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What If....

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Magnus stood in the doorway of his – second – guest room, staring at the sleeping warlock. She might be very young but she’d clearly been through a lot in her short life. She kinda reminded Magnus of himself actually. An orphan, left to fend for herself out here in the wilds of New York. Magnus thought back to his nine year old self, alone on the street and with no idea how to get by. Way too pretty for his own good, and so very small and thin. He might as well have had TARGET tattooed on his forehead.

The first time he had used magic had been completely accidental.

A man, in a back alley and him there, begging for scraps from his bin. The man smiled, kindly Magnus had thought, and asked the young boy to follow him.

Magnus had been so grateful.

So naïve.

So hungry.

The man had gone into his restaurant and returned with a full plate.

A burger and fries, steaming hot. Not leftovers, but a new plate.

Magnus had felt his tongue watering so hard he was afraid he might cause a puddle. The man handed him the plate and gestured for him to sit and eat. Magnus needed no further prompting, stuffing his face so fast he’d almost vomited it all up. Only he couldn’t do that to himself and forced his body to swallow everything back down.

“What a good boy you are, aren’t you?” the man had said.

Magnus had nodded eagerly.

“Yes, you are. Come here let me show you what a good boy you are.” The man had said, leaning down and pulling Magnus to his feet.

“Come on, stand here, let me look at you.”

Magnus had stood still, not really understanding what was going on. Why the man’s hands were lifting his threadbare t-shirt and ghosting over his ribs. Pulling him up close so he was flush against the man’s pelvis.

“Are you grateful?” the man asked.

Magnus tried to nod his head but there was nowhere for it to go, his head was so close to the man’s groin. He seemed to understand what Magnus meant though because he ran his hands through Magnus hair in a soothing gesture.

“That’s my boy” he said before his hand reached between them, unbuttoning his fly and shoving his dick in Magnus’ face. Before Magnus could so much as form a thought the man was pushing his dick against Magnus’ mouth, prying it open.

The low grade fear he’d been feeling spiked and something shot out of his hands.

A red light.

As it hit the man, he arched backward, mouth in a rictus as if he’d been electrocuted. Then he fell to the ground.

Magnus had stared in shock.

And then he had ran.

As he stared at Madzie, sleeping peacefully in the overlarge bed, he resolved that nothing like that would ever happen to her.

“She sleeping?” Alec came to a stop behind him, surrounding him with his presence.

“Yes.” Magnus turned around to face his boyfriend with a smile, “You tired? Ready for bed yourself?”

Alec was watching his mouth, eyes dark, pupils blown, mouth slightly open. When he got like this, Magnus was pretty sure he maybe heard one word in three that Magnus said.

“Yeah” he breathed and Magnus smiled. He had a feeling that ‘ready for bed’ did not mean ‘ready for sleep’.

“Okay then” he said taking Alec’s hand and leading him to his room. Jace was still staying in the other guest room but he was still at the Institute, probably trying to figure out a way to tell Clary that she wasn’t his sister. Magnus wasn’t complaining.

His feelings for Jace were ambivalent at best.

On the one hand, they had a lot in common – not just Alexander – for one thing they both went out of their way to keep their loved ones safe. And they both had a very pragmatic attitude toward things. The thought occurred to Magnus that maybe Alec had a type.

On the other hand, Alec. Jace had been his first crush. The man on whom he’d lavished his first feelings of lust, and love.

 Magnus was by no means threatened.

 Or jealous.

Okay maybe he was a little jealous.

But Jace was more than used to having 100% of Alec’s attention, and he treated him like it was his right to have that attention. Magnus did not like it. He tried to be okay with it, but the fact remained that Jace’s importance to Alec was something that he was still getting used to.


Alec had been very good about his relationship with Camille so he was ready to reciprocate and accept that the Jace-Alec relationship was going nowhere.

It did help that Alec had said that he loved Magnus.

It was too soon, no doubt about it, they had barely been together a minute. But Magnus knew that Alec meant it with all his heart. And he meant it too. Love just happened sometimes. It still boggled his mind that Alec had said it.

His mind kept going back to that moment then rearing back in shock.

If he had pearls he would clutch them.

Almost half a millennium looking and just like that, he’d found love.

With a shadowhunter!

Who’d a thunk it?

Magnus’ hand tightened around Alec’s and his boyfriend turned and smiled at him.

“You okay?” he asked.

“I am great Alec.” Magnus replied.