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what Alice saw there

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Alice is dreaming.

She knows she is. She feels Dinah carrying her, and how can that be anything but a dream?

She waited too long. Years, the Flowers said. Years. For all Alice knew, Dinah could be – Dinah should be -

Well. Alice refuses to finish the thought, and instead, struggles to consciousness. The first thing she sees is a pair of bright, familiar eyes, but they are gone as soon as she blinks. Alice feels a breeze ghost over her, as she slowly sits up, finding herself on top of a table. In front of her, a cup of tea waits, still steaming.


“You're late,” a curt voice says behind her. Alice cannot bring herself to turn around.
“I know,” she sighs.
“Then again,” the Mad Hatter continues, taking a sip of his tea, “you Alices are always late.”

Alice picks up the steaming tea cup and contemplates the contents, before turning towards the Hatter.
"This won't make me change size, will it? Or trap me here forever, or otherwise have any unintended side effects?" Alice finally asks.

The Hatter stares at her.

"You know, you're the first Alice to ask me such a question?" he crows. "Look at that! An Alice with a brain in her head!"
“It's tea” the Dormouse says, popping her head out from a teapot, “What do you think it'll do?”
“You know, that doesn't answer my question.” Alice retorts “And you're all being very rude.”
“What did you expect? Politeness? Ha! That's civilized behavior! You're in Wonderland now, Alice.” the Hatter scoffs.

Alice takes this as confirmation to ignore all foodstuffs during her time in Wonderland. 

"Well?" the Hatter asks, "Are you going to drink that tea or not?"

Alice holds the cup up, inhaling the steam. It smells like roses.

She hurls the cup at the Mad Hatter, and calmly walks into the waiting forest.


From the gloom, a pair of Eyes watch the tableau.

"That's my girl," Dinah croons.