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It Might Be Nice

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“You know,” Lance starts softly, letting out a tired sigh as he rests his forehead against the glass and suppress a shiver at the coolness it brings to him, “Now that I think about it, my brother still owes me five bucks.”

Keith snorts at the brunet’s complaint, rolling his eyes when Lance pouts at him, “Lance, they’re just five bucks.”

“It’s about the principle, Keith.” Lance replies as he leans away from the glass, away from the breath taking view of space and its stars that surrounds them and turns to look at Keith, his heart beating hard against his chest as he sees the bright smile on his boyfriend’s face.

“Sure, buddy.”

Lance laughs as he shoves the black haired teen playfully. “Oh, hush, you.”

Keith chuckles under his breath as he quickly catches Lance’s hand and holds it tight against his own. Taking advantage of the brunet’s surprise, Keith smirks and pulls at their intertwined hands until the back of Lance’s hand meet his lips and Keith drops a kiss on it.

Keith could almost coo at the awe and dazed expression on Lance’s face at that.

“You’re such a sap.” Lance says after a few seconds in silence, shaking his head in disbelief but smiling big and dopily at his boyfriend.

“Says the one who leaves a sappy post-its and an alien flower that resembles a rose once a week on my bed.” Keith retorts smugly and Lance scoffs.

“Well, excuse me, but I’m a hopeless romantic, babe, it’s on my genes.”

“Is it on your genes to be annoying too?” Keith teases and Lance flicks him on the forehead, “Ow.”

“Meanie.” Lance murmurs but then smiles as Keith pulls him closer by their intertwined hands, making him fall on his boyfriend’s chest comfortably. “Oh sure, fix everything with a cradle, typical.”

“It’s my secret weapon, babe. You can’t deny it works.” Lance hums, burying his head on the crook of Keith’s neck as he snuggles closer to him.

“Dang, it really does.”

“You know,” Lance sighs, his lips twitching upwards as he turns slowly to meet Keith’s eyes, his own eyes blinking tiredly, “Now that I think about it, I never said I love you.”

Lance frowns when he sees Keith sob at his words and he wishes he could raise his hand and break the glass that separates them if it means he could wipe Keith’s tears away.

“Baby, it’s okay.” Lance tries to comfort, his left eye that was swollen shot has gone numb by now and he can’t feel the pain of his dislocated shoulder anymore, which he’s pretty sure that’s a bad sign, but right now, all that he cares about is Keith.

“Keith, amor.” Lance calls softly; his heart is aching for the crying mess his boyfriend is on the other side of the glass, “Please, look at me.”

It takes a few ticks that Lance didn’t think he had left and suddenly Keith’s mouth is moving fast. Lance’s almost sure that he’s babbling, not saying anything coherent or even full sentences, but at least Keith’s looking at him now with his big and shiny dark blue eyes that always remind Lance of the dusk back at earth and the thought makes him warm inside.

That and the fact that his lungs are burning because of the toxic gas that fills his side of the glass but it’s fine. It’s fine, he tell himself in his mind, because that means the universe is safe, his team is safe.

It means Keith’s safe.

Lance just stares at Keith’s mouth as it keeps moving in an intense rambling and he can’t help but smile softly, because God, Keith’s so beautiful even when he’s mess, how is that even possible?

Oh, okay, that move of mouth was definitely an insult. Keith has called him a moron many times in their lives to recognize the word on his boyfriend’s mouth instantly.

“I read that one.” Lance mumbles playfully before sighing tiredly and then leaning heavily against the glass, “Keith, amor, it’s okay.”

‘It’s not, Lance!’ he can almost hear Keith scream back at him and Lance suppresses the sudden drop his stomach does that makes him to shift in pain.

“It was my choice.” Lance whispers, quiet and small but strong enough to shut Keith in a tick, “It…It was my choice, Keith.” He whimpers, wincing as another wave of burning fire spreads through him from his insides and Lance just wants to scream in agony.

But he can’t, because Keith’s looking. Keith’s here and Lance will endure the pain if it means he can save Keith from any.

“P-Please, don’t be mad.” He says weakly, sad and tired, blinking groggily at the blurry vision of Keith through the glass, “I…I just wanted to be useful for once. I just – I couldn’t let you die, amor.”

He sobs then, his heartache growing stronger than the physical pain his body is enduring, “I couldn’t –  I – Keith, you need to know this, please –“

It’s getting harder to breathe. It’s getting harder to see and Lance could laugh because that actually makes him mad not because he’s dying but because he can’t see Keith’s face now. He can’t see his flushed cheeks, or his bright eyes.

Nor his smile or that damn ugly mullet the never cut off.

He can’t see him and that makes him sob hard sharply because he’s dying without being able to see his love one last time.

“K-Keith.” Lance whimpers brokenly, “I l-love you, Keith.”

There’s pounding on the glass mixed with faint muffled screams that he can’t make sense to, but all he’s thinking about is his boyfriend’s blurry red color in front of him.

“O-One of your – your Fix-Everything-Cradles w-would be good a-about right n-now.” Lance laughs wetly before letting out another sob, “I love y-you so much, p-please remember t-that.”

With the last speck of strength he’s able to gather, Lance raises his hands shakily before placing it over the transparent glass, his slowing heart doing one last skip of a beat when he sees a red armored hand placing itself against his own blue one.

If he really thinks about it then, dying with the blurry vision of the color red and blue is not so bad.