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To the road less taken

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The next two days will filled with all too brief meetings, or sometimes planned only to be cancelled meeting, in on-call rooms and offices as the two fell into a routine when nights where unavailable as Arizona spent her precious time outside work with her daughter.  Once today they had planned meet up in their on-call room up in geriatrics only to have Leah stepping on to the floor when she received a text from Arizona cancelling their “lab session” as she was in emergency surgery that was expected to last the day.  As such, as Leah stepped off the elevator to Arizona’s floor at the hotel she was woman in search of sex, a woman denied since early yesterday morning, and even then that a quick “wham-bam thank you mam” in between rounds and pit time. They had not made any plans for tonight, but Leah knew, they had a limited amount of time they could be together and whenever they had a free night, they would be together. Leah withdrew the room key she held since that first night and slipped it into the door, knocking as she entered,

“Hey,” Leah stepped into the room, closing the door.

“Hey,” Arizona smiled as she looked up from her work, some sort of costume, “did we have plans tonight.”

“No, nothing formal, I can leave if you want,” Leah put her hand on the door, ready to leave.

“No, it’s fine, more that fine, I would get up but,” Arizona motioned to her crutches beside her empty spot on the floor where her leg would be. “I was actually going to call you soon, just finishing up Sofs Halloween costume for tomorrow, she wants to be an astronaut.”

Leah placed her bag on the ground, taking a bottle of the wine they’ve been sharing at her place and went to the counter and grabbed them a glass, “how’d your surgery go today?”

“Good, I mean she’s alive but it’s going to be a long road. Thanks,” Arizona accepted the wine glass as Leah sat next to her and leaned in for a long slow kiss, “sorry I had to cancel,” Arizona gripped Leah’s hair, keeping her close for another kiss, “really, really sorry.”

“We can make it up in a bit,” Arizona finally released Leah and took a sip of wine before handing the glass to Leah and picking up the costume, finishing it.  Leah adjusted herself, lounging on the couch, tucking her feet under Arizona, and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, searching the menu for something interesting, smiling when the crappy reality show they watched the other night was highlighted. Leah’s phone buzzed as she finally settled on comedy show that she hadn’t seen in awhile.  Leah pulled it out and began typing away.

“You can go out with your friends you know, I mean, I don’t want to keep you from having fun.”  Arizona finished the last stitch and placed the costume on the table in front of them.

“Arizona,” Leah sat up and straddled Arizona, “I have no obligation to be with you, but I want to be here with you, I choose you, I desire you,” Leah grabbed the bottom of Arizona shirt and lifted it up over her head, tossing it aside, “I’ve never wanted someone more then I want you, never want to be anywhere but with you whenever you give me that chance.” Leah removed her own top and threw it with Arizona’s.

“I know,” Arizona ran her hand up Leah’s chest to the back of her head, “I know I will never be an obligation to you.” Pulling their heads together the two dueled for control ripping away the remaining articled that confined their chest.

Leah stood and walked over to the bed, turning to face Arizona and removed her pants and underwear, “let me show you,” Leah lay on the bed and waited.  The sound of Arizona crutches filled the air and soon Arizona filled the space above, lowering herself down onto Leah’s body, “you are an amazing woman, and the only person I want to spend my time with.”


“I should be going,” Leah whispered into the night looking at the clock on the nightstand, 2:30am, as Arizona held her from behind, hands clenched, one set cushioning their heads the others placed on Leah’s chest,

“What time is it,” Arizona placed soft sloppy kisses along Leah’s spine.

“2:30, if I stay any long I’ll fall asleep.”

“Five more minutes,” Arizona squeezed her tighter, “I like this part.”

Leah closed her eyes, “me too.”


Leah woke as a weight rolled off her and the brightness of the room. Shit.  6:30am. She was due on rounds in half-an-hour, no time to run back to her apartment, but worse she broke one of the rules, one she knew Arizona had been conscious to maintain, no sleeping over. Five extra minutes grew into three hours of sleeping.  Perhaps that was the troubling part.  They had not spent the night having sex, like they have been close to doing previous nights. No they had fallen asleep, together, after a couple hours of vigorous yet tender sex, showing how much this meant to each other.  She should have left at 2:30, now Arizona was going to think that she wanted to stay, not that she didn’t, and she was sure this was going to cause her to freak.

Alas, despite her best attempts Leah now stood in the elevator on the brink of tears, stuffing her bra into her purse, after escaping from the scene of Arizona trying to make it ok, even offering to order in breakfast.  She felt like in idiot. The hospital rule was one thing, sure they had gotten together a few times in various locations but she had respected the discretion that Arizona required, she had not shared with anyone that they were together.  Hell, they had even developed feelings for one another.  Sure this wasn’t love, not by any stretch of the imagination, but they cared for one another, last night they basically admitted as much, they had chosen this relationship, it was beyond a drunken one-night stand. But this, this she felt was the one un-breakable rule, no sleepovers.

Are you ok? You left really fast.

God, would she just stop caring.

Yah, just late for work.

Leah quickly exited the elevator as it came to a rest at the lobby, hurrying out to the taxi line.

Kay, I’ll see you at work, tonight?

Maybe she needed to pull back.

We’ll see, might go to Joe’s for the Halloween party.         


Leah wasn’t sure what was happening. Arizona was here in the residents change room comforting her during her day.  Leah lay her head on Arizona’s shoulder and let the tears pour out.

“Here, come on,” Arizona stood up, taking Leah’s hand and led them out of the public room to the closest attending lounge with locking doors.   Arizona moved them over to the couch, sitting and pulling Leah onto her lap.

“Arizona, you don’t have to,” Leah whispered into Arizona’s neck as the tears continued.

“Leah, you are not an obligation, I want to be here, you should have called earlier and we could have left.” Arizona kiss the side of Leah’s face causing her to look up, “no matter what you want to label us, you shouldn’t have to go through something like this one your own.”

“We can’t do much,” Leah mirrored Arizona’s hold on her face, “not until…”

“I can distract you, which is what you need.” Arizona moved her face in and captured Leah’s lips.  


Arizona pulled back and rested her head on the back of the couch as she pulled out her phone which beeping finally ended the marathon make-out session she and Leah had been involved in as Arizona tried to keep Leah’s mind off her current health crisis.

“Callie,” Leah pushed her hair back.

“Yah, she wants me to come out with her and Sofia,” Arizona smiled at the thought.

“That’s good,” Leah moved suddenly conscious to the fact that she was laying across Arizona’s lap.

“Yah,” Arizona placed a hand on Leah’s leg, stilling her movements. “I’m going but,”

“I’ll be fine,” Leah reached up and placed a hand on Arizona’s cheek, “I’m going to go out to Jo’s, try and have some fun.”

“Good, I’ll pick you up when I’m done,” Arizona gave Leah a quick kiss and slid out from under her legs.

“Arizona you don’t need to.”  Leah protested, sitting up on the couch, not wanting the pity party to continue.

“Text me when you find out, and either way I will pick you up later and we can enjoy the rest of the night,” Arizona walked back to and gave her one more kiss, “I’m serious.”

“Fine.”  Leah huffed as Arizona finally turned and walked away slipping out of the room.


All clear. At Jo’s celebrating, just one thing missing.

Arizona smiled as she read the text and fired one back, got about another hour with Sof. Don’t have too much fun without me.

“Anything important?” Callie asked as they watched Sofia and Zola skip in front of them towards Alex’s house.

Arizona slipped her phone into her pocket, “No, just good news about a patient.  Thanks again for inviting me.”

“You’re her mom, no matter what stupid decisions you make.”

“Right, anyways thanks.”


Arizona fired off the text as she leaned against the hood of her car, watching people pour in and out of the bar in various stages of drunkenness.  Quite the change from the Halloween seen she had just left, tucking her little angel into bed as she clutched her magic wand.  Now she was waiting outside a bar with drunks for, well she didn’t know what to call Leah, defiantly not girlfriend, girlfriend implied way more than what was happening.  Fuck buddy, that was far too crass, because the simple matter no matter how this started, Arizona cared for Leah, she looked forward to their nights together, their moments during the day to distract her.  Maybe that was it she was her distraction, wherever that led, and whatever that looked like.

“Howdy mam, looking for a good time,” Arizona looked up to see Leah strolling towards her.

“Howdy cowgirl,” Arizona reached out and pulled Leah close, “you look so…” Leah captured Arizona lips in a hungry kiss, allowing her to taste the alcohol on her tongue.

“So the costume does something for you,” Leah pulled back quickly only to Arizona pulled her tight again,

“So many dirty things in my brain right now, never knew I had such a thing for cowgirls.” Arizona gasped between kisses.

“Well then, let’s giddy up.” Leah slipped out of Arizona’s grip and opened the car door blocking the older blonde. Taking off her hat she placed it on Arizona’s head, “I think I have a thing for cowgirls too.”

“Did you have fun,” Arizona asked slipping into the drivers seat and taking off.

“Yah, a good way to blow some steam after the day I had, we going to the hotel.”

“Nah, was thinking your place, walls a bit thicker. Hope you haven’t blown off all that steam.”

“Still got some left to blow,” Arizona and Leah laughed as she reached out and placed a hand on Arizona’s leg. 

Arizona grabbed her hand and brought it up to her mouth kissing it a quick kiss, “I’m glad you’re ok.”

“Me too, and thank you for earlier, talking to me and then well distracting me.”

“It really is such a hardship,” Arizona smiled into their hands before lowering them down onto her lap. 

Driving another dozen blocks, stopping at a light Arizona glanced over at Leah who seemed lost in her thoughts as she looked at their joined hands. “You were avoiding me today,” said squeezing her hand.

“Like I said, didn’t think it was something you needed to worry about.”

Arizona drove trough the intersection and pulled over, putting the car into park. “It’s more than that, but let’s first clear the air again on that.  I care about you Leah, I know we didn’t start that way, but I do, and the sooner you accept that the easier it will be.  And for the record, when someone else bites you, I don’t care if it’s a patient, another woman or even man, it sure is hell my business, understand.”

“Yes, I understand.” 

“Good, but this avoidance thing started before you were bitten, I own the damn hospital Leah, I know what time that happened, I looked it up.  From when you ran out of the hotel this morning to when you were bitten I sent you 6 messages, and got nothing back, other than you might go out to the bar, and you where late for work, so what the hell is problem today, it sure as hell not that time of the month, I would know.”

“I slept over,” Leah shouted 

“What,” Arizona sounded annoyed, “you blow me off because you slept over?”

“It was one of your rules, not sleeping over, and I figured that the only reason you wanted to meet up today was to put the breaks on us.”

“Unbelievable,” Arizona tore away from the curb and continued on her way.  “Just fucking unbelievable.”

“Arizona” Leah reached over and touched her leg.

“This is what I get for getting involved with a fucking child,” Arizona mumbled to herself as she drove through the streets. Leah noticed that they still headed in the direction of her place, a quick turn would of led them easily to the hotel where Leah could have gotten a taxi to anywhere, but no they still headed towards her place.  Arizona continued to mutter as they drove on, talking about her immaturity. This continued until they pulled into the guest parking spot outside of Leah’s apartment.  Arizona put the car into park, but continued to hold the steering wheel.

“Arizona, please talk to me,” Leah reached up and touched Arizona’s face.

“It takes two,” Arizona said, still staring at the apartment.

“Pardon me.”

Arizona unbuckled her seat belt and turned towards Leah, “It takes two to sleep over, and do you really believe that if I wanted you to leave I wouldn’t have found a way.  Baby I liked it, holding you in my arms as I fell asleep and sure I didn’t mean for it to happen but it did.  As for breakfast the morning, I wanted to have breakfast and thought you might too, and at the hospital, simple fact I cannot get enough of you and I needed you.”

Leah blushed looking down, “I over think things.”

“You do and that is I something I adore about you.” Arizona leaned in and gave her a kiss, “now can we please go and play out some very dirty cowgirl fantasies I’ve been dreaming up.”

Leah tipped the brim of her hat that still atop Arizona head, “saddle up.”


Arizona held Leah as they lounged in the bed, regaining their breathing, running a finger around the bandage on her neck, placing a kiss just below in the spot of Leah’s neck that made her crazy,

“That was,” Leah whispered as she tilted her head back some more,

“Yah, it was,” Arizona continued to lay sloppy kisses on Leah’s shoulder, “this has been probably my favorite Halloween ever.”

“Sofia had a good time,” Leah played with their hands that lay intertwined on her lap.

“Yah, but that’s not the only reason,” Arizona adjusted their bodies, laying Leah down onto the bed and lay beside her, “you’re a big part of it Leah, not just the amazing mind blowing sex.” Arizona bent down giving Leah a kiss then pulled back.

“Amazing?” Kiss

“Out of this world.” Kiss.

“Orgasmic?” Kiss.

“Definitely.” Arizona ran a hand down Leah’s chest.

“Make love to me Arizona.”  It was out there before Leah knew she even said it. Looking at Arizona she got nothing back, just Arizona watching her hand move along her body, “Sorry, I didn’t,” Leah was cut off quickly with a kiss as Arizona half lay on top of her, slowly maneuvering her body till she was hovering over her.  Leah reached up and pulled Arizona down.  “You’re not leaving tonight.”

“I don’t want to.”



Arizona woke to the smell of coffee and a lack of weight on her body.  She smiled remembering the tenderness she shared with Leah, no fighting for dominance this time, no playing each other to see who would cave first, only equals, worshiping each others bodies in mutual respect.  Following this the two fell into a restful sleep, wrapped in each other. Glancing at the clock Arizona was glad that she had booked the day off when she found out that Leah had switched to the nightshift tonight, 10:00am.  Pretty good considering it was 4:00 by the time they finally succumbed to exhaustion.

Sitting up, Arizona swung herself to the edge and grabbed her leg and placed it on along with her discarded panties, standing up for a stretch and grabbed one of Leah’s discarded shirts from a chair and threw it on, buttoning a handful of buttons and wondered into the living room. Leah had her back to her working away as she sat at the counter scribbling away in a notebook while scanning between three textbooks.

“Morning,” Arizona walked up, running her arms around Leah, placing her chin on her shoulder.

“Um, morning,” Leah turned her head and gave Arizona a quick kiss, “give me a sec and I’m all yours.”

“No problem, I need coffee,” Arizona let go and went to grab a coffee, “what are you studying?” Arizona leaned against the counter across from Leah.

“Elis Grey’s hernia technique, I’m working on Dr. Grey’s service tonight and she has one scheduled.”

“Nope, don’t do it.”

“No I need to, she doesn’t like me, none of the surgeons like me,” Arizona looked at her with a questioning look, “as a surgeon, even you refuse to have me in your OR.”

“Ok that’s true, but” Arizona stepped away from the counter and walked around to Leah, turning her stool around, “you try way too hard to impress us, and if you try to impress Meredith by talking about her mother, it is not going to work.  Be yourself, trust me,” Arizona undid the sash of Leah’s robe, “when you stop overthinking and trying to impress me, things are much much,” Arizona lifted Leah’s leg around her waist, “more enjoyable.”


“I need food,” Arizona exclaimed as emerged from the bathroom towel drying her hair as Leah attempted to clean up the books and papers which where now all over the floor.

“You can check the fridge, there might be something,” Leah looked back and pouted, “you’re wearing clothes, you were much sexier in panties and my shirt.”

“As much as I would love to spend the rest of the day with you like that, I want to take you to lunch, and I don’t think it would fly, me in a shirt and panties and you in a robe, well it would with me,” Arizona held out her hand to Leah, helping her up and pulling her close.

“You want to take me out?” Leah leaned back giving Arizona a look.

“I know crazy.”




“We just spent an amazing night together, and a great morning with shower sex,” Arizona smiled a goofy smile, “and now I am hungry, and I am sure you are too,”

“Not a date though,”

“Not a date, just lunch, then maybe back to my place, and some afternoon delight,” Leah laughed as Arizona questioned the phrase, “I know it sounded so…anyways, we play it by ear then I will take you to work cause I pick up Sof from daycare at 6:00.”

“Kay, let me go get dressed and get my stuff for work,” Leah gave her a quick kiss before skipping off to the bedroom.

“We’ll need to stop by the hotel first so I can get changed then I figure we can walk to the restaurant.”  Arizona tidied up the counter and grabbed their cups to give them a quick wash.

“Sounds good, casual,” Leah called from the bedroom.

“Yah, I’m just going to change into jeans and nice shirt,” Arizona looked through Leah’s surgery notes, “do you like general surgery.”

“It’s ok, I always thought cardio, but I don’t know, this good?” Leah stepped out in black loose fit jeans and tight green shirt.

“Perfect,” Arizona jumped up and grabbed her hand leading them up the door and out to the car.


“Kay, wait here I’ll be back in ten.” Arizona led the two into the hotel lobby and walked towards the elevator.

“Why you got another girl up there,” Leah teased as she sat down on the couch.

“Yah, she’s been tied up for the past 15 hours and also if you go up with me we aren’t coming down till 5:30 and like I said I need food.”

“Ready.”  Leah looked up from her magazine to Arizona standing in front of her, dark blue jeans, loose red shirt and black leather jacket, then at her watch, 8 minutes.

“Yep,” Leah leaped up throwing down the magazine and surprised when Arizona grabbed her hand and led them out of the hotel onto the street. “Was reading the Best of Seattle, must of sucked that the hospital came in second.”

“Yah, especially since it came out just after we bought it, but next year we should be number one again.”  Arizona slowed the pace as they came up to a bistro, “how you don’t mind Italian.”

“Love it,” Arizona held the door open and placed a hand on Leah’s back as she stepped inside.  Inside they where led to the back, seated at a small table overlooking a garden.

“How’d you find this place, it’s lovely.” Leah looked around at the small but well laid out restaurant.

“My first day off after I started living at the hotel. Usually on days off I would keep Sof at home with me and we would sleep in, go to the park, but it was Callie’s time with her and she wanted her at daycare, her way of being in control I guess.” Leah reached out and took Arizona’s hand causing her to smile, “anyways I went for a walk and ended up here, and the next time I had Sof I brought her here for dinner, she loved it, and now I’m bringing you.”

“For our not a date.”

“For our not a date.”

“What do you suggest?” Leah let go of Arizona’s hand and began looking at the menu

“We could get the antipasto platter to share and a salad, unless you want something more.”  Leah nodded and Arizona called the waitress over and placed their order. “So cardio,” Arizona leaned back in her chair.

“It’s the sexy specialty in med school, that and nero.”

“It is, but is it something you are passionate about.”

“I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I do like trauma surgery,” the smile on Leah’s face grew as she mentioned trauma.

“Judging by that look I think you have your answer.”

“What about you, what made you decide.”

“Honestly, I was attracted to the Peds attending when I started out, and while figured I could impress her with being into Peds and happened to love it.”

“I can defiantly see that,” Leah grabbed her water and took a sip.

“Why Seattle?”

“I wanted a change, a challenge, and you, leaving Hopkins for Seattle.”

“I needed a change.  I made a couple of bad decisions in Baltimore and this opportunity presented itself so I jumped at it.”

“No regrets,”

“A few, really wished at times that I hadn’t taken Alex’s place on the Boise trip.”

“I can see that, anything else.”

Arizona reached out her hand and took Leah’s, “no regrets. Leah I am sorry for all the mixed signals, it’s complicated.”

“I know, it’s just sometimes I feel like I’m walking on egg shells.”  Arizona squeezed Leah’s hand as the food arrived and the two reluctantly released their grip and dug in. “This is delicious.”

“I know, Ok, so let’s revisit our rules, as equals this time. Rule one the hospital.”

“I don’t want to give that up, especially when you have Sof.”

Arizona smiled, “me too, we just need to keep doing what we are doing, being discrete,”

“I’m fine with that Arizona.”

“OK, but you need to wipe that grin off your face when we’re done,”

“What face.”

“You know, the one that screams as you walk out of my office ‘you’ll never believe hat Dr. Robbins just did to me on her desk,’ that one right there.”  Leah had a goofy grin on, no doubt remembering the other day’s lunch break in Arizona’s office.

“Kay, I’ll try, but you need to save some of that stuff for when we’re in a bedroom.”


“Sleeping over.”

“No obligation to, either can leave if they want,”

“Or suggest the other leave when at our respective places.”

“Agreed, but that being said, I really liked walking up at your place this morning.”

“I liked having you there too, you looked happy.”

“I am happy,” Arizona stood up and leaned over and gave Leah a kiss.  “ Now, we’ve sort of thrown the no feelings thing out the door.”

“I have,”

“But how about, no expectations of feelings beyond of what we are comfortable currently expressing.”

“Like you being happy.”

“Like me being happy and caring about you.”

“And me being very happy and caring about you too. Kay, next I would very much like to continue our not a date, events,” Leah asked with a questioning tone.

“I would like that, and finally, we are open and honest with each other should we want to change any of these or other parameters of our relationship.”

“I can live this that.  This was delicious Arizona, do we want desert they had an amazing looking tiramisu on the menu.”

“Actually there is a little café on the way back to the hotel with out of this world tiramisu, we could stop there on the way back and grab a coffee.”

“Sure, I’m just going to run to the washroom.”

“Kay.”  Arizona gathered their things and went up to the counter and paid before heading to the door to wait for Leah. 

“Good to go babe,” Leah walked up, allowing Arizona to help put her jacket on.

“Absolutely,” Arizona grabbed Leah’s hand and led them out.


“You’re right this is amazing,” Leah lay in Arizona’s bed as the older women made more coffee at the bar.

“Told you, better save some for me,” Arizona poured the coffee and walked back to the bed, setting down the cups and shedding her robe and leg.

“You wore me out,” Leah smiled as she took another bite, “I need the energy I have a 24 hour shift coming up.”

“My poor baby,” Arizona settled against the headboard next to Leah who wrapped herself around her Arizona from the side. Taking a forkful of the desert she teasingly offered some to Arizona before taking the mouthful herself, only to have Arizona capture her lips and get her taste, “delicious, especially with the hint of Leah, or is that me still.”

“Might still be you,” Leah gave Arizona another bite with the fork.

“Like it better the other way.”  Arizona took Leah’s finger and dipped it into the desert and brought them to her mouth, placing them in, “better.”  Arizona reached over and grabbed a coffee taking a sip, “too hot,”

“Let’s let it cool then,” Leah placed the desert on her side of the bed and pushed Arizona down, sitting on top of her, “I really like you.”

“I really like you too,” Leah bent down and captured Arizona’s lips.


“We really need to stop,” Leah mumbled against Arizona’s lips though not trying to pull.

“Then stop,” Arizona muttered back as she pulled Leah closer to her in the car.

“Someone could see us,” Leah said trying to the voice of reason as they made out in Arizona’s car in the hospital parking lot.

“Fine, you’re right.”  Arizona pulled back and sat back in her seat fixing her hair. “You go first.”

“What,” Leah as fixing her bra, which Arizona had managed to pull down.  How she managed this like without Leah noticing was beyond her.

“You need to leave first,” Arizona motioned to her to get out of the car.

“Fine, see you tomorrow.”

“Yah,” Leah turned to get out of the car only to have Arizona grab her hand and pull her back into another kiss.

“Kay seriously I’m late now,” Leah pulled back minutes later and leapt out of car.

Leah waited for the elevator to get her to the basement as she continued her to gather labs for Dr. Grey so she might appear somewhat prepared for the evening.  Looking up as it stopped at another floor she smiled as Arizona stepped on carrying her daughter.


“Hey, you look flustered, main please.” Arizona asked as Leah nodded towards the buttons.

“Trying not appear like I was ten minutes late for work.”

“Yah I hate when that happens.  Sof, this is mommy’s friend Leah can you say hi,” Arizona whispered to Sofia who buried her head in Arizona’s neck.  “Sorry, she’s shy.”

“That ok, it’s nice to meet you Sofia. Big plans tonight?”

“Nothing much, grab some pizza then head back to the hotel, hopefully to clean sheets,” Arizona whispered the last part smiling knowingly at Leah.  “Then eat in bed, watch a movie and once this little one is out I need to catch up on paper work.”

“Sounds like fun,” Leah answered, as the door opened.

“It should be,” Arizona adjusted Sofia and started to walk out, “Oh Leah,” Arizona turned around to see Leah already into her notes, “remember what I said earlier, stop trying impress us and just be yourself.”

“Thanks, Dr. Robbins.”