anything to do with them." 

"I guess I am." I smiled. 

Gil didn't ask much about why Eijun needed the information since Gil hated the mafia even though he was part of one. 

"I heard you were kidnapped recently." Gil said. 

"Where did you hear that from?" 

"There were talks that the kid that Miyuki taken in was kidnapped by another mafia family." 

"I guess I'm that kid." 

"By the way didn't you say that you had a bodyguard with you 24/7 where is he?" 

"He's taking a little nap right now." 

"Just what did you do or how did you do?" 

"You don't need to find out." EIjun smirked. "Bu I have a feeling I will get in trouble later but I'll cross that bridge when it comes." 

"If you say so." 

Gil handed all the paperwork that he could find about the mafia. Eijun looked through it. He was looking for the information about his parents but it seemed even Gil wasn't able to get the information he needed and he couldn't tell Gil that but he was sure all this information that he did get would come in handy for him. 

"Thanks Gil." 

"This was nothing." He said. 

Gil was the type of guy that didn't ask much about anything that went around others head like Eijun. Gil was curious why Eijun wanted it but he pushed it aside. 

"Just don't start getting into any troubles now." 

"I can't promise you I can't." 

Once Eijun was done his business with Gil he went back where the driver/bodyguard was sleeping away. He was knocked out by Eijun before Eijun had to meet up with Gil. Eijun didn't hit the guy too hard and he probably won't remember what happened. 

"Hey." Eijun tapped the bodyguard strongly and he wake up with a jolt. 

"Huh, where are we?" The bodyguard looked surprised not sure what he was doing sleeping away. Eijun saw the distress look on the man's face. Can't blame him since he works for a mafia and failure is not a options for them. 

"We're heading home aren't we." Eijun said and that made the Bodyguard's stressness change into one with a strong determination. 

"Right." He said. The man opened the door for Eijun and the brunet walked in and sat in the back seat. 

Eijun had his mind set up and he wasn't going to back away even if it meant using people. To think he would go back to his old ways but he had a reason this time but he did feel bad. 

"Igarashi-sama I don't remember but where did I take you today?" The bodyguard asked scratching his head in confusion. 

"We went to the riverside." Eijun lied but his lie was believable because the Guard fell for it. 

Well nobody would think such a young man like Eijun would lie since he looked like such a innocent boy. 

So the bodyguard drove Eijun back to the mafia mansion. 

Eijun didn't know how to feel whenever he was brought here since it wasn't his home and place that Miyuki had given him to stay for the time being but it didn't feel like for the time being anymore with the way Miyuki acted, even giving him a bodyguard to watch him 24/7. 

Eijun could see that Miyuki wasn't home because if he was he would be the first one to greet him. Eijun went toward his room and lay down on the bed.  

He then ran through all the names of the mafia he got from the information of the mafia. Eijun wanted to find his mother's killer. He found out she didn't dead like his uncle had mention in fact she was slowly dying when his uncle found them and the one responsible for is part of the mafia. 

Eijun was always good at memorizing names and faces. When he saw one he would never forget it, maybe because it's the way he looks at the art always remembering all details and it's the same with people.  

One thing Eijun was sure that he needed to meet these people and the only hope he had was sitting right under him. 

"Miyuki Kazuya, huh." Eijun felt really bad since the man took him in but he wanted to know the truth when the times comes Eijun promises to apologize to the man since he was really kind to him. 

"Where is that bum anyway?" Eijun sighed. He didn't know much people in this big mansion and the people here weren't that friendly toward him since he was a outsider coming into their home and he couldn't blame them for it. 

"Why do I feel so exhausted from thinking about all that?" EIjun sighed and rolled to the other side of his bed then slowly his eyes started to shut, guess he was sleepy from all the information that he gathered. It was really hard to make his plan work with a bodyguard there with him all the time and he never did anything like that before, he was amazed that he did that if his uncle saw him now he knew the man would lecture him. He laughed just at the thought. Eijun was missing his uncle even though he does sent messages. 

Even so Japan was where his uncle was the home wasn't a place for him since he didn't feel like it was his home. There were people that didn't like him and since he was a kid the other children would make fun of him because he didn't have any parents and it made Eijun envy the others and wish he had but his uncle was always around for him even though he knew that the man wasn't his own blood relative. 

Miyuki had just gotten home from his meeting and boy was he exhausted. He saw Eijun had arrived since he saw the young man's shoes. He wanted to go see Eijun right away but maybe he should wash up first since he went back looking like a bum and the boy would surely make fun of him. 

"I don't get why you always end up with that appearance." Kuramochi sighed, thinking this was their boss. 

"I don't think anybody will understand." Ryosuke said. 

"How long are you planning on letting that boy stay with us?" Kuramochi asked. "He doesn't belong here and you know it." 

Miyuki heard what Kuramochi said but choose to ignore it and walk away. 

"Hey Miyuki!" Kuramochi called out. 

"I'm sure Miyuki understands." Ryosuke said putting a hand on the other's shoulder. "I'm sure he does but he doesn't want to let him go for some reason." 

Miyuki took a quick shower and then headed to Eijun's room. The door was unlocked like usual, nothing strange about that but then he heard light breathing and when he walk inside the room he saw the boy sleeping on the bed on his side and he was still wearing the clothes he had seen him wear this morning before he left. 

"What did you do to make you so tired?" Miyuki walked toward the bed kneel down and stroke the boy's brown hair and then stroke his cheek. The boy was deeply asleep since he didn't notice that somebody was touching him or maybe he did feel it but he was just too tired to wake up and see who it was but he probably knew who it was because there was only one person who always comes to see him 

It was strange to think that he would form some kind of friendship with this man that is the mafia boss at first he looked nothing but they say looks can be deceiving.  


Eijun was ready to go head  toward his university this morning as usual Miyuki was wide awake and was already doing some paperwork when he saw the man and he didn't look happy the way he went at it with all those files. 

"Aren't you working too hard?" Eijun asked, looking a bit worried. 

"I'm fine." Miyuki said giving Eijun his brightest smile so he wouldn't worry Eijun. 

It was a route to see Miyuki before Eijun left since the leader had asked that Eijun tell him where or who he meets up with whenever he leaves the house, it was more like a demand. 

"I'm heading to the university." Eijun said as he waved goodbye to the hard working Miyuki who was sitting on his desk with all his work that he would rather make disappear. 

"I'll get somebody to come pick you up or come myself." 

"You know you don't have to do that I can take care of myself and if you come you'll make a huge scene." With those words Eijun walked out the door just as he did somebody else came inside. 

"I see he's heading to school." Watanabe stared at the man in his desk, like he hadn't been sleeping at all then looked out the door the one that Eijun had just left from and looked back at his leader. 

"He keeps telling me the same thing with those golden brown eyes of his and the answer will be the same." 

"I think you worry a bit too much about him." 

"I don't think I do." Miyuki denied. 

"You do a lot and I'm sure he thinks too as well. I know that he was kidnapped and all but you should let the boy let loose I mean he is a student and he came to Italy from Japan to be free not to be prison. Sorry to say that to you." 

"You say that but Watanabe you don't sound sorry at all." 

"Yea I forgot to add that to my sentence." He smirked. "Anyway I didn't come here to talk about Igarahi but about what's going on but I may have something to do about Igarahi even if I didn't want to talk about him." 

"What do you mean?" Miyuki asked. 

"I did as you told me and took his hand prints as well as strands of hair since you wanted to know if he had the same DNA as her and I'm surprised to say they are a match." 

"So he really is her son." Miyuki paused for a second to think and then looked back at Watanabe. "So does he have her powers as well." 

"Since he was born from both sides I'm sure Igarashi has his power as well even though it's dangerous." 

"You gotta be kidding me." Miyuki didn't want the same thing to happen again. "I'll have watch over him careful and hope nothing bad happens." 

"You say that but you can't watch over him all the time with you having to do all the work with the mafia. You will just have others to assist you in that department." 

"I guess so." Miyuki sighed.

Chapter Text

Miyuki finally had a break from all his work and spend the day hanging out with Eijun. They went into the city strolling through the streets. They didn't have a destination in mind when they decided to go out.  

"You have no important matters to attend to today?" Eijun asked.  

"Nope. Today I'm free and yours." He said.  

"Did you have to praise it that way?" Eijun sighed. "I don't know if your trying to be funny or what but try that on a girl not me." When Eijun said that the older man smirked making Eijun afraid to know what his face meant.  

"You haven't bumped into any strangers lately, have you?"  

"Are you still worried about that time with Narumiya?" There was silent from Miyuki and Eijun realize he hit the mark. "He hasn't approached me since that time."  

"Good." Miyuki answered.  

"Let's go see the sakura tree." Eijun suggested and so they headed to the tall tree.  

The tree was blooming wonderfully like it had always been since Eijun ad come here. Eijun didn't know how many blossoms the tree had but he was sure there were around a thousand or so. Miyuki and Eijun were the only one there in top of the hill with the large tree. The tree made Eijun feel like it was his good luck, funny thing to think.  

"You really like this tree don't you?" Miyuki asked.  

"Yea. The sakura tree reminds me of my late mother." When Miyuki heard Eijun talk about his mother in such a sad tone it made Miyuki sad himself since he knew his mother as well. "I never knew my mother since I heard she died when I was little and I could hardly remember my time as a baby."  

Just then the sakura blossoms started to blow so fast, it must be because of the sudden gust of wind that blew by that surprised to two.  

"I didn't hear that it was going to be windy today." Miyuki said.  

The wind wasn't so bad but it was a bad idea to be here out in such a bad weather.  

"We should head back, even though I wanted to spend some time with you." Miyuki looked dejected.  

"We can spend some time at home." Eijun said.  

"I guess so."  

So the two headed back to the mansion.  

The moment they got back Kuramochi came running to both of them.  

"Miyuki, it's bad!"  

"Calm down! What happened?!" Miyuki asked.  

Kuramochi didn't say a word since Eijun was standing there Eijun realized that they didn't want him to know what was going on even though Eijun was curious to know what happened.  

"I'll be in my room." Eijun said leaving but he didn't really leave to go to his room. He stopped half-way to listen in to what the two were talking about."  

"So what happened?" Miyuki asked once Eijun was gone.  

"Sawamura Kojiro is back."  

"What!" Miyuki looked surprised.  

"Sawamura Kojiro, he has the same last name as my mother and me. Who is he? Is it possible that he's my father."  

"Is he crazy to come back?" Miyuki didn't sound so happy with the news and his face didn't seem that way as well. "We told him to stay away yet he comes running back."  

"Maybe because this is her home." Eijun then heard Ryosuke's voice pop up.  

"Ryo-san?" Kuramochi looked surprised to see the older man. "What are you doing here?"  

"I could hear your voice all the way to the kitchen. I had to stop spending time Haruichi because of you."  

"Sorry." Kuramochi apologized.  

"Anyway, about Sawamura Kojiro-san." Ryosuke turned to Miyuki as he spoke his words. "What are you going to do about it?"  

"I'll have to go talk to him in person." Miyuki sighed.  

Once the talk was over Eijun went to his room. He sat down on his bed and thought about the name that came out of their mouths. He wonders who the man was and he seemed really important and it seems as though they didn't want him here in Italy but for what reason.  

The door to Eijun's room opened and Miyuki entered.  

"Are you done with your talk? And I was sure you had no matters to attend today."  

"Sorry looked like Kuramochi had to tell me no matter what." Miyuki then sat beside Eijun on the bed. "There is actually something I wanted to talk about."  

"What is that?"  

"It's about your mother."  

"You mean the woman in that picture." When Eijun said that Miyuki was a bit taken back.  

"So you knew all along."  

"At first I had a hard time figuring it out but I put the pieces together and realize who she was. I was finally able find out after a letter my uncle sent me."  

"Letter?" Eijun took the letter from the drawer and handed it to Miyuki and the mafia boss read it carefully.  

"I see so this uncle was the man who took cared of you all this time."  

"Yes. He was the only family I had at the time."  

"There is something else I like to ask you about? Miyuki turned around and put his hand on Eijun's shoulder, it looked like it was about something serious. "Have you powers activated?"  

"By powers you mean?" Eijun tried to recall his childhood but he couldn't. He remembered his uncle telling him in the letter that his memories of that time were wiped away suddenly. "I guess it's that I can read people's thoughts."  

"So that was your power."  

"But I don't know the other one. I did but I can't remember it was a long time ago."  

"What do you mean?" Miyuki asked.  

"I'm not too sure what happened but uncle said I just forgot about it and said it was good I did since it was something dangerous."  

"Could he have the same powers as his parents or?"  

"Anyway here." Miyuki handled a picture of a woman who is his mother in picture with a baby who he thinks is him, of course it's him. "I still had this so I kept onto it and thought maybe you would want it."  

"Thank you." Eijun smiled as he took the picture from Miyuki. Eijun stared at the picture, a little tear fell down his face as he looked at the picture. "What's my mother's name?" Eijun asked.  

"Sawamura Tsubasa." Miyuki answered.  



Even though Miyuki told Eijun about his mother there were still things that he wouldn't tell Eijun that involved the Mafia and that made Eijun upset.  

"There you are Eijun-kun." Haruichi had found Eijun in the courtyard making some flower crowns, it was his daily route when he had nothing better to do. He had no classes and no work and Miyuki was busy with work so he came here to relax. "I knew I would find you here."  

"Are you done with your duties today?" Eijun asked as he turned to Haruichi.  

"Yes. I'm free now and thought I would spend some time with you. I heard that your mother was Haru the woman who was part of the mafia and who once lived here. No wonder I thought you two were very similar."  

"Did you knew here well?"  

"I only seen here a couple of times and spoke to her little but Miyuki knew her more than anybody here since he was the most close to her then anybody. You could say she was like another mother to the boss since his mother passed away when he was very young."  

"What happened?"  

"The boss's mother was very kind and beautiful but she fell ill even though she told the boss she would be fine in the end she passed away and right after his father died in the car accident but he believes that somebody killed him."  

"Just like my mother."  

"If you want more info you should probably ask the boss himself."  

"Yea, I'll do that." Eijun smiled.  

"Can you tell me about the time you lived in Japan?" Haruichi asked. "I'm a bit curious about Japan. I mean I lived there as well but not as long as you have."  

"Well... " Eijun paused for a moment since there were bad memories but there were good ones as well. "I had a friend in Japan that I always hung out with. He was the only one I could call my friend and he was pretty quite and said things that most people didn't like."  

"Isn't he a lot like you?"  

"Kind of but I would say he is worse." Eijun smiled. "He didn't like being around others beside me. You could that us two were the only friends we had with one another but.." There was another pause and it made Haruichi worry. 

"What happened?" Haruichi asked making the other wake up from his thoughts. 

"We had a little argument. I looked through his journal that he had and saw something that I wasn't supposed to and after that he moved away and I regret it since I wanted to apologize to him no matter what." 

"I'm sorry that I made you say some sad things." Haruichi said. 

"It's nothing that sad but I hope I could meet him again and say the words I could never." Eijun then looked at his watch on his wrist and saw the time. He was supposed to meet up with Gil. "Haruichi can you let Miyuki know I'm going to friend's house and I don't need any bodyguard." Before Haruichi could say a word to Eijun the young man was gone leaving the pink-haired boy all alone. 

"Why does he always do this to me?" Haruichi sighed. 

"Haruichi there you are?" Haruichi looked up and saw his brother had appeared moments after Eijun had disappeared. "What's wrong?" He asked when he saw the panic looked on his little brother's face." 

"It's about Eijun-kun." So Haruichi told Ryosuke what had happened. 

"That boy is a quick one and seems like one that doesn't listen." Even though Eijun wasn't supposed to leave without having a bodyguard or letting Miyuki know Ryosuke chuckled and thought Eijun was a real interesting person, a lot like his mother. 

"What should I do?" 

"Don't worry he's a grown man and he can take care of himself and I'll take responsibly for letting him go out."  



Eijun was going to meet up with Gil but he decided not to when he saw a familiar face walking down the street. It was one of the men in the information that Gil had given him and he thought this was his chance to get more info. Of course Eijun didn't let the man know he was following him. He pretended that he was reading a book that he had prepared. 

The man's phone rang and looked at the screen and yelled angry at the phone. The man's face was one that was not taken lightly with things. 

"Why didn't you take care of it?!" The man yelled, who ever was at the other land made Eijun pity him. 

"I told you to deliver it and you can't even do simple thing like that." 

"What that leader!" 

Eijun couldn't figure out what the man was talking about when he could only hear his talk. If he could hear the one from the other line then he could figure it out but he couldn't. 

"Sawamura Kojiro is back!" The man looked shocked when he said the name. "Just when things were calm and that bastard decides to return." 

Eijun really wondered who this man was but he knew he wasn't getting the information that he needed. Now that he thought about why didn't Gil give him anything that involved that man, maybe he didn't have the information. He was lucky enough that Gil helped him so much already. 

"Just when I thought you had gone into hiding you come back when things were getting interesting for us. Will you give us trouble again?" 

The man finished his talk then got into a car that was nearby and drove away. Eijun took the book away from his face and watched the car leave. 

"I want to find out who this Kojiro person is. He might be related to me."  

Eijun stopped and found himself at the job he worked at. He thought it would be nice to pay a little visit. 

"It's good you see you Igarashi-kun." Aoi greeted Eijun. 

"Likewise." Eijun looked around the restaurant and saw it wasn't so busy. "Slow day today." 

"Yep." Katsu answered. 

"Sorry we don't have many ships for you to pick up lately." Aoi apologized. "We just don't need anybody when it's this slow lately." 

"It's fine." Eijun smiled. "At least I still get to work with you two." 

"Your so cute." Katsu said making Eijun glare at the man. 

"Don't be like that." 

"Katsu-san, no man would like to be called cute even if it was from you." Eijun explained. 

"It's because it's you that's why your cute." 

"I don't understand." 

"Of course you don't." Katsu chuckled. 

"I actually wanted to ask you two something since you been living here in Italy for a while now." 

"What is it?" Aoi asked. 

"I wanted to know about something that has to do with the Mafia." 

"What is it?" Katsu asked. 

"Do you who Sawamura Kojiro is?" Eijun asked, his mood being all serious. The two looked at Eijun with concern on their face, seeing the way they were Eijun realized the two knew.

Chapter Text

"Hey what are you going to paint for the upcoming test?" Gil had asked Eijun who was at Gil's home. They had decided to meet and help each other but for some reason Eijun didn't look like he was into brainstorming right now. 

"Are you thinking about the mafia again?" Gil asked. "You know at first I thought you were just curious about them but there's something else right." Eijun looked up finally when Gil spoke up. "I won't ask you to tell me your reason but you can trust me that I won't tell a soul." 

"Thanks Gil." Eijun smiled. Eijun felt it was time to tell him since Gil has done so much for him and he hadn't explain anything even so his friend helped him. "My mother was part of the mafia." 


"Yes. But she was killed. I never met her since she died before I could know anything. I lived in Japan with my uncle and he's not even blood related to me. I want to find out who killed my mother." 

"So revenge." Gil answered. 


"I'll help you since I really hate the mafia." 

"Even though you are part of the mafia." 

"Yea. But do you have some kind of plan." 

"Maybe. Gil do you have the pictures of all the mafia famiglia pictures?" 

"Is there somebody that your looking for?" 

"There is?" Eijun recalled the man from yesterday and he wanted to know who this Kojiro was as well. 

"I don't really have that info but I can help you get it." Gil smirked. 

"And I have a feeling I won't like how your getting it." 

"Yep. It's a party. There's a party that the Kamakazei is hosting but only certain mafia families are welcome and lucky for you my family is welcome and I can bring you along." 

"Even though I hate the idea of going to any parties I need to go to find more info." 

So Eijun made of his mind that he would attend the party. He already had an excuse for going to tell Miyuki. 

"By the way what is your plan when you find these people. I mean the ones responsible for your mother's death." 

"I'll take care of them. I mean I won't kill them but make them confess their crimes." 

"Do you really think you can make them do that?" 

"I can." Eijun smiled with a confident. 

"It's a masquerade party so you'll have to wear a mask to cover your face which I think it's a good thing since you'll be snooping around the mansion." 

"I would call it investigating." 

"Same thing." Gil pointed it out. "But before all this we better get a start on our project since the test is coming up soon." 

"Yea." Eijun looked still had the brush on his hand and for once he had no idea pop up which was so not like him. He used to come up with so many ideas but now with the information with mafia in his mind he just couldn't think straight. 

After some time Eijun left Gil's home and decided to head home. Miyuki stop giving him bodyguards after their last conversion.  

He then remembered what Gil said about it being a masquerade party so he had to go buy a mask to wear at the party. He was glad he had some formal clothes since Miyuki was the one who bought him some clothes after his home was burned. 

Eijun found a little shop not far from the mansion. He looked in and saw all kind of neat stuff as well as the thing he was looking for. He wasn't really into parties and never will be but he had to this time if he wanted to know the truth.  

He found a nice mask that was white with golden lining. He didn't need to think hard when buying something he needed just for a party. 

"That's a nice mask." Eijun was surprised by the unannounced voice. A tall man with dark hair and dark brown eyes appeared that made Eijun almost drop the mask on the floor but the tall man caught it before it landed. "You should be careful with that." He smiled. He handed the mask back to Eijun and then Eijun took a better look at the guy and saw he was wearing a name tag so it looked like the man worked at this shop. 

"Sanada Shunpei." Eijun read the name out loud. 

"That's right." He smiled. "I work here party-time. Did you need any help finding anything else?" 

"No. This is all I came looking for." EIjun felt this strange feeling about this man that he was no ordinary man but he couldn't figure it out. 

So Sanada helped Eijun to the cash and Eijun took out the money to pay for the mask. 

"Are you going to some party?" He asked. 

"Yeah, something like that." Talking to this man was making Eijun very uncomfortable. 

"Well hope you have fun and see you again." 

Just as the man gave Eijun the small bag with the mask he thought what the man meant. 


Eijun didn't think hard and headed to the mansion. 



Eijun lay there on his bed. He was tired and he still couldn't figure out what to paint for his test that was coming up maybe paying a visit to Nagao wasn't a bad idea since he was his teacher and would help me. 

The door to his room opened and Miyuki entered with a relift look on his face. 

"What's wrong with you?" Eijun asked when he spotted Miyuki. 

"I know I said that I would let you without a bodyguard but it's worrying and I was just glad your safe." 

"Your such a worry wart!" Eijun sighed. 

"I can't help it." He said. 

"By the way there is something that I want to talk to you about." 

"What's that?" 

"I'm going training camp with my class for one night for my art." 

"One night." Miyuki didn't like the sound of that but it was about Eijun's studies and he couldn't do anything about that. 

"But he will be safer there than here for the time being." 

"I guess it's okay but remember to call me since I can't even sent you my bodyguards." 

"If you did that I would hate you." 

"And that is something I wouldn't want." Miyuki made up his mind and trust Eijun. 

"By the way did you go to that park again?" 

"Why do you think that?' Miyuki asked. 

"Because you look like a bum!" 

"Haha. I guess so." Miyuki chuckled at Eijun's words. "I'll go take a shower then let's talk some more." Miyuki left the room and leaving Eijun alone. 

"I'm glad he bought that." Eijun was a bit worried that Miyuki wouldn't allow it but it seems that there really are training camps even for art even though he just made it up. 

Eijun looked through his closet and just like he thought there was something formal for him to wear at that party and he would need to stay the night at Gil's place to make believe that he was really in the camp. 

"I'm sorry for lying but I have to know the truth." 

While waiting for Miyuki EIjun put on his headphones on his head and started to listening some music. He didn't remember the last time he put these on. He hadn't listened to something for a while since meeting Miyuki. 

Back in Japan he could all kind of cruel thoughts but here was different. There were somebody that cared for him even at the university the people there didn't have nasty thoughts. The people he knew well didn't say anything bad about him expect for Kuramochi but that's him and his words aren't really mean. 

After a while Miyuki came back but Eijun didn't hear since he had headphones on his head listening his music. Miyuki touched Eijun's shoulder making the young man turn around and what he saw shocked him the man was shirtless and his hair was dripping wet with the towel still on his head. Eijun turned back around with his face red from seeing Miyuki like that. Eijun knew Miyuki must be tough but to see that kind of body and why the hell was he reacting like that. 

Miyuki dried his hair with the tell then turned back to Eijun and took his headphones off and this was something Eijun reacted it. 

"Did you like what you saw!" 

"What are you saying! I did not!" But his face lied since he was so red from seeing Miyuki. 

"How cute!" Miyuki lean in closer to EIjun's face and his face when even redder. 

"This is your fault!" Eijun yelled and went underneath the blanket and covered himself. Eijun could hear Miyuki laugh out loud. 

"God your so cute!" 

"Hurry up and get dressed idiot!" 

"Alright." Miyuki stepped away and went to get some change of clothes and when he came back Eijun was seated up. 

"Do you want to grab something to eat out?" Miyuki asked. 

"Eat out? Don't we usually eat inside?" Eijun answered. 

"Yea but I thought it would be nice to eat out once in a while." 

"I guess we can." EIjun said. 

The two headed out. 

They went to a restaurant that Miyuki really liked. They had the best pasta in the whole city said by Miyuki. 

"Miyuki-san, it's good to see you again." 

"If it isn't Miyuki." 

"Good to have to come again." 

The people that worked there greeted Miyuki like they knew him well. 

"Do you come here often?" Eijun asked when they got seated. 

"Sometimes after my meetings I come here with Kuramochi and the others." 

"That's why?" 

When Eijun first met Miyuki he wasn't the boss he knew now. He was called Uta but for some reason he was drawn to Miyuki without knowing who he really was and it was big surprised to find out who he really was and even more shocked that he was somehow connected to him. 

"Something on your mind?" Miyuki asked. 

"It's nothing." Eijun smiled. 

Miyuki ordered both of them food since Eijun wasn't sure what to have and just like the man said the food was amazing. 

"I like seeing your smile." Miyuki spoke up staring at Eijun. 


"Your smile brightens my day." 

"That's so cheesy." Eijun said but he was blushing really hard. "Don't you get embarrassed for saying things like that." 

"Not when it comes to you." Miyuki smirked. 

Eijun tried to pretend that Miyuki didn't say anything but it was really hard when the man was right in front of him smiling like it was nothing. Miyuki was never like this before, well he never did flirt like this when he first met him but now he always does things like this and even says cheesy lines and doesn't care one bit. 

"He's changed." 

"How was the food?" Miyuki asked. 

"It's good." Eijun answered. 

Even though Italy was a nice country and had good people he wasn't part of this country and he had to return and go back to Japan after he finished his school as well as finding out the truth about his mother. He had a time limit since it's when he finished his school.

Chapter Text

It was the day of the party and his false camp. Eijun was getting everything ready like he was really going to a camp to make Miyuki believe as well as the other members but there was one man that looked at him with suspicious. 

Ryosuke has been on edge since Miyuki told him about Eijun going on a training camp. In fact he found it odd but he didn't want to say anything since the young man did look like he was going to a camp and it seemed his friend was going to come pick him up too. 

Ryosuke watched Eijun and Haruichi chat while having breakfast together. 

"Why is your brother staring daggers at me?" Eijun mumbled in a slow tone of voice that only Haruichi could hear. 

"I'm sure he's just worried about you leaving since you are being targeted." 

"But that was a while back." Eijun sighed. Eijun then turned to Haruichi. "Your worried for me as well." EIjun could tell how Haruichi was feeling since he had that gift where he could tell how they felt. 

"Well you are my friend." Haruichi blushed in embarrassment. "Anyway I hope you have a safe trip." 

"I'm not going far. I will still be in Italy." 

"That's true but I feel as though your going far. I don't know why I feel that way." 

"Your strange." EIjun chuckled. 

As they were chatting Miyuki entered the room, wearing his suit. It looked like he was going to be busy today, not like he isn't always busy. 

"Miy- I mean Kazuya." Eijun still had a hard time saying Miyuki's first name even though Miyuki can say his name normally but it's hard for Eijun since he isn't used to it yet. 

"Kazuya." Miyuki answered. He made his way to Eijun and made fun of how cute Eijun is since he still can't say his first name yet. "I hope you get used to it by soon." 

Suddenly there was a knock on mansion. 

"That's probably your friend." Miyuki said. 

Eijun grabbed his backpack and headed to the door. Miyuki followed suit. 

"Hey Igarashi-kun. And good to see you Miyuki-san." Gil was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the way Miyuki was staring at him. 

"I hope you take good care of him." 

"Sure will." Gil answered half smiling since Miyuki was scaring him. 

Miyuki was one of the big boss that was pretty dangerous and it was a hard time for Gil to speak with the way the leader stared daggers at him like he was an enemy, 

"We're going now." Eijun said. 

"Remember to call me." 

"Yes and you don't have to worry I'm only going away for one whole day so will be back tomorrow." 

Miyuki watched as Eijun left with his friend. He wasn't the only one watching. 

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Ryosuke popped right beside Miyuki. 

"The camp is at the university which has high level security." 

"Yea. Since he was kidnapped you put them up." 

"Anyway shall we head to the meeting." 

"Yes boss." Ryosuke gesture Miyuki to the car that was waiting for them. 

Kuramochi was already in the car since he was the driver. 

"Took you guys a while." He sounded annoyed. 

"Couldn't be help since the leader here wanted to make sure Igarashi was good on his way." 

The two got into their seats in the black car. 

"Are you still calling him that?" Kuramochi asked. "I mean we all know his last name is Sawamura." 

"Yea but it's hard to change it and plus he doesn't seem to mind either." Ryosuke said. 

"After living in japan and using an unknown last name that isn't his for so long maybe he just got used to it." 

"Yea." Miyuki mumbled. 



"He scares me." Gil said once they were out of the mansion's sight. 

"Who?" Eijun asked as he looked at Gil. 

"You very well know who I'm talking about. Is the boss always like that?" 

"He's always kind to me and teases me and does a lot to me." 

"Are you sure about that?" Gil asked. 


Eijun had said the camp was at the university but they weren't going there. They were heading to Gil's home where he lived alone for the time being since his parents were abroad but even so his family was invited but his parents wouldn't be around to attend so only Gil would be attending . 

"Gil, isn't it lonely living here all alone?" Eijun asked. The young man has noticed every time that he comes to Gil's house how quiet it is and feels a bit sad for his friend. 

"It is lonely so I'm happy whenever you come over to spend time with me." Gil smiled. "I'm so glad to have you as my friend Igarashi-kun." 

"Same here." Eijun smiled. 

"By the you still haven't thought of what to draw yet have you?" 

"If you know the answer then don't ask." Eijun sighed. 

Gil led his friend to his room where Eijun to put his things away. 

Gil then told Eijun more info that he found about the mafia families. 

"I found out that they are hiding some kind of big secret and that they killed many to keep that secret from getting out there." 

"Secret?" Eijun questioned. 

"I don't know what that secret is but I'm thinking it has something to do with your mother and even your father since he has been missing the same time your mother disappeared." 


"Yep. I did my research since I wanted to help you." 

"Thanks Gil." 

"No need to thank me since we are friends."  Gil smiled. "Besides that I'm surprised that your convinced Miyuki-san about leaving the mansion to attend to the party. And you made up that your going to a training camp." 

"Even I'm surprised." Eijun sighed. The young man thought about when he told Miyuki since he did think his plan would fail if it did he had other ideas of his sleeves. 

"There is something I should warn you about before we head to the party tonight." 

"What is it?" Eijun asked. 

"Nagao-sensei is going to be there." 

"Wait you mean our art teacher! Nagao Akira!" Eijun yelled in surprised. 

"Yea. He is part of a big mafia family as well." 

"What! I never knew!" Eijun was getting more and more surprises. 

"That's why you have to be careful if you run into him. But we are lucky this party is a masquerade one since we can hide out face."  



Eijun and Gil arrived at the party dressed in suit and with masks. 

"That mask really does suit you well." Gil complimented the young man in which Eijun thanked his friend. 

There were a lot of people in the party and it was hard for Eijun to believe that all these people were part of the mafia. 

Eijun scanned the room when he spotted the man he saw out in the city the other day. 

"Gil I'm going to investigate."  

"Sure I'll do my own as well but be careful and remember what I told you." With that said Eijun left and followed the man he saw before. 

The man was alone and going somewhere to the back. Eijun was careful as he followed the man. Eijun then stopped and hide behind a pillar so he wouldn't be scene. Eijun then saw another man appear and then he heard them talk. 

"So the deal is going as planned." The man that Eijun was following spoke. 

"Yep. But there is trouble." The other sighed. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. 

"Sawamura Kojiro will ruin our plan if it's true that he is here in Italy." 

"That name again." 

"I thought we got rid of both of them but it seems one of them were still alive." 


Eijun had this horrible feeling inside of him. 

"We just have to get rid of Sawamura Kojiro before the deadline." 

"Easier said than done." 

"Don't you worry I have a trump card that will work well against something like this." The man smirked. "We will change this world the way we liked without those kind of people getting in our way ever again." 

The two man stopped talking that's when Eijun heard them heading his way. He hid behind the pillar once again and the two man walked passed him. When they were out of sight he let out a relief of sigh. 

"What are you doing there?" Eijun turned around when somebody called out to him. 

A man with black hair and wore a white mask with red lining on his mask. But Eijun felt he knew this man behind his mask with the way he stood and the way his hand made movements. 

"Akira, what are you doing it's almost time?" Somebody called out to the man and just like Eijun thought this was his sensei. 

"Are you perhaps lost?" Nagao asked ignoring the man that had appeared. 

"Yes. I was looking for the restroom." 

Gil had told him that Nagao would be attending but to think he would run into his sensei this fast. 

"The restroom is that way." Nagao pointed at the opposite direction of where they were at. 

"Thank you so much." Eijun hurried off and left. 

Once Eijun had left Nagao stared at the back of the young man that had just left. 

"Something on your mind?" The other that was with him asked. 

"Nothing really." 

Eijun made his way back to where there were a whole bunch of crowd and that's when he spotted his friend having a drink by himself. 

"Gil." He whispered in low voice. 

Gil turned around when he heard his name being called. 

"Your back. Did you find any good information?" He asked. 

"Yea. But it's still a bit confusing." 

Just as Eijun was about to explain more another presence entered the room and all eyes were on him. Eijun didn't need to know who he was with the mask cause he knew. 

"Narumiya Mei." He mumbled. 

That blond hair and blue eyes. He could never forget and the people besides him really gave him away since they weren't really wearing any masks. 

"I guess he was invited here as well." Gil muttured. "Wait if a boss like he is that means." 

Just then another presence entered the scene. 

"Is that the Arcane family?" 

"I thought they weren't attending." 

"It's nice to see them in person like this." 

"Whoever would have thought that even the family your living with would attend this party." 

"You gotta be kidding me." Eijun had by all means have to avoid them. 

As Eijun was thinking that he stopped when he saw a man that looked pretty suspicious. 

"Gil I'll be back." He said and rushed off. 

"Wait what!" Gil's words didn't reach Eijun in time as he went off on his own. 

Eijun followed the man and that's when he saw that man had an briefcase with him. 

"This is all her fault if only I had killed her sooner then I wouldn't be in this mess." 

"Who is he talking about?" 

"Are you haunting me because I betrayed you but you did the same to me?! The man gripped his hand tight into a fist. "This is all your fault Tsubasa." 

"My mother's name." 

The man then entered a room and Eijun stood there anger rising in him. This man was responsible for my mother's death. 

Eijun had it. He wasn't planning on using it so soon but he was really mad. He took out a mask from inside his bag that he had been carrying. It was the fox mask that was delivered to him by who knows who but it looks like it was about time to use it. 

Eijun didn't go through the door like the man did but from another way in and crushed through the outside window. The man looked surprised when he saw the kitsune mask. 

"Who the hell are you!" 

"You killed Sawamura Tsubasa." 

"What! How did yo-" 

"Why did you kill her a woman so lovely so warm?!" 

Eijun didn't notice since he had the mask on but his eyes were turning glowing red with rage and something inside him was slipping out. 

"I wasn't the only one who killed her!" The man shouted but then he covered his mouth when he realized what he said. It was like he had no say whatever he had said. 

"Why did you kill her?"  

"She was about to let out her information about us to her family as well as that husband of ours. We couldn't risk it. I wasn't the only one involved. Mint was an important project yet she..." The man started to laugh after and this made Eijun even more mad. Eijun wasn't a killer but his hands were in a fist ready to kill the guy but before he could the door opened. 

It was Miyuki, Kuramochi and Ryosuke that entered the room without their mask on. They had overheard what had happened. 

"So you were involved with killing her." Ryosuke said eyeing the man with anger. 

Miyuki stared at the man that was now down on the floor then he stared at the person in a fox mask then he looked at his hands and saw it was dripping in blood and it looked like it hurt yet the person stared at him without thinking about the pain. 

"Who are you?" Miyuki asked. 

This made Eijun realize where he was and what he was doing. Eijun jumped through the same window that he came from. Miyuki rushed through the window but the masked person was gone. 

Eijun made it to one of the balcony of the window. He was breathing heavily and thought about everything and what he was about to do. His hands were about to move and kill that man and it was not a pleasant feeling. 

"What's wrong with me?" He touched the blood that dripped on his hand. He didn't even know how the blood appeared when he didn't touch anything that would harm him. 

And worse is Miyuki was there when it all happened but the good thing was that he didn't know it was him. 

Suddenly Eijun's home rang. 

"Gil." Eijun answered. 

"Where are you? You suddenly disappeared. 

"Sorry but something happened but I'll see you soon." 

The call ended and Eijun sighed one more time before he got up to his feet.

Chapter Text

The following morning Eijun wasn't feeling so well. He had a huge headache and he was coughing as well and it wasn't the normal kind. He felt so dead that he couldn't do anything. Gil was taking care of Eijun for the time being since they were at his place. 

"Should I call Miyuki-san and let you pick you up." 

"Don't you even dare!" Eijun panicked when Gil suggested the idea. "He doesn't even know I'm here. He thinks I'm at some camp." 

"You could always say that you came to my house right after I mean the camp is supposed to finished." 

"I know but still I don't want him to worry about me." 

"I think he will be more worried when he sees you looking like that." 

"I know but I know the fact he isn't going to be home right now so just drop me off will ya." 

"Sure." Gil said. 

Eijun arrived at the mansion and realized it was really quiet but he didn't mind. He hurried to his room since he had such a horrible headache and his coughing wouldn't stop either. He was at the door and was about to turn the door knob but stopped when a voice called out to him. 

"Eijun-kun, your back." It was Haruichi's voice that had called out to him. 

"Yea." Was the small reply that Eijun said with his weak voice. 

"Is something wrong with your voice?" Haruichi asked. 

"I just got a little cold." He said. 

"A little cold. That sure doesn't sound like little to me." Haruichi argued. 

"It's fine. I'm just going to get some sleep." He said and opened his door and went inside. Haruichi stood outside thinking about what had just happened then he rushed out of there. 

Eijun got in his bed. Once the bed hit him he fell right asleep with his blanket over him. As he slept through the day he felt like someone's hand was on his head, it was very soft and warm like a woman's hand, a familiar hand from a long time ago but why did he feel like way. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a shadow of a woman then he saw her face, she was familiar but his eyes didn't stay open long since he couldn't keep them open with the way he was right now. 

"Your still catching colds just like when you were a baby." A warm soft voice mumbled as she touched the young man's forehead then she kissed him there. "I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you." Once that was said the said shadow disappeared. 

That day Eijun had a peaceful nap, a sleep that he hadn't had for a while now. He didn't think about anything else and slept just like a baby. 

The door to Eijun's room opened but Eijun didn't hear since he was sleeping peacefully. 

"Eijun!" Miyuki rushed to the bed and saw the sleeping figure. He touched his forehead and saw how hot he was, he was burning. "How did this happen?" Miyuki didn't like this one bit. "I shouldn't have let him go." In Miyuki's mind when Eijun asked him he was thinking hard if he should let the young man go or not because it was still dangerous and yet this is what happened when he let him go. 

"Miyuki! You bastard don't run off like that!" Kuramochi was breathing heavy because his boss just decided to rush to Eijun. When Haruichi told them what had happened he was in a panic. "Relax Haruichi is making something for him to eat." Even though Kuramochi said that Miyuki didn't listen his eyes was on Eijun the whole time. 

"Call the doctor! Or even Chris-senpai!" 

"I got it!" Kuramochi rushed out the room in a hurry since Miyuki yelled with a loud voice even so the young man lying on the bed did not wake up. 

"How did this happen to you?" Miyuki held Eijun's hand, it was hot as his face was. "It was cold that wasn't normal and it worried Miyuki a lot. 

Chris came and examined Eijun. 

"He has a really high fever but it's not a normal cold." 

"What do you mean?" Ryosuke appeared at the door, he had heard everything from Kuramochi. 

"Well I think it's stress that is making him get just a high fever. And I'm not sure there must've been something else he did beside stress that made him have just high fever. You said he went to some camp right. Maybe it's best to ask what he did at the camp to find out what happened." 

"We know the fact that he didn't really have a camp right." Ryosuke said. "Including you Miyuki!" 

Miyuki let Eijun go knowing well the young man was lying to him about having a camp but Miyuki just wanted Eijun to relax but maybe it was his fault for letting him. Eijun was like his mother in a lot of ways so he let him do things just like her. 

"There is something else I found while examining him." Chris said looking through his file he just got on Eijun. 

"What is it?" Ryosuke asked. 

"It seems that Sawamura gets sick quiet a lot. I found some info a while back but didn't think it was information but now I see it is. As a child he was sick a lot and couldn't do things normal people could and it may have something to do with his powers." 

"Why did you say so earlier?" Kuramochi was the one that asked. 

"Because I didn't think it was that information since it was back then and it didn't look like he was having any problems with how healthy he looked but I'll gather more information. I'll ask the Tokyo hospital where he was kept about it." 

"Alright." Miyuki just nodded his head. 

Around the evening time was when Eijun had finally woken up from his sleep. He realized when he woke up that he wasn't alone. Miyuki was sitting on a chair beside his bed, it looked like he had been looking after him. Eijun then felt a wet cloth on his forehead. He removed it from his forehead and stared at the sleeping figure in the chair. He's sure that it must be hard sleeping like that. Eijun slowly got out of bed but that little movement made the older man opened his eyes. 

"Eijun, your finally awake." He yawn. Miyuki was glad to see that Eijun looked better but that didn't mean that Eijun wasn't sick still. "I think Haruichi made you something for you to eat so let's go to the kitchen." 

"Okay." Eijun replied.  

Eijun didn't need any help walking but Miyuki insist on it that he couldn't do anything since Miyuki was really forceful. 

They arrived at the kitchen and there in the kitchen table was some food that was covered up in plastic. 

"I'll heat it up for you." Miyuki helped Eijun sit down in the table in the kitchen and then grabbed the food and heat it up in the microwave. 

Eijun noticed the way Miyuki was acting, very worried not like his usual self. He wonder why. 

"Here you go!" Miyuki placed the rice porridge in front of Eijun. 

"Thanks." He said. 

"To be honest I wanted to make you something myself but I didn't want to leave your side so I let Haruichi handle the food for you." Miyuki sounded like he was conflicted with the idea that made Eijun laugh. 

"You're so weird." That smile that Eijun gave made Miyuki really happy to see. 

Eijun took a spoonful of the rice porridge and put it in his mouth. 

"It's good." He smiled. 

"Say is anything bothering you lately." Miyuki asked. 

"What do you mean?" Eijun stopped eating and turned to look at Miyuki. 

"If there like anything bothering you like maybe about your mother you know that you can tell me or even anybody else that you feel like sharing." 

"Nothing wrong." Eijun said but there was indeed something wrong but he didn't want to let Miyuki know. "I'm fine." 

Eijun felt bad for lying but for now he wanted to do things without Miyuki's help. Miyuki already helped him already with having a place to stay and telling about his mother already so he didn't want to trouble him anymore. 

"If my mother was still here would she be living here still?" Eijun asked. Miyuki shocked with what Eijun asked but he stared at Eijun with serious eyes. 

"She wouldn't stay here." Miyuki said, giving his honest answer. 


"Because she had you and would want you to have a normal life but even if she lived far away from all of us I think she wouldn't be able to run away from her path as a mafia member and I'm sure you would find out sooner or later." 

Eijun listened to Miyuki and realized that he may be right about that since he found about his mother but he wonder if he hadn't applied for here would he still find out about his mother. 

It was very rough time for Eijun growing up since he didn't have mother and on mother's day he couldn't give his mother anything. He looked up to all the kids who had a mother and it made him really sad and lonely. 

Every mother day he would go to the grave with his uncle and put flowers there and Eijun always spoke to the grave like she was alive and standing there with him. He wanted to believe that she could hear him. He had the ability to hear people's thought but not hers because she was gone. 

"Eijun!" Miyuki said his name in a calm manner and Eijun looked up and saw Miyuki looked at him with worried eyes. Eijun then realized that tears had fallen down from his eyes and down his face. He touched the tears and wiped them away. 

"I didn't even realize that I was crying." Eijun had hidden his sadness inside. He tried to stop the tears from falling but it kept coming and coming. 

"It's okay." Miyuki assured him. "You have been holding your feelings about your mother inside right." Miyuki pulled Eijun into a hold and there Eijun cried his heart out. He cried all the pain he felt inside, finally breaking loose of his feelings he hid from everybody. 

"I don't know what she was thinking when she ran away from the mafia and took you with here but I believe she wanted you to have a honest healthy life style but I guess I'm the one who couldn't ignore you and tell you about the mafia but even if I didn't you were curious about the woman in the picture that was actually your mother, right." 

Everything what Miyuki said was true but he didn't blame the man because he was there for him even if he didn't like Miyuki said he would find out on his own with the clues he would find. 

"Miyuki- I mean Kazuya do you know about my father." When Eijun asked Miyuki that his face tense up a bit. 

"A little bit." Was all Miyuki said. It seems that Miyuki wasn't fond of talking about the man but why. "I would tell you about him but not now. I promise I will." Miyuki said grabbing hold of both Eijun's hand and kissed it. "This I promise you so wait until then okay." 

"Alright." Was the only word Eijun would say back to Miyuki. Even though Eijun wanted to know he decided to wait till Miyuki would tell him.