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Captain America Fundraising Short Fics, February 2017

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Innytoes on Tumblr requested: Steve and dogs, because dogs.

"Is this a Serum thing?" Natasha asked him once, strolling in Central Park. She was tailing someone for reasons Steve hadn't really looked into; he was just there for some fresh air. But as per usual...

"I don't know," he said delightedly, as yet another dog loped up to him. This made fifteen dogs who had come to say hi, and he looked like the fourth dog who would be sticking around to play a constant rolling game of fetch. Steve picked up a slobbery tennis ball, threw it, and beamed as they all raced off after it. Well, all except the giant Newfie, who was constantly trying to lean on Steve's leg even when he was using it to walk with. "Don't you like dogs?"

She wrinkled her nose. "Sure, but I don't attract them like some kind of walking rawhide chewie."

"Maybe they just know I love them. Yes I do," Steve said, bending down to hug the Newfie. It let out a gentle, basso profundo Boof. Steve barked back. The rest of the dogs came racing back, trailing the Pit Bull who had been the lucky one to fetch the ball.

"Captain America -- truth, justice, and slobber," Natasha said, as Steve threw the ball again.

"Dogs know a hero when they see one," Steve said, then lost his balance as the Newfie finally won the battle with his legs. Immediately three or four other dogs piled on, and Natasha rolled her eyes and left him there, covered in canines and laughing.

Mirimo-cat requested: Steve Cap with an unusual rescue animal, and teammate reaction(s).

Steve, perhaps wisely, refused to let go of her. Natasha might have tried to confiscate her; also, she might have made a break for freedom.

"Steve," Clint said, rubbing his forehead. "Where did you find the honey badger?"

"She found me," Steve insisted, as the large mass of seething hatred squirmed around to lick his chin. "When we were escaping Stilt Man's collapsing lair."

"Never trust the structural integrity of anything built by a guy on stilts," Tony told Rhodey, who nodded knowingly.

"I think he was keeping her as a pet," Steve said. He offered her a bite of his hamburger. She looked at him, looked at the bite, then reached around him and swiped the rest of the burger off his plate. "Look how smart she is! Can I keep her?"

"Say no," Bruce told Tony.

"You're responsible for cleaning up after her," Tony said to Steve, who nodded frantically. Under his arm, Liberty the Honey Badger Avenger made a purring noise and began dismantling an empty Pepsi can with her claws.

shirokou requested: Bucky!Cap finds a hurt puppy after a mission. Cue puppy-dog eyes at Sam and wanting to keep it.

The puppy was young -- old enough to be a little awkward, but young enough he was still obviously a puppy -- and probably desperate. He looked thin, and he didn't shy away from Bucky's arm the way most dogs did.

"Cap," Sam called, from a few floors up, looking down into the alley. "We should move, man, emergency services will be here soon and we can't do anything more here."

Bucky made a soft shushing noise, directed more at the puppy than at Sam as it limped towards him. "That's right, brother," he muttered. "Come to Captain America, truth justice liberty, blah blah..."

Steve, who had rescued everyone from little kids to heavyweight wrestlers in his day, used to pick up the odd cat or dog (once, infamously, a snake) but he usually handed them off to emergency services. Firemen were suckers for kittens. Bucky hadn't rescued any animals As Captain America yet, usually because the arm spooked them, but also because he wasn't sure he was capable of giving one away once it crawled into his lap.

The puppy -- black wispy terrier-fur, a long foxlike snout, bright blue eyes -- snuffled at Bucky's fingers, then ducked under them and made straight for his feet, still limping but making very good time. It grabbed onto the criss-crossed laces on his boots and began worrying it with soft, squeaking growls.

"Funny, I got a best friend who used to be that way," Bucky told him.

"Cap, did you hear me?" Sam asked, landing next to him in the alley, wings folded in. The puppy looked up and whuffed disdainfully. Bucky gathered it into his hands, careful of the front left leg, and straightened up.

Sam looked at the dog, then at Bucky, whose eyes were wide and hopeful behind the helmet's mask.

"We can give him to a fireman," he said, voice indicating he knew it was hopeless.

"Or," Bucky suggested, "We can name him Scout and he can be Captain America's sidekick."

Sam sighed. "Are we gonna take him to the vet in-uniform, or do we get to go home and change first?"

"Uniform," Bucky said, turning and marching confidently out of the alley, now that he'd won. "I bet they give us a discount for being superheroes."