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Them Red Roses Tho (It's Valentine's Day)

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“Oh my god, are you kidding me; this is the only way we can raise money for dance gear? Couldn’t you have come up with something less cheesy, hyung?” Jimin sighed exasperatedly.

“Come on, it’s a flawless plan! At least we know there will be a lot of lonely ass, thirsty ass students buying them!” Hoseok protested vehemently. “Plus, I already pre-ordered all the roses, they’ll be here tomorrow for us to sell.”

Jimin sighed dramatically again. February had just barely begun, and already so many people were getting preparing things for Valentine’s Day, whether it be confessing to a crush, celebrating with a significant other, or wallowing in self-pity and loneliness while eating ice cream and watching dramas and crying.

Frankly, Jimin felt predisposed to the last option. Sure, he had a crush, but he was way out of Jimin’s league and Jimin didn’t really want to deal with the aftermath of rejection, so he just avoided the issue altogether.

That didn’t stop all his friends from nagging him and saying things like “Oh my fucking god Jimin, you’re literally known as that hot dancer dude who parades around shirtless after school. Hordes of people come out just to watch you. Who would reject you?” and “You should just get it over with so you can move on faster from that hot as fuck sunbae; don’t drag it out, it’ll only hurt more in the end. Pain is good for the soul; it helps us heal...”

Clearly, there were only two types of people in Jimin’s world; namely, happy-go-lucky and hyper Taehyung and angsty emo teenager Jungkook. Why they ended up as his best friends, Jimin wasn’t too sure, but they had stuck together like glue ever since freshman orientation, where Taehyung had been running around and not looking where he was going, eventually trampling Jimin and pushing him on top of Jungkook.

It was a miracle that Jungkook hadn’t murdered either of them right then and there (to be fair, the kid looked scary as fuck, with large black headphones hanging from his neck, silver earrings and nose, lip, and eyebrow piercings, dark kohl smudged around his eyes, and an oversized black t-shirt underneath a tight leather jacket…), but it turned out that Jungkook was actually what Jimin called “a squishy asshole.” Meaning that despite his appearance, Jungkook was actually a very decent guy who cared about his friends a whole lot.

However, Jimin wasn’t sure that he appreciated Jungkook’s, or Taehyung’s, love advice at that moment. He knew they both just genuinely cared about his wellbeing and happiness, but Jimin really really really didn’t want to be pressured into confessing to his crush since freshman year, Yoongi, the cool sunbae who was two years older than all of them. Even on Valentine’s Day, the “best” time of year to confess.

Unfortunately for Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook had already dragged him out of the house several times to go look at gourmet chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, cologne, and even leather collars with the word “Mine” painted on them…

(Jimin had been horrified, Jungkook had claimed it was hot, and Taehyung had attempted to convince the salesperson to let him try it on. Thankfully, both Jimin and the salesperson had said no, and that had been the end of it.)

The point was, everything was already in full swing in everyone’s excited preparations for the most romantic holiday of the year...and Hoseok was only going to add to the excitement by selling roses to students, to be delivered to their respective recipients on Valentine’s Day.

Granted, they really needed money for dance gear; the school had cut funding for almost all the fine arts clubs this year, and half the team didn’t even have proper dance shoes or like, just dance equipment in general.

But Jimin really didn’t want to sell roses. It would only remind him of how cowardly he was, how he couldn’t even confess to his crush the way so many others’ were going to, how Valentine’s Day was really just “I’m Single AF” Day for him.

Jimin sighed to himself for the hundredth time that day. He didn’t really have a choice; he was going to help Hoseok sell roses.

Do it for the dance gear, Jimin.

Do it for the dance gear.


The rose booth was set up at the main entrance of the school the next day. Hoseok had decided they were selling yellow, white, pink, and red roses; one for each type of person you knew, he had said, white for cool strangers and teachers, pink for acquaintances, yellow for close friends and family, and of course, red for love interests and significant others.

Jimin thought it was stupid, that a simple color of a rose could tell someone so much about what you thought about them, but he supposed it was just the type of bullshit lovesick teenagers fed on during the season of love…

“Hey I want to buy two yellow roses,” someone said. Hoseok elbowed Jimin, gesturing at him to take the order while Hoseok finished organizing the forms and pens. Apparently, they were letting people write a handwritten note to their recipients too, as if giving roses wasn’t cliche enough on Valentine’s, there also needed to be potential for secret admirer cards too. Ew.

Jimin grabbed a pen and an order form and stared down his first client of the day. It was one of the jazz band geeks, Jae or something. Jimin heard somewhere that the dude also sang and had a pop rock band on the side, but he wasn’t too familiar with the guy.

“Okay, you said two yellow roses? Who are they to be delivered to and are you attaching a handwritten note to them?” Jimin yawned.

“It’s ‘To whom are they to be delivered to,’ by the way,” one of the English nerds, Namjoon, corrected as he walked by.

“Fuck off,” Jimin muttered before fixing his gaze back onto Jae. “So?”

“Uh they’re for Jimin Park and Brian Kang,” Jae rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Dude, I’m Jimin Park, you could’ve just told me straight up,” Jimin quipped.

“Nah, I mean the other Jimin Park, the chick. You know, the really short, sassy one who only wears skirts and heels and gets all the solos in the school choir? Not that I don’t like you or anything...she’s just one of my closest friends so…”

“Yeah, whatever, I get it. You like me, but not as much as you like the other me,” Jimin ran a hand over his face tiredly as he scribbled down the order, making sure to write “THE CHICK” in all caps next to Jimin Park’s name on the form.

“Uh, sure, you could put it that way,” Jae adjusted his glasses and pulled out his wallet, “How much are two stems? Also where can I write my note for them down?”

“It’s three dollars per rose. Here’s two cards and a pen.” Jimin handed said items to him.

“Wow, three dollars per rose? Jeez, what kind of inflation have florists been experiencing lately?” Jae joked as he slid a ten over to Jimin, who quickly produced his change.

“Well, you try buying a shitton of roses to fundraise for your dance club and then offer card writing and delivery. Do you even understand how much fucking organization it takes? To sort all the orders and roses and notes? If I had my say, it’d be five per rose. We’re practically busting our asses for you ungrateful brats.” Jimin said dryly and humorlessly.

“Who shoved a stick up your ass today, Park?” Jae laughed.

No one, but I’ll be glad to shove a stick up your ass, Jimin thought crudely. Jae finished writing his notes and passed them to Jimin before thanking him and leaving. Jimin tried to be polite and grin back at Jae, but it came out looking like he was constipated or something. Jimin wasn’t sure how many more smiles he could force himself to fake without succumbing to the urge to punch himself, repeatedly, in the face.

It was really going to be a long ass day…


“Is that all?” Jimin asked. It was the second day of rose sales, and Jimin had agreed to work the after school shift from 3 to 5:30.

Big mistake. He had been forced to put up with so many annoying people the past two hours, it was a wonder he was still able to smile at these lovesick idiots at all. Jaebum, a guy Jimin thought was cute (although he was no Min Yoongi), had bought a shitload of roses for this chick in his bio class. And another guy Jimin thought was pretty attractive, Sehun, had ended up being straight too.

Whatever. As long as Yoongi isn’t straight…

Jimin took order after order of roses, and his eyes and hands ached after a while, not to mention the pang of jealousy he felt when watched his customers write confession cards for their crushes or loving messages for their significant others.

“One rose, please,” Jimin heard a familiar voice say. He turned to see none other than Min Yoongi, the hot as fuck sunbae, leaning down to talk to Yixing, another member of the dance team who had taken the same shift as Jimin.

The one thing that had made this whole experience bearable was company. Especially since it was Yixing. The guy could be a little dense sometimes, but he really did care about everyone and he was always nice to Jimin; well, he was always just nice to everyone in general.

“Which color?” Yixing asked as he scribbled down the order. Jimin strained his ears to listen in.

“Red,” Yoongi answered nonchalantly. Ooh, so he’s buying a rose for someone special, Jimin thought. He knew for a fact that Yoongi was single, it was something he always kept tabs on, although Jungkook would have led people to believe Jimin stalked Yoongi on a regular basis. To be honest, Jimin only stalked Yoongi on a semi-regular basis. There was a difference.

Jimin also knew that Yoongi didn’t seem to be actively pursuing anyone, so the fact that he was buying a red rose for someone was news to him.

Maybe it was a joke, maybe Yoongi was going to buy that rose for Namjoon or Seokjin or Hoseok hyung, his best friends, to have a good laugh. Jimin hoped it was a joke; he really didn’t want see Yoongi start chasing after someone who wasn’t him.

“For whom are you buying these roses for?” Yixing voice broke Jimin out of his jealousy-fueled trance.

“Uh…” Yoongi mumbled something after that, but Jimin couldn’t catch it. Whatever, he’d just have a peek at the order forms later…

“And make sure he doesn’t see it….wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise….yeah, promise me?” Jimin caught bits and pieces of what Yoongi was whispering to Yixing. Why the fuck was he whispering? It made it ten times harder for Jimin to eavesdrop. Ugh.

Wait...Yoongi said “he?”

“Oh my god he’s gay?!” Jimin suddenly whisper shouted. A few students passing by stared as Jimin muttered. “He’s flaming, isn’t he? Yassss bitches.” Thankfully, neither Yixing nor Yoongi noticed as they continued their conversation.

“Yeah, of course. Here’s a card and a pen, you can write your message for him on there; it’ll be delivered with the rose on Valentine’s Day.”

“‘Kay, thanks man,” Yoongi began loosely scrawling something onto the card. “Make sure he doesn’t find out it’s me, alright? At least not right away.”

“You’ll be 100% anonymous; don’t worry about it,” Yixing reassured him, carefully stacking the card on top of the hundreds of other cards that had been written in the last two hours.

“Cool. I’ll see you around then. Thanks for this.” Yoongi stalked off, his gait slightly slower, almost lazy-looking. Jimin had watched him enough times to know that Yoongi sunbae was never in a rush. He was really laidback and chill all the time, something Jimin admired.

Jimin waited until he was out of sight before turning to Yixing. “Who’d he buy that rose for?” he asked innocently.

“Can’t tell you...client confidentiality,” Yixing smirked.

“Come on, just tell me! No one fucking cares about ‘confidentiality’! Spill the tea, man!”

“No, I know how obsessive you are over him‒” Shit how’d he figure it out? I never mentioned it to him…”‒hell, anyone with two eyes can see how head over heels you are for him! You aren’t subtle about it at all!”

Fuck. “Uh, that’s not true…” Jimin started.

“Shut up, do you think I have three brain cells total?” Sometimes.

Jimin huffed childishly. “Yixing...pleeeeeease?”

“No, I’m sorry Jimin. I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone; I’m a man of my word.” What about that fucking time you promised not to touch my Oreos and then I caught you sneaking three of them from my bag while I was practicing for the school showcase, bitch?

This was not a time to be salty, though. Jimin needed to win Yixing’s favor to get the information he needed…

“Just let me have one peek, just one peek, at the order form. That’s all I’m asking.” Jimin pleaded. “Please, man?”

“I’m sorry.” Goddammit. “I seriously can’t tell you. I would if I could though.”

Bullshit. You nasty Oreo-stealing, secret-keeping, won’t-tell-me-who-my-fucking-crush-likes asshole!

Jimin sighed before trying again. “Okay, I get it…” No I really fucking don’t, but I’ll pretend to anyways. “Can you tell me a little bit about the person, though? I heard that it was a dude, is that right?”

Yixing paused hesitantly. “Yeah, it was for a guy.”

“So he’s gay?” Jimin hated how his voice sounded lit with hope already.

“Uh, didn’t Namjoon and Seokjin force him to come out in front of everyone last year? Don’t you remember, it was over the PA? You could hear Seokjin screaming ‘I swear to God, Min Yoongi, if you don’t come out and tell people you’re gay as fuck, I’ll show everyone in this damn school that video I have of you making out with a picture of James McAvoy!’ and Yoongi shouting ‘I was drunk, it was just one time, okay? Jesus Christ’ before the PA got cut off and the principal came on and lectured us all about the importance of not trespassing into the receptionists’ office and not bribing the receptionists with kisses and good looks and not screaming curse words and insults over the PA?”

“Oh yeah…” Jimin vaguely remembered this incident. He had probably been sleeping through first period at the time...Jungkook had mentioned something about Yoongi being gay and a mishap with the PA, but he didn’t go into as much detail as Yixing did.

“So, Yoongi is gay?” Jimin’s entire voice and demeanor brightened suddenly.

“Yep…” Yixing muttered irritatedly before turning to take the order of another customer who had just showed up at the booth.

Let’s just say that Hyungwon, said new customer, was taken aback and alarmed when Jimin suddenly leaped out his seat to scream “THANK FUCKING GOD HE’S GAY!”

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“You could literally just buy him a rose, Jimin,” Jungkook mumbled from his position in front of the TV, eyes narrowed in concentration as he launched a red shell at Jimin, sealing his victory.

“What the fuck, man, that was such a cheap ass move!” Jimin shouted. Video games and a certain sunbae always got him riled up.

“Dude, just give up. You would’ve lost anyways, you always lose to me,” Jungkook rolled his eyes. “But really though, just get him a rose. Christ, you work the rose booth, you could fucking write your order down in the book and not even pay for it and get it delivered to him! You could even make it anonymous!”

“Hmmm…” Jimin contemplated the idea for a moment, “I’m not opposed to stealing some roses from Hoseok as payback for all the hours I’ve had to work that booth and listen to angsty lovesick teenagers. I get enough of angsty lovesick teenagers just by hanging out with you and Tae…” Jungkook started to protest, squawking in indignation. “...but I don’t know, Kook, I don’t think it’ll end well.” Even if I am that hot dancer guy, I’m not that hot dancer guy anyone wants to seriously date…

“Just. Fucking. Do. It.” Jungkook growled, “I’m so done with your shit right now, hyung. You’ve been chasing after this dude for like two years already! He’s a senior too, so even if he rejects you, you won’t have to deal with him for much longer. Jesus Christ, you’re an idiot.”

“Don’t call me an idiot, you’re the one who let Tae guzzle two liters of Mountain Dew on New Year’s, you dipshit‒”

“Shut the fuck up Jimin and just listen to me!” Jungkook screamed. He took a long deep breath in to calm himself. “Just buy Yoongi a rose. What do you have to lose?”

He has a point. Some shred of Jimin’s mind muttered against the chaotic shouts of NO DON’T DO IT CHIM chorusing throughout his head.

“Fine, I’ll buy him a rose,” Jimin conceded, “but it’ll be anonymously.”


Jimin’s hands shook as he uncapped a pen and began to write his message for Yoongi on a small note card. He did actually paid for a rose (he would’ve felt too guilty if he didn’t), and now all he needed to do was write a simple love letter to his crush.

But it was no small feat.

What was he going to say? If he wrote something extra cheesy, how would Yoongi react? Would Yoongi even like receiving a rose in the first place?

Fuck. I can’t do this. Jimin set the pen back down, staring at it frustratedly before reluctantly picking it back up.

Dear Min Yoongi sunbae...he wrote shakily, swallowing harshly as he continued.

This rose is for you. What the fuck, Jimin? Wasn’t that already obvious enough?

I’ve always admired you from afar. Now he just sounded downright creepy, but there was no turning back at this point.

I really like you. Might as well just keep going with this “creepy revelations” train. I’ve liked you for almost two years now.

I like how sometimes your hair falls into your eyes as you’re working on something. Jimin smiled slightly as he thought back to physics, the one class he shared with Yoongi. Whenever he concentrated, Yoongi tended to hunch over with his hair in his eyes. Jimin secretly liked watching him work. He did everything with so much passion…

I like how dedicated you are to your friends. Jimin remembered when Hoseok had cried for days after his girlfriend cheated on him, and how Yoongi had been by his side the entire time. Despite his cold exterior, Yoongi really cared, and Jimin loved it. Loved him, really.

I love how humble and hardworking you are. Jimin hand shook as he wrote a final line. I really like you, hyung, and I hope, in time, you might like me too…

A shy sophomore

Sighing deeply to calm his shot nerves, Jimin set the letter on top of the pile. Despite his uneasiness, Jimin felt himself buzz with the excitement of finally confessing, albeit anonymously.

Suck it, Jungkook.


When Valentine’s Day rolled around, Jimin felt the pressure and nervousness of confessing heavy on his shoulders. He had specifically requested for the rose to be delivered during fifth period, when he and Yoongi had physics together, just so he could watch his reaction.

Jimin tapped the back of his pencil on his upper lip anxiously, his legs jittering up and down uncontrollably.

The door clicked open while their teacher was explaining conservation of energy, something that Jimin, frankly, didn’t care to learn about. Not when he was so fixated on Yoongi.

Yixing mumbled a quick apology to the teacher before announcing that he had a rose delivery for someone. Immediately, the class erupted in whispers. Wow who could it be? OMFG what if it’s that cute guy from calc...I always thought he stared at me too long…

Yixing ignored the whispering from prying students and walked right up to Yoongi.

“For you,” Yixing said flatly, shoving the card and red rose at Yoongi before clearing his throat. “And there's another one too…” He squinted down at the order forms in his hand. “Jimin? Where are you?”

“Here,” Jimin stuttered. Oh shit he got a rose! Maybe being the hot dancer guy was working out for him…

“Oh you're in the back, no wonder I couldn't see your tiny form from over here.” Jimin let out an offended gasp and nearly fell off his stool. He normally liked to sit in the front for his classes, so he wouldn't have trouble seeing over the heads of his classmates, but Jimin decided to sit a few lab tables behind Yoongi so he could peacefully observe him in his natural state…

“Here you go,” Yixing deftly placed a red rose and a note on the table. The door clicked shut moments after. He probably had a lot of deliveries to make.
Jimin hastily tore into the envelope holding the card. Who would buy him flowers? As far as he knew, no one was particularly interested in him. Or at least, interested in extending romantic gestures to him.

Jimin chose to ignore the teacher as he resumed his lecture, instead hastily tearing into the card. To Park Jimin, read the exterior of the envelope. However, to Jimin’s disappointment, there were only two measly sentences written on the card.

Make sure to always keep looking forward. You never know what could be right in front of you. <3 A sunbae.

What. The. Fuck.

Out of all secret admirers, why was Jimin’s secret admirer so goddamn lazy? Couldn’t even write a proper confession or paragraph? Who the fuck went through so much trouble to buy a three dollar rose to only write two lines of script?

It was going to be much harder than Jimin thought to figure out who his secret admirer was.

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“So...who do you think this is?” Jimin asked, for the nth time.

“I don’t fucking know, Jimin! You can ask me another one hundred times and that answer will still be the same, Jesus Christ!” Jungkook hissed before viciously slaughtering Jimin’s avatar in the new video game they had just bought. The kid was an incredibly fast learner, and within three minutes of playing he had already mastered the art of “Killing Jimin repeatedly in an extremely humiliating manner.” Jimin wasn’t sure why he bothered to play video games with Jungkook in the first place.

Jimin sighed deeply before using his last life to resurrect his character. “Okay...but can you at least give me a tiny hint? This is the closest I’ve been to becoming not single in like a year. I’m lonely!” he whined childishly.

“This isn’t one of those cliche ‘best friend somehow knows something more and can solve everyone else’s shit for them’ moments. If I could help you, I would, but this ain’t a fucking rom com! I literally have no idea who sent you that fucking rose!” Jungkook’s voice raised in pitch as he heatedly glared at the screen and murdered Jimin’s avatar once more.

“Dammit,” Jimin muttered. “Up for another round?”

“Yeah, as long as you stop agonizing over whoever this ‘sunbae who likes outdated emoticons’ is,” Jungkook sassed.

“Why am I friends with you again?”

“Because having a friend who will continuously virtually murder you for hours on end is all you ever wanted.”

“...fair point.”


Jimin huddled against the cold mirror of the studio wall, catching his breath and wiping the sweat out of his eyes. The dance team had been rehearsing nonstop for the upcoming spring showcase in early March. Jimin checked the clock by the door. It was already almost 9PM.

“Okay guys, it’s getting late. Let’s all go home and we’ll start again tomorrow morning at six,” Hoseok announced. Groans and sighs of relief were heard throughout the studio as people began to pack up, not quite looking forward to another grueling practice in the morning.

Peeling himself off of the wall, Jimin stretched his sore muscles before sipping some water and grabbing his bag. Hoseok walked over to Jimin while he was packing.

“So...Yoongi has been looking for the dude who bought him a rose from our rose sales last week. Apparently the dude kept it anonymous,” Hoseok said imploringly. Jimin felt his face heat up; he hoped Hoseok didn’t notice. “Any idea who it was? Yixing said you probably took the order or did some snooping around the records.”

“Uh…” Jimin couldn’t tell if Hoseok was being sarcastic or was just simply oblivious to Jimin’s painfully obvious infatuation with Hoseok’s best friend.

“Come on, help a brother out. Yoongi has been single for far too long.” So Hoseok hadn’t been able to tell that Jimin was hella thirsty for Yoongi then. Maybe Yixing was just way more perceptive than Jimin gave him credit for.

Jimin furrowed his brows. “Don’t you still have the records of the rose sales though?” YEAH HE PROBABLY DOES. Maybe I can snoop around them later to find out who bought me that anonymous rose…

Hoseok groaned. “Unfortunately the records were destroyed due to negligence and gross oversight, just like everything else precious on this godforsaken planet.”

Jimin furrowed his brows more deeply. “Uh, okay…?”

“Yixing used them as a napkin while eating pizza last weekend.” Well shit. How am I gonna find this “sunbae” person then? Jimin pondered.

“So do you remember or not?” Hoseok snapped Jimin out of his little reverie. “Who purchased that rose for Yoongi?”

Jimin bit his lip pensively. “Um, I don’t remember, actually. I think you should ask around the rest of delivery team…” Yixing definitely knew Jimin bought that rose, Jimin had even told him in person. Hoseok could probably find out easily, but Jimin still felt too hesitant to own up.

“Yixing doesn’t remember. He spent a solid five minutes with that strange blank look on his face and he still couldn’t remember. He said it sounded really familiar though. Everyone else had no idea what I was talking about; they didn’t even remember seeing Yoongi’s name on the roster for rose deliveries,” Hoseok sighed loudly. “Damn Yixing and his amazingly awful memory.”

“Hm, that sounds about right, I remember it was an off-paper transaction. The person was really shy about it and didn’t want anyone else to find out,” Jimin replied.

“Yeah, now Yoongi is going to have to run around in circles trying to find this person…and he’s probably going to drag me along for the ride,” Hoseok groaned. Jimin felt kinda bad for him, but that wasn’t going to guilt trip him into confessing everything to Hoseok.

“Good luck,” Jimin smiled cheerfully before scampering out of the door. Whew; that was a close one.


“WHAT?!” Jimin practically screeched the next day, the sore muscles of his chest protesting slightly. “He’s doing what exactly?!”

Hoseok had once again approached Jimin after practice before relaying some news to Jimin that caused Jimin to drop his sweat towel in disbelief. “Yoongi is setting up a booth to interview the gay guys of the school to try to figure out who his secret admirer is.”

“The fuck, is this a rom com or some shit?” Jimin wondered aloud.

“That’s exactly what I said to him last night when he proposed the idea to me. The man is like...such a squishy little shit. He acts all cold, but his favorite movie is Love Actually and he cries every time he watches The Notebook, which is like...three times a month,” Hoseok rubbed his hands over his tired face. It had been a long morning practice. “I don’t even know why I’m telling you this I just thought that you could maybe tell all the gay dudes since you know…”

“I’m flaming as fuck?” Jimin offered.

“Yeah, exactly,” Hoseok grinned appreciatively. Jimin’s expansive vocabulary was quite impressive these days. “Sound the alarm; Yoongi, arguably the most eligible gay bachelor of the school, is on the lookout for his new boo.”

“Wait how did you know Yoongi was the most desired gay guy?” Jimin asked confusedly.

“Let’s just say I, like everyone else on Earth, have had my moments where I may or may not have questioned my sanity and sexuality on account of my good-looking best friend.”

Jimin eyes widened. “Wait really?!”

“No, that’s gross as fuck. Yoongi and I may be platonic soulmates, but I could never be with someone who only does laundry once a month and insists that it’s okay to leave crusty, old food everywhere as long as it doesn’t grow mold or leave a lasting odor.”


Perhaps leaning over the balcony above the main lobby of a very busy and very dangerous high school wasn’t the best or most safe idea, but Jimin needed a good vantage point to spy on Yoongi while remaining relatively unseen. He just needed to pray that no one would look up and see him leaning an alarmingly large amount of his body over the balcony.

So far, Jimin had found himself stewing in jealousy as guy after guy approached the booth, but every single time he sighed deeply in relief as Yoongi shook his head disappointedly and shooed the dude away.

The bell for first period rang suddenly, nearly causing Jimin to fall over the balcony in his surprise. Jimin would make sure to get updates on Yoongi's little booth from Hoseok after practice.


Yoongi hadn’t had any luck the first day. Or the second. Or the third.

But on the fourth day, Hoseok was practically skipping in place as he excitedly said “Yoongi thinks he’s found the one, but he’s waiting it out just to make sure.”

Something ugly twisted inside of Jimin. No no NO. How could he find the “one” when I’m the one who sent that rose? Not whoever this fake ass hoe is.

“He said two other people could also be it, so he’s gonna interrogate all three of them later today,” Hoseok didn’t seem to notice Jimin’s dejection. “Ah! I’m just so happy for him, finally getting off the single train, you know?” Hoseok had relentlessly been trying to set Yoongi up with someone for several months because he claimed that loneliness was "bad for the soul," Jimin recalled sullenly.

“So who are the three people?” Jimin found himself asking masochistically. Why hasn’t Yoongi sunbaenim noticed me? How can he be so sure of these three dudes if he hasn’t even approached me yet? Am I just that unnoticable?

“Yuta Nakamoto, Yijun Kim, and Joshua Hong,” Hoseok replied easily, “They all seem like nice dudes, even though I don’t know any of them that well.”

“Which one is Yoongi the most sure about?”

“Yijun,” Hoseok sighed dreamily, “I think Yoongi is already head-over-heels for him. You should’ve seen the way he was talking about him and how he stares at Yijun as he walks by.”

The knife that had abruptly lodged itself in Jimin’s heart twisted again. The uncontrollable urge to run away and cry pathetically in a bathroom stall for several hours suddenly overcame Jimin. What was he thinking? That maybe after all this time, Yoongi had actually harbored the same feelings for him? That all the false hopes that came with this helpless crush would actually pay off?

So this is why it’s called a crush, Jimin thought mutedly, I feel like my heart is being crushed to pieces right now.


Yijun and Yoongi started dating shortly after Jimin’s conversation with Hoseok. To be fair, they looked like a great couple. A happy couple. Jimin had never seen Yoongi smile that much at anyone, and both of them seemed to walk around with a spring in their step, like some kind of fluffy little fairytale.

Everyone thought they were so cute, so adorable, a picture perfect pair or some bullshit. The “story” behind how they got together spread like wildfire, and it seemed like the entire universe believed these two were star crossed lovers, with many people immediately beginning to “ship” them, although no one could decide on an acceptable ship name.

Sometimes the unfairness of it all made Jimin want to laugh until his insides hurt. But whenever he laughed, he cried, and lately he had been doing too much crying than what was healthy for him.

Jungkook had passed tissues to Jimin while Taehyung muttered soothing words the day Jimin began to cry hysterically after finding out that Yijun and Yoongi were dating. Jimin was forever grateful to have such awesome friends, who always tried their best to comfort Jimin, even if they were lost on what to do.

The pain had started to numb itself slowly, in favor of a new feeling: acceptance.

Perhaps this was a fairytale for Yijun and Yoongi, but for Jimin, there would be no happy ending.

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“Fuck this,” Jungkook suddenly seethed on a bright Saturday morning towards the end of February, throwing his video game controller to the side of the couch angrily. “You don’t need to be hung over such a fucking asshole. That oblivious piece of shit. Forget him.”

Jimin wondered what had suddenly triggered Jungkook’s outburst. Things had slowly started getting better for Jimin, and he felt okay. Not great, but okay.

“I’m tired of seeing you so unhappy all the goddamn time. You deserve better, Chim; I really mean it,” Jungkook continued. “We need to find a way to make you happier, since clearly eating ice cream and watching dramas and playing video games isn’t working.”

“Jungkookie,” Jimin cut in, “I’m fine. Really.”

“No you’re fucking not,” Taehyung said from his position on the floor, mouth still full of popcorn. He swallowed loudly. “You keep pretending that you’re alright, but Jungkook and I can definitely see right through your bullshit. You can lie to everyone else, but you can’t lie to us.”

“Yijun, that little shit,” Jungkook muttered murderously, “tricking everyone like that and stealing Jimin’s man. So help me God, if I have to go another day without seeing Yijun and resisting the urge to punch him in the face…”

“I second that.” Taehyung looked angrier than Jimin had ever seen him. “We need payback. We must exact cruel and relentless revenge…”

“Uh, how about no?” Jimin said uneasily, “I don’t think that’s right, no matter how pissed I am at that little bitch. What comes around, goes around.” Jimin shrugged helplessly. “I don’t think we should waste time trying to exact vengeance on Yijun.”

“Then what do you propose? We can’t just do nothing,” Jungkook replied seriously.

“Hm, why don’t we try to find whoever gave me that rose a while ago? I think it’d be nice to meet someone who’s actually interested in me…” Jimin trailed off.

Jungkook tapped his chin in thought, eyebrow piercing gleaming dangerously in the dim lighting of Taehyung’s basement. “You’re right. Even though I personally would never associate myself with someone who still uses the keyboard heart emoticon, I think meeting someone new would do you some good...Maybe ease the pain of existence for a short while…Lessen the suffering of unrequited love...Love is such a disease, it just destroys you…” Jungkook eyes stared widely at the distance, looking very...something Jimin could only describe as “Jungshook.”

Taehyung cleared his throat, cutting off Jungkook’s sudden emo self mumblings. “What he means is, you need a good distraction, and figuring out whoever this ‘sunbae’ dude is could help. Although I agree on the emoticon point, that is a bad sign...but we all make sacrifices for love, don’t we?”




“Um, Hoseok-hyung, do you happen to know who bought me a rose? I’ve been looking around but I’ve just had so much trouble finding them.” That was a lie. Jimin was so focused on Yoongi he hadn’t bothered obsessing over his secret admirer. Until now.

“Like I said, in what I shall only refer to as ‘the fucking pizza mistake,’ all rose sale records were CRUELLY DESTROYED at the hands of Yixing so just go ask him please,” Hoseok replied annoyedly, his eyebrows furrowed in complete concentration at something on his phone.

Jimin, ever the socially competent one, sneakily glanced over Hoseok’s shoulder and sees that he is Snapping someone whose contact name is “Tae Tae ;)” and Jimin resisted the urge to burst out into laughter.

“Hyung, if you wanted to get it on with Taehyung you could’ve just asked me? I can give you his number?”

Hoseok’s eyes widened comically. “You would do that for me?! Oh what did I do in a past life to deserve your graceful and beautiful existence in my life, Jimin? Why am I so lucky to have such everlastingly loyal and amazing friends? How did I—”

“Shut the fuck up, hyung, and give me your goddamn phone.”

“Good. Great. Amazing. You know I’m just so happy that you decided to—”

“Done. Please stop,” Jimin gestured up and down at Hoseok’s babbling figure, “whatever this is. I don’t want to have to perform an exorcism on you.”

Hoseok nodded sheepishly and Jimin laughed a little at how clueless everyone around him seemed to be. He had known for a while that Taehyung saw Hoseok as more than just Jimin’s other dance friend, and he’d seen Hoseok’s lingering glances whenever Jimin stopped to talk with Taehyung, but he hadn’t actually expected them to get a move on without the intervention of a third party.

Jimin giggled and headed out again, in search of Yixing.




“ don’t remember a single word on that piece of paper?”

“Well I kinda do, but it’s so fuzzy, I made out like three words underneath the tomato sauce then gave up.”

“So you’re telling me you didn’t bother to even look at the paper before you used it to wipe the pizza sauce off your face?”

“Uh...yeah?” Yixing had the decency to look slightly sheepish as he shrugged.

“Please, please, please tell me you have some vague memory of who bought that goddamn rose for me, I swear to God.”

“He’s not here.”


“God’s not here. He’s probably busy anyways,” Yixing deadpanned.

“Oh fuck off.”

“Well I guess someone doesn’t want to know who bought them a cheesy ass rose last Feb—”

“I swear, if you keep on fucking doing this I will rip your balls off and feed them—”

“Whoa there, uh, Jimin buddy.” Yixing’s alarmed tone would have amused Jimin under different circumstances, but at this moment Jimin was feeling so utterly irritated and downright murderous that he could have—

“Okay it was Kim Seokjin okay? Please spare my balls. I need them for future use.”

“YES!!!” Jimin screamed, alarming Sehun and Kai, who were sitting a couple feet away from Yixing and him.


“What the fuck?!”




After Jimin frantically texted Jungkook and Taehyung for an emergency friendship meeting, the trio hid out in the boys’ restroom (yeah, not the greatest secret meeting place but come on, they’re teenage boys), trying to figure out what to do about this strange situation.

“Uh, I’m like 99% sure Seokjin sunbae is dating Namjoon hyung,” Jungkook whispered, even though the bathroom is empty.

“Oh my God what a scandal what a love triangle THE BETRAYAL I’M—” Taehyung, ever the drama thirsty hoe, said in a steadily rising tone, his eyes widening at the hot tea being spilt.

“Shut the fuck up, Tae, this isn’t ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’” Jimin hissed, glaring at Taehyung warning with a finger poised over his lips to quiet him.

“Well,” Taehyung whisper shouted, “maybe it’s the ratchet high school Asian gay boys version? If the illuminati exists, surely a parallel universe filled with good-looking, shade-throwing gay Asian boys, in that order, exists.”

“I hate to break up this conspiracy theory session you guys are having, but we need to figure out what the fuck is going on,” Jungkook, the voice of reason, interrupted. “Namjin is my favorite fucking ship in this goddamn school and if this means they’re breaking up I swear to God I will do what I have to in order to keep the ship sailing forevermore.”

“You...told me you hate love and romance, Jungkook? Are you okay?” Jimin said, waving a concerned hand over the younger’s glazed over eyes. “Did you eat one too many lamb skewers yesterday?”

“No, that’s impossible. One can never eat too many lamb skewers.” Jungkook paused dramatically, “I don’t know if you guys understand, but Namjin is the light and purity in this disgusting, chaotic, and dark world we live in. They are the beauty in this godforsaken planet and its equally repulsive inhabitants. They are the radiance of—”

“O-kay, Kookie, I think I’ve hit my listening to emo shit quota for the day,” Taehyung cut him off. “So you love Namjin; you can surely give us some information about them and why the fuck Seokjin would CRUELLY BETRAY Namjoon AND BUY JIMIN A RED ROSE ON VALENTINE’S DAY WHICH IS JUST LIKE, A SURE SIGN OF INFATUATION BITCHES I CAN SMELL THE DRAMA FROM HERE AHAHA—”

“Tae, seriously, keep it down,” Jimin sighed. “I shouldn’t have called this meeting, As much as I love y’all, you guys are clueless as fuck. I’ll just confront Seokjin sunbae about it later.”

“Okay, friendship meeting adjourned,” Taehyung clapped. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a trig test to bomb. I’m not going down without drawing a disturbingly detailed dick over the first page.”




“Sunbae, can we talk for a moment?” Jimin asked awkwardly after barging into the cooking club’s weekly after school meeting.

“Uh sure, Jimin, let me just make sure these dumbasses don’t burn anything while I’m gone. God knows it’s a lot of paperwork when I lose a member to a cooking accident.” Seokjin wiped his hands on a rag and put Kyungsoo in charge.

“So what’s up? We’ve never really talked before, so this better be good,” Seokjin laughed affably.

“Well um, I mean—uh, like, Yixing may or may not have told me that you bought me a red rose on Valentine’s Day a couple months ago and I wanted to ask if it was true or if you have feelings for me or something because I know you’re dating Namjoon so I was like hella worried and um, yeah, so basically—”

Seokjin cut Jimin off with a loud, rather dolphin like giggle. “So the cat’s out of the bag now, I suppose.”

“What did you mean by it? If you don’t mind me asking, of course…”

“I bought it in place of someone else. Basically I have this one really emotionally dense and oblivious friend who’s liked you since the beginning of time, like, we’re talking before the fucking ice age here, and so Namjoon and I decided to take the first step in purchasing a rose for you.” Seokjin scratched his neck thoughfully. “He still wrote the note himself though. We tricked him into writing out a small confession note before buying the rose like the geniuses we are.”

“Uh, okay, so can you maybe, like, tell me who it is? Because I’ve been looking for him for the longest time so it would really just make things easier if you could just—”

“Now where would the fun be in that?”

Chapter Text

“Okay so if you’re not gonna tell me who likes me then maybe you can, uh,” Jimin paused, contemplating whether or not he should even ask,”tell me who, uh, who um—”

“Who Yoongi bought a rose for?” Seokjin interrupted, quirking a brow mischievously.

Jimin gulped before nodding. “Yeah,’d you know?”

“Everyone knows,” Seokjin chuckled, “except Yoongi himself, of course. You’re too damn obvious about it.”

“Oh,” Jimin said, staring at the ground with red cheeks.

“It’s okay, it’s adorable, really. At least Namjoon and I think so,” Seokjin smiled. “We’ve shipped Yoonmin since Jungkook screamed out that you had a thing for Yoongi’s delicate looking pianist hands.”

Jimin blushed harder. “Oh my God, you guys heard that? I—”

“Of course, Jungkook wasn’t exactly quiet about it.”

“ are you going to—”

“No, I’m not telling you who Yoongi bought a rose for. I made a pact with him. You know, friendship duties,” Seokjin’s gaze turned sympathetic for a moment, “but I’ll tell you to go bother Namjoon about it because he made no such pact.” Seokjin winked.

“What? Okay then I guess I’ll do that, sunbae,” Jimin mumbled. He was a little sick of Seokjin overcomplicating things like an old grandmother with nothing better to do than meddle in the affairs of young people.

“Yes, please do and hurry up with it; let’s get this ship up and sailing!”




After fifteen minutes of frantic running around and subtle stalking, Jimin managed to track Namjoon down at the headquarters of the homework club, where he was hunched over a desk and teaching biology to a freshman.

When Jimin opened the door, Namjoon immediately looked up.

“Ah, a pretty bird told me to expect your presence soon.”

“‘Pretty bird?’ What kind of romantic nickname is that? You couldn’t say baby, or babe, or honey, or even sweet cheeks, like a normal and sane person. No, you just had to compare your boyfriend to a pigeon with makeup on.”

“What the fuck Jimin it was just a play on the old saying? A pigeon with makeup? I’m not quite that tasteless.”

“Uh, yeah, sorry. I just...overreacted.” Jimin rubbed at his neck awkwardly, embarrassed about his earlier outburst. “Anyway, I’m assuming you know why I’m here…?”

“Oh yeah, Yoongi bought a rose for Seokjin as a joke to get me jealous and it worked and I got all pissy then we confessed to each other and got together like all good people do and the motherfucking end.”

“Uh, okay. That was easy. You’re a lot less difficult to deal with than your boyfriend.”

“Thank you. I try my best.”




Chim chim chim chim chim chim chim answer ur fucking phone

I have sum gr8 hot tea to spill all over y’all

Tae, this is the groupchat. I’m in class. Please refrain from spamming me during European History. Please. Just go text Jimin in your private chat. Like a normal fucking human being.

Oh ur no fun kookie.

It’s you’re*

I hate u

I hate that you can’t fucking spell out the word “you” in text.

Well who tf texts lik u all formal n shit

Why do you text like a degenerate is the real question here.

;; u hurt my feelings kookie

Guys I was taking a test Jesus Christ why are y’all like this

Jimin, I regret to inform you that you just committed the dire grammar crime known as the “run-on sentence.” Please repent.


Anyways as i was saying i have some hot tea to spill.


Shut tf up jungkook

Anyways, yoongi and yijun broke up 2day


Yeah chim you should really check it out they had a screaming match earlier then yoongi went to class then yijun screamed “this isnt over bitches” like a fucking wild ass, rabies riddled hyena or some shit

Holy shit

Yeah we gotta scope dis shit out chim

Emergency friendship meeting after class


...I’ll be there.




Less than one week after he found out the truth behind the rose he received in February, Jimin and company were hiding behind a staircase watching Yoongi talk with Seokjin and Namjoon, seeming very irritated and impatient.

“I can smell the drama, Chim,” Taehyung rubbed his hands together, “I can just smell it.”

"You’re not a rabid dog, hyung,” Jungkook stared concernedly at Taehyung, “Please have some chill. Please.”

“Don’t act like you don’t enjoy this, Jungkook.”

“...fair point.”

Jimin whacked both of them, suddenly hissing, “Look, Yijun is coming!”

“It’s starting, it’s starting, it’s starting—” Taehyung began chanting.

Yoongi appeared to be calm while Yijun began waving his arms around himself angrily like some kind of deranged Flappy Bird. After a few moments, Yoongi began to lose his cool and started shouting loud enough that Jimin could hear what was being said.

“You don’t even fucking remember anything on that card! Why the fuck are you blaming this on me? You’re the one that’s being a dick here, not me!” Yoongi seethed.

“Why the fuck do you care so much about the goddamn love letter note thing? It’s all bullshit isn’t it?” Yijun shouted back, jabbing his right pointer finger right into Yoongi’s face.

Yoongi pushed the hand out of his face quickly. “I care because that note is the whole reason why I got with you in the first place! Don’t you think it bothers me to know that you don’t even remember anything about it! You fucking came up to the booth and listed all the reasons you liked me, which were the exact same ones listed on the fucking note! We started dating because of the rose and note you sent me!”

“Well isn’t that hilarious because you still got with me even though I didn’t send you that rose!”

“You know what’s really hilarious is—WAIT WHAT YOU DIDN’T SEND THAT ROSE WHAT THE FUCK YOU TRICKED ME?!” Yoongi screeched.

“Oh my god, he’s so shook, Chim, just look at his face,” Taehyung whispered excitedly, enjoying the show.

“ never really straight up asked me about it?” Yijun floundered.

“So I’ve been wasting all this time on YOU when I could’ve been with whoever this precious ass sophomore is?” Yoongi practically screamed, his eyes and veins almost popping out his head.

“Uh, yeah, I guess?” Yijun seemed to have given up, his expensive sneakers pawing awkwardly at the floor.

“Holy shit,” Yoongi breathed, Jimin just barely able to make the words out by reading his lips. “These past two months have all been a fucking lie.”

“ this…?”

“Why the fuck would I willingly date a pathological liar, Yijun? Riddle me that, why don’t you?” Yoongi rubbed his temples frustratedly. “I gotta go find this precious ass sophomore then!” he shouted before taking off, angrily marching towards the math wing with Namjoon and Seokjin in tow.

Jimin looked at his friends imploringly and before long, the three of them were back in the boy’s bathroom, trying to form a Plan C.

Chapter Text

“So um, basically what I’m trying to say, sunbae, is that I uh...I really like you. I’ve liked you for a while,” Jimin said with his lips quivering nervously. “Please accept my confession.”

From the other side, Yoongi was silent for a few moments, before the curtain was suddenly opening and Yoongi’s lips parted in shock.




“Jimin, forget about whoever the fuck bought you that rose two months ago. They didn’t have the guts to confess anyways, and I don’t want you dating a spineless worm,” Jungkook whisper shouted, his voice echoing in the cramped bathroom.

“Yeah, Chim, I think Jungkook’s right,” Taehyung added, “Besides, Yoongi sunbae is single and ready to fucking mingle again, so you about to bingo, bitch!”

“The fuck is ‘bingo’ supposed to mean in that context, Tae?” Jimin sighed.

“You know, ‘bingo,’ ‘get lucky,’ ‘hit the jackpot,’ whatever you wanna call it,” Taehyung winked suggestively while Jimin groaned.

“Okay, so what’s the plan now? What the fuck do I do?”

“Ummm, do you still remember when we took you shopping for confession gifts?” Taehyung tapped his chin in thought, “I think it’s time to bring the cheese back.”

Jungkook clapped his hands excitedly, “Yes, and this time we’re not leaving without at least one of us purchasing a sexy leather collar.”




The trio had agreed to meet up after school to go shopping again. In the meantime, things were starting to get...interesting for Jimin.

When Seokjin had pulled him aside during lunch, practically digging his nails into Jimin’s wrist as he dragged the younger away from the lunch table (the look on Jungkook and Taehyung’s faces had been priceless), Jimin hadn’t known what to expect.

Seokjin looked angry, like...just downright furious. Jimin was terrified. Jin could be pretty scary when he wanted to, despite the love of pink and the dolphin giggles.

“Jimin, what I’m about to tell you...fuck I don’t even know anymore. Just listen the fuck up. I’m not gonna repeat this shit.”

Jimin stuttered out an awkward “Okay.”

“So pretty much the person who bought you that rose and has been crushing on you since the dawn of time like just broke up with someone and is really sad and shit and I’m hella worried and I don’t know what to do and I was just thinking maybe you could—”

“Whoa slow down there. He broke up with someone? If he likes me, why would he be dating around?”

“Because he’s an idiot and he really wants to be loved so he went out with a lying scumbag and they broke it off a couple days ago after his ex boyfriends snake ways were exposed.”

“Uh, okay, but why are you telling me this…?”

“Because I want you to make him feel better.”

“With all due respect, how the fuck am I going to do that if you won’t even tell me who he is or—”

“Yoongi. Min Yoongi. That’s the guy that likes you.”

Jimin almost choked on his own saliva.

What the fuck?!




“Wait, so you’re telling me, this whole fucking time,” Taehyung flailed his arms around in a grand gesture, “this story was a simple ass ‘You like him, he likes you, but both of you are stupid and don’t know it’ trope?”

“Yeah, sounds like a chick flick,” Jungkook commented. “Or a fanfiction.” He paused before adding, “Not that I know what a fanfiction is…”

“I saw you reading G-Dragon gay fic earlier this week, Jungkook; stop fucking lying.”

“Stop being such a fucking snake, Taehyung!”

“That’s ‘hyung’ to you, kid!”

“Okay guys, let’s debate this whole gay fanfiction thing later and focus on the problem at hand,” Jimin furrowed his brows, “Is that what the phrase is, ‘problem at hand?’ Makes no fucking sense at all, but whatever.”

“So Yoongi likes you too. What the fuck are we waiting for?”

“Tae, what the fuck am I supposed to do??? That’s what we’re waiting for!”

“Just keep following Plan C,” Jungkook suggested, “We came up with a foolproof plan, just follow through with it and confess. At least you know you won’t be harshly rejected, although heartache is good for the soul as it teaches you not to gain false hope in such a cruel landscape.”

“High school…? Or are you just referring to the world in general? I can never tell with you emo kids,” Taehyung sighed.

“High school. Definitely high school. The world is helpless; high school is just plain cruel.”

Jimin thought back to all the months he spent angstily pining over someone who reciprocated his feelings. “Agreed. High school is fucking awful.”




The following morning, with all his confession gifts safely stowed away in his locker, Jimin made his way to first period, only to be stopped by Seokjin once again.

“Jimin Jimin Jimin Jimin Jimin,” Seokjin yelled breathlessly as he raced down the hallway towards the younger. “We gotta talk again.”

Once they were safely tucked away in a secluded corridor, Jimin asked, “What is it this time? I thought we already talked yesterday.”

“Yes, but you didn’t say what you were going to do about it.”

“About what?”

“About Yoongi, of course! The poor, emotionally constipated boy is down again and came up with this stupid ass plan as a last ditch effort.”

“A plan…?”

“Yes, Jimin, a new plan! He’s gonna do another one of those stupid cheesy ass booth things again because for some convoluted reason, he thinks they work!”


“Yeah he’s doing one of those anonymous confession ones where there’s a curtain between him and the confessor and he has to figure out if they were his secret admirer or not. It was Namjoon’s idea obviously; Yoongi’s too dense to come up with this cliche rom com shit on his own.” Seokjin paused. “He’s really not giving up on that rose boy. He’s still determined to find that goddamned ‘shy sophomore,’ whoever the fuck that is. Honestly, if the dude didn’t have the balls to own up the first time, I doubt he’ll do it now. If I were Yoongi, I would’ve already given up on this secret admirer dude.”

“Uh yeah...about that…”

“Fuck, Jimin, please don’t.”


“Don’t fucking tell me you’re just as fucking stupid as Yoongi and you were the fucking rose dude.”

“How did you figure it out? You didn’t even let me start to tell you!”

“It’s the look on your face. It’s the same one Yoongi gave me when he promised me he would confess to you and then got all choked up when he saw you smile and gave up. It’s the look of sad, pitiful, helpless adoration.”

“Uh, can’t tell if that was supposed to be a roast, but thanks I guess…?”

“You two are hopeless. Get this mess sorted out, Jimin. Get your ass on that booth and confess. Put all of us out of our misery watching you two flail around each other. What a fucking weird ass story…”




“There he is, Chim!” Taehyung whisper shouted as he, Jungkook, and Jimin hid out behind the staircase again. “The black velvet curtain is up! There’s even a fucking cheesy homemade ‘Confession Booth: Min Yoongi’ sign set up! Who the fuck came up with this shit?”

“Namjoon sunbae,” Jimin answered. “Namjoon sunbae came up with this idea.”

“The fuck was he on? More importantly, where can I get some of that?”

“It’s not the time to be talking about illicit activities, hyung,” Jungkook chastised Taehyung. “Right now we gotta focus on getting this giant ass card and bouquet over to that booth while being inconspicuous.”


“It’s an SAT word, hyung! You should know this!”

“Fuck off, Jungkook. Maybe I was just trying to learn a new fucking word. I didn’t sign up for you to talk down to me like this.”

Jungkook immediately softened. “I’m sorry, hyung. It means ‘sneaky.’ Like a ninja.”

“Oh! ‘Kay let’s be ninjas then and scurry across to that booth then!”

“Tae, the card is literally taller than me. How are we going to get there?” Jimin exhaled, rubbing his temples while trying to come up with something.

“Jimin hyung, just go. Taehyung hyung and I will get the card over there somehow; we’ll wait for an opening in the crowd and pounce like tigers!”


“Now go!”

Jimin took a deep breath and quiet padded over to get in line for the booth. A couple guys had just come out crying (Jimin wasn’t the only one with an obsessive, heart crushing infatuation with Yoongi), and a couple others had looked rather dejected when leaving.

It should have scared Jimin, but it only made him feel more hopeful as he watched Yoongi reject guy after guy. Yijun was nowhere to be found, and according to Seokjin, he had already given up, seeing how set Yoongi was on finding his secret admirer.

When it was finally his turn, Jimin awkwardly perched on the side of the stool, his eyes glancing from between the floor and the black velvet curtain placed between him and Yoongi.

“Hello,” Yoongi’s smooth, steely voice said suddenly. It sent shivers down Jimin’s spine. “How are you today?”

“I’m okay. How about you, sunbae?” Jimin answered politely, praying that his voice wouldn’t crack.

“I’m well. So, let’s hear it. What have you got to confess to me?”

“I-I...I really like you, sunbae…” Jimin took a deep breath as he began to recite the words that had been deeply engraved onto his heart.

I’ve always admired you from afar. I really like you. I’ve liked you for almost two years now.” Jimin paused before continuing. “I like how sometimes your hair falls into your eyes as you’re working on something. I like how dedicated you are to your friends. I love how humble and hardworking you are.

Jimin felt his voice shake as he said the final lines. “Uh...I really like you, hyung, and I hope, in time, you might like me too…

Jimin cleared his throat quietly, working up his courage to say his next words.

“So um, basically what I’m trying to say, sunbae, is that I uh...I really like you. I’ve liked you for a while,” Jimin said with his lips quivering nervously. “Please accept my confession.”

From the other side, Yoongi was silent for a few moments, before the curtain was suddenly opening and Yoongi’s lips parted in shock.

You,” Yoongi said simply, his eyes wide and scanning Jimin’s form up and down. “You’re the shy sophomore?”

“Yes, I am...sunbae,” Jimin bit his lip anxiously. “Sorry if this is too forward, but Seokjin sunbae said you, um, liked me? And obviously, I’ve really liked you for a while too so I just wanted to uh, come by and say that? Uh...yeah…”

Yoongi’s eyes turned glassy. “I’m so happy I could kis—wait.”

Jimin might have let out a surprised squeal when Yoongi leaned across the curtain to softly peck his lips.

And Yoongi might have turned bright pink when Jimin leaned back over the curtain to give a long, lingering kiss in return.

(And so what if Seokjin, Namjoon, Hoseok, Taehyung, and Jungkook started screaming at them to get a room? It was a long time coming, Jimin thought as he pulled Yoongi in for a third kiss.)

(Also, that giant card and bouquet? Yoongi loved it and insisted that he and Jimin go out on their first date immediately at a frozen yogurt place nearby. Needless to say, Yoongi stopped to buy Jimin some red roses on the way back.)

Chapter Text

That summer was amazing. Yoongi and Jimin spent almost every waking moment together, going on dates and hanging out so often that many of their friends offhandedly commented that they should’ve just moved in with each other already.

Jimin remembered the warm sunshine, the many many ice cream dates, and the gummy smiles and giggles that filled his days.

But alas, it seemed, all good things must come to an end.

When Yoongi had left for college in August, Jimin felt confused, to say the least. Devastated was too strong a word, but uncomfortable was too week a word to describe Jimin’s feelings. It was...emptiness.

But Jimin underestimated Yoongi, and when the elder followed through on his promise of contacting Jimin everyday, always asking how his day went or how he was feeling, Jimin felt pleasantly surprised. After so much pining, perhaps part of Jimin was still worried that this relationship was onesided, but time and time again, Yoongi proved him wrong.

Yoongi continued to text and call Jimin relentlessly, always whining about how much he missed his boyfriend’s beautiful smile (who would’ve though that Yoongi would be the clingy one?). And everyday, without fail, there would be a good morning text sitting in Jimin’s phone when he woke up.

All except today, which was perhaps the worst day for Yoongi to forget how to send a text.

It was Jimin’s birthday.




“Happy Birthday Chim!” Taehyung shouted, embracing Jimin tightly as Hoseok awkwardly watched on, clearly a little unnerved at watching his boyfriend being so touchy with another dude.

When Taehyung finally pulled away, Hoseok handed Jimin a card. “Uh, yeah man. Happy Birthday. See you at rehearsal later today.”

Hoseok and Taehyung left hand in hand as Jimin laughed to himself at Hoseok’s jealous ways. The funniest part was how oblivious Taehyung was to Hoseok’s jealous side and how that would just piss Hoseok off more.

Jimin checked his phone again, frowning at the display of “No Notifications” on his lockscreen.

There’s no way Yoongi could have forgot. No way. He wasn’t that type of person.

Especially since Jimin had a dance showcase tonight, with his first ever solo performance. Yoongi knew that Jimin was nervous as hell. There was no way Yoongi would pull this shit on Jimin. Not now.

Jimin was already pretty bummed when Yoongi told him that he couldn’t make it to the show becuase of a test, but he was hoping that his boyfriend would make it up to him somehow.

But his blank phone screen seemed to say otherwise.




“Jimin hyung, are you okay? You seem a today?” Jungkook asked gently. “It’s your birthday, okay? At least try to enjoy the cake Seokjin baked you. It’s quite delicious.”

“Whatever, Jungkook,” Jimin said moodily, poking some more at the marble cake. Deep down, Jimin knew he was being rude to Seokjin’s hard efforts (seriously, who took time out of their college schedule to bake a cake and drop it off at their old high school?), but his mind was too clouded with thoughts of “Does Yoongi even care about me anymore?” and “Why did he forget?” that he couldn’t bring himself to fake politeness.

Hoseok smiled sympathetically at Jimin, which made the younger feel even worse. Jimin picked some more at his cake, trying to ignore the building frustration in his chest.

“Hyung, you’re pouting,” Jungkook said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure Yoongi hyung is just a little busy right now. He’ll spoil you later.”

“Yeah,” Jimin said uncertainly after sending a quick text to Yoongi saying hey. “I hope so.”




The rest of the day was a blur. Jimin continued to obsessively check his phone, only to be disappointed again and again by the blank screen. Maybe Yoongi had really forgotten.

“Yah, pay attention, Jimin! You have a solo tonight; I need you to have 100% focus for this!” Hoseok snapped his fingers. “Quit daydreaming! We need to get this put together.”

“Yeah, sorry hyung,” Jimin said sheepishly, looking down at his feet.

“Look, Jimin, I’m sorry about Yoongi hyung, but we really need to concentrate, okay?” Hoseok ran his fingers through his hair, “This is my last year running the dance club here; I wanna make it the best year. This is one of the last shows we’re dancing together in!”

“I understand, hyung,” Jimin faked a small smile, “I’m just a little out of it right now. I’ll be over it soon.”

Hoseok nodded sympathetically before heading off to go practice some more.

Jimin checked his phone again. Still nothing.




“I just want a birthday text,” Jimin said aloud to himself while looking in the mirror of one of the backstage vanities, “Just one measly text.”

It was almost six thirty, a half hour before the show would start. Jimin was miserable.

Taehyung, Hoseok, and Jungkook had come by several times to check up on Jimin and try to cheer him up, but nothing seemed to help. This day meant a lot to Jimin, and not just because it was his birthday. It was his first big dance solo, was it such a crime to want your own boyfriend to cheer you on?

Jimin stared at his phone screen, the “hey” text he’d sent hours ago still unanswered. Jimin’s fingers hovered over the keyboard as he debated sending another text, but part of him didn’t want to reach out to Yoongi anymore out of unreasonable spite.

As if by magic, three grey dots appeared on the screen and Jimin nearly dropped his phone in surprise. He resisted the urge to bite his nails as the dots disappeared and reappeared several times on his screen.

Finally, a simple “hi” popped up and Jimin felt like screaming in frustration.

Jimin’s teeth dug into his lower lip as he debated what to reply with.

How was ur day?

It was alright. You?

It was okay…

Why’d you type a “...” at the end…? Are you okay, baby?

Jimin clutched at his head in frustration. No, he was most definitely NOT okay.

Yeah, im fine...just a little, uh, nervous

About what, baby?

Just, u know...stuff

I don’t know though? If something’s wrong, you’re going to need to tell me here.

Nothing, its nothing

Dont worry abt it


Jimin stopped texting after that, rubbing his eyes angrily. Why couldn’t Yoongi just take a hint?

The phone started ringing and Jimin immediately knew it was Yoongi. He hesitated for a moment before answering.


“Hey, Jimin. Are you alright, baby? You seemed a little in our text conversation,” Yoongi smooth voice answered from the other end. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

“Yeah, I know, I know…” Jimin trailed off. “I’m just a little, you know, disappointed…?”

“Disappointed? About what?”

“Hyung…” Jimin bit his lip before choking out the words. “Do you you know today’s date?”

“Hm? No, I haven’t checked all day. Why? Is it important or something?”

“Ah...uh, it’s okay, it’s just—”

“Wait, don’t tell me. Is this the anniversary of the day we first met?”

“No, that was a month ago, remember?”

“Oh, right. Is it...the day you realized you liked me?”

“Hyung, that’s in December. I marked it on your calendar.”

“ it...Is it the day I first saw you smile at me and then I had to run to the nurse because I thought I was having an asthma attack?”

“What? No! Wait, did that really happen? You never told me about that…”

“Oh, um, well…”

“Well it’s definitely not that day either, hyung.”

“I’m sorry, baby. I...I don’t know.”

“Check your calendar.”


“Just check it, please.”

“I can’t. I’m with some friends right now and we’re about to—”

“Bullshit, Yoongi! How hard is it to tap on a fucking app to check today’s date?”

“Baby, let’s not point fingers here. I understand that you’re angry because I forgot whatever the fuck today meant to you, but you can’t always expect me to know the significance of every last day, you know? There are 365 of those; it can be pretty exhausting to remember every single one of them, okay?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you—”

“Baby, let me finish. Calm down. As I was saying—”

“I cannot fucking believe you, Yoongi!” Jimin finally exploded. “First you forget this extremely important day, and now you’re trying to pin all the blame on me here! For something that you forgot! That’s fucking ridiculous!”

“Hey, calm down, babe. It’s no big—”

“IT’S A BIG FUCKING DEAL, YOONGI!” Jimin screamed. “God, I can’t even talk to you right now. This is ridiculous. Just...bye, hyung.”

Jimin hung up, desperately holding in tears as he fought the swirl of frustration and sorrow festering inside himself. He took a shaky breath, mentally telling himself to calm down and relax. Humiliation filled Jimin at the realization that he had just screamed hysterically at his boyfriend over the phone, and that most likely, everyone backstage had heard him.

Jimin heard a click that signaled the opening of the room’s door. He didn’t bother to look up, figuring that it was probably Taehyung of Jungkook trying to comfort him again now that they had heard him scream at Yoongi over the phone. God, why couldn’t he have just kept his cool? Why’d he have to explode and embarass himself like that? Why couldn’t he just—

“Baby,” a smooth voice snapped Jimin out of his thoughts.

Yoongi was holding a bouquet of red roses and a delicately wrapped box with a red bow on top. Jimin’s heart almost stopped.

“You didn’t think I’d really forget, did you?”

“I—” Jimin felt some happy tears spill over onto his cheeks. “What—What took you so long?”

“Sorry baby, I was driving around all day trying to get your cake dropped off and picking up your presents and uh, some...other stuff.”

“What other stuff?”

“You like surpirses right?”

“Uh, kinda—wait, you didn’t—”

“Shhh...all in good time. Right now, I just really really want to kiss you,” Yoongi glanced quickly at his watch, “and we have precisely four minutes until you need to be up on stage.”

Jimin giggled before grabbing his boyfriend by the collar and giving him a deep, deep kiss.




(“Ew, did you see that?”

“Jungkook, be nice,” Taehyung chatised gently.

“Hyung, that’s gross, ugh. Why don’t they just get a room?”

“They did, Jungkook. We’re just spying on them.”

“Oh...right. Well, I guess we should go then.”

“Yeah, I’m just glad Jimin will stop moping around now.”

“Agreed, hyung is insufferable when he’s feeling clingy and needy.”

“Hm...I’m just glad that they’re finally together. It was so much worse when Jimin was still pining…”

“True...but you and Hoseok are just as cringey together.”

“You take that back, kid! You’re the one with a leather collar fetish!”

“ got me there.”)




Jimin’s solo went perfectly that night, with Yoongi looking on proudly in the audience while he watched his graceful boyfriend conquer the stage.

Turns out, Yoongi had spent the whole day getting a surprise party set up for Jimin, and it seemed like the icing on the cake was when after his performance, Jimin came home to a house full of his friends and family yelling “Happy Birthday!”

Jimin didn’t think he had ever smiled so much in one night, and he didn’t think he had ever been happier, surrounded by so much good food and by so many people he loved.

Yoongi looked on with a soft smile curving his lips and Jimin made eye contact with him, smiling just as brightly back. Jimin’s heart felt incredibly warm as he said goodbye to everyone late into the night, quickly saying to his parents that he wanted to be alone with Yoongi. They laughed and waved him off, telling the couple not to stay up too late.

Jimin and Yoongi spent the night curled into each other’s embrace, ocassionally pressing light kisses to each other’s lips, with the bouquet of red roses Yoongi had purchased for Jimin lying besides them, forgotten.

Jimin snuggled deeper into Yoongi’s side, humming in content as the two slowly drifted into sleep with the fragrant smell of roses wafting gently over them.