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A New Life That May Include An Immortal Hybrid

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Stiles and klaus

Stiles likes to consider himself a relatively level-headed kid but after all when your dealing with wolfy business one can begin to question that statement. Stiles was driving to the school to talk with his friends about the Dread Doctors and ways to try and cross one of many enemies off the list. That's when Scott called him.

"Hey buddy what's up" Stiles said in a tune that was cheerful but could tell nothing good coulday come from the call by how quiet his now step brother was.

"Stiles, I ..." Hey hesitates to tell his brother news that even he couldn't handle, and highly doubts he should be doing this over the phone he just doesn't think it's fair to lie to Stiles about this. "Stiles I think it's a good idea if you make your way to the hospital, like right now."

"Scott whats wrong you're scaring me." With fear in his voice and on the verge of a panic attack, Stiles turns his jeep around mid traffic and speeds to the hospital with a speed that would most certainly result in tickets if there were more cops in town. "Scott whats wrong I'm on my way, now TELL ME WHATS WRONG NOW."

Stuttering from the shock of Stiles' outburst he begins saying "Stiles it's your dad... he's hurt, badly really badly." Hearing that Stiles drops the phone and drives.


Crashing through the hospital doors Stiles finds Scott waiting for him and gives him a stare that simply conveys that he wants to be taken to his dad. Walking down the poorly lit hall Stiles just wants to see his dad when all of the sudden a hoard of doctors and nurses start running into a room. Unfortunately judging by Scott's face Stiles takes the hint. Running into the room Stiles gets there just in time to see his father and hear him say

"Hey kiddo I need you to listen to me." In between his words the now hurt sheriff coughs up blood that's so dark it almost looks black. "I need you to know I'm proud of you and everything you and your friends have done, and I couldn't ask for a better son. It's okay son I know, and I am the most proud father in this whole darn world okay." Crying openly now Stiles can't get the words out and that's when the sheriff, his father and only family left, closes his eyes and doesn't open them again. Now speechless Stiles sinks the floor and cries, just sits on the hospital floor and begins to fathom life without his father unaware of what others around him are doing or saying.


A week and a half later Stiles is packing up his jeep to drive all the way to the other side of the country to live with his cousins Elena and Jeremy who were more than sorry for Stiles' loss. Plus even more welcoming and inviting him to go stay with them. Looking up from all his packed clothes and other things Stiles goes to say goodbye to his friends, his family. "I'm gonna miss all of you, Scott take care of Melissa." At that the woman Stiles has come to see as a second mother starts to tear up.

"Stiles why won't you stay you need us we're your family." The young alpha begins to protest.

"Because Scott I can't stay here any more it's nothing any of you did I just can't be in a place that caused me so much pain. I was possessed for crying out loud, beaten by hunters, kidnapped, and saw so many people I loved die at the hands of the supernatural. I know we would never be in this mess if I never made you go out in the woods that night and that doesn't help me Scott, I just can't lose anyone else and I seem to only increase the odds of people getting killed, so yes Scott I'm leaving. But I'll call, and text, FaceTime, Skype I'll do all of it I just can't be in this place, this town any longer."

"So that's it you are just leaving, Stiles I lost people to, I've been hurt to your not the only one who has ever suffered and you think you can just leave. We were brothers but I guess that means nothing to you does it." With that Scott storms off into the woods across the street leaving Stiles, Lydia, Melissa, Malia, and Kira all staring hurt or angry with his words. Deciding to speak Malia tells stiles

"Ignore him or I'll deal with him and Stiles your not the cause of this, and I'm not thrilled your moving, but I understand how a place can just bring up pain when your in it. After all you are looking at a girl who spent half her life as a coyote after killing her mom and sister. So I'm not saying goodbye but I'll talk to you soon." After jumping into a hug that startless the sad teen she kisses him on the cheek and tells him to let her and everyone know when he reaches his new home safely.

Next Melissa grabs the boy into a hug and tells him she loves him and is proud of the man he has become and that at the funeral she saw how much his father and mother would be proud. "Now I'm going to go to work and not look back so I don't cry and you will text me every night on how things and you are yeah." Nodding his head Stiles agrees and tells her he loves her just as much. Feeling awkward Kira says goodbye as well and before Stiles can open his mouth she says yes she will take care of Scott and then she wanders off into the woods looking for Scott unsure to yell at him or hug him when she finds him.

Lydia the most upset and only one left begins with "Stiles I'm gonna miss you, and you will visit for holidays and extended days off from school. Don't even think I won't pop by Mystic Falls now and then to check on you. Now get in that dumb jeep that everyone has come to love and go find a life that makes you happy okay, and send me pics of any cute boys you meet there."

Beside himself Stiles nods and agrees to all her requests and demands before hugging her one last time. Lydia exits soon after that and leaves Stiles to his own thoughts and this new chapter of his life ahead of him. "Okay Mystic Falls here I come." Driving off into the forest and soon highways tears leave his eyes but they're sad, emotional, and excited all for what lies ahead.