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Strawberries, Sun Gods, and Secrets

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He was truly blessed. Strawberries were gods gift to the world, their ripe red color, their delicious tastes and their ability to melt in your mouth. He was truly blessed the be surrounded by them.

Taehyung rolled out of bed and looked out the window with a bright grin on his face. It was still dark out but that was ok, Hoseok always seemed to sleep in later than the farmer but he didn't mind. The night was a nice cover from the heat. The brunette wondered out of his home and rubbed his eyes before grabbing the bucket near by. "Good morning hobi." Taehyung said while looking at the sun that was peaking over the horizon. The God always worked hard and Taehyung appreciated when he blessed his crops. He turned back to the strawberries near him before tending to them. "Today is a festival in town.. I was thinking about going." Taehyung said before plucking a strawberry off and popping it into his mouth "I'd ask if you wanted to go but you're busy with the Sun." Taehyung added and looked up at the sky as the sun slowly rose before grinning widely.

It sometimes got lonely on the farm however the sun god always kept Taehyung company, even if he had never heard the god talk he knew the other was there. Hoseok was important, one of the most important people in Taehyung's life. Without him there would be no strawberries. "You read my mind hobi, I was thinking of taking strawberries to the town as well." The farmer said while watering his plants. It had been a while since he visited the inner town, he wondered if people still enjoyed strawberries as much as they once did.

"I hope it doesn't rain. Hobi can you make sure there's no rain? The festival sounds too fun." Taehyung continued talking as he pulled at the weeds that were trying to overcome his precious strawberries. "I know it's hard but tomorrow you could rain all you like." Taehyung added and looked up at the sky before smiling brightly and wiping the sweat off his forehead. "I don't really know what people wear at festivals I'll have just find my best clothes." Taehyung said before wiping his hands on his pants and humming a soft tune.

After he tended to his precious crops Taehyung collected enough to take to the festival before he started to change. His type of clothes weren't the upmost high fashion, they were loose and ones that were perfect for farming. The brunette clicked his tongue before reaching deep into his closet. The closest thing that was not farming clothes was a striped brown shirt his grandfather had given him, one that hung a bit too loosely on his frame, and black pants that were equally as loose. He kept them up with a belt made out of rope and tied his hair back with a strip of cloth to keep his bangs out of his eyes as he explored the town. When he stepped out he looked up at the sky and grinned brightly "You'll watch over me right Hobi?" Taehyung asked before picking up his strawberries that he was planning on selling. "To the city!" Taehyung exclaimed and started his trek.

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Well he had guessed the city would be incredibly different from his home town but this was a whole new level. Taehyung wondered the streets, holding his basket closely to avoid dropping strawberries as he was bumped around. At first the city was overwhelming, there were tons of things he had never seen, horses seemed to be everywhere. Man he wished he had a horse to help on the farm, they looked so cute and Taehyung would love to show Hobi the horses.

He could hardly hold back his excitement as he saw a group of horses sitting outside a building. Taehyung walked over and carefully placed his basket of strawberries down before reaching his hand out to touch the horse. "Whoa I've never seen a white horse before" Taehyung said and grinned even more as the horse allowed him to stroke its nose. If only Hobi was here to see this.

"Are you hungry? I have some tasty strawberries if you want some." Taehyung said and reached into his basket before offering them to the horse. His grin grew as the horse took the berries before turning to get another handful of berries. Taehyung's eyes grew wide when another hand grabbed his wrist. The farmer looked up slowly to see two boys staring at him. "What are you doing to my horse?" The blonde almost silver haired boy asked.

Taehyung blinked owlishly before looking at the white horse then the boys who had suddenly appeared. The one that had a hold on Taehyung's wrist stood taller than the other and had a conflicting mixture of adorable bunny and cold statue. "Are you like a ninja?" Taehyung asked and tilted his head to one side. He could feel the other's gaze burning into him and the farmer cleared his throat. "I had never seen a white horse before. I just wanted to feed it some strawberries." Taehyung said and wrinkled his nose before hearing the shorter boy giggle. "What it's true, it's my first time to the city. I didn't know." The farmer whined and dragged one hand over his face as he had a mental breakdown. What was this guy going to do? He seemed like he could beat Taehyung up, oh god he hoped not. He hoped the shorter one would at least stop him from being killed.

The other letting his wrist go was a surprise. Taehyung looked at his hand and then the other. "I'll let you go if you eat a strawberry. To prove you didn't poison my horse." The shorter boy said, a hint of humor in his voice, and Taehyung furrowed his brows. How could one poison strawberries? They were too pure and delicious to be used for evil. However Taehyung wouldn't turn down an opportunity to eat his delicious strawberries. He reached into the basket before biting into a nice ripe one. "See no poison, just delicious strawberry." Taehyung said and watched the other visibly relax.

"You should be more careful out here. Not all men are as nice as I was." The shorter boy said and Taehyung looked around curiously. He had never expected the city to be a dangerous place, he had always guessed it was like his home town. "Ah thank you," Taehyung said and bowed quickly before picking up his basket. "What is your name?" Taehyung added while looking at the other two who both seemed to panic.

"It's Jung," the taller boy said and Taehyung grinned brightly. Well Jung was a weird name but he wasn't the one to really judge. "It's nice to meet you Jung I'm Taehyung. And you are?" The farmer asked the shorter boy who seemed to always have a mischievous smile on his face. "Just call me Jim." The shorter boy said and Taehyung wrinkled his nose. City people had weird names.

The farmer adjusted the basket in his hands, God he had to go before he ate all his own strawberries. He blinked owlishly as the shorter boy offered out his arms. "The basket looks heavy let me take it to wherever you're going." Jim offered and Taehyung laughed gently. However the taller boy seemed to tense up, he wondered what relationship Jung and Jim had. "How sweet, are you sure you want to do it? I don't really know where I'm going."

"That gives me an even better reason to help you."

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Spending time with Jim was even nicer than Taehyung had imagined. The guy was even sweeter than how he first came off and he enjoyed the jokes the other shared with him. Even if Jung lingered around them, only joining in if Jim addressed him. It was an odd relationship. Taehyung looked at the other before sighing "we should sit and rest, I didn't know the market was this far away." The farmer said and took the basket from Jim's arms. He sat down on the grass under the tree and patted on the spot next to him. "I didn't really come to sell these so you can eat as many as you'd like." Taehyung offered before popping one into his own mouth. He looked over at the two and grinned brightly "it's my payment for helping me."

"I helped because I wanted to not because I wanted payment." Jum replied but still reached for the strawberries "well Jung didn't help at all.."
"I could've but you wouldn't let me." Jung protested and Taehyung couldn't help but laugh. As Taehyung watched the other he noticed how cute and handsome he was. He had to be younger than Taehyung, he was too cute to be older, and his height would scream that he's younger. The farmer hummed softly before leaning back against the tree. "The city is amazing. It's completely different than what I imagined." Taehyung said and leaned his head back "I can't imagine living here."

"Do you live on your farm?" Jung asked and Taehyung couldn't help but laugh at the other's question. "Of course I do. Where else would I live?" Taehyung asked and playfully shoved the other who awkwardly rubbed his shoulder. The farmer hummed softly and looked up at the sky, shielding his eyes from the sun.

"Do you make enough money? You look pretty thin.." Taehyung heard the Jim ask and he looked over at him. He shrugged before laughing. "It's not really the money I care for. It was my grandmother's farm so I'm taking care of it." Taehyung answered and stretched out before completely laying on the soft grass. He looked up at the other boy and grinned "what do you do? It must be a nice paying job since you could afford that horse." Taehyung asked and watched the other two curiously. However his eyes stayed on the silver haired boy, He could just stare at the Jim for days, the boy had this hidden charm in him that Taehyung found attractive.

"I uh... I work at the palace." Jung answered first and Taehyung's eyes grew wide. He ignored the fact that Jung always answered first in favor of rapid firing questions. "Really? Are you like a palace guard? That's so cool! No wonder you were able to sneak up on me." Taehyung exclaimed and sat up excitedly. However when he opened his mouth again the other boy slapped a hand on his mouth. That surprised Taehyung and he looked at the black haired boy before furrowing his brows. "You can't just scream that into the world. That could get all of us killed." Jung stated and Taehyung blinked owlishly before looking around.

"Nothing can hurt us. We have Hobi looking out." Taehyung stated and turned to his basket of strawberries which was already half empty. "Hobi?" Jim asked and Taehyung grinned even more before looking up at the sky. "Hobi is the sun god. He's one of my best friends he helps with my strawberries all the time." Taehyung said while looking at the sky.

"Gods don't exist." Jung said and Taehyung couldn't help but wrinkle his nose before standing up slowly. "They do too. I'll show you one day to prove it." Taehyung said and hummed softly before looking around "my farm is in the first town to the west of the city." Taehyung explained and pointed in the direction "it's the only strawberries one." The puzzled look Jung gave him that contrasted with Jimin's wide smile made Taehyung laugh softly. "So if you ever get bored of the palace life you can come visit and I'll prove to you gods exist." The farmer said but little did he know he had already met a third god.

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"Kim Taehyung you've missed you taxes for the past two months. We need your payments."

The farmer looked up from his spot on the ground among the strawberries to see the rude looking tax collectors standing in front of him. "I promise I don't have the money right now but I'll get it to you soon." Taehyung said and frowned at the sight of some of the collectors standing in his precious strawberries. "You said that last time. If you can't pay up we're going to arrest you." The man said and Taehyung hissed as he felt rough arms around his arms. "I promise. Please the farm is the only thing I have." He begged and looked around.

"Since you failed to pay we're going to have to take you. Maybe you can make your payments up some other way." The man's face was too close to Taehyung's and he could smell the lingering alcohol on his breath. "A pretty boy like you will do well you'll be back on your farm in no time."

Before he knew it his arms were tied behind his back and he was slung over some strange man's shoulder. Taehyung felt sick, oh god why didn't he sell the strawberries like he was suppose too? He felt tears fill his eyes as he saw the precious strawberries leave his sight. The farmer looked at the sky to see an overcast, at least Hobi was upset too. "Hobi we'll figure something out." Taehyung said softly before a cloth covered his eyes, blinding him from the world.

"Are you sure they're the same person?" The whispers that filled the room woke Taehyung up from his attempt at napping. He had been blindfolded forever, there were no clues where he was. The brunette assumed he was still in the carriage that had came to get him but there was a whole different feeling to it.

"I would recognize his face anywhere." The only sound in the room were the two voices whispering. "You just met him a week ago, he's in here for a reason he must be dangerous."
Taehyung furrowed his brows and rolled his head back, God his wrists hurt from the rope. Correction everything hurt. He had lost his farm and his freedom just because of stupid taxes. He prayed Hobi would be ok, and that the god was watching over him.

"We'll take him. This should be enough." The words made Taehyung's heart race. Oh god, it hit him like a train. The words the men said before he was taken away. Oh god he was being sold off, he may never see his farm again. Taehyung's heart continued to race as arms yanked him up. "Don't hurt him, poor thing already looks terrified." a soft voice said however whoever it was addressing didn't listen and Taehyung was jostled around as he got settled back onto the floor. He wished he could see, was it another carriage? Oh god his back was killing him he couldn't take another one.

The ride wasn't as long as he expected, certainly not as bumpy as the first one. However the hands were still as rough as before. "Jungkook, did you not hear me the first time?" The voice snapped and Taehyung raised a brow under the cloth. Who named their kid Jungkook? God city people were weird. Before he knew it he was placed down on something soft, his heart raced again. Oh god it was a bed, he wasn't ready for this. He had never thought about doing this until he was happily married. The brunette blinked owlishly as the cloth was taken from his eyes, the lights blinding him momentarily. "I told you he was the same person." Taehyung continued to blink before turning to see where the voice came from. Standing in front of him were two familiar looking boys, both could pass off as gods. Maybe they were hobi's friends. Oh god he hoped so.

"Where am I?" Taehyung asked, his voice cracking at the lack of water. Man he never knew had thirsty he actually was until a cup was lifted to his lips and he greedily drank it down. "You're in a safer place..." The silver haired man said and Taehyung blinked owlishly before hearing the other's soft giggle. "He doesn't remember us." The silver haired man said and pouted towards the taller boy.

"In all honesty your highness you were dressed completely different." The taller boy said and Taehyung looked between the two. They were both dressed better than Taehyung could ever dream to be dressed. He could see the silk that was finely woven into the cloth yet he also noticed how the silver haired man seemed to be wearing finer clothes.

"Who are you?" Taehyung asked and looked between the two. The pout he was getting from the shorter boy made his heart melt, he felt bad for not recognizing them. "I'm the guy who had the white horse. Jim and Jung." The silver haired boy said and Taehyung blinked owlishly before realization hit him. Oh god, were they still mad about him touching their horse.

"You don't need to panic, we're not going to hurt you. Instead you'll be working in the palace.. To make up for your debt." Jim stated and Taehyung tensed as the other walked around. He tried to watch what he was doing but realized it as soon as the tension around his wrists was released and he could move his hands around. Thank god, however the marks from the rope still remained on his wrist. "It beats being in a brothel," Jim added and a soft giggle left his lips. Oh man this guy was cute. "By the way I'm sorry for lying to you Tae, my real name isn't Jim. I'm Park Jimin." The silver haired man said and Taehyung's eyes grew wide. He was sitting on a bed in front of the only Prince. If only Hobi could see him now.

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Jimin soon left Taehyung with the other boy. Who Taehyung quickly learned was named Jungkook and was Jimin's main guard. "I can't believe this. Just because he's the Prince doesn't mean he can pick up anyone." Jungkook mumbled and Taehyung could feel the tension in the other's fingers as he rubbed the soap through Taehyung's hair. He didn't understand why the other was bathing him and Jungkook gave him no answers. "He's going to get himself killed one day I swear."

"Do you hate the Prince?" Taehyung asked and closed his eyes as the mildly warm water washed over his head. He could hear the other snort before the fingers were back in his hair. "He's just reckless and it makes my life harder. Jimin's a great person, I just question his sanity most of the times." Jungkook replied and the fingers soon relaxed.

Taehyung opened one eye, to avoid getting soap in both in case the other boy decided to dump more water on him. "I just can't believe he's making you his personal servant. What am I chopped liver?" Jungkook asked and Taehyung grunted slightly as a towel was wrapped around his head and soon ruffled his hair in an attempt to dry it. Soon Jungkook stopped and Taehyung heard the stool push back before the towel was removed from his hair.

"What does a personal servant do?" Taehyung asked and opened his eyes to turn to the other. He watched Jungkook's back as the other seemed to be preparing clothes. "They do what I'm doing right now basically except for the Prince." Jungkook explained and when he turned around Taehyung felt himself shrink. The other's gaze was too intense for the poor farmer to handle. "Have you talked to him? You'd probably be a better servant than me, I can hardly keep strawberries alive." Taehyung offered, God anything to get the other's gaze to soften. However his gaze only hardened.

"Do you seriously think I didn't try? He kept insisting that I'm too busy with training to be bothered with serving him." Jungkook said and Taehyung blinked owlishly as clothes were offered to him. The brunette looked around sheepishly before sinking under the water, the bath had been nice but now he felt uncomfortable around the other. "Get use to it, this is the last time you bathe along." Jungkook said before placing the clothes on the stool next to the bath. "When you get out I'll show you your daily routine." And with that the other was out of the large bathroom. Taehyung finally found time to look around the room, the marble that covered the room seemed blinding white and even the sinks were covered in gold. He sighed softly before pulling himself out of the bath, his sore muscles screaming at him to stay in the bath. The clothes he put on were nicer than anything he could imagine, the silk was probably the softest thing he ever felt. Besides Hobi's hugs, those were the best.
Taehyung soon stepped out of the bathroom before noticing Jungkook leaning against the wall. "It took you long enough, I was starting to think you drowned yourself." Jungkook said and Taehyung couldn't help but laugh. "It's not that bad here," Taehyung answered and continued to fold the towel in his hands. "I'll show you where you'll be staying, and where everything is." Jungkook stated and Taehyung nodded before following the other boy. As they walked he couldn't help but stare at the other, he wondered how Jungkook got in the palace. The boy looked young but he also looked like he had seen more than Taehyung in his life. "Is there something wrong?" Jungkook asked while turning to Taehyung who quickly looked away before shaking his head. "I couldn't help but wonder how old are you." Taehyung said and stopped when the other did.

"Classified." Jungkook stated before continuing down the hall. Taehyung sighed softly before following him and soon realized the amount of doors surrounding them. "This will be your room." Jungkook stated and pushed the door open. In the small room sat two beds, one already held another boy in it. "You'll be rooming with Seokjin, he's a chef for the palace." Jungkook stated and Taehyung stated with wide eyes as the other boy sat up. Damn everyone in this castle was attractive, this boy took the cake however he could probably be the prince himself.

"Ah I'm finally getting a roommate? After all these years I thought you forgot about me." The boy said before walking to the other two. "Jimin was being picky until now. This is Kim Taehyung. Taehyung this is Kim Seokjin." Jungkook said and Taehyung bowed slightly. "Ah even the same last name we could be brothers." Seokjin joked and threw an arm around Taehyung's shoulders "don't worry, working for the Prince isn't as bad as they say." Seokjin continued and Taehyung grinned brightly before nodding. "He seems like a nice-"

"I'll show you to the kitchen," Jungkook spoke up and both boys looked at him before Seokjin shook his head. "Nonsense, I'll show him around." The chef said.

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Taehyung could conclude that following Seokjin around was a lot more exciting than following Jungkook around, and when he laid down the mattress was even softer than the one he had at home. "Normally the prince's servant wakes him up with breakfast, so I'll wake you up when I get up so we can start your day." Seokjin said and Taehyung smiled at the soft hands messing with his hair. Seokjin could truly pass off as his brother and Taehyung wouldn't mind that.

"How did you become a chef?" Taehyung asked as he laid on the bed. "I originally worked at the pub for a bit before meeting Namjoon. He's the head of staff here, and so he loved my cooking and offered the job." Seokjin explained and Taehyung smiled brightly. "You should go to sleep Tae, tomorrow will be a long day for you."
"Alright goodnight hyung."
"Goodnight Tae."

Seokjin wasn't lying when he said it would be early. Taehyung groaned as the other woke him up, stretching before sitting up slowly. His eyes widened before he scoffed, how did Seokjin manage to wake up looking like an angel still? "Breakfast is already cooking you have like twenty minutes to get ready." Seokjin explained and the younger boy nodded. Taehyung looked at the window and groaned, even Hoseok wasn't awake yet.

Twenty minutes had been more than enough time to get ready and get nervous. Taehyung stood by the counter in the kitchen, watching Seokjin cook. "When you greet him don't look him in the eye, keep your head bowed unless he says otherwise." Seokjin explained while cooking. Taehyung fixed his hair while sighing. There were so many rules, who knew there was more to serving the Prince than he had expected. Also trays were hard to carry, oh god he was so nervous now. What if he got lost? What if he dropped the tray ontop of the Prince? "Tae relax. He's not going to kill you." Jin spoke up and Taehyung sighed softly as a hand was put on his shoulder. "Jungkook might."

"That's not helping Namjoon." Seokjin hissed and Taehyung looked at the other boy in the room. The new servant took a deep breath before looking at the tray placed in front of him. "You know his room right?" Taehyung could only nod before lifting the tray.

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The walk seemed longer than normal and Taehyung's heart kept racing. Although seeing the sun in the sky calmed him down slightly, he prayed Hobi was watching out for him. His heart stopped slightly as he realized he needed to balance the tray in order to open the door. Carefully he got the door open and was met with pitch darkness, despite the sun being up. "Your highness? Breakfast is here." Taehyung called before putting the tray on the nightstand and moving to open the curtains Hobi's hard work needed to be appreciated.

"Mm it's so nice to hear that from someone that's not Jungkook." A muffled voice came from the mattress "say it again." Taehyung's brows furrowed before he looked at the other and nodded. "Whatever you like your highness." Taehyung stated and pulled the curtains aside to let some light in.

"God I look forward to that every morning." Jimin said before sitting up slowly. Taehyung turned to the other and blinked owlishly before flashing a quick smile. "You seem like you're in a good mood this morning." Taehyung added before walking to the tray of food. He tried his best to keep his hands busy, it was odd being next to the other boy. Taehyung only knew him as Jim really, not Prince Park Jimin. "I haven't had a personal servant in a while, plus it's nice to have such a pretty face wake you up." Jimin said and Taehyung blinked owlishly. He rubbed the back of his neck before placing the tray of food down in front of the Prince.

Ok so after food, was clothes right? Taehyung glanced around before spotting the dresser. He could do this, it wouldn't be too bad. "Do you know my schedule for today?" Taehyung heard Jimin speak up from behind him and he turned around before raising a brow. "You have breakfast and then... Horse riding lessons." Taehyung said after thinking for a moment. What was the day of the week? Horse riding was on.... "You were close but no, I have ball room dancing first." Taehyung blinked owlishly before turning to the dresser. Oh god he couldn't even do his job. "I'm sorry your majesty." Taehyung said and tried to look anywhere but the Prince.

"If you keep using that it'll use it's effect." Taehyung felt a hand around his chin before he looked up at Jimin. When did the Prince stand up? What was the other doing? Oh god was he going to get punished "it's your first day. I don't expect you to memorize the schedule until next week." Jimin spoke and his voice was softer than Taehyung expected. The brunette smiled gently before nodding "thank you, your highness." Taehyung said before bowing quickly. "I'll go get your clothes for dancing just enjoy your food."

"Do you want some? I have more than enough and you look like you don't eat enough." When Jimin spoke Taehyung couldn't help but laugh. The servant shook his head before turning to the dresser "don't worry just enjoy your breakfast your majesty." Taehyung said while picking through the clothes.

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"You didn't tell me I had to dress him as well." Taehyung complained before flopping onto the bed. He pouted before looking at Seokjin who was busy reading some book. The brunette whined even louder before rolling over "you would think he could dress himself." Taehyung whined and kept rolling over before Jin looked over at him. "That's the job of a personal servant Tae," Jin answered and Taehyung felt his cheeks heat up. "So I have to do that everyday? God I made a full of myself. I don't understand half the clothes he wore." The former farmer complained and ran a hand through his hair. All he wore was baggy clothes with no fancy lacings and buttons.

"Where did you come from? Do you not understand how to dress properly?" Jin asked and Taehyung flushed brightly before pouting. He looked away while pouting even more. "I was a farmer, I dressed properly for the farm." He defended before pulling the blanket over himself. "I'll give you a lesson on dressing after dinner then." Jin said before Taehyung saw the other stand up. "You still need to get the Prince for dinner, make sure he's washed up."

Taehyung couldn't help but drag his feet as he walked. God serving took a different amount of stamina compared to farming. "Your highness?" Taehyung asked before slowly opening the door. He looked around curiously before walking further in. "Your majesty?" He called and looked around. The former farmer blinked owlishly before moving to make the bed.

"Your already here?" The other's voice made Taehyung jump. He turned away from the bed to see the Prince standing in the door frame. There was a bathroom there? Since when. Taehyung looked at the other for longer than was probably allowed, he couldn't help but notice how the other only had a towel around his waist. Oh dear lord what a blessing. The servant looked down quickly before clearing his throat.

"I came to make sure you were ready for dinner." Taehyung said and busied himself with making the bed. "Well I'd ask you to help me get dressed but I'm not sure that's possible." Jimin said and Taehyung looked up to argue but was met with the towel dropping. His face turned darker than the strawberries he grew. Oh dear lord, this just keep getting to be too much. The servant looked away and cleared his throat, it wasn't anything against the Prince, he was definitely shaped well. God why him?

"I'll go wait outside." Taehyung said before heading towards the door. Once he got out he felt like he could finally breathe. He rested against the door outside and blinked his eyes, God he wasn't really complaining it's just. He couldn't start fancying the Prince, he was just a farmer not any royalty. "You're going to start a fire with all that thinking you're doing." Taehyung jumped once again and looked over at the Prince. Jimin moved around so quietly Taehyung could never tell where the other was. He bowed quickly before looking at what the Prince was wearing "I'll take you to the dinner hall." Taehyung said and started down the hall.

He was thankful for the silence that fell between the two, it didn't allow him a chance to embarrass himself again. "You were more talkative in the city. You can still talk to me like you did then." Jimin spoke up and Taehyung looked over at the other before chewing on his bottom lip. He rubbed the back of his neck before sighing. "I was really hoping I could've invited you over, I've been missing your strawberries."

Taehyung perked up slightly as the other mentioned the strawberries. "Thank you, my grandfather taught me how to grow them. He's the best at it." Taehyung said and grinned brightly. God he could talk about the art of strawberry farming for hours "although I wouldn't be as successful if Hobi didn't help me." Taehyung added and when the other laughed he furrowed his brows. "How old are you? Gods don't exist." Jimin stated and Taehyung felt his ears warm up in embarrassment. He sighed softly and ran a hand through his hair. Hobi was totally real, he had met the other. He'd prove it one day. "I'm twenty three." Taehyung said and paused when he noticed the other had stopped walking. "You're kidding." The Prince said and Taehyung blinked owlishly before shaking his head. "No wonder we get along so well! I'm twenty three as well." Jimin exclaimed and Taehyung smiled brightly as he looked at the other. "This is so much better than I expected."
Taehyung could agree with Jimin on that one.

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"Whoa you have more horses?" Taehyung asked. He hadn't expected to be joining Jimin to his horse riding today but a week can really bring two closer together. "My father breeds horses, that's how I got my white one." Jimin explained and Taehyung nearly jumped with joy seeing the familiar white horse.

"I've always wanted a horse to have on the farm." Taehyung said and followed the other through the stables. "You can have one. We've got way too many." Jimin offered and Taehyung swore he had met another angel. "Are you sure you're not a god? You're so kind." Taehyung said and watched as the other laughed. Aw his laugh was so cute, it made him younger than he normally put off.

"Do you know how to ride a horse?" Jimin asked and Taehyung shook his head before watching the other saddle up a horse. "Don't you think we should wait for your riding instructor?" Taehyung asked and looked around, he wouldn't want to cross the women again. She was scary as she already was he didn't want to make her scarier. "She's out today. So it's just us." Jimin stated and Taehyung furrowed his brows before taking the rope that Jimin offered to him. The servant looked up at the horse before reaching up to gently pet it's nose. He grinned widely before looking back at the Prince, "do you think it's ok if I ride with you?" Taehyung asked and blinked owlishly as Jimin snorted.

"It won't kill anyone. Plus I feel like you would be good at riding." Something about the way Jimin said that made Taehyung flustered. Maybe it was the compliment the other gave him, or maybe it was the look the Prince had on his face. "What horse will you be riding your highness?" Taehyung asked before turning back to the horse in front of him.

"This is sugar cube, the one I rode on before I met you." Jimin explained and Taehyung looked at the white horse with wide eyes. "She's my favorite horse, especially because I met you because of her."
Taehyung couldn't help but grin, the other was too kind. He looked over at Jimin and sighed. "Then you must like the tax collectors even more." He joked and watched as the other finished saddling up the horse.

Wow ok when Jimin lifted the saddle Taehyung could really see his defined arm muscles. Oh god he knew Jimin was well sculpted but oh god it never ceased to amaze him. The other looked so cuddly that Taehyung often forgot how strong he really was.

"Do you need help getting onto the horse?" Jimin's voice brought Taehyung from his thoughts. The servant blinked owlishly before looking up at the horse, oh god he was suppose to get on top of that? He smiled sheepishly before nodding "do you use a stool?" Taehyung asked as the other approached him. Jimin shrugged and looked around before looking st Taehyung. "Normally we do, but that's too much work. I'll just lift you up." Jimin said and Taehyung felt goosebumps on his skin as the Prince put his hands on Taehyung's waist. The other was too close, his breath tickled Taehyung's neck. "Are you sure you eat enough?"

Taehyung looked at the other before blinking owlishly. He was face to face with the upcoming leader of the kingdom and he was asking if Taehyung ate enough. "I eat what I need to." Taehyung said and gasped as the other picked him up easily. He looked down at the other before hooking his leg over the horse. Oh god feeling the other's strength sent his mind whirling. The brunette stared down at the silver haired man before giving a shaky smile "thank you, your highness." Taehyung said and watched as the other pulled himself up easily.

"I told you if you keep using that it'll be less meaningful." Jimin corrected and Taehyung watched as the other lead his horse forwards. "Then what should I call you?" Taehyung called after the other before encouraging his horse to follow the other. "Call me Jimin," the Prince called before looking over his shoulder. Taehyung's heart thudded against his rib cage. Calling the Prince by his name, that was too intimate... He didn't know the other that well. "Are you sure about that?" Taehyung asked while pulling his horse next to the other. He watched the other closely and couldn't stop his beating heart. The other looked truly amazing out in the sun like this, he was beautiful. "If I wasn't sure I wouldn't have told you Taehyung."

The servant watched Jimin before smiling widely. "Then your wish is my command Jimin." Taehyung joked and watched the other's smile grow.
"I like you Taehyung, you're not just my servant.. You're my friend now." Jimin stated and Taehyung watched as the other lead his horse away from him before following the young prince.

Chapter Text

Adjusting to the palace life was easier than Taehyung had imagined. He even started to wake up before Seokjin some days. It was the few days Taehyung could see Yoongi. When Taehyung was a farmer he rose and settled with the Son he almost never saw the moon God. Yoongi wasn't as talkative as Hoseok although Taehyung didn't mind, he was never one for talking before the sun rose.

"You have it made here kid," Yoongi's voice was a bit darker than Hoseok's but it was always soothing. It almost lulled Taehyung to sleep everytime he talked to the other. The brunette turned to the black haired man who sat next to him on the balcony. "It's like a dream come true." Taehyung said and leaned back onto the cool stones of the balcony. He always admired Yoongi's handiwork, the Stars were one of Taehyung's favorite things to look at. "Not its not, I've seen your dreams and this is nothing like it," Yoongi replied and Taehyung wrinkled his nose.

"Hey one day I'll grow the worlds largest strawberry!" Taehyung whined and looked up at the stars. "How is that possible if you're here? You're just a servant now." Yoongi said and Taehyung paused. He blinked owlishly while thinking over the words the moon God had said to him.

"I'll get out as soon as I can pay off my debt," Taehyung said and looked over at the other before wrinkling his nose. "How are you and Hobi doing? I haven't seen him that much."

"He's worried, doesn't like that you're hardly outside anymore." Yoongi said and Taehyung shifted uncomfortably "look at you kid, you went from sun kissed to moon kissed." Yoongi added and Taehyung felt the other's cool hands against his skin. "Run away Tae, Hoseok and I can help you. Go back to your farm, I'll keep it darker so they can't look for you."

It was tempting but Taehyung didn't mind living here. The former farmer sighed gently before stretching out. "Give me some time Yoongi." Taehyung said and stretched out his back "I'll figure a way out. Just watch over my farm." Taehyung said and when he turned back go see the other the god was gone.

"Tae? Why are you out here?" The brunette jumped slightly before seeing the Prince. "Jimin?" Taehyung asked before sitting up. He watched the other carefully and felt his heart race. The other could pass as a god easily, the way his skin shone in the light gave him this beautiful, heavenly glow. The silk shirt that hung on his shoulders exposed his chest and Taehyung could see the outline of abs. Oh dear lord the other was beautiful. "I could ask you the same thing," Taehyung replied a bit later than he wanted to. It wasn't too weird to have a delayed response right? Oh god he hoped he wasn't being too obvious. "How long have you been out here?" Taehyung asked and shifted slightly as the other walked over and sat next to him, sitting where the moon god once sat.

"Not too long, although I heard you talking to someone..." Jimin said and Taehyung felt his heart stop. He pulled his knees to his chest hoping the other hadn't heard him about running away. "Who were you talking to?"

"You know how I said I know the sun god.." Taehyung started slowly before staring up at the stars "well the sun and the moon are perfect balances of each other. So for the sun god, there is a moon god. I know both of them.. His name is Yoongi. He's paler than the moon itself and his hair is darker than night but he's calming, he's warm in the oddest ways and he creates magic." Taehyung said softly while watching the stars twinkle above him.

"You really believe in this god thing huh?" Jimin asked and Taehyung turned to look at the other, surprised when he met the other's gaze. He held it breifly before looking away quickly. "I know they're real, Yoongi's touch is soothing after a long day under the sun, and Hoseok's touch is energizing. They're a perfect balance.." Taehyung said and rested his chin on his knees.

" I really need to get you away from Namjoon you're talking like him." Jimin joked and Taehyung smiled gently. He sighed before resting his forehead on his knees. "You should go back to sleep your highness. You have a busy day tomorrow." Taehyung aid before lifting his head. When he turned to the other they were closer than he remembered. "I couldn't sleep, I can't sleep on nights like these. I don't want to miss out on the beauty in front of me." Jimin's words, Jimin's stare, Jimin's proximity was driving Taehyung crazy. The servant cleared his throat before sighing softly. "We can come back another night, if you stare at it too long than it'll become meaningless." Taehyung said and grinned at the other. Jimin's smile rivaled Hoseok's, it was warm and bright, everything Taehyung could get lost in.

"I'll look forward to when we can spend time under the stars again." Jimin said and Taehyung watched as the other stood up "it'll just be our little secret." The Prince added while Taehyung stood up and brushed himself off. "Our special little secret," Taehyung replied and put a finger to his mouth before heading back inside. Something about the secret made his heart pound, was it really ok to share this moment with the heir to the throne. He paused as a hand wrapped around his wrist and turned him to bring him face to face with Jimin again. Before he knew it the other's lips were against his own, the hand that held his wrist now moving to his waist. The kiss was rushed, it was wild and it was over before Taehyung could gather his thoughts. "Promise to keep our dirty little secret?" Jimin whispered, his breath tickling Taehyung's ear and taking his breath away.

"I promise your majesty."

Chapter Text

"Have you ever learned to ballroom dance?"
Taehyung looked away from the painting he was observing over to Jimin, who stood in the middle of the large ballroom. "You're asking a former farmer this," Taehyung replied before snorting. He had tagged along to Jimin's ballroom lesson however the Prince was intent on getting Taehyung to dance.

"I wasn't sure what background you had," Jimin replied and Taehyung sighed as he walked towards the other, away from the painting. "What if I told you I was a gypsy dancer," Taehyung joked with a taunting smile before walking past the Prince to another painting. "I'd believe you, surely being that attractive isn't god's work." Taehyung paused and looked at the other before glancing around. "Majesty please. Be more careful with your words," Taehyung said softly before wrinkling his nose. His cheeks were warm and he was blushing, damn it not again. Ever since that night under the stars Taehyung found himself blushing more and more around the Prince.

"You worry too much Tae Tae, no one is going to suspect us," Jimin said and Taehyung felt arms around his waist, he stiffened slightly before turning to the Prince. "They'll suspect something if they walk in and see this," Taehyung said and held the other's gaze. He blinked owlishly as he noticed Jimin's gaze wasn't on his eyes however.. "Let me teach you how to dance, you might need it for the ball tonight." Jimin said and Taehyung groaned slightly as the other dragged him out onto the dance floor.

Taehyung didn't really understand ballroom dancing. Why did math have to be involved? And why did it only go to three? "You're moving like your joints are rusted." Jimin spoke up, it didn't help that the other was so close that it was hard for Taehyung to focus. Everytime the other's breath tickled his skin sent goosebumps all over his body.

"I've never danced like this. I don't understand it." Taehyung whined and he looked at the other "shouldn't I be leading since I'm taller?" The brunette asked before laughing as the other playfully hit him. "You couldn't even lead a mouse to cheese with the way you're learning how to dance." Jimin said and Taehyung wrinkled his nose before pinching the other's cheeks playfully. "You're so mean Jiminie." Taehyung said and continued to laugh as the other grabbed his wrist In an attempt to pull his hand from his cheek. It was too much fun to tease the other and Taehyung lost track of where they were. Until he heard someone clear their throat.

"Sorry to interrupt whatever is going on, but your majesty is going to be late if he doesn't get ready to meet the royal guests." Jungkook's voice carried through the ballroom. Taehyung felt his face pale and he quickly distanced himself from the other, hoping the younger boy didn't grow suspicious of them. "Ah thank you Kookie, don't worry about me. I'll get there in time." Jimin said and Taehyung glanced between the two before sighing softly.

"Taehyung your help is also requested in the main hall. They need extra hands to prepare and clean." Jungkook stated and Taehyung nodded quickly. He started towards the door before being stopped by the Prince. "Taehyung is my servant, no one else can order him around." Jimin stated and Taehyung felt his heart stop at the glare he received from Jungkook. "This was a request from the king himself." Jungkook added before clearing his throat "Taehyung will be like any normal servant, I'll fill in his duties as your personal servant your highness."

Taehyung let a soft sigh out before nodding. "I can handle cleaning," he said softly and looked back at Jimin who seemed to want to argue over it more. "I don't like others ordering my servant around. If I see it happen tonight I'll make sure to end relations with that family." Jimin stated and Taehyung watched as the Prince pushed past the younger boy and left the ballroom. The brunette smiled softly at Jungkook before clearing his throat. "I'll get to clea-"
"I don't know what you are doing but you need to stop messing with the Prince." Jungkook said and Taehyung wanted to hide from the other's gaze "you're just a worthless farmer, Jimin is too important for you and deserves someone with something to their name."

Taehyung chewed on his lip before lowering his head. "I wasn't trying anything. I'm just doing my job." Taehyung said before heading towards the door. "I hope he sells you tonight." He heard the younger mutter as he passed him. The older boy paused before looking at Jungkook.

" sell me?" Taehyung asked and walked back to the other "what do you mean by that?" He watched the other snort, the younger seemed to have a talent at getting under Taehyung's skin. "Are you really that dumb? Balls are not just political, it's a way for the royal family to show off their servants like live stock. The more attractive servants they have the more money they can make tonight." Jungkook stated and Taehyung furrowed his brows. why would they show off their servants? Don't they normally want servants to be hidden. "If a guest is particularly interested in a servant than they can buy the servant for the night or buy them completely. I hope you get sold to some old duke, far from here."

Taehyung's blood ran cold. He shook his head, this wasn't fair. How could they just sell the servants body against their will? "Jimin would never." Taehyung said softly. "You don't know him as well as you think you do. You're a new servant, a low level servant. I've seen almost all of them be sold off for atleast one night maybe more." Jungkook's voice got harsher as he towered over the other "the only ones who can avoid it are the higher level servants and guards."

"So Seokjin and Namjoon?" Taehyung started softly and started to find it hard to breathe. It wasn't fair, he should've ran away when he could have. "They're safe.. I'd watch how you act for the rest of the night Kim Taehyung." Taehyung's mind was spinning, however he headed to the main hall but his mind wasn't in it. He couldn't focus yet he didn't blame the other. Jungkook was right, Taehyung didn't have a chance with Jimin. He shouldn't even be trying he was just a servant, Jimin was only being kind because he had to deal with Taehyung. The Prince could easily replace Taehyung in a heart beat. The brunette sighed before looking out the window, "Hobi, I miss when it was just us and strawberries." Taehyung said softly before continuing down the hall. God he would kill to be back at the farm where he could do anything he pleased without worrying about ruining other's lives.

Chapter Text

Taehyung swore he had never seen this much silk in his life. He fixed the ribbon on his neck, the new uniform for the ball was uncomfortable, the lace was scratchy and the pants were stiff. "You still don't know how to dress yourself?" Seokjin asked and Taehyung let the other fix the lopsided bow. The brunette watched the other carefully, the older boy was dressed in his normal uniform.. He wouldn't be seen during the ball so there was no reason for him to dress up.

"Jin.. Thank you for helping me, I'm glad I got to meet you." Taehyung said and he noticed the kther's hesitation. "Don't talk like that. I know it's scary but I have faith in Jimin, just do your best." Jin spoke up softly before pressing a soft kiss to Taehyung's forehead. "If you ever need an escape come to the kitchen. I'll cover you."
Taehyung was thankful to have Seokjin, the younger boy nodded before following the other out.

The main hall was the most chaotic he had ever seen since he had arrived. Taehyung had heard tales of how grand balls were but this was a whole new level. Thankfully before Taehyung could get nervous he was quickly put to work, seating royal families at different tables and offering up drinks. The ballroom had a completely different feel than when Taehyung was in it with Jimin, there were a lot more voices, a lot more bodies and a lot more excitement in the air. It was suffocating really. Only hours before the ball Taehyung had gotten the run down of the night. First there would be a meal and then there would be dancing followed by a speech by the king. The brunette was glad that he was one of the servers now, this gave him an excuse to be in the kitchen.

"How do you handle this many people?" Taehyung asked while balancing the trays as Seokjin placed food on them. "I've been preparing for over a week, you get use to it the more balls you see." The older boy answered before nodding at his handiwork "take this to the Royal family's table."

Taehyung felt his stomach twist. Oh god the nervousness finally hit him. If he messed up serving the royal family then Jimin would certainly sell him off. He glanced over at the long table at the front of the room where the family sat along with some other important people that Taehyung didn't recognize. He quietly and quickly made his way over, placing the food down and keeping his head down. However he could feel the gazes on him, oh god did he already make a mistake?

"Oh my Prince, is this a new servant of yours? I would remember a pretty face like his. I haven't seen him around. " a voice spoke up causing Taehyung to look up and make eye contact with Jimin. The brunette quickly looked back down before fixing the plates. "He is, why do you ask? I get new servants regularly." Jimin's voice wasn't as soft as Taehyung recalled, it seemed more threatening and unnerving. He paused and walked to the king's side, waiting for the man to confirm that everything was ok and to dismiss Taehyung.

"I'd love to have a servant as pretty as him. How much for one night?"

Taehyung's heart stopped, his grip on the tray tightened slightly as he kept his head down. "Let's not discuss that here," Jimin's voice sent chills down his spine. Taehyung looked up slightly before noticing the king dismissing him, he bowed quickly before scurrying off. Oh god he was going to get sold, Jungkook was right. Jimin wasn't who Taehyung thought.

"You look like you've seen a ghost kid," Namjoon's voice broke through Taehyung's worrying thoughts. The younger looked at the head of servants before letting a shaky breath out. "I'm not use to this many people." Taehyung said softly and ran a hand through his hair. Namjoon's hand was heavy on his shoulder and Taehyung couldn't find it in him to tell the other what he had heard. "Take a break. We can manage the rest of dinner. However I'll need you back before the dancing starts." Namjoon said and Taehyung could almost cry. He was glad the other understood him despite Taehyung not telling him the truth. "Thank you sir," Taehyung said before bowing quickly. The brunette soon found himself outside once again, the sun was setting yet Taehyung prayed Hoseok would still show up.

Chapter Text

"What are you doing out here?" Taehyung nearly leaped for joy as he heard the sun god's voice. He looked over to see the other dressed in his fine golden clothes and his signature sunny smile. "Hobi, oh thank god, I've missed you." Taehyung said softly before wrapping his arms around the other. Even though the sun was setting Hoseok was still warm, the other never slept as far as Taehyung was concerned. Well gods didn't need to sleep, Hoseok never got tired of doing what he loved. Although dancing sometimes wore him down and that's why rain would fall.

"I've missed you too, your strawberries are doing great but there's no one to harvest them." Hoseok said softly and Taehyung smiled gently as he felt the other's fingers running through his hair "I've been doing everything to not scorch them, I even allowed more rain than normal.."

"You're the best Hobi, thank you for watching over my farm." Taehyung said softly. Gods weren't tricky, they could never lie. They weren't like humans who deceived you.. Hoseok would never betray Taehyung. "God Hobi, he's going to sell my me to some old man for the night. My body is just a way to get money." Taehyung said softly and whatever tears started to form dried up, there was no crying when Hoseok was around. It was impossible.

"Tae it hurts me to see you like this. You're like a caged animal." Hoseok's voice was soft and it only reminded Taehyung of the mornings where the God would wake him up. "If he sells you, then they'll have two months of darkness where no crops can grow, except Your strawberries." Hoseok threatened and Taehyung laughed gently. He was so blessed to know the two gods, they helped him out more than he could imagine.

"Hobi how did I get myself into this mess? I miss my strawberries." Taehyung said softly and looked up at the other who smiled softly. However Taehyung noticed Hoseok wasn't looking at him but past him. "Sheesh, I couldn't stand your whining anymore," Yoongi's voice spoke up and Taehyung's eyes grew wide. It was rare to see the two gods at the same time, atleast for Taehyung... He normally fell asleep before Yoongi arrived. The brunette watched as the moon god approached them carefully before noticing what was in his hands. "I could only bring so many.. But i hope it gives you a taste of home."

Taehyung took the two strawberries carefully before grinning brightly. He took a large bite out of the bigger one before closing his eyes, God he was so blessed to know the two. "Just keep fighting Tae, if you feel like it's too much. Call us, we'll help you run away."

When Taehyung opened his eyes both gods were gone. He sighed softly before standing up. Oh god was that music he heard? Taehyung shoved the second strawberry in his pocket before rushing back in.


"You're lucky they just started." Namjoon said and Taehyung bowed quickly. "Sorry I lost track of time." Taehyung said quickly before grabbing the tray. He paused before reaching into his pocket and shoving the strawberry into Namjoon's hands. "Watch that for me." Taehyung said before heading into the ballroom.

Chapter Text

"I was wondering where you ran off too. You're that pretty servant," the man said and Taehyung felt his heart racing now. The man standing in front of him was the same as the one at the table from earlier. "I was worried someone already bought you. Tell me what is your price for one night." When the other got closer Taehyung could smell the alcohol on his breath. The servant gave a shaky smile before glancing around. "I'm not sure sir, that's my majesty's decision." Taehyung said softly and his eyes grew wide as the man continued forwards before effectively trapping him against a wall. "Then I'll take it you're a free one, what are you worth?"

Taehyung's heart raced, the tray was the only thing keeping this man from getting any closer. "You'll have to ask the Prince.." Taehyung insisted and watched the man. "You're a loyal one aren't you. I bet you'd be nice in bed.. I'll pay whatever the price."

"He's not for sale." Taehyung's eyes quickly found Jimin, the Prince was quickly approaching the other two however the man was not budging. "Oh come on your highness. You know sharing is caring." Taehyung watched as the other got closer before pulling the man away. "Taehyung is mine and mine only. I will not share him with the likes of you." Jimin's voice was harsh, the glare that was on his face made the other seem more intimidating than anything. The fact that the other seemed perfectly calm was also another thing that made the Prince seem terrifying. "If you have any concerns, I'll gladly speak to you another day." Jimin added before Taehyung realized the other pulling him away from the man.

Before he knew it the cool air of the night hit him and Taehyung noticed Jimin had brought him outside. "Your highness," Taehyung started and paused as the other waved him off "you did not need to do that. I know what happens is business.."
"Are you hurt?" Jimin asked and Taehyung was taken aback by the softness of the other's voice. The servant looked down at himself before shaking his head "he was harmless." Taehyung said.

"Thank god, I didn't want to create a bigger scene than needed. I'm glad you're ok." Jimin said and Taehyung blinked owlishly at the soft hand on his cheek "I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Just know, I'd never sell you Taehyung." The servant stared at Jimin before nodding. He looked back at the ground and cleared his throat. "We should get back inside." Taehyung said softly and looked back at the other. "Let me get you some water first, to make sure you're completely ok." Jimin said and Taehyung followed the other. "You don't have to. I can just go into-"
"There you are," Jungkook soon came into view of the other two "I heard there was some conflict going on. I came as fast as I could but you were gone." Taehyung glanced away quickly as the younger boy looked at both of them. "Don't tell me what I think happened is what happened your highness." Jungkook said and Taehyung could hear the tension in the other's voice. "You need to let Taehyung do his job."

"Don't tell me what I need to do. I warned you if I saw someone messing with him I wouldn't just sit on the sidelines." Jimin spoke up and Taehyung looked between the two. Their gazes were cold and if Taehyung had been on of them he was pretty sure he'd be dead by now. "Don't throw your future away for your new toy." Jungkook hissed before turning on a heel and leaving the two.

Taehyung sighed softly before shaking his head. "He's just jealous Tae, don't worry-"
"I really should get back to work. Thank you." Taehyung said before bowing quickly and hurrying back to the kitchen. The palace life was harder than Taehyung expected.