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Always With You

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- Folie à deux -
43. We were twins too poor to have the dignity of separate names.

Yami hated the little runt at first sight.

The small chubby child, probably about five years old, was hiding behind the legs of the… the woman that had seduced his father away. He couldn't understand why his mother had been so dead on this meeting.

He wanted nothing to do with them.

He just wanted his Papa back.

"Yugi," the one that had broken apart Yami's happy family addressed her spawn. "Why don't you go play with Yami while Rumiko-san and I talk?"

Yugi, as the spawn was named, only clung harder to the pants of his mother. The other woman sighed and pried the boy away, before giving him a gentle push in Yami's direction.

"I prepared some tea for us in the kitchen." The other woman, who Yami wasn't sure if he hated more or less than the spawn, gestured in the direction of the next room.

"That's very kind of you, Yui-san. Now, Yami, play nice with your brother." Yami's mother said before she and the other woman left the room.

"Half-brother." Yami snapped, but his mother was already gone from the room.

They were alone together for the first time ever. He turned to look at his so-called sibling. The kid was trembling like a frightened rabbit ready to bolt at a moment's notice. Yami gave the kid his best glare/angry face. Yugi shrunk back. He moved closer to the boy and Yugi moved back further.

God, the kid was such a wimp!

Soon, Yugi was out of places to run and Yami had him cornered. The brat looked scared out of his mind. Yami almost thought it was going to piss itself right there.

"Fine," Yami declared with the authority befitting any boy about to become a teenager. "Let's play cops and robbers. I'm the cop and you're the robber."

"Wh-why do I ha-have to-to be t-th-the rob-rob-robber?" The brat stuttered.

At least Yami knew it wasn't mute now. But maybe the kid was better off mute than stuttering like that.

"Because you're a bad person," he grabbed his so-called younger brother's arm. "I'm gonna put you in jail."

"Bu-but-but th-that's not fa-fairrrrrrrrrr!" Tears began to water in Yugi's eyes. "I-I-I did-di-didn't do any-anything!"

Great, the kid was a stupid crybaby too!

"Yeah, you did. Dad left because of you, it's because you're an evil person!" Yami shouted, feeling a familiar anger rising from the pit of his stomach. "Because of you, Papa is gone!"

He watched as the little boy broke down and starting crying. It sounded heart-wrenching even to Yami's ears. He could feel his conscience starting to prod him for his actions, but he tried to ignore it.

Footsteps came scurrying into the room. It wasn't their respective mothers coming to save one child and scold the other. It was Ojii-chan, it was his favorite Ojii-chan. Mutou Sugoroku took one look at the scene and immediately rushed to Yugi's side. Yami felt a brush of indignation.

"Yami, were you picking on your brother?" Ojii-chan asked.

"No!" Yami pouted. His Ojii-chan had never scolded him before- never. His Ojii-chan loved him that much. "It was his fault, he started it."

"Yami, you should know better. You're the onii-san here. You have to take care of Yugi."

"I hate him!" Yami screamed. He hated the sight of his grandfather hugging and comforting the spawn.

He had never seen his grandfather wear such a sad and mournful expression before then. "You're too young to hate, Yami. I don't ever want to hear you say that again. Ever."

He felt his blood boil as he watched his grandfather stroke Yugi's hair- hair that was too similar to his own. "I was here first! It's not fair. It's not fair!"

"You'll understand when you're older." His grandfather shook his head.

Yami firmly believed he already understood, without all this growing up crap.