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No Longer Alone

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Chapter One: Discovery


My finally making a decision made me feel so much better. I would find a class I wanted; or a job for awhile and try to get used to humans once more. I also decided to have some fun again before going back to being alone. It wasn’t that I had never been asked to join a coven, it just never seemed right. I have friends who would like to form one, but the need never comes up. Although I have for all intents and purposes two brothers who want very much to form a coven or family, I guess it’s just been hard to contemplate as I have not yet found my mate. To be the odd man out of five vampires would eat away at me. Still there are times I have longed to just belong to something, something bigger than just me, something eternal and forever like my bothers have. The last 20 years I have just been drifting, never staying anywhere for more than a few weeks and avoiding humans as much as possible.

                 I filled my apartment with my favorite things, a piano, a sofa, chairs, TV, and a king size bed if for nothing else but resting in. I bought bedroom furniture and had my closet filled with clothes but nothing over the top, standing out in the crowd isn’t always the best thing.

                Now that my house was finally done I decided to sit outside in the dark and relax, well what relaxing a vampire could do. I was looking at the stars when I heard the patio door of my neighbor open and I saw a lady come out in just her pj’s sitting on the a lounge chair with her knees pulled up to her chin.

“Oh please can you send me someone who might love me at last? I’m so afraid and very tired of being alone, I want to be special to someone forever” I heard her cry softly

                As a vampire we usually don’t care about the lives of the humans around us and so I decided to make my way back into my apartment and leave the girl in her loneliness but I was stopped dead in my tracks. The wind had picked up and blew her scent towards me. It hit me, almost knocking me on my backside. I grabbed the closest thing, a chair and closed my eyes as I was swept away with her scent.

Her pull was so strong, I had to inhale it, breathe it in every day in order to live. I wanted to drown in it and it still wouldn’t be enough. I needed her and only her. My body reacted in a way it had seldom done before. I wanted her, her scent, her body, and her thoughts which I was having trouble hearing.

Suddenly it hit me like a freight train, I had heard about it, seen it in others minds, hell witnessed myself but never felt it. For vampires there is only one person on this earth for them, their mates, their one and only and I just never believed that I would find mine, until now.

“Holy Hannah is this, what it feels like?” I think to myself. Now I need to see her, touch her, speak to her, something. So slipping to my knees I lean over the railing just enough to get a glimpse of this woman who in an instant threw my entire world off centre. She was slightly plus sized, reminding me of the ladies back in the early 19th century. Not my time, but I was always more attracted to women who had curves. She also had long dark hair that fell in waves like chocolate down her back. She was a beauty, my beauty.


                Being alone stinks, especially after five years. I was tired of being alone and decided on giving up. First my folks are gone, both are dead, followed by my friends who all got married or moved on. College wasn’t so bad but now it’s over and I have nowhere to go or anyone to go too.

                Tonight I sat on my porch asking for a man, for a lover, hell I’d be happy to just to talk to a man. Then realizing how pathetic it sounded I cried until I ran out of tears. I thought I heard something while I sat there but it wasn’t like anything I had ever really heard since I lived here. As I was lying in bed, I thought about that sound again, it was driving me nuts, I could swear that I heard growling but I didn’t see any dogs or cats around and this building wasn’t pet friendly. It had to have been on someone’s TV in one of the other apartments. Happy to figure out the mystery, well happier, I fell asleep dreaming of a man who would only ever exist in my dreams.

Waking the next morning, I wonder about my new neighbor. As I leave the building I look back and up at his windows. Wondering what kind of man he is, what he looks like, could he turn into a friend? I ponder this all the way to school.


                After waiting for her to go inside I went hunting again. If I am to woo her I need to be strong in my bloodlust. I had longed to hear her thoughts and at first she was blank to me. But this morning I was able to get murky images. It’s almost like the stronger the pull is the more it grows, the stronger our ties are becoming. As to the other kind of lust that is just as over powering but not as easy to relive. My bloodlust was the easiest thing to take care of. While her scent was indeed very alluring and could make the most controlled of us very thirsty it was the good ole fashioned lust that had me reeling. I thought my human side died with my change but in just a few short seconds this girl had me feeling things I haven’t felt in over two centuries. The lust she made me feel was not so easily relieved.    

                As I left the building I took as glance at her mailbox. It was a little stalkerish but I really wanted to know the name of the woman who turned my life upside down. Her mailbox read “Swan” Okay so at least I know her last name. Now I just have to learn all I can about her, hopefully she’ll let me in enough to find out.

                The next few days fly by in a blur. She is busy doing whatever it is she does. I can hear her moving about in the early hours. So today I followed her to the college, I was glad I did as she graduated today. I sat in the back of the stadium watching her the entire time. I was appalled to find out she was alone in the world, that there was no one here for her at all. My sweet brave girl, well she won’t be alone much longer if I have any say in this at all.  I’m so happy with the decision I made to follow her today, I am here even if she doesn’t know it yet. She looked so pretty in her cap and gown.

                 I learned her full name is Isabella Marie Swan, beautiful. Afterwards she looked around, hugged a few other girls, then walked to her old car and looked at the campus with tears in her eyes. I was home before her and my knees buckled as I heard her complete breakdown when she entered her apartment. I needed to go to her, just the thought of my mate upset was a stab to my heart and had it still been beating, it would be shattered.

                Acting on instinct I bolted to her door and knocked coming up with an excuse to be there on the fly.

“Hi I’m your new neighbor Edward, would you like to share a meal with me tonight? I’m new in town and I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know much about it.” It was a dirty ploy but I laid it on thick making sure to use my supernatural charm to at least get her to speak to me. She waivered, so I gave her my most dazzling smile, again it was a dirty ploy, but I was determined to use everything in my arsenal to make this woman mine.

“Ah…sure let me grab a jacket” We walked to a little bistro she liked with outdoor seating. By the time the food arrived she was telling me stories about her college days, and I was telling her some of mine, leaving out the dates they occurred, no need to scare her off already. We ate dinner, she ordered a dessert, and we both had coffee.

“Isabella” this made her jump. “I enjoyed the evening; do you think we might do this again? I would love for you to join me for another dinner”

Blinking like she was confused “Oh Edward yes I would like that a lot, in fact let me cook tomorrow night, it saves money and I am a good cook”

“That sounds fine but I’m on a special diet, rare meats, clear broths” I gave her my most charming smile, then said “But I don’t want you to stress over it. Still it’s been a long time since I had home cooking”.

“Okay Edward, rare steak for you, medium rare for me tomorrow. On the grill okay? You can bring something to drink, I don’t care what, just surprise me” I nodded to let her know it sounded great and threw in a wink pleased to hear her heart beating like a drum while we confirmed our date. She didn’t mention it being a date but I was treating it like one.

                Walking home together I take her hand in mine feeling the mating pull grab me.  She didn’t pull away. Oh the joy that surged though me at that. She isn’t repulsed by me or afraid it seems. It’s a done deal for me, she is it and I must protect and cherish her forever now, change her if she allows it someday. I hope she does I never want to be alone again.

I walk her to her door, even if mine is the next door up the hall. She takes out her key, then shyly looks up at me “Edward would you like to come in for awhile?” She asks so softly.

“Yes I would love that, thanks for asking me” My spirits soar now that I can see my beloved’s home. 


                I can’t believe this handsome man likes me. I’m a little afraid it’s a joke or some cruel trick but so far he has been a gentleman. I can’t explain the pull I feel, even as he sits in my mismatched living room somehow making it look like he belongs there.

“Come sit by me sweetheart” I notice that he always calls me some sort of pet name and while the cynical side of me wants to scoff at the idea, there’s a part of me that has been woken up upon meeting this man that is telling my cynical side to shut up and enjoy it.

I have been alone so long it’s like a miracle to have someone here with me tonight. Sitting by him I reach for his hand caressing his fingers, looking at him to see if it was alright. But something in me pulls me to him. I want to crawl into his lap.

“Edward, I’m a little scared here, I feel this pull to you that I can’t explain. I’ve never felt like this, I’ve never had a reason too. Please explain it or at least tell me you feel it too” I asked him shyly with just a hint of desperation in hoping that he felt something close to what I had been feeling .I wouldn’t be able to take it if he didn’t .Was it too soon to admit to being in love with a man after just one afternoon?

I wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight, but I couldn’t help but want to give into in after meeting Edward.

“Yes Bella, yes I do baby girl” he said causing my face to flame from his term of endearment. I had never been called someone’s baby before. My parents maybe, but not by a man, and certainly not one who looked like Edward. I felt elated and emotionally high. My cynical side wanted to protest and tell me to get my head out of the clouds, but the next words out of his mouth had my jaw dropping to the floor.

 “Bella do you have a boyfriend?” he blurted and again I blushed embarrassed that I wasn’t worthy enough to have one, but I let the shinning glimmer of hope that maybe he wanted the job.

“No I thought I did, but he chose someone else, leaving me to rot by myself” I said the bitterness dripping in my voice

“Then can I be yours? I want you to be my girlfriend Bella” he said and while I was hoping for it I was still shocked at his boldness.

We only just met, I was plain and fat; why on earth would this gorgeous man want me?

“You sure I mean we have only just met” I stammered

“Don’t you feel it baby? Please Bella; tell me you feel it, this connection between us. I know its fast sweetheart, but I can’t deny it. Please tell me” he pleaded his words quick and the desperation in his voice was so endearing, my eyes pricked with tears.

“Yes Edward I feel it” I sobbed slightly. I couldn’t deny it, I didn’t want to and the next thing I knew I was in his lap and he was kissing my neck causing shivers to erupt all over.

                He stayed for several hours just caressing me until I yawned, and he said he too must head home, which made me laugh since he was just next door. I wanted him to stay, but I knew it was too soon for that. I may feel a connection to him, hell I may even be already in love with him, but I knew it was too soon to talk of spending the night together. I had to get to know him better. My cynical side pleaded with me and I agreed.

“Soon darling girl soon” he said. I walked him to the door where he kissed me soundly and closed the door while I stood there gasping for air, my lips still tingling from his kiss.

“Lock it little girl” I heard through the door, my body shivered with his command, suddenly feeling the need to call him “Daddy”

“Yes sir Mr. Bossy” I teased him. I listened and heard his door shut, and then I turned off my lights as I headed to bed.