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What Happens in the Forbidden Forest...

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Ginny sighed as she cast a warming charm on herself, and then wrapped her arms around her knees and rested her head on her arms. Sometimes she really had to curse herself for having six older brothers. No wait, perhaps the real curse was that they were all Gryffindors. Which meant that none of them knew how to back down from a challenge.

And so it was that she found herself all on her own in the Forbidden Forest. When the group of various Slytherins had caught her coming back from her walk just before curfew, they'd dared her to spend the night alone in the Forbidden forest. At first, she'd tried to talk them out of it, but when they started questioning her bravery and worthiness of being in Gryffindor House, she'd snapped and told them that spending the night alone – no matter where – didn't scare her in the slightest.

I should have just reminded them that I was actually here for and fought in the Final Battle,” she muttered to herself. Considering that all of the underage students - aside from her - were smuggled out of the castle, and then all of the older Slytherins were basically kicked out, there wasn't a single Slytherin that could have argued her point.

Well, Malfoy and Goyle, but neither of them were currently at Hogwarts since they'd graduated the year before. In any case, as a Seventh Year, Ginny really should have learned by now how to tactfully avoid falling into these stupid situations. She exhaled heavily and wondered if anyone would actually notice if she returned to the castle early. Sure, it was only a little after midnight, but since that was well after curfew, surely none of those sniveling Slytherins would be around to see her sneak back into her bed.

For a moment, a thought amused her. Her dorm mates wouldn't even really notice that she was gone because she'd been spending quite a lot of her nights in her boyfriend's bed lately, and her boyfriend would simply assume that she was in her own bed.

Thinking of her boyfriend – who was just a boy in her year she was playing with until they graduated – made her think of Harry for a few minutes. They had decided together that dating while she was in school and he was in Auror training didn't really make much sense, and so they were still on a break until she graduated and could move in with him. Harry knew that she was regularly sleeping with a boy, and she knew that he'd been having one offs (using magical protection) whenever he needed to relax a bit.

So far, it was working out well for the both of them. Also, it made those times when they met up in Hogsmeade that much more special and precious. She smiled just thinking about it.

In any case, no one in the castle would miss her unless they specifically went looking for her and couldn't find her. It was a good thing that it wasn't too cold out, since a warming charm was keeping her plenty warm on this spring evening. Thoughts of her upcoming NEWTs preoccupied her for a while, but then she started getting drowsy.

She decided to cast a few charms to make the leaves and other debris under her as soft as a bed, and then reinforced the charms that shielded her so that things like ants and spiders couldn't bite her or penetrate her clothes. Then she lay down and got comfortable. At this point, she was just a bit too tired to bother returning to the castle anyway.

Did you know that we have a treaty with your kind?”

Ginny sat up in mild alarm and looked around. Slowly, a Centaur stepped into the clearing she was in. The light of the stars and the half moon let her see him, but since she'd never had a chance to talk to any of the Centaurs – other than Professor Firenze – she had no idea who he was.

A treaty?” She asked in confusion.

Yes. My name is Bane and you will never forget me for as long as you live, Ginevra Weasley.”

Er...” she droned for a moment in bafflement. “How do you know my name?”

Because our meeting tonight was written in the stars – just as it was written that you were born on the 11th of the month your kind calls August in the year 1981,” Bane informed her.

Then, before she had any sort of realization that she needed to protect herself, he blew a dart at her with a blowgun. The dart was tipped with a paralytic that made it impossible for Ginny to move. Bane approached her slowly, his hands held out reassuringly.

I have no plans to hurt you – well... at least not at the moment,” Bane informed her as he lifted her into his arms. “Tomorrow morning when you return to the castle, make sure you remind all your classmates about our treaty since it appears that the teachers continually telling the students that the Forest is Forbidden for many very good reasons is not quite enough to deter those like you from venturing in to prove your bravery.”

Ginny hated the fact that she couldn't move anything other than her head. Right about now, she'd dearly like to hex him and run away! Since she couldn't, she decided to take advantage of the fact that she could still talk. Secretly, she was glad that Bane was cradling her somewhat tenderly rather than throwing her over his shoulder or back – like he easily could have.

What are you going to do? And what treaty?”

Do you honestly not know about the treaty?” Bane wondered with a frown. “Isn't it taught in your History of Magic class?”

Er, well, probably, but I'm not sure anyone ever manages to stay awake in that class,” Ginny admitted in mild embarrassment.

The treaty between wizarding kind and Centaurs states that we will stick to our designated colonies and not hunt nor harass your kind, and in return, your kind leaves us alone.”

I wasn't doing anything to you!” Ginny protested before he had a chance to say anything more.

Perhaps not, but the treaty also says that any witch or wizard who wanders into our territory is subject to our laws,” Bane explained.

I can't possibly have broken any laws!” Ginny protested since she hadn't even started a fire. She'd simply sat just far enough inside the Forest that she couldn't be seen from anyone standing just outside.

That much is true, you haven't,” Bane conceded. “But I'm not planning to punish you. I'm simply following our law and the rules of the treaty that state that any witch caught wandering through or spending the night on Centaur lands is considered fair game.”

Fair game?” Ginny parroted in an apprehensive whisper.

Have you ever seen or heard of a female Centaur?” Bane asked her.

No...” Ginny murmured, a sense of dread filling her.

Then how do you suppose new Centaurs are born?” Bane wondered curiously.

Magic?” Ginny ventured timidly.

Of a sort,” Bane admitted with a fond smile.

As they had talked, he had galloped through the forest so smoothly that Ginny barely noticed the movement. At this point, he'd arrived in the main part of the Centaur colony. With infinite gentleness, he lay her on a highly specialized table, and then...

Ginny swallowed, her nervousness now turning to outright fear as Bane strapped her to the table. “What are you doing?”

Your fear is adorable,” Bane murmured with clear affection in his voice. “Despite what you might think, I am doing this to ensure your safety.”

How is this supposed to make me safe?!” Ginny asked incredulously.

As you might imagine, a horse's body is not the most graceful. The table provides the proper leverage while keeping you out of harm's way,” Bane explained.

Er... Sorry? I'm not following you,” Ginny stated, feeling confusion mixed in with her fear.

As I said earlier, you were born 16 years ago – nearly 17. That makes you the age of consent among your kind.”

But I'm not consenting!” Ginny roared in protest as sudden and horrified understanding flooded her.

Bane shrugged and gave her an unapologetic grin. “That doesn't matter according to our law or the treaty. You are old enough and you are on our lands.”

But you can't!” Ginny cried out, feeling very close to tears.

I assure you that I am perfectly capable. And I promise to do my best not to hurt you more than necessary, Ginevra. This encounter was written in the stars – as well as the fact that you will bear me a fine son. As I said earlier, be sure to tell all your classmates what happens to those who dare to spend the night in the Forest.”

Before Ginny could come with up any sort of argument he might listen to, Bane stripped her naked – releasing and refastening each of her limbs as necessary to remove her clothes without her escaping if the paralytic had worn off – which it hadn't. She whimpered because she was certain that he was going to violate her brutally and she couldn't do a thing about it. A look around showed that the table was in the middle of an open area that other Centaurs walked around – sort of half watching in curiosity.

Please don't do this,” Ginny begged in a tear-filled whisper.

I'm sorry that you are so afraid, but I need to do this to have the son I desperately long for,” Bane stated a bit coldly.

Then he startled her by rubbing his hands between her thighs. She whimpered again, which made him chuckle. Though she couldn't see it, one of his hooves pumped on a lever that lifted the entire table so that her body was nearly level with his head.

I understand that it will be hard for you to relax, but doing so will make this much easier on you,” Bane advised. Then he pressed his face between her legs.

Ginny gasped in astonishment. She wasn't a virgin, so she knew what he was doing. Even so, she hadn't expected the Centaur raping her to bother with stimulating her clitoris. More importantly, she really didn't think that it would feel so good.

A moan of baffled pleasure escaped her. Bane responded by chuckling. Then he paused in his task.

One of the things you'll discover tonight is that my species is equipped with a few differences to ensure our survival that humans simply do not have. It is necessary for me to do this to you as my saliva will work to prepare you. It will arouse you – far more than you've ever been in your life, or ever will again... unless you come back in the future. My saliva will also open you up so that there's no unpleasant tearing when the time comes. As I said, I will do my best to make sure I do not hurt you.”

Mmm...” Ginny moaned in understanding. Even as he talked to her, his saliva was working its natural magic on her, making her sincerely wish to squirm and touch herself.

Bane continued his task. At first, he simply left a drop on her clitoris so that he could focus his efforts on exploring her soft opening with both his tongue and his fingers. He already knew based on the stars that she was ripe to conceive, but his fingers had an important role in ensuring that she conceived and carried to term. A sort of inherent magic that reinforced her womb so that the baby's hooves could not harm her. As a bonus, his tongue and fingers created a tingling that stimulated every spot inside her that felt good.

Oh sweet Mother of Merlin!” Ginny cried out. It hadn't even been five whole minutes and she was already on the verge of begging him to fuck her in every way imaginable. Her clit felt utterly swollen – like a hard and pointy nipple – and her vagina felt like a lover had taken hours to work her up. At this rate, she wasn't going to have any trouble at all believing Bane about this being the best shag of her life.

Even though he knew that it didn't take long for her to be prepared, Bane was thoroughly enjoying this rare opportunity. It really wasn't often that a witch foolishly wandered into the Forest, although it did happened every couple of years because Hogwarts students didn't always have the best sense of self preservation.

Also, the longer Bane licked her, the better she tasted. He quickly discovered that there was one spot inside her that made her twitch – now that the paralytic was wearing off. He delighted in rubbing it with his fingers even as his tongue focused on her clitoris.

Ginny thrashed her head back and forth and started sobbing. It wasn't that she was in pain or anything, it was just that... Well, she was feeling pleasure on a level she never had before and she didn't quite know how to handle it. Her sobs turned into actual screams as a gushing orgasm completely overwhelmed her.

But Bane didn't stop there. The sweet fluid that sprayed out of her was so delicious to him that he wanted to make her squirt out more. His continued attention make Ginny's breath escape her in great heaves as she sobbed and babbled.

Oh God, oh fuck, oh Merlin! Oh my fucking God! Fucking fucking FUCK!!!” Ginny screamed out, curling up the best she could while thoroughly restrained by the table. More fluid sprayed from her, and Bane gulped it down happily.

When it seemed like he was going to keep doing that all night, Ginny decided that she was not too proud to beg. “Please! No more! I can't... I can't! Just fuck me already! Please!!

Bane smirked at her rather smugly. “Well, if you insist.”

He pushed on another lever that gently lowered the table until it was at the right height for him to mount her. The table was designed – as he had said – to allow his front legs to rest on indented areas on either side of her head so that he didn't accidentally bash her skull in during copulation. Once his forelegs were in the indents, Bane twisted his human body around so that he could see his long, thick shaft and where it was in relation to her.

You're lined up perfectly,” an observer informed him helpfully. “You just need to move forward a bit.”

Thank you,” Bane murmured as he did just that, using strategically placed bars for both balance and leverage. He took great care to move slowly until he was just barely touching his enormous penis to her extremely wet opening, then he paused to adjust his stance on the table so that he would not slip off. Now ready, he thrust forward, ramming into her rather abruptly.

Ginny had been squeezing her eyes shut and was mentally bracing herself for some extreme pain. To her astonishment, she was screaming with orgasm again! It really felt as if his shaft had been specifically made to stimulate everything inside her and her clit all at once, throwing her off the cliff into an ocean of pure bliss.

Then he thrust again, and again. Each thrust gave her another storm-like orgasm, making her head spin. Her throat was soon raw from screaming, and her body was shaking not just uncontrollably but also rather violently. If she hadn't been tied to the table, she almost certainly would have fallen off and gotten terribly hurt!

On the sixth thrust – and thus the sixth mind-blowing orgasm (not including the two she'd had to begin with) – Bane seized up and howled with pleasure. As he pumped her full, she felt a hot yet soothing pleasure that was comforting. It helped calm her screaming and shaking, letting her relax into something that felt a lot like pudding. She sighed from sheer relief, and then purred from unasked for happiness.

Bane took nearly a full minute to simply enjoy the aftermath of his mating. Despite his effort in preparing her so that she could accommodate him without pain, she was still extremely tight on his shaft, and he knew he might never feel this again. For a long moment, he cursed his physiology that made it impossible to hold out longer than six to eight thrusts. That said, she might not have lived through another two or more orgasms - Bane thought as he looked down at her with a fond smirk.

Not really wanting to, he pulled his flaccid shaft from her and carefully dismounted from the table. Then he brushed her long and beautiful red hair out of her face and kissed her on the forehead. She was still breathing rather heavily and opened an eye to look at him warily.

When you have the child, you will naturally need to feed him for a few months, but then you will find him to be far too unruly for you to raise on your own. You may come live with him here, or you can simply leave him to my care – the choice is yours so long as you bring him to me. I will have the right to come take him from you if you don't bring him here.

In either case, you will be considered my mate and may come and go as you please, unmolested by any Centaur in my Herd,” Bane explained. “It is my hope that you'll come visit me often.” He kissed her forehead again. “But for now, rest. I'll bring you back to the castle in the morning.”

At that point, Ginny couldn't have disobeyed him if she wanted to. It was actually a bit of a struggle to listen to his explanation as she was already drifting off to an utterly sated sleep. She didn't even notice when he freed her from the table and gently carried her into his shelter. Unlike horses, that normally slept standing up unless something was wrong, about half the Centaurs – including Bane – chose to sleep laying on their folded up legs. This meant that he was able to tuck her against his side and keep her fairly warm with the light blanket he occasionally used when it got too cold for even his tolerance.

When she woke up in the morning, Bane fed her some fruit that grew in the forest that was full of nutrients. Then he helped her gather her clothes and get dressed. After that, she was allowed the rare privilege of riding on his back as he walked her back to the castle. Their situation was one of the few instances that Centaurs didn't think having a human on their back was shameful. As he walked, he told her some of the things she would need to know for her pregnancy.

Anything I have forgotten, you can always ask of Firenze,” Bane told her, the way he growled the name letting her know that he didn't especially like the Divination Professor.

Ginny took a deep breath and gathered her courage. “And... what if I decide to get rid of the child.”

Bane stopped walking mere feet from the edge of the Forest. “That is not your right. If you tried it, I would be able to invoke the treaty to have you punished for murdering an unborn Centaur.” Then he sighed as a way to purposely get rid of his anger at her question. “And fortunately, it's not likely to work. Part of what I did to make sure that you are able to carry my son to term also makes sure that he is protected from harm. Short of killing yourself, stabbing your womb repeatedly with a very sharp sword, or having someone cut your womb from you, my son will survive.”

Ginny let out a long and nearly silent exhalation. “I... see...”

Try not to be too upset,” Bane murmured, doing his best to be understanding since she had just been forcibly impregnated. “There are a couple of benefits for women who have Centaur children – biologically, there would have to be, otherwise our species would die out. Perhaps you'll find your enhanced strength, immune system, and magical boost to be a good payment for giving me a son.”

Ginny didn't like the way he made it sound like this was some sort of business transaction, so she frowned but didn't say anything other than murmuring a wan: “Perhaps.”

As it turned out, her friends had noticed that she was nowhere to be found right about the time they were getting ready for breakfast. Her boyfriend had come looking for her, tipping her dorm mates off that she was missing. By this point, a general search of the castle had led them out onto castle grounds. And also, a contrite Slytherin had confessed to the dare.

The sight of her emerging from the Forbidden Forest on the back of a (rather handsome actually) Centaur made more than one person gasp in surprise. The Headmistress took one good look at the two of them and let out a heavy sigh. She shook her head and beckoned for Ginny to come closer with one hand. Ginny slid off Bane's back, unconsciously caressing his human back and horse shoulder as she did so.

Holding very tight to the shred of diplomacy she still had left considering her anger, McGonagall said: “Thank you for bringing her back to us, Bane. I'll take her from here. I suspect that I'll need to call a meeting with her parents.” Bane nodded in respect for the Headmistress as he turned to leave.

I'd rather you didn't,” Ginny murmured softly so that only the Headmistress could hear her. “I'm of age to consent, and so it's really none of their business.”

So it did happen,” McGonagall stated in a sympathetic near whisper.

Ginny nodded in confirmation. “And I'll be of age in just three months, so I'll deal with the repercussions then – you know, after I graduate.”

McGonagall nodded in reluctant agreement and put an arm around Ginny. Ginny turned to see that Bane was still watching her even though he was now at the edge of the Forest. She waved to him with a tiny but genuine smile.

I'll see you in a few months!”

Farewell, Ginevra Weasley. I look forward to your return.”

With no small amount of confusion, Ginny realized that she was looking forward to it too.