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Small, Cute and Cuddly

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Their first meeting is at a gardening fair.

Dwalin is there with Dís as Víli had to work and couldn’t go with her and Thorin had managed to come up with an excuse before Dwalin could.

The thing was that Dís wasn’t really that interested in gardening either but a friend of hers was going to be there as an exhibitor and she wanted to support him. Only she needed some support in turn to be able to do that without falling asleep.

Dwalin and Bilbo meet in the line for one of the refreshment stands and strike up a conversation while they’re waiting.

Bilbo sees Dwalin buying two drinks, sees him hand one off to a beautiful dark haired woman who then proceeds to drag him over to someone going on about fertiliser, and he thinks (a little wistfully) that Dwalin seems like a very good boyfriend. Not to mention the way his arms look in that T-shirt. (Bilbo also buys two drinks, cold ones, because he rather needs them.)


The next time they meet it’s at a wrestling game. Match. Bilbo isn’t entirely sure what it’s called. Bofur convinced him to come along so they could cheer for Nori together.

And by chance, fate or just some arbitrary system for how seats are assigned Dwalin finds himself next to the cute little blond he met the weekend before at the gardening thing.

Sadly he seems to be there with his boyfriend. Or not, it turns out when the supposed-boyfriend runs up to kiss one of the people competing and cute blond guy smiles and cheers.

Arguably he could have had two boyfriends, but Dwalin still dares to suggest that they meet up for drinks afterwards, and cute blond guy, Bilbo, says yes (after making sure that Dwalin actually doesn't have a girlfriend.)

That could have been the end of the story (albeit the start of a new relationship) but not as such…


"I found these seeds at the market, and they look like little caterpillars. Where should I plant them?”

“Let me see,” Bilbo says and studies the small brown seeds lying in Dwalin’s big palm. “That’s marigolds, so basically anywhere that’s sunny and not too wet. Want me to-?”

Dwalin’s hand closes over the tiny dry seeds again. “Nah, I’ll give it a go.”

Three months later Bilbo is presented with a big bouquet of yellow-orange marigolds and the smile Dwalin receives in return is enough to bring his growing (no pun intended) interest in gardening into blossom (all right, pun intended after all).


“Dwalin could I try this hold Nori taught me on you? He said you’d not be able to get out of it.”

A minute later Dwalin is on the floor on his belly, Bilbo sitting on his back.

“Huh, he was right.”

“Yeah, mind letting me up?”

“I don’t know,” Bilbo teases. “I’m just beginning to see the fun part about wrestling.”

Only that turned out to be more true than Bilbo had intended and the next time they went to cheer Nori on Bilbo shouted just as much and just as loud as anyone. Though he didn’t curse as much because his dad had still raised him properly, thank you very much.


Not being opposites can still attract though.


“Right,” Bilbo says. “Put the spade down.”

“But I need to-“

“You’re not wearing a shirt and there’re smears of dirt on your face and you’re wearing shorts and you’ve never looked more attractive, ever.”

Dwalin blinks and Bilbo takes a step back inside the house and tugs off his own shirt. “Guess what you need to do,” the blond says taking another step backwards and Dwalin nods and puts his spade down.


“You all right?” Bilbo asked worriedly as Dwalin hit the floor a little too hard. “I didn’t mean to-“

“Oh I’m more than all right,” Dwalin growled as he reached up to cup Bilbo’s face, dragging him down for a kiss.


And that’s not the end of their story either, but it’s the end of this one.