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But dad, I’m 25 years old.

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“What is dad thinking? Me posing as a high school student. Just to watch the Prince? He does realize I am 25 years old, right?”

I gave a mental sigh. Occasionally, I try to help my father out by keeping an eye on Dowa’s royal family. I usually have this done when Prince Jean and Lady Lotta are out of school or off on the holidays. However, as both children grow older, constant surveillance over them has gradually increased.

Don’t get me wrong. Being of service to the King is my greatest honor, but asking me to pose as a high school student crosses the line. It felt wrong in a sense. I, grown man going to high school. What does that signify? I’ll let you answer that question.

Call it paranoia or whatever, but a part of me felt like this will never work.

Even with dad’s suggestion to wear glasses, to make me look younger, someone might see through the disguise. There’s also the fact that, someone might request official documentation regarding my age. Our family, at the time did not enter Bādon with authentic papers. Most of them were forged.

Yet, dad reassured me that master took care all the arrangements and there would be no trouble.

“Nino. Master knew that you would worry over this. So, he took upon himself to create papers for high school enrollment. Do not worry my son, all will be fine.” He gave me a huge smile.

“If you say so, dad.” At that, I gave another sigh and retreated to my bedroom.
Looks like I’ll be starting high school next Monday with the Prince.