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I look at my old photo. By god, I was beautiful then, and so were my girlfriends. Those of us who are still here now are old crones.

I still remember the feeling of empowerment that I got when I slipped on that small, tight, black dress. As if I could slip into another person just as easily, a person just as black and just as slippery.

I did. The broom took me to places I still won’t talk to my grandchildren about. Made me feel things that I have never forgotten. A Holy Evening, indeed.

I never did find that mojo again, though, life became work, and men, and children, and homes, and men, and divorces, and all those other things that take away your power. That eat away at the very essence of your soul.

But that one night, in a life long, long ago, I was the queen of my whole world, and nobody could touch me.

Much like today, when I have been stripped of all the cute and sexy—all that is left now is wild woman.


I am old. But not done. Not by a long shot.

Samhain, you old, evil sod of a holy night, I am coming to get you tonight.

And I am embracing my crone-hood.

Tremble, earth.



This entry won me a Second Place, and the judge, Louise Clarke, had this to say:
2nd Place: @AnnaLund2011 - "This one struck a strong chord with me. I love the fierceness and raw determination! I hope she finds her mojo again, and I hope I do too! LOL"

Posted on October 31st 2013, Halloween, on:
Retro Wonder Flash Fic