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Canoe-dling: Not Prohibited

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"Is that?" Yuuri whispers, eyes locked on the male model that just walked into the mess hall.

Phichit hums beside him. "The new counselor."

"You're kidding," Yuuri breathes. "He's so-"

"Hot?" Phichit laughs.

Yuuri looks over and nods. "Yea. Hot. What the hell?"

Phichit shrugs. "I don't know. But he's here all season, so."

"I wonder what cabin he'll get," Yuuri muses aloud, mentally equating which counselors are where, and who's already been assigned.

Phichit shrugs again. "We'll find out sooner or later." Then he goes back to stocking the first-aid kit in front of him.

Yuuri stares for a moment longer before following suit, though his mind isn't on par with the task at hand anymore.

. . .

"Yuuri, Phichit, this is Viktor, he'll be taking Jesse's place this season," Xander, the head counselor says, pulling both of their attentions away from the pile of bandaids and antiseptics to stare directly into the fiery blue eyes of Viktor.

"Hey," Phichit waves, like it's no big deal, and like they aren't literally a table's width away from quite possibly the most beautiful human being on the entire planet.

Viktor smiles, thoroughly lodging Yuuri's breath in his trachea. "Nice to meet you.. Yuuri?"

"No, I'm Phichit, he's Yuuri," Phichit laughs, motioning to Yuuri with his thumb.

"Ah," Viktor huffs, zeroing in on Yuuri then, and making his cheeks heat with the intensity of such an appraisal. "Nice to meet you, Yuuri."

"Yea," Yuuri squeaks, chastising himself for being so easily flustered. "You, too."

Viktor smirks, as if he knows exactly the kind of effect he has, and winks. "I'll see you around."

Yuuri gapes after him when Xander steers them away to continue introductions, and it's not until Phichit hunches over the table in laughter that he realizes he's still focused on Viktor's retreating back.

"Oh my god you are so done for."

"What was that?" Yuuri asks in stunned awe.

"I think you just became the mouse," Phichit says as he wipes at his eye, way too amused by the situation.

"What?" Yuuri frowns, not understanding, which only makes Phichit laugh even harder.

"Fucking goner."

. . .

"I cannot believe how hot it is already, Jesus," Liv complains, holding the frayed corner of the 'Welcome Campers!' banner up to Yuuri where he stands perched on the second to top rung of the rickety wooden ladder.

"They did say it was going to be bad this year," he counters with a shrug before grabbing the end, then fixes it to the rusted nail which has probably been there since the mess hall was built some forty years ago.

"Yea but still, it's only June 3rd!" she says dramatically, wiping at her forehead with the back of her hand for added emphasis on how uncomfortable she is.

He looks down at her incredulously. "Liv, how long have we been doing this?"


"And you're still not used to the heat?"

She rolls her eyes. "Ri, I feel like I'm in a swamp right now. A swamp. It's not right for the beginning of June."

He snorts. "I feel sorry for your campers if this is how you're handling the literal beginning of it."

"Oh god," she groans, throwing her head back to curse the sky.

"Yuuri here giving you a hard time?" a smooth, playfully chiding voice sounds behind them and they both turn abruptly, causing Yuuri to nearly lose his footing.

"Viktor!" Liv smiles brightly, cranking her charm up tenfold.

Of course.

"Nice to see you again, Liz," Viktor says, briefly flashing her a charming smile of his own, before squinting up at Yuuri.

The mispronunciation of her name goes unnoticed by neither of them, nor does the dismissal, and Yuuri wants to feel bad for his friend- knows he should feel bad about his friend being dissed, albeit however politely, but.. he can't stop his stomach from fluttering.

Because Viktor is- fuck. Viktor is gorgeous.

With his fair, almost white blonde hair that's expertly groomed into a messy undercut, and golden tan which suggests he uses a bed year round.

His clothes strongly hint at wealth, as well as the way he carries himself. But there's also an inherently non-threatening aura to him that while yes, he may come off as arrogant, it's not the kind of arrogance that makes you want to punch him in the face.

And, what a nice, absolutely flawless face it is.

He's watching Yuuri curiously, a slight quirk to his lips as he raises a hand to shield his eyes from the sun. "Not to be a dick, but I think that's upside down."

He gestures to the banner with his other hand, and Yuuri blinks. "What?"

Viktor smiles a bit wider. "The banner. I believe it's supposed to be the other way?"

Yuuri looks back at the banner, and flushes. How hadn't he noticed?

How hadn't Liv noticed?

Before he can even begin to think about being embarrassed, Liv barks out in laughter, dragging his focus to her. "Annnnd, that's it. I'm going to get a popsicle or something. You're on your own. Or well-" she waves towards Viktor, already heading up the steps. "By the way, it's Liv."

"Oh," Viktor says with genuine surprise. "I'm so sorry. I thought-"

"It's cool," Liv brushes off, her ego obviously bruised but doing her best to hide it. "Catch you guys later."

"Later," Yuuri says distantly, all too aware that he's now alone with Viktor, who is standing a mere two feet away from him, and is eye level with his ass.

He chances a glance down and yep, Viktor is staring up at him.

"I can help you fix it," he offers abstractedly, holding a hand out even though they'll have to drop the whole thing to flip it anyway.


Yuuri unhooks the corner he had just hung, then bends slightly so that Viktor can reach it, and passes it over.


Viktor holds it carefully while he climbs down, stepping forward when he lifts the ladder to move it so as to not get nicked with it.

"So have you done this before?" Viktor asks, aiming for small talk.

"Been a counselor or hung a banner?"

Viktor huffs. "Counselor."

Yuuri smiles, although a tad shy and hesitant. "Yea. This will be my fourth year."

"Wow," Viktor whistles appreciatively. "You must really like it here then, huh?"

Yuuri shrugs. "It's kind of tradition."

"What do you mean?"

Yuuri stops on the second rung, twisting to regard him. "A lot of us went to school together and we're all friends, so it's just sort of what we do now during the summer."

"I see," Viktor says thoughtfully. "So even though you're working, you still get to hang out."

"Well, essentially.. yes," Yuuri agrees, continuing to climb the ladder because he can't take Viktor's attentive gaze. "I mean, there are breaks between campers.. so we have time to just.. you know, do whatever. And Xander's pretty cool about it. As long as we don't destroy the property or break any equipment, he doesn't really care what we do."

He smiles, for real this time- as the memory of Alan crashing the jet ski into the dock last year is one of his fondest, and most cherished memories. He shrugs again. "We have fun."

Viktor's answering expression is blinding when he braves a peek, "Sounds like it."

He snags the banner off the nail, then lets it fall to the ground without even bothering to pass it down.

"So do you know what cabin you're in yet?" he asks in attempt to re-direct the conversation, beginning his descent once more.

"Uhm, yea," Viktor clears his throat. "Bear Paw?"

Yuuri freezes, his grip tightening on the rough, slivered wood.

Oh no.

Oh no oh no oh no.

"Is that a bad.. cabin?" Viktor asks wearily, no doubt sensing Yuuri's tension.

"No," Yuuri is quick to assure. "It's just.. it's ah-" he pauses, "I'm in Bear Paw, too."

It's like the sun is suddenly shining from directly within Viktor's face. "You don't say."

Yuuri huffs awkwardly, screaming internally because how is he supposed to last all freaking summer bunked with him??

"I do."

Viktor's cheeks dimple, and by the pure glee emanating from him, you would almost think he'd just won the lottery.

"This is the best thing I've heard yet."

. . .

"You're kidding!" Phichit all but shouts, his mouth split so wide in an ecstatic grin that Yuuri kind of wants to smother him with the life jacket he's holding.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?"

"No. No you don't," Phichit huffs, stacking the faded red life jacket he just fastened onto a pile at his right. "As a matter of fact, you don't look that thrilled, either. What's up?"

"You seen what happened this morning. How am I supposed to spend the next three months in the same cabin as him? On the same bunk as him?"

Phichit looks at him like he's lost his mind. "Uh.. like you would anyone else? So what if you think he's hot and he clearly knows it."

Yuuri rolls his eyes and groans. "What do you mean so what? That's so- shit. What if he-"

"What if he what?"

"What if he's not really interested and is just trying to get in my pants?"

"So then you still end up getting laid," Phichit says in a tone that implies he can't even believe he has to spell it out like this. "By a guy who looks like he models underwear for a living, no less. I'm failing to see what the problem is here."

Yuuri pulls in a deep breath, then slowly releases it. "But isn't that counter productive?"

Phichit quirks a brow. "Dude. You're twenty years old. You're allowed to have a fling here and there, you know? Not every sexual endeavor has to result in a marriage proposal or home loan."

"I know," Yuuri readily agrees. "But-"

"No buts. If you wind up wanting to sleep with him, then do it. If not, don't. It's not that big of a deal."

They're quiet for a moment while Phichit continues checking the straps on the next life vest before fastening them and Yuuri stares out into the steady brownish green ripples of the lake.

"You totally would though, wouldn't you?" Phichit ribs, adding the most recently inspected vest to the pile.

"Would what?"

"Sleep with him."

Yuuri bites his bottom lip, trying to stifle an involuntary grin. "No."


He glances sideways, and loses the feat when he locks eyes with Phichit. "Shut up."

Phichit snorts, then pushes him in the arm lightheartedly. "Such a freaking goner."