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Kindred 10: The Doctor

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Emma jumped as the door opened, looking up to see one of the clones entering the room. He took a quick glance at Carey before closing the door behind himself.
“Hey,” he greeted awkwardly.
“You’re… Damien, right?” she guessed, showing just how tired she was.
“Alex,” he put a hand to his chest as he introduced himself.
“Oh my God, Alex?” she pulled herself to her feet, “sorry, my head is just everywhere. Care told me so much about you.”
She stepped around the bed and pulled him into a hug. He tentatively responded, now wondering exactly what Carey had said.
“No problem,” he assured before she let go, “Damien’s the one in the white coat.”
“Sure, sure,” she stood back to wipe her eyes, “how are you, are you okay?”
“Better than Carey,” he folded his arms, looking down at the bed, “so I guess I should be grateful for that.”
Emma paused, watching the expression on his face.
“What happened to Care wasn’t anything to do with you boys,” she felt the need to insist, “it’s because of something Mark did.”
“What?” Alex frowned in surprise.
“Oh,” she realised, “…you guys don’t know what happened?”
“No,” he shook his head.
Emma sighed at that, not really wanting to tell him. But she knew he deserved to know. He already seemed worried that a similar thing might happen to him.
“Mark got himself tied up with the mob in Chicago,” she admitted, folding her own arms.
“The mob?” Alex was shocked.
“The same one Colin was tied to. I think they approached him and he asked them to… help him,” she tried to be careful with what she said here, “and he obviously didn’t know what he was getting into.”
“How did that affect Carey?” Alex tried to understand.
“Mistaken identity I guess?” she shrugged, “Mark hasn’t told me the whole story. But he’s back in Chicago so… obviously they know there’s two of them now. Three, including Colin.”
She paused.
“I saw him on the way in,” she admitted, keeping her eyes down, “are they really just waiting for him to die?”
“As far as I know,” Alex confirmed, “I don’t really know what they’re hoping for where he’s concerned.”
“And what about Carey?” she hated to ask, but she had to, “are they waiting for him to die too?”
“Damien thinks he’s going to wake up, they just don’t know when,” Alex tried to reassure her, “he says the coma is a way for him to heal in more ways than one.”
Emma nodded, feeling only a little better.
“I’m sorry,” he added as an afterthought, “Carey’s a good guy, he doesn’t deserve this.”
Emma wiped her face before going to sit down again.
“You’ll have to take that up with Mark,” she murmured to herself.

“You sure you’ll be okay?” Zac’s brow rose as he pulled the car to a stop.
“I don’t know,” Keandre admitted, his eyes down as he fiddled with one of his rings.
He took one of the larger ones off and held it out. Zac put his hand underneath to catch it.
“Give this to Isaac. Keep it safe.”
“Sure,” Zac agreed, eyeing it before slipping it into a pocket, “anything else?”
Keandre looked up to the building they’d come to but he shook his head.
“No,” he said before opening the truck door, “merci Zac.”
“You’re welcome,” Zac called back before the door closed, “…I hope.”
He kept his eye on Keandre as he made his way up to the doors, before spying a security guard making his way over. Before he could approach the truck Zac pulled out of the driveway and took off down the street. He managed to dial Isaac’s number once he was further away to let him know Keandre was gone.
Keandre meanwhile made his way into the reception area, spotting the desk and making his way over.
“Excusez-moi,” he began, “I am here to see Ivan Morris?”
“Your name?” the receptionist didn’t bother looking up.
“Keandre Moreau.”
She made a call, keeping her voice down. When she was done she pointed to the seats Isaac and Taylor had gone to.
“Take a seat, he’ll be with you shortly.”
Keandre looked over his shoulder, not seeing her double take when she saw his face. He went to take a seat.
It was a while before Morris appeared, flanked by his usual security.
“Keandre Moreau,” he welcomed with a smile, “tellement agréable de te voir. S'il vous plaît, venez avec nous. Nous vous installons tout de suite.”
Keandre eyed the guards, not at all intimidated by them despite their size. He followed Morris back through security and into an elevator to the third floor. He paused when he stepped out to take a look around.
“This way,” Morris indicated for him to keep following.
He led him to the showers where he instructed him in French as to what to do. Keandre was soon showered and changed and Morris was there to lead him on. Without ever telling him anything they planned to do with him, Keandre was led to the cells. Jesse stood in surprise when he came in, seeing the clothes and knowing instantly it wasn’t Alex or Damien.
“Prendre quel lit vous voulez,” Morris offered, “vous ne serez pas verrouillé à l'intérieur.”
“Why not?” Keandre rubbed his arms apprehensively.
Morris paused, not expecting him to use English instead.
“Because they don’t need to be,” he assured, “we will bring you something to eat shortly.”
Morris gave the security guards a nod before departing. They followed him out before both clones heard the outer door bolting closed.
“Keandre?” Jesse guessed as he began to look around, “why are you here?”
“I come to what they want,” he walked over to the clock to inspect it.
“Pardon?” Jesse frowned.
“Parlez-vous Français?” Keandre turned to him with a frown.
“Only a little,” Jesse admitted, “enough to get by. Like you and your English.”
“Why are you…?” Keandre indicated his locked cell.
“Long story,” Jesse blew off, “why aren’t you?”
“Maybe they trust me more,” Keandre mused, going to study the camera instead.
“I bet they do,” Jesse muttered to himself, his brain ticking over.

Alex jumped as the door opened, not expecting the intrusion. Before Emma had arrived barely anyone had come into Carey’s room at all. The doctors did their regular checks but that was it.
“This is Damien,” he quickly introduced before he could say anything.
Damien paused when he locked eyes with Emma before shrugging it off and turning to Alex.
“Keandre’s here,” he announced.
“Keandre?” Emma frowned.
“What? Why?” Alex mirrored her look.
“I don’t know yet, he just showed up,” Damien shrugged, “they put him in with Jesse.”
“Jesse?” Alex’s brow rose.
“If you want to go, go,” Emma insisted, “we’re not going anywhere.”
“I don’t… really know Keandre,” Alex admitted, “I wouldn’t know what to say to him.”
“I’ve got a few things to say,” Damien turned to leave the room, not bothering to say a word to Emma before he did.
“You might want to be in on that,” she suggested.
Alex gave her an awkward glance before nodding and following Damien out.

“Looks like the circus is in town,” Jesse’s brow rose when they came through the door.
“You shut up,” Damien pointed to him, “Keandre, get in there.”
He indicated the cell opposite to Jesse’s. Keandre just frowned in return.
“Why?” he asked.
“Just do it, and don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m saying,” Damien scorned.
Keandre sighed somewhat dramatically, before slowly raising his hands in surrender and walking up to the cell. Damien gave a nod to the guard who came over to secure it once Keandre was inside.
“What are you doing?” Alex asked nervously, wondering if he were next.
“You speak Russian?” Damien demanded.
“No,” Keandre lowered his hands.
“You’re lying,” Damien’s brow rose, “I heard you talking to them. You understood what they were saying.”
Alex locked eyes with Jesse, still standing awkwardly back by the door. Jesse stood from the bed and quietly made his way to the front of the cell.
“Maybe,” Keandre’s eyes didn’t leave Damien.
“I need to know what they were saying.”
“Does Morris know you’re here?” Jesse’s head tilted as he leaned against the glass, “or is this just extra-curricular?”
“I told you to shut up,” Damien threw over his shoulder.
“Come in here and make me,” Jesse dared.
“I like you,” Keandre pointed in his direction.
“Why is this so important all of a sudden?” Jesse ignored him.
“I didn’t say anything,” Alex insisted with a shake of his head.
“Not to me,” Damien confirmed, “but I heard you anyway.”
Jesse grit his teeth when he realised there had to be microphones in the cells. It was the first confirmation he’d had.
“Why you ask me about Russia?” Keandre shrugged, “you were not taken. You have more time with them than I.”
“But I didn’t understand them,” Damien scorned, “you did!”
“I was not always listening too.”
“Why do you think he knows anything?” Jesse demanded, “he was locked up just as long as we were. If I didn’t hear anything, why would he?”
Damien shot a glare in Jesse’s direction.
“You know if the wind changes it’ll stay like that,” Jesse warned.
Alex had to bite his lip to stop himself from smiling.
“Screw this,” Damien stormed out, pushing past security.
“What the fuck?” Jesse looked exasperated once he was gone.
“I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going on,” Alex looked worried, unsure if he should follow.
“He’s gotta know about the meeting, Morris was organising it,” Jesse frowned, “why does he want more?”
“He said nothing happened in Russia. When he was left behind,” Alex turned back, “he had to be lying. Right?”
“I’d bet on it,” Jesse eyed the open door before going back to his bed to sit down.
“You are saying…” Keandre began to pace, “you are knowing what he is asking?”
“Sort of,” Jesse waved his hand, “but not really.”
He looked up to the door again when he heard footsteps in the hall. Alex immediately backed against the cell nearest to the door when two handlers appeared, Damien just behind them.
“Take him,” Damien indicated Keandre.
“Take him where?” Jesse frowned as the guard came to unlock the cell again.
Keandre’s hands went up again when he realised what was happening, but the handlers soon had them zip tied behind his back. He was pulled from the cell and Damien led them into the corridor.
“Find out what’s happening,” Jesse’s eyes locked on Alex once they were gone.
“I don’t know if I can,” Alex admitted, feeling his heart race with the tension in the air, “what if he turns on me? What if-“
“Try!” Jesse scowled, “you’re the only one who can!”
Alex chewed his bottom lip before deciding to take the plunge and follow Damien out. The guard pointed him in the right direction before closing the door on Jesse again. Jesse ran his fingers through his hair as he wondered what Keandre was in for.

Damien had led them down toward the end of the floor where Carey and Colin were being kept. As Alex turned a corner he saw them disappearing into a room he hadn’t been in yet. When he saw the door close behind them he started to approach more cautiously.
He made it to the door in time to hear Damien give another order, this time telling the handlers to strap Keandre onto a table or bed. Keandre wasn’t responding vocally and Alex couldn’t see through the window. He wasn’t getting much from where he was, and he knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to knock.
He was debating going back to the cells to tell Jesse when he heard something behind him.
“Alex? Alex!”
He turned to see Emma leaning out from Carey’s doorway.
“Alex I think he’s waking up!”