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Strawberries, Sun Gods, and Secrets

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He was truly blessed. Strawberries were gods gift to the world, their ripe red color, their delicious tastes and their ability to melt in your mouth. He was truly blessed the be surrounded by them.

Taehyung rolled out of bed and looked out the window with a bright grin on his face. It was still dark out but that was ok, Hoseok always seemed to sleep in later than the farmer but he didn't mind. The night was a nice cover from the heat. The brunette wondered out of his home and rubbed his eyes before grabbing the bucket near by. "Good morning hobi." Taehyung said while looking at the sun that was peaking over the horizon. The God always worked hard and Taehyung appreciated when he blessed his crops. He turned back to the strawberries near him before tending to them. "Today is a festival in town.. I was thinking about going." Taehyung said before plucking a strawberry off and popping it into his mouth "I'd ask if you wanted to go but you're busy with the Sun." Taehyung added and looked up at the sky as the sun slowly rose before grinning widely.

It sometimes got lonely on the farm however the sun god always kept Taehyung company, even if he had never heard the god talk he knew the other was there. Hoseok was important, one of the most important people in Taehyung's life. Without him there would be no strawberries. "You read my mind hobi, I was thinking of taking strawberries to the town as well." The farmer said while watering his plants. It had been a while since he visited the inner town, he wondered if people still enjoyed strawberries as much as they once did.

"I hope it doesn't rain. Hobi can you make sure there's no rain? The festival sounds too fun." Taehyung continued talking as he pulled at the weeds that were trying to overcome his precious strawberries. "I know it's hard but tomorrow you could rain all you like." Taehyung added and looked up at the sky before smiling brightly and wiping the sweat off his forehead. "I don't really know what people wear at festivals I'll have just find my best clothes." Taehyung said before wiping his hands on his pants and humming a soft tune.

After he tended to his precious crops Taehyung collected enough to take to the festival before he started to change. His type of clothes weren't the upmost high fashion, they were loose and ones that were perfect for farming. The brunette clicked his tongue before reaching deep into his closet. The closest thing that was not farming clothes was a striped brown shirt his grandfather had given him, one that hung a bit too loosely on his frame, and black pants that were equally as loose. He kept them up with a belt made out of rope and tied his hair back with a strip of cloth to keep his bangs out of his eyes as he explored the town. When he stepped out he looked up at the sky and grinned brightly "You'll watch over me right Hobi?" Taehyung asked before picking up his strawberries that he was planning on selling. "To the city!" Taehyung exclaimed and started his trek.