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Just Let me Stay a Little While Longer

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“Have her brought to me. Unharmed.”

Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen of the Undercity and Dark Lady of the Forsaken, did not hesitate for long when she heard the news. Having contemplated the situation upon her throne before various Forsaken advisors, the Queen knew this prisoner would be a special one.

It was unfair to call Sylvanas truly undead. When one considered that word they expected cold necromancy; black-eyed Death Knights, shambling skeletons and putrefying abominations. The Dark Ranger was more than all that, for despite her death she had control of her natural body once more. This form was a former High Elf of Quel'Thalas and one of the far-famed Windrunner sisters.

Sylvanas' Elven beauty persevered, her corruption only lending it an exotic and enticing form. A cowled hood shadowed shining red eyes, the ornate breastplate that bore her ample bosom baring a slim, tapered midriff. Despite this, few of her subjects would have cared to judge her beautiful, and few of her enemies had had the opportunity to behold it for long.

The Banshee Queen had led the Forsaken away from the wiles of the Lich King, being among the first to escape her role as a mindless thrall. Now more than ever she prided her independence above all, pursuing her people with a cold and iron will.

As an abomination dragged in the prisoner by chain, preceded by his stench, Sylvanas regarded one who had yet to be similarly cursed but had a clear indomitable will of her own.

Disastrous experiences had hardened the spirit of Jaina Proudmoore in recent times. As if to mark this her hair had gone white, a symbol of her transition from youthful idealism to disenfranchised adulthood. Only a streak of blonde remained to show what had once been.

Jaina had rarely known fortune. Her once true love had turned traitor, becoming the Lich King and been brought to justice at long length. Even her own fanatical father had been killed with her own assistance, her one time desire for peace tested by endless resistance, and finally broken by the destruction of Theramore and the many there she had cared for. All this featured into the life of a persevering young woman, aged before her time by hate and circumstance.

One could hardly say that Sylvanas had been fortunate either. She had fought valiantly in the defense of her people and was struck down in Arthas' bloody rampage through Quel'Thalas. Even the mercy of death had not been granted to her, instead tortured and raised into a Banshee spirit.

Both women were souls who had suffered much in the conflicts and history of Azeroth, but here they were now, together. Perhaps their joint tribulations had formed a curious connection between them, something which made Sylvanas order Jaina now before her, alive and unharmed.

“Leave us. Now.”

Sylvanas' word was law in the Undercity. Her advisors and the abomination left without comment to leave the two alone in the throne room. As they did the Banshee Queen settled back into her seat to study the mage, idly holding the binding chain.

“We meet at last, Jaina. I've heard so much about you.”

“Go to hell.” The young blonde sorceress spat out the words defiantly, heedlessly. “Your pathetic Horde may have won this time, but I'll be damned if I have to linger in your games. Kill me and be done with it.”

The words echoed in Sylvanas' mind. It reminded her of Arthas denying her the quick death she sought, and then her subsequent failed attempt to do the same to him. The recollection lent a pause to proceedings as the Banshee Queen regarded the furious young woman before her.

“If I wanted you dead, you already would be so,” she finally said. “On the contrary, I have quite a bit more respect for you, Archmage.”

Jaina gazed suspiciously at the Banshee Queen. “Then release me, or end this charade now.”

“I quite like you just where you are.” Sylvanas' other hand stroked at the bow propped up against her dark throne. “However, you have been quite a nuisance to the Horde over time. You must be at least taught...a lesson.”

A glimpse of fear entered Jaina's eyes but then the rage quickly returned. “Screw you, bitch.”

Sylvanas only laughed. Her burning red eyes gazed into the blazingly defiant blue ones. Beneath the fierceness Sylvanas could still see the youthful beauty that had caught the eye of a young Crown Prince of Lordaeron.

“I have a problem you can help me with, sorceress. You see, my body is still somewhat...alive, unlike those of most of my subjects. As a result they are woefully ill-equipped to address my needs. I think you can help me with this.”

The Banshee Queen tugged on the chain with sudden brutal strength, sending Jaina staggering forward a few meters.

“Not that I'm giving you a choice in the matter.”

Sylvanas rose as Jaina coughed at the cruel way the chain had dug into her neck. The Dark Ranger undid the clasp of her cloak and cowl and threw them aside, unleashing long locks of blonde-white hair and the two long thin ears of Elvenkind.

“You are going to aid me, whether you like it or not. But this does not have to be unpleasant for you. Believe it or not, I hope you may even find joy in this.”

Jaina could still not reply between her coughs. Her head bowed, she heard the sound of Sylvanas undoing yet another article of her garb. As she looked up, she saw the final stages of the Dark Lady of the Forsaken removing her breastplate with both hands behind her back. Sylvanas met her attention with a seductive grin, then dislodged the garment from her bosom and tossed it to the ground upon her cloak with a muffled sound.

Sylvanas Windrunner was now exposed from the waist up, her bare breasts the same blue colour were large and proud. Visibly erect nipples protruded from dark aereolas in a sight that was mildly unsettling but immensely arousing. Even Jaina felt a faint stirring of her own desire.

“Do you like what you see?” The Banshee Queen asked her captive in husky tones.

“You are a twisted bitch, Sylvanas.”

“I am what I have been made me to be, Jaina,” Sylvanas said. “Just like you, whether you choose to admit it or not. We have more in common than you might expect.”

When Jaina did not reply, Sylvanas shook her head, her breasts jiggling slightly with the movement. “I guess you aren't impressed yet. Maybe if I showed you the whole package...”


Sylvanas' hand darted swiftly to the leash, dragging her prisoner forward again. Jaina's words were cut off again, breath once more denied to her. As the captive sorceress coughed and sucked in air, the Banshee Queen unclasped her vambraces, tossing them to the side, then repeated the gesture with her shoulderpads that were marked with skulls. Jaina began to recover and looked up as Sylvanas put one hand on each of her hips, then started to pull down her leggings.

It wasn't far to reveal the thicket of blonde hair between Sylvanas' thighs, a lovely trim that once again gave Jaina a jolt of guilty arousal. The Dark Ranger slid the garment down to her feet slowly, eyes watching Jaina as she lifted her feet one by one to toss it aside.

The Dark Lady of the Forsaken was now completely nude save for her pair of leather boots. Jaina could not help but note the unleashed beauty of the corrupted Elf's body, feeling moisture developing between her legs against her will.

Sylvanas sat back on her throne in as powerful a gesture as before, only this time bereft of clothing. “You are a lovely girl, Jaina. Believe it or not, I do want you to enjoy this as well. If you do this right for may find my gratitude rewarding.”

“I don't-”

Sylvanas tugged on the chain for a third time, bringing Jaina forth right onto the Dark Ranger’s nude form. The sorceress’ face pressed against those shapely breasts and met resistance from the hard nipples that centered them. As Jaina reeled and wheezed, Sylvanas grabbed the sorceress' head roughly with both hands, holding the captive blonde's face in front of hers. As her coughing slowly subsided, Jaina could see Sylvanas' face rematerializing before her, now so very close.

Then the Banshee Queen brought their faces together, locking lips with the beautiful Archmage.

Jaina resisted. Her hands manacled together were useless, her body bruised from capture. All she could do was try to seal her lips against Sylvanas' and deny entrance to the other's wickedly probing tongue. For a moment she was successful, but then Jaina was unsure whether she had slackened or the Dark Ranger was simply too strong to be denied. The Banshee Queen's tongue suddenly broke though and Jaina lost herself in the moment until Sylvanas herself elected to break the lengthy kiss.

“That wasn't so bad, was it?” Sylvanas said with a knowing smile, drawing a flush from Jaina.

“Please don't make me do this...” The young sorceress’ voice sounded weaker than ever. “Just let me die...”

“You don't want that, Jaina.” Sylvanas' voice rang with an iron certainty. “I am your only hope out of this place, and I can relate to you as few others can. And I am giving you an opportunity to earn your freedom.”

Sylvanas grasped Jaina's head once more. “This is the price.”

The Banshee Queen forced the blonde features of her captive downwards. Taking care to force Jaina in the cleft between her large breasts, Sylvanas began to spread her legs wide. She took great joy in moving Jaina through her nest of blonde pubic hair, the sight wonderful to behold.

Sylvanas leaned back to better expose her pussy, both hands firmly clamped on the back of her prisoner's head. Then she forced Jaina’s beautiful blonde face against her glistening snatch.

The former Elf's pussy was lovely, even Jaina had to admit that as she was forced forward. Moisture doused the pink folds to signify the Banshee Queen's own immense arousal. Clearly Sylvanas had not done anything of this kind for some time. Jaina's mouth refused to open but she could smell and found it delightfully wicked. She had never been put into this position, to go down on another woman before.

The Banshee Queen moved Jaina's head backwards, revealing the young sorceress’ lower face to be damp but her lips primly closed.

“You obviously weren't listening my dear,” Sylvanas said crossly. “Perhaps I should make it clearer.”

Sylvanas inserted a finger into herself and brought it out glistening. “I want you to lick my pussy, and I don't want you to stop until I cum. Then I will set you free.”

She took the moist digit and pushed it between Jaina's lips.

The taste was not nearly as bad as she had feared, Jaina reflected, shame colouring her cheeks. She could only imagine how the scene would look to outsiders entering the throne room; her kneeling blonde head nestled between the spread thighs of Sylvanas Windrunner.

“Lick me.”

Sylvanas forced Jaina's face forward into herself once more. Against her will, Jaina's tongue darted forward inside of her mouth toward that moist pussy but her lips would not allow egress.

After a time the Banshee Queen pulled Jaina's head back again impatiently, rage in her eyes.

Then she slapped Jaina, hard enough to inflict pain but not any lasting damage. The sudden development shook Jaina's resolve again, but she found herself recovering quickly.

“Don't force me to truly hurt you,” Sylvanas said. “Just...” her voice grew softer, away from the hard iron tones of the Banshee Queen. Jaina was surprised to hear how suddenly vulnerable the Dark Lady of the Forsaken sounded.

Sylvanas breathed one more word, achingly, full of desire.


Softer than before, Sylvanas pushed Jaina's face back against herself. And then, after a moment, the Banshee Queen felt a hot, moist tongue emerge to flick experimentally at her sex.

The sensation of first touch was electric. Sylvanas let out a moan of her repressed lust finally fulfilled. Looking down, the Elf saw the almost heavenly sight of the top of Jaina's head buried between her thighs.

Jaina didn't know what had come over her. This was the enemy, a faction leader of the Horde she hated. But it was also a woman, a beautiful Elf who had been through so much, just like her. All Sylvanas desired was some form of release and Jaina could help, as she had aided so many before and still wanted to.

The idealism and experimentation of her youth was suddenly flooding back to her. As she flicked her tongue into the Banshee Queen again, the taste of Sylvanas grew more and more endearing, causing Jaina to begin to lose herself in the experience.

Sylvanas felt another lashing of tongue, up and down, making her shudder again. She removed one of her hands from the blonde sorceress’ head at last, the other maintaining a gentle pressure to keep it against her womanhood. Her freed hand began to toy with her breasts, toying with her own rigid dark nipples as she studied Jaina’s work below with a burning red stare.

Jaina was inexperienced in her technique but Sylvanas was not one to argue. She had known none of her servants could do this kind of stimulation for her. The Dark Lady reflected on her fortune with the sorceress' capture as she was eaten out, a moan escaping her lips to echo around the chamber.

As new to her situation as she was, Jaina flicked early at the clit, sending a wave of pleasure through Sylvanas. Jaina stopped at the reaction, but the Banshee Queen only moaned at the removal of her tongue.


Jaina raised her burning blue eyes to meet the red ones, and then cast them down again to her task. Careful to avoid the sensitive clit again, Jaina continued her new experiments with cunnilingus. Sylvanas urged her on with her hand on the back of her head, encouragingly.

“Yes, right there...ohhhh...yes” she moaned.

Jaina's hands were still shackled to deny the use of her fingers, but her eager young tongue was proving more than enough for the long-deprived Sylvanas. Jaina continued her efforts as she felt the Dark Ranger's grip on her head become looseer, but even so the sorceress’ head remained at work. Sylvanas’ body was covered in a beautiful sheen of sweat now, roiling pleasure spreading outward from her most sensitive area. The Banshee Queen’s moans were getting louder and louder with fewer and fewer breaks between.

“Oh Jaina...” Sylvanas panted moments later, body shuddering in rapture, her legs tightening around the other. “I think...ohhh...right there...ohhh...I'm about to...”

Jaina looked upwards to meet the red eyes, considering for one distant moment to break away and vindictively deprive Sylvanas of her ultimate pleasure. It would be so satisfying to take control of the situation in such a way...but she found herself incapable of such resistance any further.

Instead she leaned in again to lick deeply, torturously up the length of Sylvanas' pussy, capping every stroke with a flick of the clit. Sylvanas looked down at the whitish blonde locks, those intelligent blue eyes and the knowledge of just whose hot, wet tongue was working feverishly inside her.

Then the Banshee Queen came with a wordless, ecstatic shriek of pleasure.

Sylvanas did not know it but her hand tightened, forcing Jaina even more forward into the Dark Lady's spasming core. Jaina at first recoiled at the sensation but continued as best she could. A flood of fluids coated her tongue as she kept eye contact above with those red eyes. The Banshee Queen's body convulsed sharply as Jaina's tongue licked relentlessly, stimulating Sylvanas all the way through her orgasm. The former Elfcontinued to screech, her legs splayed before the young sorceress’ head.

At length Sylvanas collapsed backwards against her throne, panting heavily, still feeling the aftershocks of her intense orgasm. She released Jaina's head at last and closed her eyes to regain her strength. Jaina knew she could try to run in the newfound weakness of her captive, but some part of her knew it would be folly...or wanted to think so.

Eventually, the Banshee Queen's red eyes opened anew to contemplate the kneeling Jaina Proudmoore with mouth glazed in liquid. Sylvanas opened her mouth to say two words she had not said so meaningfully in a long time.

“Thank you.”

Jaina didn't know how to respond. She had just had her first lesbian experience and made another woman cum in the process.

Sylvanas stood. Her body still looked magnificent in its sheen of sweat, bereft of clothing bar only the almost knee-high boots.

“A deal is a deal. I owe you a boon, Jaina. You are free.”

Jaina had not expected such honour from the Queen of the Forsaken. She looked uncertainly up at the former Elf. “Are you serious?”

“Of course.” Sylvanas began to move towards her discarded clothing.

Jaina contemplated as she beheld the Dark Ranger moving away, considering upon If this was some sort of trap. Was Sylvanas truly done with her...and did the Archmage want to be. She too felt the connection that was so wrong and yet so right with this dark other.

“Sylvanas,” Jaina said softly.

The Banshee Queen stopped. “Yes?”

“If you are being truthful...then unchain me.”

Sylvanas did not hesitate. Still nude, she produced the lock key from amidst her discarded clothing and closed the distance between them with lithe Elvish grace. A quick pair of key turns and Jaina was free, rubbing her wrists and neck. Wordlessly Sylvanas began to turn to continue dress herself.

An arm pulled her back. Questioningly, the red eyes met the blue...and saw they were no longer wildly defiant, but sparkling with lust and mischief.

The female Archmage stroked Sylvanas' cheek softly, gently. “I don't know what to...”

Sylvanas laid a silencing finger upon her lips. “Let me show you.”

With a gentle but unyielding strength the Dark Lady pushed the young blonde sorceress back onto her own throne. Sylvanas straddled the other woman, the Dark Ranger descending topassionately meet the lips of the sorceress. Their heights were similar and the angle was such that Sylvanas' exposed breasts pressed into Jaina's own even as their tongues dueled.

The Dark Ranger dug her hands into Jaina's robe, opening button after button deftly. Then she leaned back from the kiss, reluctantly leaving the sorceress' sweet mouth. She opened the garment gently, revealing the pair of perfect breasts beneath, nipples already hard before her eyes. Jaina blushed shyly but Sylvanas was well past such inhibitions by now.

Slowly, Sylvanas descended with a trail of kisses, almost torturously. The sorceress shivered with anticipation, watching the Dark Lady move down her naked form. At length the Banshee Queen reached her goal, sliding past Jaina’s mound of curly blonde hair to the sorceress’ lovely pussy.

Sylvanas was much less inhibited than her newfound lover. One arm gripped the inside of each of the Archmage's thighs, pushing them apart. Jaina was now completely exposed to the Dark Lady of the Forsaken, who contemplated the beautiful sight with a red stare for a long moment, then turned her head upwards to look into Jaina's face with a wicked smile.

“I told you you'd find my gratitude rewarding.”

Then Sylvanas lowered her gaze and pushed her head forward. Jaina felt Sylvanas' tongue push against her nether folds and was unable to restrain an effeminate squeal of pleasure. Looking down, the Archmage saw the former Elf's ears protruding upwards as she ate our her pussy, the Banshee Queen's hair rustling in the movements.

Sylvanas pushed her face forward to better penetrate with her tongue, beholding the extent of Jaina's arousal. A growing amount of liquid coated tongue and face as the Dark Ranger returned the exquisite earlier favor to her human lover.

Jaina threw her own head back in pleasure. The young sorceress was so inexperienced that she felt an almost constant desire to behold the source of her pleasure, at how the beautiful and powerful Banshee Queen was licking lustfully at her pussy. The Archmage's blue eyes travelled down past Sylvanas’ lovely shifting face to the pale blue form of the Banshee Queen's back, and then even further to the other's shapely ass raised temptingly into the air.

Soft sounds emerged from below as Sylvanas began to increase the tempo of her ministrations, the ever pronounced sensations of her efforts setting Jaina ever closer to her climax. The Dark Lady's hands holding Jaina's legs open released to instead stroke at the sorceress' pussy, stimulating Jaina with finger rubs, sucking, and livacious licks at her folds.

“Oh yes...Sylvanas...” Jaina moaned, voice weak and blue eyes unfocused. Her legs began to close around the Elf head between her thighs, pushing the Banshee Queen's head inward. “Sylvanas...I am...oh...SYLVANAS!”

Jaina screamed the name before she it turned shrill as her body convulsed wildly in culmination.

The lack of warning did not bother Sylvanas in the slightest. As Jaina's legs tightened on her head in a vice-like grip, the Banshee Queen dutifully kept licking at the spasming pussy while keeping her fingers active. Her tongue flicked constantly, savouring the taste of every bit of Jaina's fluids that she received. The blonde sorceress convulsed in climax above, stomach and breasts heaving, body flushed. Jaina’s hands flew uncontrollably to her own breasts, her breaths heaving as she rode out her orgasm upon the face of the gorgeous Dark Lady of the Forsaken.

As the sensations finally dwindled Jaina could still feel Sylvanas dutifully at work between her thighs. She unhooked her legs from around the Dark Ranger's head and then gently pushed the blue head away from her now overstimulated pussy. Sylvanas looked unashamedly upward at her, tongue flicking at the liquids around her mouth, the sight a beautifully erotic one.

Jaina was still lying on the Dark Throne, clothing askew, legs open, pussy glistening as the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken rose before her. Words failed them both for once. Sylvanas leaned forward on Jaina's body once again to kiss her, giving the Archmage a faint taste of herself. Then the former Elf stretched her arms around the young sorceress.

“I'm sorry I didn't last longer,” Jaina said softly. “It has been a long time for me too. I...haven't been able to let anyone in...”

“I know the feeling.” Sylvanas stroked at the sorceress' blonde lock.

Jaina could feel Sylvanas' arousal returning as their nude forms settled on each other, blue and peach bodies entwined. Clearly eating out Jaina had been a turn-on for the Banshee Queen. New moisture coated the inside of her blue legs, her dark nipples digging into Jaina's soft skin.

The Archmage turned her head to look at Sylvanas. “I can feel that you aren't done yet. But I think we've done enough...tonguework for one day.”

Sylvanas considered.

“There is something I've always wanted to try.”

“What's that?”

“Lie down and let me show you.”

Sylvanas kissed Jaina and then rose. The sorceress made to follow, and at the Banshee Queen’s instruction laid on her back, the mercifully cold floor cooling her still sweating form. Sylvanas looked down at the blonde sorceress before laying opposite.

“Open your legs Jaina.”

Jaina complied, and Sylvanas hooked her own legs between the female Archmage's, then slid forward along the length of leg. Their legs scissored together as Sylvanas continued, her moist pussy moving forth, to leave a liquid trail along the inside of Jaina’s legs.

Then Sylvanas' womanhood finally met the blonde sorceress’ own with a soft, wet sound. Jaina could feel all sorts of wondrous sensations in that lewd meeting, the sensations even causing her own ravaged form towards renewed arousal.

At first their position provided less enjoyment compared to the previous efforts of hot tongue and deft finger. Over time though, Sylvanas began to move her body back and forth, her sex rubbing furiously against Jaina's, and a rhythm and friction developed. As the Banshee Queen's pussy met her own, Jaina felt pleasure roiling outwards from there to every corner of her body. Putting both hands behind her to brace herself, Jaina pushed back against Sylvanas' thrusts, the impacts growing in both frequency and pleasure.

Sylvanas marveled again at the lovely form of Jaina's naked body as it pushed back against her. In this position they both had an endearing view of the other’s resplendent forms. The blonde Archmage's stomach muscles tensed with the fury of their coupling, her pale face flushed and framed by askew white and blonde locks. Jaina's beautiful blue eyes did not waver from Sylvanas' as she peripherally saw the Banshee Queen's own lush curves, the pale blue breasts jiggling with each shuddering contact.

Both women drank in these glories as they continued, but Sylvanas knew she would be the first to cum. As both women moaned in pleasure against each other, the Dark Ranger increased her pace, thinking again upon her exquisite fortune in lovers. With that enamouring thought, looking down at their linked bodies, Sylvanas pushed against the sorceress one more time and screamed her culmination. Her body shook against Jaina's, and the Archmage could feel the rush of the Banshee Queen's fluids rush into her own pussy where they were joined.

That wondrous sensation was too much for Jaina, her scream more girlish and shrill than her counterpart as her body shook in rapture for a second time. Her own pussy spasmed relentlessly to send a wave of herself right back into Sylvanas Windrunner. As they ground their orgasms against and into the other it only lengthened their climaxes, prolonging the joint screams of pleasure.

Finally, as the sensation dwindled and they felt their liquid dews combining further inside, Sylvanas drew forward to pull Jaina's face into a long kiss.

Eventually they returned to the Dark Throne, clothes forgotten and unwanted. Sylvanas stroked up and down Jaina's lithe female form as they lay together there, reflecting on recent events.

“Well, my dear, that was quite something.”

Jaina looked lovingly at her former captor and newfound lover. “I feel the same. But it seems we should be moving on.”

Sylvanas' eyes flickered sadly at that.

“Be free, Jaina. I made you a promise.”

“You did.” Jaina put her arms on Sylvanas' around her. “But I don't want to leave yet.”

“Just let me stay a little while longer.”