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Time Brings Roses

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The monotone beeping of my alarm clock woke me from my peaceful sleep. I groaned turning it off and rolling deeper into my blankets. Maybe if I was quiet enough, they’ll forget about me and I can sleep more. There was a sharp knock on my door, almost if the other person knew of my plan.
“Come on Autumn, you’re not missing your first day of school.” My foster mother called out to me from the hall.
“I’m getting up.” I grumbled, sitting up slowly.
Today was my first day at Forks High School. It was going to be weird, since I was starting in January, hopefully I’d be able to catch up on lessons in my classes. This would also be my first time in a public school since second grade. My last foster family had wanted me to go to a fancy prestigious private school.
I slowly shuffled to my closet, pulling out one of my many uniforms from my old school. Black pleated skirt, white button up, and a beige sweater. The Smiths, my current family, had told me there was no rush in getting me more casual clothes, since I could wear my uniform in the meantime. I really hated this uniform, but none of my other clothes were appropriate to wear to school. Lots of tank tops and sweatpants, and the occasional dress.
I frowned looking in my mirror. My long black hair was tangled and unruly, it would take a long time to make it looks somewhat decent. Maybe 15 minutes at least. I don't have the time or the patience to deal with it right now, so I pulled it up into a messy bun.
There, I looked somewhat normal.
Hopefully no one will notice me. Attention is one of the things that I could live without.
I grabbed my bag and made my way down to the kitchen. Clarke and Cynthia were preparing their kids for school. I stood off to the side. The Smiths were nice but I didn't really fit in. Clarke and Cynthia had two children of their own Cate and Xavierie. They were twins and freshman this year, only two years younger than I was. Clarke wouldn't tell me the reason why they adopted me his answer was always “Reasons you don't need to worry about dear.”
But it's not like I blended in with the Smiths. If you looked at us you could tell that I was adopted. They all had pale skin and light hair, my dark skin contrasted drastically.
“Autumn you're up.” Clarke said looking up at me.
“Yep, ready to embarrass myself at a new school.” I replied sarcastically.
Cate laughed, “You're not that embarrassing.”
“Gee thanks Cate.” I grumbled.
Cynthia smiled and tossed me an apple, which I surprisingly caught.
“Come on I'm driving you guys to school, we don't want to be late.”
The car ride consisted of the twins gossiping about something and the Cynthia adding her input when she could. I stayed quiet, caring more about the buildings we passed then whatever some girl Jessica did. Cynthia pulled into the parking lot by the back and drop this off.
“Now you to be nice and help Autumn to the office. love you bye!” she didn't really wait for an answer before she drove off. I turned to see the twins were gone and I rolled my eyes.
Sighing, I started to walk through the parking lot. There were many groups of people talking and laughing together. I frowned as I felt people look at me when I walked by. One group of kids were looking at me before I even got close to them. I sighed and tried to ignore them as I walked by. A shorter girl from the group smiled at me, but I ignored her and started to walk a little faster. I didn't like the feeling of their gaze.
“You're new right?” I jumped slightly and turn to see the smaller girl.
I nodded slowly and glanced over her shoulder to see that the others were looking at us.
“I'm Alice Cullen, it’s very nice to meet you!” she smiled holding out her hand.
“Autumn Smith.” I said taking her hand.
Alice had short brown, almost black hair. Her features reminded me of a pixie. I got lost looking in her eyes, they were almost a gold color, it was cool.
“Do you need help getting to the office?” she asked, snapping me out of my trance.
“Oh, I don't want to keep you from your friends. I'm sure I'll be okay.”
She frowned looking at me confused. “My friends?” she turned to look behind herself, “Oh no, that's my family, they won't mind if I'm gone.” she chuckled.
“Oh, okay.” I stared at Alice for a bit before she smiled and started to walk towards the school. I frowned looking back at her family real quick. They looked upset. I rushed to catch up with Alice.
“So how was school in Seattle?” Alice asked catching me off guard.
“I'm sorry what?”
“You're sweater has the crest of the University Prep in Seattle, so I'm assuming you went there.”
“Oh, yeah, it was nice. I'm probably going to miss it.”
Alice nodded knowingly. We reached the door to the office and she had it open for me. I mumbled a thank you and she smiled.
The receptionist was reading a book when I walked up to her.
“New student?” she asked without looking up from her book.
“Yeah, Autumn, Autumn Smith.”
She frowned, putting her book down and rolled over to her computer. She would type for a bit then look up at me, then she typed more.
Type type type, lookup. Type type type, lookup.
This went on for a bit, it allowed me time to think. My mind went back to the Cullens. Why were they upset? Were they mad at Alice for leaving? Or were they mad at me? Or what if they were mad because Alice was talking to me??
‘God it's only the first day, no one hates you yet. Calm down’
The receptionist cleared her throat and I looked up at her. She smiled and handed me a few papers.
“Here's your schedule and your locker number and com, I also included information about basic school rules in case the twins don't have the school handbook anymore.”
It shocked me for a moment that she knew the twins and I were related, but then I remembered that all the information was on her computer.
“Thank you.” I said turning around.
I jumped realizing that Alice was still there.
“You ready to go?” she asked. I nodded and followed Alice out of the office.