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Angel Delivery Services

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Once upon a time, there was a man in a trench coat.

Every day, he would look out his window and see one of the two brothers that lived across the street. It didn't matter which one he saw. They were both handsome. One was tall and had long hair that hung down to his shoulders. His brother was a little shorter, but still impressive. He had freckled cheeks and a dashing smile that made Cas weak in the knees.

If only he could get up the courage to go talk to them. Either of them. Just to say hello. Hear their voices. Before he could, though, one day when Cas stepped out on his porch to lock his door, he heard a voice behind him.

"I know this is cliche -- but do you have a cup of flour I could borrow?"

Cas spun around to see who it was and saw twinkling green eyes staring back at him. Dean smiled that leg-weakening smile and held up a little measuring cup.

"I swear I'll give it back."

Cas was dumbstruck. He stood there stupidly trying to come up with a clever response, but in the end he just led Dean inside to get the flour.

"Yes. I have some," he said, getting the bag out of the cabinet.

"Thanks. Sammy -- my brother -- is a bit under the weather. Thought I'd make him some pancakes."

"That’s very nice of you," Cas said with a smile. Dean returned his smile, scooping out the flour. He didn't dart for the door though — instead he looked around the house.

"Nice place. Is it just you?"

Cas nodded, distracted by his guest. He wanted pancakes... As if reading his mind, Dean stopped by the door and gestured to it.

"Have you had breakfast yet? There’s gonna to be extra."

"I'm haven't eaten. Pancakes sound wonderful." Cas smiled and shook his head. He followed Dean out, pausing only to lock the door, then joined the brothers in their nice little home.

"Sam, you up yet?" Dean called into the house as they stepped inside. There was a groggy reply from somewhere inside another room.

"I'm awake." The vision of a man that came around the corner stunned Cas. Almost six and a half feet of handsomely sculpted muscle. Sammy, as his brother called him, smiled, coughing into his sleeve.

"Sorry. I'm fighting a cold." He held out his other hand to Cas. "You're the guy across the street. Um, Corbin?"

"Castiel," Cas corrected, shaking the offered hand slowly.

"Sorry." Sam mumbled, cheeks darkening ever so slightly. "Dean thought he had a piece of your mail before."

That explained all the mail for Corbin he had been receiving... Sam led Cas along into the living room while his brother cooked.

"The weather seems to finally be heading toward winter," Sam said, taking a seat on the couch. Cas noted that he had a glass of water nearby, as well as a blanket and the remote control. Maybe Dean had made him stay on the couch. Cas took a seat beside him, taking in the comfy cabin-esque style of the home.

Chatting over coffee about their neighborhood, Cas found himself completely at ease. The scent of pancakes in the air and Sam in front of him in nothing more than pajamas — maybe he had finally found heaven. Dean suddenly joined them with three large plates full of pancakes balanced on one arm and a jug of maple syrup. He sat down on the recliner, scooting the pancakes within reach of his brother.

"Eat up. You'll beat this thing," he reassured his brother, patting Sammy's large biceps.

Cas took his designated pancake plate and dumped some syrup on top. His wish had come true. He had started a conversation with one of the handsome Winchester brothers. He knew it was a bit too much to ask for a second wish to come true — but he silently prayed to God that they would invite him back. He hadn’t realized how lonely he felt before. His days typically consisted of going from work to home and back.

"What do you do for a living?" Sam asked, poking at his food but not really eating any. Cas had just taken a big bite of food and blushed as he tried to hurry up and swallow. Sam didn't seem bothered. He waited patiently.

"I'm a...I work at Angel Delivery Services."

Dean smirked but Sam just smiled.

"That's the flower delivery place down town, right?"

Cas nodded.

"That's cute," Dean said sarcastically.

"It's fine." Sam said, frowning at his brother pointedly. He then turned his attention back to Cas.

"It's nice to finally meet someone in the neighborhood. We've been here for a few months, but all of the people on this side of the street aren't very friendly." He chuckled and looked at Dean. His brother was busy eating his pancakes, but shrugged a shoulder.

"I don't talk to the people on my side of the street either," Cas explained.

"Feel free to come back," Dean chimed in. "Sammy's housebound for awhile."

"I'm not housebound." His brother sighed.

Cas really wanted to ask why the handsome man was stuck on the couch, but he didn't want to pry. He really wanted to be invited back. He politely ate his pancakes.

"Well, I gotta go to work," Dean said, patting his brother's back as he passed by the couch with the empty plates.

Cas got up quickly, but Sam looked up at him hopefully.

"Do you have work too? Sorry. We didn't mean to make you late."

"I usually leave early to get breakfast, but I won't have to stop anywhere. Thank you."

Dean came back and handed a cup of coffee to Sam then turned to Cass.

"Got any dinner plans?"

"No." The dark haired man shook his head. Dean grinned.

"Awesome. You can keep Sam company while I work late."

His prayers had been answered!




The day passed slowly. Every moment of waiting felt like forever. Cas could barely contain his excitement at having dinner with Sam. They would be alone. A one on one chance to get to know him. He really wanted to know both of them, but the taller brother was a good start. Not sure if it was fitting or not, Cas brought a pie for dessert. He didn't know what flavor, so he brought an apple. It was classic. Hopefully Sam liked it.

Stepping up to their door and straightening his back, Cas rang the door bell. There was a pause. Then the door opened to reveal Dean's handsome smile.

"Hey, welcome back! I gotta run, so he's all yours. Dinner is on the stove," Dean explained as he stepped around Cas and headed off down the steps. The man in the trench coat watched him go. Was he just supposed to invite himself in?

After standing there on the steps for a few full minutes debating, Cas went inside.

The house smelled like pot roast. Cas paused to place his pie on the counter before going to check on the living room. Sam was there, curled up on the couch with a blanket and a pile of big dusty books. He looked up when Cas came in, smiling warmly.

"Thanks for coming. Dean made pot roast. I hope that's okay."

"It's fine." Cas said awkwardly, perching on the other end of the couch. "I brought a pie. It's apple."

Sammy's eyes brightened. "Ooh, sounds good."

“Yes.” Cas nodded vaguely, lost in those shiny blue eyes. Sam looked back at him, then smiled. Cas blushed as he realized that he had been staring.

“Why don’t we eat?” The brunette asked.





"Here." Cas offered a bowl to Sam. Sam didn't seem to be up to sitting at the table, so he brought two bowls of pot roast in to the tall man on the couch.

"Thank you." Sam said nicely, smiling. "Sorry my brother just dumped this on you. You can leave if you want — I mean, we barely know you."

"I don't mind. Free dinner," Cas reassured him, sitting beside the handsome brunette.

Smiling back at him, Sam poked at his food.

"Thanks for coming over. The house is really quiet when Dean is gone."

Cas nodded, testing a bite of the pot roast. It was really good. Dean probably cooked a lot...which only made Cas wonder more if Sam's condition was permanent or not. Maybe he should ask? When he looked back up from his bowl, Sam was watching him curiously with those sparkling blue eyes.

"How is it?"


Sam stared at him for a long moment, then laughed.

"Dean would love to hear that."

Cas felt his face flush as he realized what he had said. If only he could make himself disappear on the spot.

"Y-yes, it's beautiful food. Very...colorful." He said slowly, staring down at his bowl again.

Sam examined his bowl too.

"The carrots are...really orange," he said with a confident nod.

Cringing, Cas turned to Sam.

"I don't mean to pry, but why are you confined to the couch?"

The brunette sat his food aside and shrugged a shoulder.

"I don't actually know. The doctors are stumped. They told me it would take a miracle for me to live the next two years. At first, I was angry that I didn't have answers but I've come to terms with it. Dean hasn't." Sam sighed. "I don't think he knows how to live without me."

Cas wanted to say something, but words failed him. Sam was dying. Why did Cas waste so much time not speaking to him?

"Hey." Sam reached to pat Cas's arm. "It's alright. I'm not looking for pity. Really. People die everyday."

The dark haired man looked at him sadly. How was he supposed to reply to that?

"I...I just wish that we had spoke sooner. It seems strange, but I feel like we could be friends." Or more, he thought vaguely.

The handsome brunette beamed back at him.

"You know, me too. It's weird. I feel like I know you already. I thought I was losing my mind."

Cas smiled back. He felt silly how happy he was at hearing that. He placed a hand over Sam's and nodded.

"Would you like me to get the pie?"

Sam's eyes drifted from Cas's hand and back then he nodded.

"Yeah. I'm just not feeling pot roast right now."

Cas happily went to serve out the pie, leaving his ever present coat hanging on the kitchen chair. He took two slices of the pie and returned to Sam. The brunette had laid back in his blankets, eyes closed. Cas sat the pie down.

"Thanks." Sammy said, lifting his head up. He did a double take, looking Cas up and down -- but he didn't comment. He cleared his throat and picked up his pie plate.

"Sorry. I swear you were wearing something else a minute ago..."

"I left my coat in the kitchen. Is that alright?" Cas asked shyly, joining Sam on the couch. Sam smiled at him.

"Yeah. It's fine."

For once, Sam actually ate something. He took a few small bites, then turned his attention back to Cas. "Do you want to watch TV or something? I'm sorry, I'm not sure I can hold a conversation right now."

"Please don't apologize, Sam." Cas shook his head. Sam shifted to sit his pie down and then cleared his throat.

"I know that this is a little direct, but I'm already on borrowed time."

Cas braced himself. Did Sam want him to leave? Was the pie bad?

"Do you want to, um, get to know each other better...?" Those big blue eyes met Cas's and he felt his heart skip a beat. Sam blushed at how that had sounded and held up a hand. “I don’t mean — uh, just like a date or something.”

But before Cas could reply, the front door clicked open.

"Hey Sammy! Someone moved my shift," Dean called from the front door. He came around the corner and grinned at them.

"Hey Corbin."

"Castiel," Cas corrected, practically dumping his pie on the floor. "I have to go." He hurried past Dean to the door, blushing profusely. If he had gone with his first instinct and Dean had been even a minute later — the scene would have been very different.

"Okay." Dean said vaguely, watching Cas as he passed. "Did you guys eat all the pie?"