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Prompt: Frost
Written for the Porn Battle. As such, this is pure smut.
Hikaru no Go was created by Hotta and Obata and distributed by Viz, Shogakuen and Shonen Jump.


Touya Akira thinks that the frost in his heart has always been there. When he should be upset, he is calm. When he should be frantic, he is collected. When he should be caring, he is steel.

His heart has always been carefully encased in ice; except when Shindou Hikaru has something to do with it.

Today is no different as he finds himself pinned to a wall, sweaty hands moving firmly over his skin, swollen lips sucking at his neck, and an impressive erection pushing at his thigh. The heat spreading over his body is overwhelming, and as the fire spreads through him, he claims Hikaru's lips as his own, pushing back with an intensity that only Shindou Hikaru is allowed to see.

They tumble to the bed, clothes falling in their wake, and Akira, naked and wanting, presses himself against Hikaru's willing body, licking and kissing every part of him he can reach. Somebody groans, and Akira reaches blindly for the lube that he keeps near the bed just for nights like this one.

Unable to wait, he bites at Hikaru's navel, sloppily pouring lube over his fingers and thrusting one deep inside Hikaru. The blond-banged boy cries out, and his raven-haired rival relishes in the sound, hastily sliding another finger in and then another until it is all he can do to hold back from pounding into the writhing body beneath him.

Before he will give in to his need, he takes Hikaru's length into his mouth completely in one motion, pinning the arching boy to the bed with his free hand. Akira wants his rival to feel him, in every sense of the word, and he sucks at him greedily, pouring the passion the lithe teen invokes into his very being. It's the only way he knows to show Hikaru how he makes Akira feel.

He grows impatient, removing his fingers and pulling himself up to lay above his lover and takes no time thrusting into him. His need is too great to allow Hikaru time to adjust. Besides, he knows Hikaru loves him like this. It is the very reason he is here at all, so late at night.

He thrusts into Hikaru quickly, and when he feels he can't get deep enough, he pulls the others' legs over his shoulders to gain that much more depth to his strokes. There is nothing gentle about their love-making just as there is nothing gentle about their Go. As the words go unspoken in their games, so too does the silence prevail here.

The room is filled with the sounds of heavy panting and the slap of flesh against flesh as Akira pounds into Hikaru, and as climax draws near, the only spoken words are each others' names in the form of hoarse shouts of fulfillment.

When they are finished and their bodies are spent, they take little time to relish in the afterglow. It's as if they are afraid to indulge themselves, lest their unspoken agreement be broken. Shindou Hikaru gathers his clothes and leaves without a word; the sheen of fresh sweat still lingering on his body as he walks out into the night air.

Akira showers and climbs into bed, refusing to go over the nights' events in his mind. But think about it or not, he knows that like this wasn't the first time Hikaru has come to him in the night, it will not be the last.

And if he were to be honest with himself, he would know that the lingering frost in his heart is slowly melting by the sunshine that is Shindou Hikaru.