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Shake It

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“I was born ready.”

“Come on, break a leg.”

Baekhyun smirks as she drops her coat down while standing up from the seat on the backstage. It’s another day of fan event where she could shake all the boys’ heart (and dick) with just a little move of her booty.

Being in a dance cover group with her closest friend Kyungsoo makes Baekhyun almost as famous as the idols out there. She might not be an idol herself and she might not have the agency behind her, but dancing has been one of her passion in life.

‘BaekSoo’; that’s how they call their group. Baekhyun is the leader of the group as she is the oldest, while Kyungsoo is the youngest. Together, they make the perfection of sexy dance and so many boys have gathered to watch them doing this fan event.

“Let’s go, Baekhyun.” Kyungsoo calls softly.

The both of them are wearing their stage outfit, the one that Kyungsoo designed herself a few months ago. It screams ‘sexy’ and ‘seducing’, because with a red push up bra under the white thin crop tee and very short pants almost resembling a panty, cheers of boys are heard once they get on the stage.

“Hello, we are BaekSoo.” They greet with their voice, once again erupting a loud cheers from hormonal boys.

“Hey, I’m Baekhyun.” She greets with a wink, bowing with sexiness in her gesture. She is in charge of sexy role because her body wave is to die for and her curves are perfect. She could make a boy wets his pants just with her breathing sounds.

Kyungsoo bows down lowly, purposely showing the cleavage of her breasts while acting cute. She is in the charge of innocent sexy. Her body is plump and her skin is white. She keeps acting as if she is innocent while she all spreads her legs wide when she dances.

“I’m Kyungsoo. Thanks for coming today and hope you will enjoy our performance.”

They stand by on their respective position, showing their back to the audiences. The shorts they wear show the bottom swell of their ass and oh, all the boys are groaning in delight.

The music starts and they shake their butt repeatedly, making Kyungsoo chuckles silently. That girl is pretending to be all innocent. Baekhyun rolls her eyes before she then starts dancing first, doing body waves. The loose crop tee is moving under her movement, showing the glimmer of her belly while she dances.

Kyungsoo then joins her and they dance on the stage, all shaking their boobs and ass. It’s kind of funny sometimes when they think back. They were once close friends during high school and they developed the same hobby to dance. Their dance genre varied from innocent, to manly, before finally they settled on their sexy image.

Baekhyun came up with the idea of forming a duo group of dance cover before finally on one day, Kyungsoo uploaded their dance video to Youtube and boom! They had so many viewers of their channel. They think all the viewers are just enjoying their body, but hell, they get money from doing the fan event so why not?

The boys cheer up when Baekhyun gets onto the stage floor to do a dry humping to the ground with her breasts. The audiences go wild (and she swears she can see one boy faints at the back) and even wilder when Kyungsoo joins down to spread her legs wide and trails her pretty fingers along her inner thighs.

They both stand up when the music peaks up the beats and face each other. Kyungsoo snorts softly and Baekhyun shrugs while they shake their breasts repeatedly against each other, rubbing their chest together. Most of the boys cheer up for more (damn you all) and their next dance move is to wrap one another’s waist while they do body waves against each other.

During the rehearsal, they couldn’t stop laughing over the dance moves and they cursed their dance coach for coming up with this.

The song is coming to an end and so does their breasts shaking, before finally they separate away (not before Baekhyun purposely plants a kiss on Kyungsoo’s cheek) and they do the last pose of sitting down on the stage.

The audiences cheer up as the first song is over. Baekhyun pants while smiling to the audiences and Kyungsoo helps her up. They lift the crop tee up, out of their head when the second song starts. The crowd goes wild when they are left in their bra and panty-like shorts.

If they think the first performance is sexy, then they would never expect the second stage.

Kyungsoo goes to the front of the stage and she dances with all her might, kicking the air and shrugging her long hair away. Baekhyun waits until her turn on the back, watching the younger girl goes all innocent and sexy (pfft, as if doing a gesture of touching herself is innocent). She can see that all the audiences’ eyes are trained on Kyungsoo’s exposed breasts, as that girl has the biggest breasts that Baekhyun has ever seen in her whole life.

Baekhyun slaps Kyungsoo’s ass when she slips to the back and they change their turn. As she goes to the front, Baekhyun makes a sensual face while cupping her bra. She bites on her lower lip to add more sexiness and oh, doesn’t the crowd faint at that. Her hips do some thrusts and she spins on her heels, shaking her booty and even slapping her own ass.

Kyungsoo comes to join her back on the stage as they dance the last move of the day, where the main point is for them to feel each other up. Kyungsoo touches Baekhyun on her breast, while Baekhyun gropes onto the younger girl’s ass. It’s like they are doing some kind of porn on the stage.

The music ends with them bend over, showing their ass to the audiences. They greet them once again before climbing down the stage, but not before throwing some winks and blowing kisses.

“Oh goodness, they are so riled up. I saw some boys with hard on.” Baekhyun laughs while they pant, wiping their sweat away.

Kyungsoo throws her head back as she laughs. They sit into their resting room, chugging down water to replenish themselves. Someone gets into the room and claps his hands.

“Amazing performance. As expected from my two girls.”

Kyungsoo lifts her thumb up while Baekhyun goes to the man. She pecks his cheek. “It’s all thanks to you and your dirty brain, Yixing. You should apply to be a director of porn movies.”

Yixing shrugs. “Nah. I’m content with being your dance coach. You girls shake your booty right. I’m so proud of you. Oh and by the way, I got a call from Park Agency and great news, girls, because you two are offered a contract!”

“What?” Kyungsoo shrieks, putting on her shirt. “Oh my God. You are lying!”

“No! Fuck, Kyungsoo, I won’t lie about something like this!” Yixing rolls his eyes. “So, there is a talk of an offer for you two of an agency and –”

“What agency did you say before?” Baekhyun cuts him.

“Park Agency.”

“Fuck. That’s like… one big agency. Is this for real?”

“Yes! I can’t believe it myself, but as your coach and indirect manager, I suggest that you accept this. It’s once in a lifetime offer! There will be a meeting next week, so get yourself ready.”

“Oh my goodness. This must be a dream. Kyungsoo, slap me.”

Baekhyun gets a slap on her cheek and she grunts. “Not that hard! It hurts!”

“Well, you ask for one so I give you one.” Kyungsoo smirks to her. Baekhyun huffs and goes to slap her ass.

“You girls rest for a moment, while I go hunt for someone out there.” Yixing mutters, making his way to the door.

“Ayy, finding a girl?” They tease the coach.

“Yeah! Nice booty, nice chest! Better than you two!” Yixing calls, closing the door behind his back.

“What? No way!” Kyungsoo rolls her eyes before she goes to sit back on the chair. “By the way, Baek. I saw that boy again.”

“You did? That hardcore fan of yours?” Baekhyun laughs.

“Yeah. He had, like, that dreamy stare in his eyes when I shook in front of him. He is so handsome, too. I wouldn’t mind to be wrecked by him.” Kyungsoo mutters, licking her lips.

“Sure, sure. I hope you can meet him.”

“Should I go find him right now? Who knows he is still here?” Kyungsoo stands up, reaching for her jacket.

Baekhyun laughs. “Go try, Juliette. Find your Romeo.”

Kyungsoo ruffles the other girl’s hair before moving away. “Aish, this kid.” Baekhyun grunts, watching Kyungsoo walking out of the room with a teasing smile.








Yixing glances to left and right, searching for the girl he had seen before. She was the only girl in the whole audiences so it was kind of easy to recognize her. It was even more helping as she was wearing an, what, old fashioned outfit? Yes, kind of. The girl was wearing some kind of glasses and she had her hair braided into two.

He hisses as he couldn’t find her. He loses his gold chance. Damn it. He wants her. That girl is beautiful despite her wearing her grandma’s blouse and long skirt. She has no plump chest and she is short, but she is breathtaking.

Yixing spins on his heels and makes his way back, only to bump onto someone and cause the person to yelp.

“I’m sorry! Are you alright, Miss?” Yixing stares at the girl sprawled on the ground and he blinks his eyes in surprise.

This is the girl he has been looking for!

“I-I’m alright. I’m sorry for bumping onto you.” The girl mutters, pushing her glasses up her nose. Yixing crouches down in front of her and he feels how she is his dream girl. Okay, he has to get her.

“You were in the audiences, weren’t you?”

The girl blushes and she glances away. “I-I don’t understand?” She squeaks and Yixing chuckles. She is cute, oh God.

“I saw you watching BaekSoo performed in awe. Are you their fans? Because I can help you meet them if you want to?”

She looks up to him, her round eyes blinking behind her glasses. “I-I am?” She answers and the tone ends up questioning.

Yixing chuckles. “I’m Yixing and I’m their dance coach. What’s your name?”

“J-Joonmyeon.” The girl whispers and Yixing helps her up to stand back. She is short and cute and small, almost like a bunny.

“Do you want to meet them? I can bring you to their room?”

“C-Can I really meet them? I mean… they are so f-famous.” She whispers lowly, gripping onto her blouse. Yixing holds back a coo at how adorable she looks.

“It’s okay. I’m their coach slash manager. Come on.”

Yixing leads the girl to the back room. “How come you are being their fan girl?”

The girl, Joonmyeon, pushes her glasses up nervously. “I was… their senior in high school. They didn’t know me but I knew them. They were already so popular back then and I admired them. They are pretty and brave and friendly. I just… I adore them so much.”

Yixing stares at the girl. “You are pretty, too, you know.”

Joonmyeon’s head snaps up. “N-No! I wouldn’t dare to call myself p-pretty! I’m ugly!”

“Hey,” Yixing holds onto her shoulder, “no girl is ugly. Everyone is pretty. The only difference is how they look at their own self.”

Joonmyeon clamps her mouth shut and she nods her head. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Why are you saying sorry? But hey, tell me more about what you like from my girls?”

Joonmyeon smiles slightly and that’s the prettiest smile Yixing has ever seen. “Both Baekhyun and Kyungsoo were so kind towards everyone. They were fun and friendly. They once helped me and I really liked them. I still do. I want… I want to be like them; pretty, brave, and kind.”

Yixing hums. “Do you like to dance?”

“Eh? No! I just like to watch them dance! I c-can’t dance for my own good!” Joonmyeon waves her hands to emphasize her point.

“You should try dancing too, you know. How about I help you learn how to dance? I have a dance instructor certificate for this.”

“Woah, you must be very good in dancing.” Joonmyeon looks up to him in awe. Her eyes shine brightly and Yixing feels like he has finally found the girl he wants to marry. Like… she is too beautiful.

“Kind of. How about it? I can help you learn to dance. I have my own studio in my apartment.”

“I-Is that okay? I can’t pay you too much, I d-don’t have that much money.” Joonmyeon pushes her glasses up.

Yixing reaches over to pat her head, relishing on the softness of her hair.

“You don’t have to pay me! I would love to teach you! It’s free. Don’t worry.”

“T-Thank you!” Joonmyeon bows down, bumping her head to his chest. Yixing watches in amusement as the girl massages her temple.

“Give me your number so I could text you my address?”








Kyungsoo slips out to the event stage, finding the whole audiences are gone. She sighs. It’s not her lucky day. Damn it, she should have come out faster!

With grumbles leaving her mouth, she makes her way back to the building, yet she stops by the restroom for a while. Right before she gets into the women’s restroom, she sees someone walks out of the men’s restroom and Kyungsoo thinks this is indeed her lucky day.

She pushes the person back into the men’s restroom, ignoring the sudden surprised gasp from the person. There’s no one else in the restroom and Kyungsoo grins to herself. Smooth.

She has the person backed against the closed restroom door. It’s that boy again. Her hardcore fan boy. And the boy is blushing now upon realizing who the girl is.

“What’s your name, boy?” Kyungsoo asks, trailing her fingers along his jaw.

“W-What?” The boy chokes, pupils glancing away nervously. Kyungsoo presses her chest forward against his, listening to his sharp intake of breathe when she does so. Oh, it’s going to be very interesting.

“I ask for your name, cutie. Won’t you tell me?” Kyungsoo pouts her lips. The boy is shaking under her touch and she is enjoying this a bit too much.

“K-Kim J-Jongin.”

“Jongin, eh? I like your name.” Kyungsoo traps her bottom lip in between her teeth while she winks to the boy.

“T-T-Thank you!”

“Now, Jongin… I have seen you on all of my events and I wonder, are you another fan boy of mine? Or do you like Baekhyun?”

“No! I-I only like you, Kyungsoo!” The boy answers almost immediately, blushing down to his neck. Kyungsoo giggles softly. “Good to hear that, Jongin. I would be very sad if you like Baekhyun more.”

“I-I like you, Kyungsoo! S-So much!”

“Aww, I like you, too, cutie.” Kyungsoo purrs, rubbing her palms on the boy’s sturdy chest and feeling his quick heartbeats under her palm. He is too cute. And handsome. And sexy, too.

“Jongin, I’m wondering whether you would be my one and only audience?” She drags her hand down to his waist to squeeze the flesh. The boy shivers under her.

“M-Me? A-Audience?”

“Mmh. Whenever I have a dance practice, no one could tell me how good or bad I do. If you are my fan, you would help me, won’t you?”

“W-When? W-Where?” He chokes on his breathe.

“Sweet! Can you give me your numbers so I could tell you the dance studio’s address? Do you have any plan next Tuesday, Jongin? Can you help me by being my audience?”

“N-No, I w-will do anything to h-help you, K-Kyungsoo.”

“Oh, Jongin, thank you.” Kyungsoo whispers out, reaching a hand down to tentatively brush against the boy’s crotch. Oh, it’s hard.

Kyungsoo gives him her phone and the boy’s trembling fingers type in his numbers into the device. She pats her jaw and goes as much as hugging him.

“I will call you soon, Jongin. Thank you and see you.” Kyungsoo winks to him while walking out of the restroom with her ass swaying to left and right. When she hears the faint sound of something dropping down, she guesses that the boy could be losing his consciousness. It makes her giggles.








Baekhyun looks around while she, Kyungsoo, and Yixing wait in the big office room. They are having a meeting in the Park Agency and she can’t even close her mouth by the display of expensive things in the office.

“Are you sure we get the right place?” She asks, nudging Yixing on his ribs.

“Of course! Don’t you ever doubt me!”

“Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to the wrong place considering that you are glued to your phone for most of the times!”

Yixing shrugs. “I can differentiate between work and romance.”

“Oh, already romance?” Baekhyun teases yet she stops when the door is opened and comes in a tall and broad man in a suit. She feels her breathe is stuck in her lungs at the look of the man. He is tall and handsome and attractive and very… well endowed, by the look of his crotch.

“I apologize for the wait. My name is Park Chanyeol and I’m the head of Park Agency. Nice to meet you.”

Yixing grabs the offered handshake and bows to the man. “My name is Zhang Yixing and I’m BaekSoo’s manager. This is Baekhyun and Kyungsoo.”

Kyungsoo shakes the man’s hand, muttering, “Hello, my name is Kyungsoo,” while Baekhyun locks her eyes on the man.

When she slips her hand into the man’s bigger one, she gets a teasing squeeze and she squeezes his hand back. “I’m Baekhyun.” She mutters softly. The man’s eyes are trained onto her and those eyes speak so many things.

Both Yixing and the man speak about business and the offer for agency. Kyungsoo is listening in full attention while Baekhyun is doing it half heartedly. She is too focused on the way the man’s veins protrude under his skin, on how the man’s arms are buff and muscled, and also the sharp jaw of the man that she would like to kiss.

“It’s going smooth and nice. I think this could be finalize soon right after the papers are ready.” The man says, clicking onto his pen. Yixing nods and thanks the man repeatedly.

“Oh.” The man calls when they get ready to leave. They stare at him as he asks, “Which one is the leader of BaekSoo?”

Baekhyun holds back a smirk. “Me. I’m the leader.” She answers almost too enthusiastically. Kyungsoo gives him a side view while Yixing furrows his eyebrows.

“Can I have a private talk with you then?” The man asks, his eyes staring straight into Baekhyun’s soul.

“Sure. Gladly.” Baekhyun answers, licking her lips.

The door is closed as a confused Yixing and a suspicious Kyungsoo leave the room after Baekhyun tells them to leave without her and she could get back home on her own.

It’s only the two of them left inside the office and Baekhyun waits quietly for the man’s next move.

The man walks back to his wide glass desk and he sits down on his leather chair.

“Baekhyun, isn’t it?” He asks, giving her a look that shows how much he wants her.

Baekhyun smacks her lips. “The one and only.”

The man’s lips curl up into a smirk. “I like your confidence.”

“I heard that a lot.” Baekhyun crosses her arms under her chest. The man’s eyes are trained on her up and down, before they settle back to stare into her eyes.

“I have seen so many of your dance videos but I would like to see a live performance. Do you mind giving me one?”

Baekhyun fakes a hum as she walks closer to the man. She sits on the edge of the desk, right in front of the man. The man leans back against his leather chair.

“You want me to give you a private show, Mr. Park?” Baekhyun leans closer, giving a perfect sight of her low cut shirt.