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Flames are One Thing, Ghouls Are Another

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"Why the fuck are we in Tokyo?" Squalo complained. "For fuck's sake, we're supposed to be in China. Damn that shitty boss." He, Belphegor and Lussuria had been sent out to annihilate some rival assassin group, while Levi and Xanxus went straight to China. Mammon was elsewhere, muttering something about money.

"Shishishi~ The prince doesn't like this part of town." Bel wrinkled his nose at the dirt floating around. 

"And I've heard bad rumours," Lussuria remarked. "Something about cannibals?"

Squalo scoffed at the okama. "Cannibals? Voi, we aren't in the middle ages, trash."

Lussuria shrugged. "Don't blame me, I'm just-"

Squalo held up a hand, and each officer became silent, stilling in their movements. Squalo strained to expand his awareness even more, when-

"Oh, fuck," he hissed, igniting his Flame and hitting the floor hard. Above him, red - bullets? - shot into the wall where he had been standing. Squalo straightened and slashed outwards, noticing Bel setting up his wires and Lussuria readying himself for combat.

Red irises on black gleamed out at them, and Squalo spat at the floor. "Voi! What are you?" He shouted, pointing his sword at them. He could see the vague shape of a man, with a white mask on and loose clothing. Above him, like wings, floated a reed mass.

The man didn't answer, only lunging forwards.

He didn't fool Squalo; the elite hitman knew this was a trap for his other two mates to gang up on them. "Sure you don't want to bring more?" Squalo jeered at the man, slashing outwards. The force of it meant the metal didn't have to come into contact with him, and so as the man was hit, he flew backwards, just having managed to twist at an angle where his eye wasn't damaged-

-But he did not fly far enough. Had Squalo messed up? At the very least, the man should be cut-

-But he was unharmed. Squalo frowned, then shouted, "VOI! He wasn't hurt-"

"-They aren't human," Lussuria panted as he darted away from the second. He was bruised and bleeding, and not many people could do that to Varia Quality.

Bel was licking blood off his hand with glee. He said, "I keep slicing and slicing, but nothing is working, shishishi."

"And those red things," Squalo hissed, now really angry at these pieces of shit that stood in their way. "A new type of Flame?"

"Shishishi, who knows," Bel was still grinning, the insane little shit.

"They're not my type," Lussuria moaned. "I would like one that was."

"Stop bickering," the man that attacked Squalo snapped. "Don't you know your situation? You're dinner."

"Why don't you attack then, trash?" Squalo gestured with his right hand.

"Don't make them angry," Lussuria yelped as the cannibals-monster-things charged.

"Just aim for their eyes," Squalo yelled, "the one that attacked me protected its eye!"

"Shishishi~ The prince is a genius, so that's easy," Bel smirked, his knives spreading out around him. "Although the prince hates working with you peasants."

"Aiming for the eyes is dirty in a tournament, but I still do it anyway," Luss chirped.

And as Squalo charged forwards, not even seeing a need to use his Flames, he wondered what the hell they had got themselves into.

The same bared his teeth at Squalo, spraying the red bullets and lunging at his neck. Squalo got his left prosthetic hand in his jaw, then kicked him off while allowing some of his Flame to trickle into the freak, slowing his movements.

"Voi, I'm not your food," Squalo growled. "I'm gonna destroy you, trash."

They had blinded them, but their eyes were healing.

The fighting was at a standstill, each side facing each other down.

"Who are you?" The one that had attacked Squalo - freak number one - asked. "You're not CCG, that's for sure."

"CCG? Oh, that weird cult thing? Nah. We're the elite independent assassination squad, Varia." Squalo loved saying that; Varia was the best, and the whole world should know it.

The ghouls had no idea what that meant, but it didn't matter. They had minds, and Mammon had finally responded to Squalo's call. The Arcobaleno Illusionist was near.

If only he would hurry the fuck up.