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these moments and vibrant hues

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It’s July when Dizzee starts to wear hair ties around his wrist.

If there’s one thing he’s learned about Thor in the two months they’ve been hanging out, dating, whatever word it is now, it’s that he loves his long hair more than pretty much anything in this world. Possibly galaxy, but Dizzee’s not so sure yet. He loves his long hair even when the Bronx feels like it’s melting and the air is too heavy and thick to breathe.

They’re in a tunnel one night, air sticky and still. Dizzee can feel the sweat dripping down his own neck.

He looks over to Thor, tries to stop himself from smiling. His face is rosy, his hair matted to his forehead, eyebrows pulled together as he concentrates on the piece before him. “Hey,” he says, breaking the silence. His voice echoes a little bit. He takes one of the hair ties from his wrist and looks back to Thor, who’s looking up at him expectantly from the ground. “To put your hair up.”

Thor’s face changes a little bit. His lips curve into a smile, his eyes begin to shine brightly, the same way they were at the party all those nights ago. It makes Dizzee’s stomach flip, the intensity of it. He takes a few steps to close the small distance between them and puts the hair tie in Thor’s waiting hand. “You brought these for me?”

“Well, you’re always hot. Temperature-wise. You know.”

Thor just keeps smiling at him.