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Frozen in Time

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 Chapter 1


Tick tock, tick tock. The annoying sound of time passing by. Passing us all by, none of us using that time at all. What would happen if time just froze, would people keep forgetting the time, ignoring it? Would we even realize that time had frozen at all? All of our history of keeping time, would that just disappear as if it never existed at all? Do people even realize there is such thing of running out of time? Well I hope they do, since our time has just run out.




“I wonder, what you would do if I just jumped off this bridge right now. Eh?” It was a simple question and one that the answer should be quite simple. Martin would most likely say he’d freak out if I suddenly jumped. He might try and go get me, maybe call 911. The works, you know?


“I'd probably just leave you to drown.” He muttered causing me to sigh. He must have gotten too used to my questions on these subjects, oh well.


“You're such a good friend, Martin.” I said sarcastically, pulling away from the edge of the old bridge. This bridge looked like it was so old, possibly hundreds of years old. My teachers have mentioned it though I never really cared to listen. 


“Well, I'd be an even better friend if you didn't constantly ask me these stupid questions. Besides I know you'd never do it.” He mumbled and followed my movements. The both of us then walked off the bridge and into this forest near our houses. We weren't heading home just yet. No, we were going to this little fortress we'd made years ago when we were kids. Since then the both of us had improved on it so that we could go in the winter without freezing our asses off. It wasn't too far away from the bridge we had just left so Martin and I decided to walk and enjoy the dark and beautiful forest. It had giant trees, so tall maybe a mile up. I, of course, wouldn't know and honestly didn't care. Martin probably did, he liked to research this forest. He knew the different types of trees, plants and animals that lived here. He also knew the myths that surrounded it as well. Some were creepy, others were mainly fantastical.


Once we finally reached the fort, I stopped and stared at it. It seemed different, maybe a little more worn and ragged. Martin and I would have to fix that later. Martin climbed into the fort first before I followed after him. Crawling in, I quickly settled myself in the giant pillows and blankets that were in there. I turned on a medium sized electrical heater and waited for it to warm up. I set my backpack down in front of me and started pulling out my homework. There wasn't too much thankfully, so we could probably get it down in about an hour. Then my mother and father would be calling me to get home quickly. Martin and I sat and talked for a little bit before we finally started to work on the homework we had gotten from our shared class, AP Bio. It was an incredibly boring class especially because our teacher, Mrs. Moore, taught it. She was a young woman though she didn't act like it. Mrs. Moore acted more like a fifty-year-old woman. It was like a fifty-year-old woman had actually taken residence inside of her. Why in the world did they hire her? I wish I knew, so the two of us usually just sat in semi-silence. We only talked when we had questions or wanted to discuss the newest book that had just come out.

We had just finished our homework and I decided to look over at Martin. He was reading one of his mangas that had just come out. I really had nothing to do with that kind of crap but as long as he enjoyed it, I was fine with it.


“So what story are you reading nowadays, Martin?” I asked him curiously. I figured it would be best to know what he was reading so it seemed like I was interested in the things he liked. I mean I was, but just not into anime or manga or whatever it was.


“Didn't I tell you earlier, Hollis? No... Alright well I'm reading this manga called One Punch Man. You should definitely read it.” He said, his face lit up when he talked about some of his favorite things. It always made me smile when I saw his excitement.


“I'll think about, right now though I have to go. You know, my mom always freaks out if I'm not home an hour after school.” I muttered as I climbed out of the fort. Once I exited, I stood up brushed my jeans off and headed back home. I was already a half hour late from the time my mother expects me back. I was going to get an earful when I finally got home…




“Where were you Hollis? You know when you're supposed to be back home! Why didn't you get back sooner? I swear to god if you were doing those drugs that I've heard about, I'll never let you out of this house ever again!” My mother screamed at me. Well, she wasn't exactly screaming more like her voice was raised. I've gone through this, every other day and boy was it hard not to recite this with her. She continued yelling about random crap until finally she sent me up to my room. I don't know why she keeps doing this, she should know that I don't do anything that she considers bad. I've smoked once but I never got into it after that one time, mainly because Martin yelled at me about how it would shorten my lifespan. So in order to keep him from yelling at me again, I never smoked again. I sat down on my bed and looked around my room. It was a medium sized room, with dark green walls. My bed was pushed up against the left wall which was also where the door to the hallway was. On the opposite side of my room was a dark stained bureau with a mirror directly above it. Then I had my desk with a fairly expensive computer I used mainly for school work. I sighed and fell back on my bed. I pulled out my phone and texted my other friend, Melissa. She was home sick otherwise Martin and I would've been walking with her.


“Hey there Mel.” I texted her. When she didn't respond in the first five minutes, I set my phone back down and checked the time. It was about 4:50 and we got out of school at like 2:55. I can see why mom was a little upset; it had been almost two hours since I had left school. Whoops. I grabbed a book from my bedside table and started reading. It was a fairly interesting story that was about time stopping for this woman and with it everyone else froze along with it.


I had gotten so deep into my story that I didn't hear my mother call me down for dinner until she was banging hard on my door. Jumping quickly off my bed, I set my book down and opened the door. “What were you doing in here that had you ignoring my calling?” She asked me suspiciously. Instead of answering I just pointed at my book and pushed past her. I looked back at her and saw she had a shocked expression on her face and it looked like she would yell at me again but I guess she decided against it because she didn't say anything.


Dinner was always a quiet affair. My mom, dad, sister and I sat around an old table. Our food already dished out, by mom, from when it was in the kitchen. I talked with my sister who was across from me. Raine was basically the perfect child in this family. Always did what they said, had good grades and was in every goody two shoes club ever. Unfortunately, I was basically the opposite, the only good thing was that she and I got along pretty well despite all of that. She was also really pretty, I guess, with short reddish hair and green eyes. I looked almost the same to my younger sister except my eyes were blue like my mothers. Anyway, back to dinner. My mother was quietly fuming in her seat from my disrespect earlier which was her own fault. She'd practically blocked the entire doorway, how the heck was I supposed to get through with her standing in the way like that.




After dinner and the dishes were completed, I headed back upstairs, not wanting to deal with my family anymore tonight. It was like clockwork. Every day, just the same. Walking up the stairs, I was stopped by Raine at the top. She was glaring at me, which wasn't new, just slightly surprising. I hadn't done anything to upset her, so what crawled up her butt and died. I opened my mouth to ask her before she cut me off.


“Hollis can you please stop treating mom like that. It's breaking her heart.” She said, her glare not receding. I just shrugged and walked around her, not wanting to deal with her either. Just as I closed and locked my door I heard her sigh and leave. It wasn't like I wanted to treat mom poorly, it was just so hard when no matter what I did, I just got yelled at. I climbed into bed and checked my phone, after noticing that the light had been going off. Checking the messages, I saw that Melissa and Martin had texted me.


“Yo Hollis, doing fine. What did you need?” Was all that Melissa texted. I sighed and didn't bother replying. What did Martin need? I scrolled up and found his message. “Hollis, I need your help. Can you come over soon?” Uh oh. That might not be good. I texted him back asking what time and where he was. The message came quickly after I sent it. “My house. Now.” I looked at the locked door and sighed softly. This could only happen to me. I climbed out of bed and opened my window. Right across from my window was an oak tree. It had grown enough during my life that it was safe to climb on. I crawled carefully out of my window and onto the tree branch nearest to my window. Well, I may as well go see what he needs.