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What If....

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Magnus stood in the doorway of his – second – guest room, staring at the sleeping warlock. She might be very young but she’d clearly been through a lot in her short life. She kinda reminded Magnus of himself actually. An orphan, left to fend for herself out here in the wilds of New York. Magnus thought back to his nine year old self, alone on the street and with no idea how to get by. Way too pretty for his own good, and so very small and thin. He might as well have had TARGET tattooed on his forehead.

The first time he had used magic had been completely accidental.

A man, in a back alley and him there, begging for scraps from his bin. The man smiled, kindly Magnus had thought, and asked the young boy to follow him.

Magnus had been so grateful.

So naïve.

So hungry.

The man had gone into his restaurant and returned with a full plate.

A burger and fries, steaming hot. Not leftovers, but a new plate.

Magnus had felt his tongue watering so hard he was afraid he might cause a puddle. The man handed him the plate and gestured for him to sit and eat. Magnus needed no further prompting, stuffing his face so fast he’d almost vomited it all up. Only he couldn’t do that to himself and forced his body to swallow everything back down.

“What a good boy you are, aren’t you?” the man had said.

Magnus had nodded eagerly.

“Yes, you are. Come here let me show you what a good boy you are.” The man had said, leaning down and pulling Magnus to his feet.

“Come on, stand here, let me look at you.”

Magnus had stood still, not really understanding what was going on. Why the man’s hands were lifting his threadbare t-shirt and ghosting over his ribs. Pulling him up close so he was flush against the man’s pelvis.

“Are you grateful?” the man asked.

Magnus tried to nod his head but there was nowhere for it to go, his head was so close to the man’s groin. He seemed to understand what Magnus meant though because he ran his hands through Magnus hair in a soothing gesture.

“That’s my boy” he said before his hand reached between them, unbuttoning his fly and shoving his dick in Magnus’ face. Before Magnus could so much as form a thought the man was pushing his dick against Magnus’ mouth, prying it open.

The low grade fear he’d been feeling spiked and something shot out of his hands.

A red light.

As it hit the man, he arched backward, mouth in a rictus as if he’d been electrocuted. Then he fell to the ground.

Magnus had stared in shock.

And then he had ran.

As he stared at Madzie, sleeping peacefully in the overlarge bed, he resolved that nothing like that would ever happen to her.

“She sleeping?” Alec came to a stop behind him, surrounding him with his presence.

“Yes.” Magnus turned around to face his boyfriend with a smile, “You tired? Ready for bed yourself?”

Alec was watching his mouth, eyes dark, pupils blown, mouth slightly open. When he got like this, Magnus was pretty sure he maybe heard one word in three that Magnus said.

“Yeah” he breathed and Magnus smiled. He had a feeling that ‘ready for bed’ did not mean ‘ready for sleep’.

“Okay then” he said taking Alec’s hand and leading him to his room. Jace was still staying in the other guest room but he was still at the Institute, probably trying to figure out a way to tell Clary that she wasn’t his sister. Magnus wasn’t complaining.

His feelings for Jace were ambivalent at best.

On the one hand, they had a lot in common – not just Alexander – for one thing they both went out of their way to keep their loved ones safe. And they both had a very pragmatic attitude toward things. The thought occurred to Magnus that maybe Alec had a type.

On the other hand, Alec. Jace had been his first crush. The man on whom he’d lavished his first feelings of lust, and love.

 Magnus was by no means threatened.

 Or jealous.

Okay maybe he was a little jealous.

But Jace was more than used to having 100% of Alec’s attention, and he treated him like it was his right to have that attention. Magnus did not like it. He tried to be okay with it, but the fact remained that Jace’s importance to Alec was something that he was still getting used to.


Alec had been very good about his relationship with Camille so he was ready to reciprocate and accept that the Jace-Alec relationship was going nowhere.

It did help that Alec had said that he loved Magnus.

It was too soon, no doubt about it, they had barely been together a minute. But Magnus knew that Alec meant it with all his heart. And he meant it too. Love just happened sometimes. It still boggled his mind that Alec had said it.

His mind kept going back to that moment then rearing back in shock.

If he had pearls he would clutch them.

Almost half a millennium looking and just like that, he’d found love.

With a shadowhunter!

Who’d a thunk it?

Magnus’ hand tightened around Alec’s and his boyfriend turned and smiled at him.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I am great Alec.” Magnus replied.

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He was standing on his balcony staring out into the night as he waited.

He was expecting them at any minute but it still made him nervous.

The seelies were some of the trickiest bastards in the business and the vampires were just…scary.

He was just a messenger though, and it was more than his life was worth not to get this thing done.

There was a knock on the door and the butler hastened to let his guests in. He fixed a smile on his face, and then turned around to face the room.
“Welcome. Good of you to come.”
“You didn’t leave me much choice.”
He inclined his head in agreement, “Nevertheless, thank you for joining me. Please. Have a seat. Can I offer you some blood?”
“No thank you, I just ate.”
He sighed inwardly, wondering why these downworlders were so stubborn. They made things unnecessarily hard.
“We are awaiting one more person, and then we can begin.”
“May I ask what this is about?”
He smiled, looking the vampire in the eye, “It’s about righting a wrong vampire. It’s about returning things to the way they used to be. Making New York Great Again you could say.”
“Is that so?” the vampire asked fangs showing.
“That’s so.”
Another knock on the door, and a new visitor came in.

And they were ready to begin.

Alec stretched his body in bed, feeling pleasantly sore.

He’d had no idea…none of his fantasies had even come close
Granted, Magnus was experienced.
Very experienced.
Alec didn’t like to think about just how experienced he was.
But still, that had been mind blowing.
Maybe it was because they were in love.
In love.
Angels! He was in love with Magnus Bane.
He felt as giddy as a human teenager; it was embarrassing.

Well there was nobody here to see but Magnus and he felt exactly the same so Alec wasn’t going to worry about it.
“Good morning pretty one.” Magnus said as the door open, “I brought you breakfast.”
Alec didn’t bother to turn around, simply closed his eyes in contentment, “You realize how silly it is for you to call me pretty.”
He felt the bed dip as Magnus sat down, placing something in between them, “Why is it silly?” he said like he didn’t know the answer.
Alec turned around on the bed, narrowly avoiding upsetting the tray of food that lay between them. He suspected he would have tipped it if it wasn’t supported by Magnus’ magic.
“You’re the prettiest person I’ve ever seen Magnus, and I know you know it.”
Magnus smiled that pleased smile he got whenever Alec said anything even remotely complimentary, “Why thank you Alexander. It’s good to know you think so. You’re quite pretty yourself so don’t put yourself down like that. I don’t like it.”
“I wasn’t putting myself down. I just…” Alec stretched out his hand and covered Magnus’, “I guess I’m saying that you’re the most beautiful thing in my life Magnus. And I want you to know it.”
Magnus’ whole demeanor softened and he smiled his soft smile at Alec. The tray in between them disappeared and he was leaning down eyes on Alec’s mouth.

Alec lifted his body to meet Magnus, closing his eyes and taking in sensation.

Kissing Magnus was always a trip, everything disappeared except the feel of Magnus’ lips on his, his tongue questing in Alec’s mouth, letting him take control but giving just as good as he got.

He was addicted to it; it was the most tantalizing drug.

It was all he could do to keep from kissing Magnus all the time.

He pulled the warlock on top of him, needing to have him close.

It had been like this since the thing at the institute had happened.

The desperation had yet to ease.

He hadn’t had enough yet.

He needed Magnus near him, beneath him, inside him, around him.
He needed Magnus!
He had thought that the feelings he harbored for Jace had been the strongest he could ever feel.
He was wrong.
Oh so fucking wrong.
He didn’t know if he was terrified or elated about it; but he knew it was too late to do anything except jump full bore into this and let the feeling bear him away.

He trusted Magnus to always catch him if he fell.

He had found The One.
And he hadn’t even been looking for him.
“Magnus” he murmured against the warlock’s lips, “Magnus.”
The warlock pulled back for a minute, eyes meeting his with the same intensity, “I know Alexander, I know.” He said.

“You hungry Madzie?” Magnus asked having emerged from his room to find the little warlock sitting quietly in his living room, staring out at the New York sky. She nodded her head but didn’t say anything.
“Would you like some hot chocolate and pancakes?” Magnus asked even as he headed to the kitchen. He watched her follow him as she nodded again.
“Will you help uncle Magnus make it for you?” he asked with a smile as he got the mixing bowl out.
She nodded again and he summoned a stool so she could climb up and be on level with the kitchen table. They were happily mixing ingredients, getting the batter everywhere when Alec ventured out of the bedroom in his sleep pants and a vest. He smiled wide when he saw them, coming over to see what they were up to.
“Morning Madzie. Did you sleep well?”
She turned to Alec and smiled, leaning over and hugging him.
“Oh. Thank you Madzie” Alec said his smile getting wider if that was even possible.
Magnus and Alec exchanged glances.
The domestic bliss in the air was diabetes-inducing in its sweetness but neither of them could muster up the energy to care.

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Cars were a mundane mode of transport. 

Most people in the shadow world preferred to portal or to walk. 

Still, what was the point of having millions of dollars if one couldn't indulge one's fancies?

And Magnus had some fancies.

His mother had been human and they had lived in the human world before she killed herself. They didn't have a car though. They didn't really have much.

So, on occasion, he liked to call for a car instead of portalling. A long, black, limousine with tinted windows and a fully stocked bar. It was really the only way to turn up to the club.

Alec had declined to join him.


He loved the boy with all his heart but he was a bit of a stick in the mud.

Not that Magnus was complaining.

He shuddered to think about all of....that, let loose in downworlder rave.

Everyone would be clambering for a piece. He was supremely glad that Alec had no interest in such things. He got to have him all to himself.

Magnus smiled as the limo slid to a silent stop at the door of the club. He put down his glass of champagne and waited for his door to be opened. The bouncer of the club obliged before his driver could so much as move.

"Mr. Bane. A pleasure to see you again" he said, his eyes widening with surprise.

True, Magnus had been out of sight ever since that thing with Valentine had began, but the rogue shadowhunter was in custody now. It was time to play again.

"It's a pleasure to be seen" he said with a smile as he swept past the bouncer, passing him a bill as he did so. He went up to VIP, watching the revelers on the floor, losing themselves in the music.

His phone vibrated in his pocket.

You being good?

Magnus read the text with an amused smile. Alec's possessiveness never failed to delight him. He clicked reply and typed out his answer.

Have we met?

He smiled, awaiting the meltdown.

Don't make me come over there Magnus Bane!

Magnus laughed out loud, tempted to tell Alec that he should definitely come over and keep him in line.

"Something funny?" someone asked and Magnus was startled that he hadn't heard approaching footsteps. He turned to face the honeyed voice but....

there was nobody there.

"What the fuck?" Magnus exclaimed to himself and waved his hand, yellow light emanating from his fingers, illuminating his surroundings and eliminating any concealment spells if present. The room continued to be empty.

"Magnus, are you losing your mind?" he asked himself.

His phone vibrated in his hand.

Still there loverboy?

Magnus stared at the message incomprehensibly.

"I don't think you are" the honeyed voice said again.

Right. Against. His ear.

He stared down at the text and then looked around, eyes narrowed. Something strange was going on and he did not like it one bit.

He turned to leave and found the waitress waiting with a tray of drinks in her hand. She smiled widely at him, placing the tray on the table and indicating that he should sit so she could serve him.

"It's good to see you again Mr. Bane" she said.

"You as well Bobbie."

She leaned toward him confidentially, "I have some guys and gals eager to join you if you'd like." she said.

Magnus hesitated but his phone was still clutched in his hand, Alec's unanswered text  open on the screen, "Not today Bobbie. Thank you. I'll just have the drinks and watch the floor show. Who do we have today?"

"A few shapeshifters, a were tiger from China and a kitsune."

"Oh, interesting selection."

"Yes you should stick around for the floor show. I hear it's going to be a doozy."

Magnus forced a smile. His heart was beating a bit too fast. He was perturbed at these goings on, didn't know what kind of witchcraft this was. But he was Magnus Bane. Nothing was beyond him.

"I will do that" he said settling on the red velvet throne like seat and letting her make him a martini.

She handed it to him, and retired to the back of the room, at his service for the entire evening.

He picked up his phone, stared at it, and then clicked reply to Alec's text.

Actually Alec, I would very much appreciate it if you came.

He hesitated before clicking send, wondering if he was over-reacting. But he believed in his instincts and they were telling him that something was severely wrong. Alec was home with Madzie, but then so was Jace. The parabati could handle a spot of babysitting, couldn't he? And if not, he could always call Clary. If he needed an excuse...

His phone shook in his hand.

On my way.

He didn't ask any questions, he just came. It was scary to think about sometimes, how in tune they were with each other.

He sat back, feeling better knowing that Alec was coming, but braced for the Voice again. Nothing happened and he watched the dancers below, contorting themselves on the stripper poles, performing impossible acrobatic feats and sexy provocative dance moves. 

Magnus could dance with the best of them.

From the ages of fourteen to seventeen, he'd done his own stint on the stripper pole. It was better than walking the streets and gave him time to practice his magic during the day. By the time he was eighteen he was able to peddle his magic for sustenance and leave the street life behind forever.

The lights dimmed, and the room went dark.

Magnus sat up straighter.

The floor show was about to begin.

He was expecting the Voice to say something to him in the dark but it was silent. Then the spotlight came on, illuminating a solitary red shiny sequined leotarded figure on the stage, legs in a split, head down.

Magnus smiled. 

And then she whipped her head up and his heart dropped to his feet.

It was Camille.

"Magnus, what's going on?"

For a minute he thought it was the Voice until a hand landed on his shoulder. He turned around to find Alec standing behind his red velvet throne, staring down at him.

He opened his mouth and closed it again. He had no idea what to say.

Alec's eyes left his and landed on the stage, where 'Camille' was contorting her body in impossible ways.

"There's no way it's her" Alec said saving Magnus the trouble.

"Yes. It must be a shape shifter."

"But why would a shape shifter turn into...her? Is it a demon?" Alec grimaced as she turned around facing their balcony and blew Magnus a kiss.

"We should leave" Magnus said.

Alec hesitated, watching Camille like he'd like to jump down there and kill her.

"Alec?!" Magnus called, pulling him toward the door.

Alec reluctantly turned away and followed him.

"Leaving already?" the Voice said and Magnus came to a stop. He turned to Alec.

"Did you hear that?" he asked.

"Hear what?" Alec said reaching out to cup Magnus' elbow and lead him out of VIP.

"Nothing." Magnus said and let himself be led.

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He portaled them directly to the bedroom after sending the limo away. They had much to discuss and neither little warlocks nor cockblocking parabatis could participate.

He whirled around to face Alec as soon as they landed, face pale and perturbed.

"Alec, did you hear any voices when we were in the club?"

Alec gave him that look of utter concentration like he didn't want to miss something or misunderstand what was being said, "I heard plenty of voices." he said.

"I mean in the VIP when we were together. Did you hear anyone speak as we left?"

Alec took a step closer, eyes intent, "Saying what?" he asked.

Magnus shook his head, turning away wondering how to explain this. It never once occurred to him not to say anything; that just wasn't how they worked.

"Magnus?" Alec said impatiently from closer behind him than he'd been.

"I'm trying to think how to explain this."

Alec walked around him, sat down on the bed and pulled him down next to him, "Just tell me." he said.

So Magnus did.

Alec looked deep in thought, "That is strange." he said.

"Yes." Magnus agreed.

Alec regarded him with a raised eyebrow, "And you don't know what this is? Haven't come across it before or heard of it?"

Magnus shook his head slowly, even as he thought about it. It was strange, and very rare, for him to encounter anything new considering how long he'd been alive. That was the most perturbing thing about the whole situation.

"I might have thought that maybe they put something in my drink but...I think I heard it before I drank anything."

"Is there a way they could have infected you before that? Apart from me, who knew where you were going?"

Magnus' brow furrowed as he thought hard, "No one. Just you."

"What about the limo company?"

Magnus eyes widened with a thought, "The champagne in the car..." he speculated, "But what kind of drug..."

"Lots of hallucinogens out there."


"I mean look at Isabelle with her yin fen. Drugs are everywhere." Alec said.  His face tightened with annoyance as it always did when he thought about how his sister had been hooked on vampire venom. She was getting better, checked into a medical facility to help her detox.  It was hard to watch though.

Magnus covered Alec's hand with his, "True. Lots of hallucinogens out there; Iris used just such a spell to bewitch you guys during Max's party. But one strong enough to work on a warlock like me? Oh no, that narrows it down a bit."

Alec turned his hand so he could take Magnus' , "Narrows it down to what?"

"That my dear Alexander, is the question."

Alec's eyes were on him, intent, brow furrowed in worry. Magnus regretted that he was the one who put that worry there. He leaned forward and kissed the lines on Alec's forehead, and just like that, they smoothed out. Below him, Alec's lips stretched in a smile. Just what Magnus liked to see...

He sat back with a smile of his own, quite pleased with himself so that's what he blamed for not noticing Alec's lips follow him until they'd covered his mouth. He had no problem kissing Alec. It was one of his top three favorite things to do. Alec kissed like he was suffocating and Magnus held all the oxygen on earth between his lips. 

Magnus let him lick and taste and bite, growing ever more confident every time they did this. Suddenly Alec pulled back, Magnus unconsciously following, eyes closed.

"I want to make love to you so bad Magnus" Alec said, "Can I?"

Magnus smiled reaching out for his shadowhunter and pulling him by his shirt - the way Alec liked to do to him. He captured Alec's lips in his, being the aggressor for once. Lips still glued together, he got up in a crouch so he could throw his leg over Alec's hips and straddle him. Then he proceeded to maul his mouth with intent. 

Alec's arms closed around his waist, pulling him in so tight he could barely breath. He wasn't sweating it though, if it got too bad, he could always borrow some oxygen from Alec's lungs. God knew his tongue was almost touching them, he was that far inside Alec's mouth.

Alec groaned, grinding his hips hard into Magnus. His hardness was like a hammer pounding against the layers of cloth between them, trying to bore through them by sheer force of will. Magnus wished it would succeed. He had no desire to move. He thrust against Alec, making him groan directly in his mouth, causing strange vibrations that did things to him.

Who knew kissing could be so erotic?


That would be him.

He knew.

He'd been looking for someone to make this a reality with for the greater part of a thousand years.

He was so glad he hadn't given up hope!

Reluctantly, he disengaged his lips from Alec, who made a sound of protest as their lips stopped touching.

"We need to get naked" Magnus said. His voice sounded like he'd been shouting for hours.

"Yes" Alec said, barely even a word - he was breathing so hard and fast. He fumbled with his shirt, making absolutely no progress in getting it off. Magnus was never gladder than now that he was a warlock. With the flick of his wrist and a word, their clothes were gone.

"Oh thank the angel" Alec said before his mouth was back to devouring Magnus'. There was nothing stopping their extremely hard dicks from rubbing against each other now and before he knew it, Magnus was flying through the air as Alec flipped him over and under him, without once separating from his lips. It was a feat worthy of Casanova - not that he was going to mention that to him...

His fingers were questing between them, clumsily seeking, lubeless and dry. His pupils were blown wide, veins bulging at his temples, lips wet and eyes dark with lust. Magnus didn't have the heart to stop him in order to search for lube.

He waved his fingers and Alec's fingers were thickly coated. The shadowhunter grunted in acknowledgement and belated realization of his oversight. Didn't stop him from digging his fingers in Magnus hole, two at once as his whole body strained with the need to possess.

 Magnus wanted to touch him, run a hand down his back soothingly, but he knew - from experience - that it would just up the ante even faster. Alec had yet to learn to control himself, rein in his passion and draw out the pleasure. He made up for it with an extremely fast recovery time and an over eagerness to please. 

"Take me shadowhunter" Magnus whispered in his ear and Alec made a pained noise and his hips jerked like he would come there and then. 

Again, not for the first time.

He managed to line himself up and push into Magnus though, making tiny mewling noises like it was costing him everything he had to hold back. Magnus surged upward, taking all of him in, in one go and the sound Alec made this time simply could not be described.

Sometimes Magnus wondered how he'd ever lived without those sounds before.

Alec was murmuring nonsense in Magnus ears as he thrust into him, as deep as he could go and then out again. He caught maybe one word in four; love, you, much, live, you, baby in no particularly order. It didn't matter really.

He knew what Alec was saying.

Right back at you my love.


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The man looked up at the tall brownstone, watching lights go off in the apartment. Phase one complete; the warlock was perturbed.

Now they had to escalate that worry and fear. He turned to his side and nodded at the shadowy figure at his side. The figure extracted a stele from his back pocket and activated a rune on his hand. Then he leapt into the air and disappeared into the night. The man turned away. It would not pay to be found here.

Alec was instantly awake, his feet already out of bed even before he knew what he was doing. He grabbed his bow and arrow and padded noiselessly to the next room. He could feel a presence over his right shoulder. He didn’t need to turn to look, to know that it was Magnus.

The warlock took a step in front of Alec, taking the lead. Alec wanted to grab him and push him behind him but he knew better than to do that. Whatever was in their house, was strong enough to have broken through Magnus’ security, which meant, that whatever it was would probably take them both to annihilate. Alec took the step that brought him right to Magnus’ side and they paused in the hallway, listening.

A heavy object falling in Madzie’s room had them both turning in that direction. Alec ran softly toward one side of her door while Magnus took the other. Their eyes met and Alec gave a nod. Magnus eased the door open with his magic and they both stepped in the room, Alec with bow drawn and arrow notched, Magnus with hands ready.

There was a man, on the floor of the room. He was dressed all in black, including a mask. Madzie was kneeling on her bed, scarf off, expression scared.

“He tried to grab me” she said, her voice shaking.

“Oh honey” Magnus said hurrying to wrap his arms around her and lift her from the bed.

“What’s going on?” Jace whispered from the doorway.

“We have an intruder” Alec replied, “Come on, let’s take him out.”

Magnus held Madzie, swaying softly with her in his arms while Jace and Alec carried the intruder out. They didn’t know if he was dead or just unconscious but they figured it was best to check somewhere other than Madzie’s room.

They took him to Magnus’ study and laid him out on the couch. Alec reached for the edge of his turtleneck and pulled it down so he could check the man’s pulse. He stopped abruptly when he saw the shadowhunter rune on his neck. He and Jace exchanged glances.

“Circle member?” Jace asked.

Alec checked the other side of the man’s neck for a circle rune but found none.

“Now here’s a mystery if I ever saw one. Why are shadowhunters breaking into Magnus’ and scaring little girls?” Jace asked.

Alec was silent, but his frown deepened.

“What Alec? What aren’t you telling me?” Jace asked.

“It’s alright Alec, you can tell him” Magnus said from the doorway. His arms were free of little girls so the parabatis assumed he’d soothed her back to sleep.

“This isn’t the first attack tonight” Alec told Jace.

“What?” Jace asked, arms folded, looking from one to the other.

“Magnus was attacked in the club tonight.”

“We don’t know that it was an attack.” Magnus said waving his finger in front of his face.

“I think we can be pretty sure.” Alec replied going to stand near his boyfriend.

“What kind of attack?” Jace asked.

“I think I was drugged.” Magnus said.

Drugged? Is that even possible?” Jace asked.

“Apparently so” Alec said.

“So what do we think is happening?” Jace asked.

“That’s the question” Alec replied.

“Is he alive?” Magnus asked.

Jace leaned forward to take the man’s pulse, “It’s faint but…he has a pulse.” He said.

“Good. Let’s ask him then” Magnus said coming forward with a flourish of fingers. “First things first, the mask comes off.”

He made a shooing motion and a white light burst from his fingers, eliminating the man’s mask. His face was hanging downward so they still couldn’t see who it was.

Magnus took the two steps that landed him straight in front of  the man while Alec followed behind. He took the man’s chin in his hand and lifted it and they all peered in for a look.


Chapter Text

"Really?" Jace said with an annoyed huff as he saw who it was.

"What he said" Alec agreed.

Magnus smiled but it was not with happiness, "My dear Raj", he said, "You are not looking well today."

He snapped his finger and the shadowhunter awoke with a jerk. He looked around him frantically as if expecting to see something other than Jace, Alec and Magnus in front of him. 

"What are you doing?" he asked pulling at his restraints.

Magnus stepped forward, elegant even in his sleeping pants, "Oh no darling, you have that backwards. The question is, what are you doing?"

Raj stared at Magnus like the warlock had lost his goddamned mind, "Magnus, release me at once. The clave will not be happy about this!"

"Is that so? And what will they say about Shadowhunters breaking and entering and trying to harm little girls?" he growled.

"What are you talking about?" Raj asked looking honestly puzzled.

"Enough of this" Alec said stepping around Magnus and grabbing Raj by the throat of his turtleneck, "Tell us what you're doing or I-"

"You what Alec? Will you kill a fellow shadowhunter? Has fucking this warlock made you forget all our laws?" Raj asked.

"Okay that's it" Jace said flanking Alec and grabbing Raj by the hair, "Who sent you?"

Raj gritted his teeth in pain but didn't back down, "I do not know what you are talking about." he bit out.

"If you don't know what we're talking about what are you doing here?" Magnus asked from in between the parabatis.

Raj opened his mouth to retort and then closed it again, looking stumped, and then thoughtful, "I...don't know" he said.

"What do you mean you don't know?!?" Alec growled pulling his turtleneck tighter and choking the breath out of him.

"I...I don't know!" Raj said and he began to hyperventilate. Magnus reached out, placing his hand on Alec's tricep.

"He's telling the truth" he said.

"How could he be? Is it a spell? A potion? What?" Alec asked, moving closer to Magnus so the latter didn't have to relinquish his grip on Alec's arm.

Magnus raised his hand and ran it down Raj's body while the hapless shadowhunter stared at him. 

He nodded his head at the end of it.

"Definitely a spell" he said.

"So we know a warlock's involved." Jace said.

"Yes indeed." Magnus agreed, already mentally running down possible candidates.

"Magnus, what-" Alec began coming to stand in front of his boyfriend. Magnus placed a hand gently on his chest to stop him, and derail his panic.

"Not now. Perhaps Jace would be so kind as to escort Raj back to the institute and turn him over to the relevant authorities?" Magnus said. Jace nodded and pulled Raj roughly to his feet.

"Meanwhile you and I Alexander, have a child to comfort" he said leading Alec back to their bedroom after opening a portal for Jace.

"Magnus-" Alec began again, worry threading every syllable.

"Shh my shadowhunter. Let's sleep on it, think on it, we'll discuss it later. Madzie needs us now."

Alec sighed but relented, going into the room and picking up the little girl sitting up anxiously on their bed, waiting for them. He dived onto the bed, picked her up and threw her in the air to make her laugh.

"Who's a perfect little girl" he asked making a raspberry on her stomach. Madzie giggled quietly as Magnus looked on with a smile.


Chapter Text

Magnus’ eyes opened abruptly and he was instantly alert. He listened intently in the still dark bedroom for whatever had triggered his wakefulness but the night was silent around him. He turned his head, watching his family sleep beside him piled together like puppies. Alec did not so much as stir and neither did Madzie.

He turned to the other side and looked around the room. Everything was in its place and nothing seemed different. He got up, careful not to disturb his bedmates and padded softly out of the room. He looked across toward Jace’s room, wondering if perhaps there was a girl in there; maybe he’d heard them talking? But Jace wouldn’t bring a girl back with him – not tonight when someone had tried to break into the loft. He was not that careless.

He turned toward the balcony.

A dark silhouette stood, framed by the lights from the city. Magnus stared, not sure if he was hallucinating again or if what he was seeing was real. He walked slowly toward it, hands at the ready.

The figure was smaller than he, womanly in shape; her  hair fell like a cascade down her back and that silhouette…

That silhouette was familiar.

Was he hallucinating again?

“Magnus my love, it’s good to see you again despite how things ended the last time we were together” she said.

“You are not real” he replied.

She twirled around with her signature flair and smiled at him, vampire fangs gleaming in the dark, “Would you like to test that theory Magnus?” she asked.

“How did you-” He began in disbelief.

“I have friends in high places.” She replied stepping toward him. He stepped back.

“Magnus..what are you doing?” she asked, reaching out with one long manicured finger and running it down his chest. He took another step back.

“Was it you? Did you do something to Raj? Send him here?”

Camille laughed, “I don’t much like shadowhunters, even if they’re blood does taste excellent.”

“Then…?” Magnus asked frowning.

“God Magnus, so many questions. Don’t you think there are more fun things we could be doing right now?”

“Fun, like what?” Magnus asked, his suspicions growing.

With super vampire speed Camille was by his side and her tongue was halfway down his throat. Her arms went around his neck and held him still, using all of her vampire strength to keep him where he was.

“Magnus!” Alec cried from down the corridor and Magnus jerked his head back to look at his boyfriend. He had literally no words or thoughts on what to do. This was the second time Camille had engineered this particular scene.

Magnus was embarrassed.

Fool him once, okay fine. But twice? He was slipping big time.

He moved out of Camille’s arms and went to stand next to Alec.

“Alec. You know-”

Alec paid him no mind stepping around him to stand between him and Camille, “What are you doing here and how did you escape from the Clave?” he growled at her.

Camille gave her cat got the cream smile and took a step toward Alec, “They let me go” she said as she came right up to him, “And now I’ve come for what’s mine, so I suggest you go back to the institute where you belong. You’re fighting outside your weight class.” She stuck out her tongue and licked a stripe up Alec’s naked chest.

“Mmmm” she said, “I do see the attraction Magnus, but don’t you think it’s time you let the child go back to his kindergarten class.”

Alec straightened up and sneered at her, “Leave my house” he said stepping aside and pointing to the door. Magnus took a step so he was beside Alec, leaving the way clear for Camille to walk to the door.

Camille hesitated and then whirled around and began to saunter slowly to the door, “This isn’t over” she said before stepping out and letting the door slam behind her.

Magnus turned to face Alec, “Clearly I need to strengthen my wards and tweak my security. It’s like a train station in here tonight.”

Alec was just looking at him.

“Why did you let her kiss you Magnus?” he said.

Magnus tilted his head and looked up at Alec, “You know I didn’t let her do anything. She startled me.”

“How many times in your life is she going to startle you?”

“One too many obviously.”

Alec snorted.

“Are we fighting about this?” Magnus asked.

Alec hesitated and then shook his head, “No. That’s what she wants.”

Magnus reached out and ran a hand down Alec’s chest where Camille had licked him, “True” he said, “Do you want a drink? I’m having a black Russian.”

“No I think I’ll just drink some water.”

“To each his own Alexander.” He said going around to his minibar, retrieving two glasses and filling one with water. He made up his black Russian before coming to give Alec his glass. They toasted and drank, Magnus looking thoughtful.

“Something’s afoot. And I feel like we have only a small window of time to figure out what.” He said.

“Yeah. I got that itching feeling in my neck like people are watching me” Alec said.

“Seems to be a coordinated effort too. A warlock’s involved, maybe even..the Clave?”

“No.” Alec said draining his glass.

“Alright. How else could Camille have gotten free?”

“And more importantly what does she want?” Alec said instead of answering the question.

They took seats next to each other on the couch, both thoughtful. They sighed simultaneously.

“I could think of ten things I’d rather be doing than dealing with this right now.” Alec said.

“Oh yes? Like what?” Magnus asked turning to him with a smile.

Alec met his eyes, “You know what.” He said.

Magnus’ smiled widened, “I do indeed.”


Chapter Text

"What did you have in mind" Magnus asked.

Alec smiled.

And then frowned.

"Did I tell you that my dad is cheating on my mother?" he asked.

Magnus frowned in turn, "No...and I don't understand why you're telling me now."

"I'm telling you because cheating is very close to home for me right now."

"And I'm Magnus the hedonist right?"

Alec sighed, "I'm not saying that-"

"I know you're not. You're saying it would hurt you if I did cheat. I understand Alec. I hope you understand that I would never-"

"I do. I know that you feel the same about me that I do about you but...sometimes..."

"Sometimes it seems a little tooo easy between us?"

"Yeah and-"

"You're waiting for the other shoe to drop?"


"Imagine how I feel. I've lived it."

"You mean with Camille?"

"I mean with every failed relationship I've ever had. With every time what I thought was love turned to ashes. Alec...I-"

"I know. Me too."

Magnus face suddenly transformed into a naughty smile, "But you were saying something about ten things you'd rather be doing...?"

Alec returned his smile, dropping his eyes briefly to Magnus' mouth and then back up to his eyes. There was the faintest flush to his cheeks, "There are children in the house."

Magnus snorted, "Since Jace moved in, there are always children in the house."

Alec's gave an amused smile and a side eye, he knew of Magnus' jealousy of Jace, but chose not to mention it. He did think it was kind of cute though. And evened them up a bit because he had 17000 nameless people to be intimidated by and a very alive, well and immortal Camille trying to take his man. Over his dead body of course.

 "You're cute when you're jealous" he teased.

"Jealous? I have no need to be jealous do I?"

"Not at all."


They regarded each other, both feeling that pull like an invisible string drawing them closer to each other. They didn't do anything about it though.


"You know I've been meaning to ask you something."

"I'm an open book Alexander. Ask away."

"You have all this experience..." Alec looked away, the blush in his cheeks getting stronger. 

"Yes?" Magnus encouraged putting a hand on Alec's knee.


"I what Alec?"

"I mean...when we..."

"Make love?"


"Are you saying you want me to....use my experience?"

"Yes! I mean I know you know a lot of things but..."

"I let you lead."


"And you want me to lead?"


"Okay, what did you have in mind Alexander? Keep in mind there's a child in our bed as we speak."

"Sex talk."

"Mmmm. interesting thought" Magnus unfolded himself and moved closer to Alec, leaning his back against Alec's front as the shadowhunter's arm went around his shoulders. 

"Have you ever...flirted with anyone Alec?"

Alec hesitated before saying, "No."

"Mmm, so tell me something Alec."


"Something you like about me. It doesn't have to be physical or emotional. Whatever you like."

"Okay...I er, I like your eyes."


"Your real eyes Magnus. I think they're badass."

"Go on." Magnus said squirming closer to his boyfriend.

"And your shoulders."

"My shoulders?"

"Yes. They're...broad and...beautiful. they make even the most ordinary shirt look sexy."

Magnus giggled. He could hardly credit the sound coming out of his mouth but it was most definitely a giggle.

"Continue" he said.

And your hands...angels Magnus, I worship your hands!" Alec said taking said hands in his and running his fingers reverently from tip to wrist, "So delicate, yet strong, beautiful and manly too. I love your nails, and your nail polish, and the way you twirl them about when you do your magic, " Alec touched Magnus' hands to his mouth while the warlock watched, mouth open. It had to be the most Alec had said in one sentence, ever.

Alec turned Magnus' hands in his, kissing each finger with his eyes closed. It was the most curiously erotic thing Magnus had witnessed in a while. He found his breath coming short, as if Madzie had sucked all the oxygen from the room. 

"For someone with no experience you're quite good at this flirting thing."

"Okay but is that the same as sex talk."

"No but it relaxed you enough to be able to go on to sex talk right?"

"Teach me."

Magnus turned in Alec's arms, looking up at him.

"Do you know what I thought the first time I saw you?" he asked.

"No. Tell me."

"I thought...'By the new gods and the old, someone took all my fantasies and remade them into that fine package. Now all I need is for him to bend over so I can split him open like the finest peach'"Magnus said not looking away from Alec's eyes. Alec's face was on fire.

"And then you picked up the sword and I knew you for a shadowhunter...and I knew that you would remain nothing more than that - a fantasy."

Alec's mouth was open like he wasn't aware of it, "Yet here I am."

"Yes. Here you are" Magnus agreed, caressing Alec's jaw with his hand. His eyes traced the motion of his hand and then continued up Alec's face until he met his eyes again.

"The second time I saw you, I knew that I would bed you." he said as his hand traced Alec's chest in slowly maddening whorls, seemingly aimless but getting closer and closer with each circuit to his pleasure trail. Alec's hips canted upwards involuntarily at Magnus' words.

"Ah ah" Magnus whispered close to his ear, "We're just talking."

"Sometimes..." Alec said and swallowed, his voice trailing off.

"Yes" Magnus said against his skin. Alec swallowed again.

"Sometimes I wonder at this feeling. This feeling of want that assails me when you're near Magnus. It's all I can do not to..."

"Jump me?" Magnus asked with a grin.

"Yes" Alec said sounding desperate, "what you do to me's it normal to feel like this?" 

"Like what Alec? Describe it to me."

Alec's head dipped shyly but Magnus wouldn't let him look away, "it's only me here Alec. Tell me."

"You said once, that my heart beats faster when you're near. That's true but hands. My hands shake and my vision blurs and my chest swells. I can't breath, sometimes I can't even think. Can't take my eyes off you. Can't get you out of my head. Not for one minute. You're the first thing I think of in the morning, the last thing at night. You're interwoven in my dreams Magnus. I think I'm obsessed. I feel like if I could, I would incorporate you within my skin, so that you'll always be near. I'm crazy Magnus. I'm totally mad."

"Well, Alice in Wonderland did say that all the best people are bonkers."

Alec hit his arm lightly, "I'm being serious Magnus."

"So am I. It scares me sometimes, how honest you are about your feelings Alec. It makes me feel flayed raw and open; like it's my feelings that are left out in the open for anyone to stomp on if they choose. Sometimes it feels like too much."

"And so you make a joke."

Magnus smiled at his understanding, "Yes I do."

They regarded each other seriously.

"I want to kiss you now." Magnus said.

"But we haven't finished with the sex talk!" Alec protested.

"Just a kiss my shadowhunter."

"Alright" Alec capitulated leaning in.

The front door slammed and Jace walked in. 

"Oh you're awake. Good. We need to talk about what all that was about." he said.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, in Idris...

"Maryse..."Robert said with a sigh as his wife huffed her way through her latest complaint.

"We have to do something Robert. People are talking." 

"People always talk."

"Well...not about us. Not like this. Have you seen how they look at us? With pity in their eyes, but smugness behind it like 'Oh look, your perfect son isn't so perfect after all how sad!' but not really. They're happy at our misfortune."

"I'd hardly call our son falling in love misfortune."

"In love with a downworlder. A warlock. Magnus Bane!"

"I know my dear. But there's not much we can do about it now." Robert stood up as he put his cup of tea down, "I have to go."

Maryse looked up at him in disbelief, "Already? We just sat down. You're not going to leave me with this restaurant full of people are you?"

Robert huffed in irritation, "Maryse honestly what do you think they will do? It's not like they're a pack of wolves..."

"Oh don't remind me. More downworlders! This is going to end badly. Nobody approves of it."

"I know Maryse. But this is out of our hands now. Alec is an adult. He's free to do as he chooses."

"What if...when the time comes, he chooses the warlock over us?"

Robert tilted his head to the side, regarding her sadly, "I think he already has."

He took a step away from the table, "When do I see you again?" Maryse asked quickly.

"When I have time Maryse. You know that."

"The children asked about you, why you didn't come for the rune ceremony." Maryse raised her voice so he could hear her and stop walking away.

He turned back to her, "I'm sure you thought of something suitable to say" he said.

Maryse shrugged, "They came to their own conclusions. I didn't bother to correct them."

Robert nodded curtly and then looked at her a moment before walking away. 


Back at the Farm

"So what the fuck is going on anyway?" Jace asked coming to sit between Magnus and Alec. Magnus was beginning to wonder if his cockblocking wasn't a deliberate thing rather than a series of unfortunate accidents.

"We don't know. We just know something is." Alec replied, stretching out on his end of the couch.

"Is it to do with Madzie. Are they after her? Maybe we should send a message to the Clave, have them ask Valentine about it."

Magnus snorted, "Yes because they'd really care what happened to a little warlock girl."

Jace turned to him, opened his mouth then closed it again.

There was a small silence.

"Well then what do you suggest?" Jace asked.

"We don't think it's wholly about the girl" Alec said.

"Then what is it about?"

Alec and Magnus exchanged glances, "Well we had a visitor this evening. Camille. She was up to her old tricks."

"How did she get free of the Clave?" Jace asked.

"Exactly" Magnus said.

"I suspect if we can answer that question we'd be a lot further along in finding out what's going on here."

"We could ask dad to find out." Jace suggested.

Alec gave him a look, "He's cheating on mom!" he said.

"Do you want to find out what's going on or not?"

Alec and Jace glared at each other. Magnus stirred.

"Come on you two, let's not do this. What about Lydia Alec? She's back at Idris is she not? Perhaps she could find out?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

"You stay in touch don't you? Perhaps you could ask her?"

Alec gave him a look, "You don't mind?"

Magnus smiled wryly, "Of course I don't mind. Why would I?"

"You're a better man than me then, " Alec murmured to himself and Magnus smiled pulling himself to his feet and holding out his hand.

"Time for bed" He declared. Alec took the proferred hand and pulled himself up. He glanced back at Jace.

"Goodnight parabati" he said with a smile.

"We really should finish discussing this" Jace protested.

"Later Jace. We'll sleep on it and reconvene at breakfast. Your turn to cook" Magnus said and then dragged his man off. 

As Alec flopped down onto the bed, Magnus picked Madzie gently up and carried her to her room, saying an incantation for sweet dreams and then leaving the night light and door open in case she needed them. 

He padded softly back to his room and found Alec still  up, waiting for him, stark naked.

"We never finished our conversation" he said.

Magnus gave him a pleased smile, "I thought you'd be tired" he said.

"Never too tired for that." Alec said holding his hand out for Magnus to take. Magnus reached out and they clasped hands, eyes on each other.

"Still want to learn how to talk dirty to me?" Magnus asked softly.

Alec sat up, pulling Magnus down to him, burning eyes already on his mouth. Magnus went with it, allowing himself to be enveloped in Alec's arms, lips swallowed up in Alec's hunger as clothes were discarded in haste. 

"Want you so much" Alec whispered as he bit into the hollow at Magnus' neck, making him cry out with the pleasure of it. He arched into Alec, urging him to put hands on him, everywhere. Magnus led by example, tracing whorls into Alec's back before trailing downward to cup his ass cheeks in his hands. He squeezed gently, enjoying the feel of smoothness and hardness beneath his fingers, using the angle to press Alec harder into him, closer, always closer.

"Oh God, we have to learn how to slow down" He breathed with amusement into Alec's ear, making the shadowhunter shiver.

"We have forever to slow down" Alec replied nipping at his shoulder as he pressed into him breath already coming hard and fast, "One day, you'll show me how to." he said as he began to thrust desperately like he hadn't seen Magnus for days on end, hadn't touched him for millennia. 

"Uhhh" was Magnus only reply as he urged his boyfriend to go harder, deeper. Alec had discovered his magic spot and strove with grim determination to hit it on every stroke. Make him just as crazy as apparently, Magnus made him. It was just another reason in the myriad of reasons why Magnus loved him so much.

"Magnus I..." Alec said just before he spasmed, back arching, limbs shaking, face contorted in a rictus of effort.

Magnus loved to watch his boyfriend come.

Chapter Text

Magnus walked into the rehabilitation centre and approached the front desk. Not many people knew about this place; which was one of the reasons why they'd brought Isabelle here. 

Eichen house it was known as.

From the outside, it was just a mental hospital.

But inside, there was a division where unusual creatures were treated or confined depending on what they needed. The doctor in charge was a two thousand year old warlock named Armand. He liked to experiment and maybe wasn't completely trustworthy but he was wary of Magnus. Enough that he wasn't about to mess with Isabelle, much as he was excited to have a shadow hunter under his roof. It was this or go back to Idris; and Isabelle had no desire for her mother - or anyone else in Idris - to know how far she'd fallen. Especially given the fact that her brother and his romance was still quite the hot topic there. 

The Lightwoods had gained enough notoriety for this generation.

They did not need more.

"Magnus" Isabelle said as he opened her door. She was seated by the window, doodling on a pad as she mostly stared out the window.

"Hello Isabelle. How are you?" He asked coming to sit opposite her.

Isabelle shrugged, "Getting better I guess." she said but she avoided his eyes.

Magnus reached out to cover her trembling hand with his, "How are they treating you here? Do they give you something for the pain?"

Isabelle smiled sadly, "Don't worry about me Magnus. I'm fine. Promise."

Magnus opened his mouth to say something but Isabelle interrupted him.

"So how is Alec doing? And Madzie? You're still staying with her?"

"Alec is good. He'd like to come and see you if you'd let him."

Isabelle was already shaking her head, "I don't want him to see me like this." she said.

Magnus' mouth opened in protest but she got there before him.

"I know he cares about me. I know. I just feel like I've let him down so badly. I can't face him."

"Can I at least get a picture for him?" Magnus asked with a rueful smile.

Isabelle gave him a wide fake smile, sitting up straight, "Sure. Go ahead. As many as you'd like."

They took a few selfies and then Magnus left.


Alec was at the institute, reviewing surveillance on the whereabouts of the soul sword. So far nothing had turned up but they had not given up. The soul sword did not just disappear into thin air, ergo it had to be somewhere. Wherever it was, they would find it.

He opened up a comm, and typed in Lydia's ID.

You there?

He typed and then waited as he went back to reviewing surveillance. He glanced at the chat window and saw, 'lydia is typing'. He heaved a sigh of relief he didn't know he was holding and sat back, watching the screen. 

What's up?

He leaned forward, thinking about what to write. Sure she had let him go after their aborted wedding but did she really need a reminder? But this was too important. Not just to him personally but also to the safety of the downworld. Camille's presence was good for no one.

I have a question for you.

He typed and then hesitated. He saw that she was also typing and waited to see what she'd say.


He huffed a breath, closed his eyes, opened them again and asked.

Ran into Camille in Brooklyn. Did the Clave let her go or did she escape?

He watched the screen, waiting to see that Lydia was typing but nothing was happening. He looked up beside her name to see if she'd logged off but no, she was still online.

He went back to reviewing his surveillance, as he occasionally glanced at the screen, stomach tight with anxiety.

"Alec. You're here. Good. Come to my office we have a few things to discuss" Aldertree said coming up suddenly behind him. He only just managed to minimize the comm screen before turning around.

"I'll be right there" he said heart beating erratically. Aldertree gave a nod and walked away. Alec brought up the screen again but Lydia still hadn't sent anything so he logged off and went off to Aldertree's office.

"So Raj tells  me you haven't spent a night at the institute all week" Victor said.

Alec inclined his head in sarcastic inquiry, "Since when is where I spend the night any of your business?" he asked.

"There is a reason our sleeping quarters are in the same place where we work Alec. Emergency situations arise at any time as I'm sure you know by now. You need to be here. If you fancy yourself a leader you can't be disappearing all the time."

Alec gave a sarcastic laugh, "Disappearing? This is you trying to interfere in my relationship, just like you did with that story about your werewolf, and we both know it."

Aldertree took a step closer, looking Alec in the eye, "I know you think you have it all figured out Alec, but you'll come to realise sooner or later what a huge mistake you're making."

"Well then, it's my mistake so I'll thank you to butt out."

Aldertree lifted his hands in mock surrender, "I'm just trying to help" he said.

"Yeah well, thank you; but I don't need your so called help."

Aldertree took a breath, "I understand that your warlock is staying with the young warlock who caused major casualties at the institute" he said.

Alec's eyes narrowed, "What of it?"

"You didn't think her actions would go unpunished did you?"

"She's a little girl!" Alec protested.

"She's a warlock who killed almost two dozen shadowhunters."

Alec looked away, gritting his teeth, "She didn't know what she was doing."

"The Clave will decide that."

Alec expelled air forcibly from his nostrils. It was all he could do not to beat Aldertree to a pulp. But he needed to warn Magnus at once. They needed to get Madzie to safety before the Clave got it's hands on her.

"Fine." he said, "I guess we'll await their judgement."

Aldertree nodded his dismissal and Alec stormed out of the room. His phone beeped a notification just as he left the office. 

He fished it out and stared at it.

Lydia had replied.

He clicked on the icon, reading the message. Then sent a fire message at once to Magnus. There really was no time to lose.