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Talk (dirty) Russian to me.

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Talk (dirty) Russian to me

This was meant to be just a normal day at the batcave.

Sam was reading books, Cas was helping Sam translate the books he was reading and Dean was happily chewing on some fuckin' good pie.

This is entirely Sams fault.

If his dorky brother had handed Cas an old ass book and asked Cas to translate that, this wouldn't be happening.

If Cas wasn't such a nice fucking guy, this wouldn't have been a problem.



"This is rather simple, Sam. It's Russian. A recipe for curing vampires, which Dean and yourself already know, of course. Рецепт для лечения вампира [A recipe to cure a vampire]"

Dean had been ignoring them up until that exact fucking moment. Low, gravelled tones that were already husky as fuck, dipped lower. R's rolled and his tone dipped. That fucking voice climbing into Deans skin and burrowing there, incasing him. He snapped is gaze to the angel, pinning him with it as his cock gave a very interested twitch in his jeans because holyfuckingshit that was unbelievably attractive.

Deans breath caught and he held it, desperately trying to will his stray errection down. His fork dropped to his plate and created a sudden clang that caused the other hunter and angel to startle, turning to him quickly. Ever so vaguely he heard Sams voice muttering questions. Dean grudgingly admitted that he point blank ignored his brother, unable to look away from the azure eyes that met his, curiosity in their sea blue depths.

"Dude... I am so fucking leaving." He sort of waved his hand, agreeing and shooing his smug emitting baby bro from the room, the entire while holding the angels gaze. Carefully (wouldn't want to ruin it) he placed the pie aside and stood up, walking over to his friend who tilted his head in that (damn it, he would never admit to thinking such a thing) cute way of his. Blinking lazily.

"Dean? Are you alright?" He stopped a few inches away from Cas and noted the way the angels eyes skittered to his lips and then snapped stubbornly back to his eyes, a small smirk touching the hunters mouth.

"Didn't know you spoke Russian, Cas." Aw shit, his voice sounded husky even to the hunter, pitch dipped deep due to the very curious throbbing of his cock in his pants. Dean looked to the book pointedly, then raised an eyebrow, faking an innocent form of interest.

"I speak a multitude of languages, Dean. I am an angel." He couldn't help but chuckle at the indignant tone from the man, raising his gaze in a slow interested sweep up the other males form.

"Yeah? So read more of the book." He handed it to the man, eyes never leaving him. The trenchcoat had been disgarded earlier due to Sam and Deans protests, along with the suit jacket, leaving the man in a (slightly) more casual look. Dark dress pants, tight white dress shirt rolled up at the arms and his blue tie hanging about the wrong way. His hand twitched at his side, finding himself wanting to grab the material and crush his lips to the blue eyed angel. He refrained though, the longing to hear more of that fucking voice speaking Russian far stronger. Cas looked a little flustered, flashing Dean that usual 'Your human manners confuse me and I do not understand' look before he opened the book, clearing his throat lightly.

"Шаг первыйремешок несчастную жертву внизэто будет достаточно трудно с одним инфицированным."

Dean surpressed a groan, stepping up into the angels personal space, ignoring the onslaught of confused questions, fingers curling about that blue tie. Pulling the other man close, Deans lips brushing Cas' ear, whispering darkly, a smirk on his lips at the surpressed shudder that earned.

"Just keep reading, angel."

He felt Cas swallow, his lips brushing down that long, pale expanse of flesh at the mans neck, tongue teasing the skin, drawing a soft whimper from the being.

"Дин! Dean, Дин! What are you doing?" Dean fucking did groan then, because he was pretty sure the angel had just moaned his name in Russian. His cock stood proudly then, throbbing lightly against its confines. Pulling back, he searched confused blue eyes and grinned, taking in the way the blue was slowly being eaten away by the leaking black of his pupils.

"Something I've though about for a while. If you want me to stop, just tell me."

"NO!" Dean flashed a slow, smug grin at the angels flustered protest, brushing his thumb against the soft pink blush dusting high cheekbones, allowing Cas to continue. "No, I- I am alright, Dean, you may do with me as you wish. I trust you."

It took everything the hunter had to stand upright at that. Moaning low he crushed his lips to the angels, tongue running over the slightly chapped skin, dampening, nipping and teasing. Cas kissed back. Fucking hell did he kiss.Just like he fought, one moment there was nothing, then everything was thrown into it. Pressing into Dean, curiosity in blue depths, fingers curling about the hunters upper arms hungrily, attempting to pull him closer. Dean gasped, pulled back slightly, licking once more at Cas' lip before moaning softly.

"Just keep speaking Russian, Cas. Can you do that?" The angel blinked to him for a moment, tilting his head in thought before a hot, firm palm cupped Deans cock through his jeans. Dean growled and bucked into the promise of friction, tangling his fingers in Cas' hair as the book hit the floor. Forgotten.

"Дин, this arouses you." It wasn't a question, of fucking course not, not with the angel. He stated it calmly before something seemed to snap and Dean was being grabbed by the arms, an odd sensation in his stomach as Cas mojo'd them to the bedroom and all but threw the hunter on the bed. Crawling up his body, his gaze borderlining predatory.

Deans cock spurted eagerly and the hunter hid a whimper, fingers curling into the sheets. The angel blinked and all clothes were gone, the cold air causing Dean to hiss in surprise, his cock curling towards his stomach, hard, shining and proud. The angel rested between the hunters legs, taking that hot, heavy flesh into his hand and squeezed it lightly.

"I am not stupid, Дин. I may not have had much practice but I know the machanics, I know what I wish to do to you. I wish..." Dean arched up and moaned as Cas' tongue was lapping and curling about his cock, causing him to squirm and writhe. Cas took it like a mission, focusing from all angles, curious and thorough. Tracing each vein before a low vibration shot all of Deans thinking capacities to hell and his back arched up.

"I want to Ебать тебе мозгиДиня хочу взять свой член в рот и сосать и лизатьпока не прошу для меняЯ хочу смотреть,как ты разваливаться в то время как я утверждаю вас. (To fuck your brains out, Dean, I want to take your cock in my mouth and suck and lick until you beg for me. I want to watch you fall apart while I speak to you.)"

Dean whimpered and his head fell back as Cas took him fully into his mouth, sucking hard and fast, tongue twisting and rolling against the sensitive head of him. Dean didn't even need to understand to know from the glint in the angels eyes that what was being said was probably fucking filthy. The fact that the angel would speak like that, even in Russian, had the hunters blood boiling, panting heavily. He curled his fingers into those wild black tuffs of hair and pulled, dragging the man up. Lips crushing into lips hungrily, devouring each others tastes as Cas continued fucking talking through it.

"Я передумалДинты должен мне ебать. (I changed my mind, Dean, you HAVE to fuck me.)" Dean barely managed to register that before Cas gripped his throbbing member, straddling Deans hips and sank the fuck down. Right to the fucking hilt.

Dean pretty much fucking howled then, hot, tight and wet surrounding him. His pleasure fueled brain managed a weak "Mojo" before his fingers curled about the angels sharp hips, tight, holding on for dear life and met the cloudy blue gaze in question. With a low moan and a sharp nod from Cas, Dean thrust up. Planting his feet on the bed, hips pumping furiously, working himself in and out of the writhing angel. Nails dragged down his chest and he looked up through his lashes, trying desperately not to blow just from the sight of Cas alone.

The angels face wash flushed, a light sheen of sweat coating his skin as he worked, thrusting down to meet Deans hips. Full, spit slicked lips parted, gasping breaths causing his chest to rise and fall rapidly. Glacier blue eyes now black with arousal, hair tousled and wild like a blackened halo about him. Dean shifted a little, dragging Cas harder onto him and watched as the mans head was thrown back, a scream leaving him. Hot, wet, sticky cum painted his chest and hit his chin and lips as Cas tightened and pulsed impossibly more about him.

He came from just having Deans cock in his ass.

Holy shit.

Dean saw stars then, his orgasm ripped from him. Body stiffening, back arching, his eyes rolling back in pleasure. The pair fell down, skin slapping into skin, the wet sounds of flesh falling silent as Dean slipped out of Cas' body. Gasping hard, wrapping his arms about the angel as his body protested against movement, lashes fluttering lightly.

"Jesus fuck, Cas, when'dja learn that?" He managed to slur, his body pliant in the afterglow of his orgasm. Forcing his gaze to meet the equally as sleepy looking angels.

"I have been alive for mellenia возлюбленный. I have seen much, I have just never had reason to apply it."

The hunter couldn't help but chuckle at that, letting his eyes fall shut. Rolling to his side and pulling the black haired man close to him (this was not fucking cuddling it was recuperating, capiche?), nuzzling his neck lightly.

"Hmm... One day you're going to tell me what you were saying."

"I promise I will tell you one day, Dean. When you are highly intoxicated and will not remember it." Dean felt a blossom of pride at the amusement in the angels tone, grinning lazily.

"Never change, angel. Never change."