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I know you're out of my league, but that won't scare me away

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Stiles doesn’t even know how fast he came here. As soon as Lydia texted him, he had stepped in the car and he didn’t even look back. It’s cold outside, way too cold to wear only a t- shirt but he didn’t have enough time to put on a jacket. As soon as he gets out of the car he sees her. Lydia is sitting on the ground, next to a puddle of blood and a dead body next to it.

“Lydia, what happened?” he asks her and kneels down next to her. “I just, I found him here, I already called the police, I just-“ she mumbles staring at the blood on her hands. “Lydia, come on get up.” He stands up, pulling her with him to stand on the ground. “The police will be here soon, it’s gonna be alright.”

A few minutes after the police arrived and they explained everything, stiles gets into his jeep again. Lydia sitting next to him in passengers seat. She’s still staring somewhere in the distance, her hands that have blood from the victim on it in her lap. “Hey, you alright?” stiles asks softly and turns to look at her. Lydia doesn’t say anything so he starts driving. “Stiles, don’t take me home. I don’t want to be alone.” She says softly, still not looking at him. Stiles nods. “Okay, I’ll take you to my house, alright?” Lydia doesn’t say anything else the whole ride.

Stiles opens the door for her when the get there. Nobody is home of course, since his dad is currently working on the case. “We’re here.” He says when they are standing in the hallway. Lydia nods and bites her lip. It takes a while before she turns to him. “Why do I find the bodies, stiles?”  she asks. Her voice heavy like she’s going to cry every second now. “I- I don’t know,” he mumbles.  At this Lydia starts crying. She covers her face with her blood covered hands, like he can’t see her cry.

Stiles walks towards her and puts his arms around her. Lydia’s hands still covering her face, like it’s something that protects her. “It’s okay. It’s over now,” stiles murmurs softly, knowing it’s not really true but just wanting to comfort her. Lydia nods, her crying calming down into soft little sobs. She carefully pulls away her hands from her face. Her eyes black from her mascara. Stiles is still holding her softly rubbing on her back. She looks up at him, her eyes still wet from all the crying.  Stiles smiles and strokes her hair. “I’ll make a bath for you, alright? It’s all gonna be okay.” He says and turns to the stairs. “Wait really? Why would you do that?” Lydia asks.  Because I love you and I never want to see you hurt like this again.  “Why not?”

Lydia follows him upstairs and sits down on the toilet seat while stiles prepares a bath. Lydia stares at her hands. “I should probably wash this blood of my hands, people will think I’m a serial killer.” She says with a laugh in her voice slightly audible. “Yeah you probably should.” Stiles says ,leaning against the bathtub.  For a moment it’s just them laughing. Then Lydia’s laughing turns into quietly crying again. Stiles wants to hold her, to take her pain away, to kiss, just do something to make her stop crying. But he doesn’t. maybe she just needs to cry for a bit now. 

“The water is warm now, you can get in if you want.” Stiles says. Lydia nods and wipes the tears of her face. Without waiting another second she kicks of her heels. She suddenly takes off her shirt, leaving her only in her bra and jeans. “Wow, wait, Lydia!” stiles almost shouts and quickly turns around to walk out of the bathroom. “No, stay here. Please. You can just sit here on the ground but don’t leave me alone, please.” And something in her voice desperate that stiles feels like he could impossible say no. “You don’t have to look, if you don’t want. I’ll just get in quick so you don’t have to see me.” She says.  And stiles’ heart breaks. Does she really think I don’t want to look at her. Does she think I think she’s ugly?

“Don’t say that, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Why would not want to look at you?” 
“Then why are you not looking at me right now?” Lydia asks. “Because I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” Stiles says honestly. Turning around slightly to see Lydia smiling at him.  “Well that’s cute, you’re the first boy, actually caring about that. Okay you turn around, I’ll tell you when you can look.” Stiles nods and turns around. He hears the moving of water, which is probably Lydia getting into the bathtub. “Stiles? You put some kind of oil into the water. I smell lavender. You can look by the way.” Stiles turns around to see Lydia sitting in the bathtub. He’s only seeing her head and shoulders coming out of the water and feels like doesn’t have the right to look at other parts of her body. He sits down against the bathtub. “You don’t like lavender? It helps you sleep, and I thought-“ 
“No, it smells great.” Lydia says and smiles.

Then it’s silent again. Lydia is not saying anything, just staring at nothing. There are tears in her eyes again, she doesn’t cry. “Can I wash your hair?” stiles offers, already expecting a no or ew.  “Okay,” she only says, almost a whisper. “I don’t know if you like my shampoo. I think it’s like watermelon scented, so I hope that’s not a big problem.” Lydia just smiles so Stiles assumes it’s okay. He starts washing her hair,  sitting on his knees behind her head. Lydia doesn’t say anything.  When he washes the soap out of her hair with water he can hear Lydia giggle. “Stiles you’re being so careful with everything you do. You can just touch me, I won’t break.” Stiles laughs. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know being gentle was a crime.” 

“I’ll get you a towel,” stiles says and gets up. And then he remembers, Lydia is in the same room as him, naked, in a bathtub. But it’s all so normal. It doesn’t feel weird at all. “Here you go. Do you want to borrow some of my shirts or something? I can get you some clothes?” Stiles offers and Lydia smiles and nods while she wraps the towel around her body.  

Lydia comes in Stiles’ room wearing one of his boxers and a t-shirt.  And right now stiles can’t help but feel a bit nervous. Lydia is in his room right now. She sits down on the bed next to stiles.  “This everything is fucked up.” She murmurs. Stiles doesn’t say anything, he knows she’s right. “When will this all stop? When will I stop finding the bodies?” it doesn’t sound like a question he has to give an answer to.  Lydia sighs and lays down her head on Stiles’ shoulder. Her hair is wet and cold but he doesn’t really care. He carefully picks up a brush and starts brushing a side of her hair, very carefully, like he could break her any moment if he didn’t.  Lydia just stares at him. There is a silence again, this time not uncomfortable.  At some point stiles started humming a song Lydia doesn’t know but she doesn’t say anything. Just looks at stiles and how gentle he is with everything. He has to be the first who  did something like did ever.

“It’s all done.” Stiles whispers. He expects Lydia to say thanks or to stay quiet like most moments tonight. He does not expect suddenly two soft lips pressing against his. His eyes still open from shock he can see Lydia looking at him once more before closing her eyes and really leaning into the kiss. All Lydia wants was stiles to kiss her like most guys kiss her. She wants to give him a reward for being so nice to her. But there is stiles again, touching her face like it’s so fragile, stroking the hair out of her face and he kisses her so softly and gentle that she thinks she might get crazy. It’s almost overwhelming how sweet he is.  “Stiles,” she whispers and pushes him carefully of her. Stiles looks at her like she’s the most beautiful thing in the whole world. “Can I stay here, tonight? I don’t wanna scare my mom by coming home so late.” Stiles nods, like it’s the most casual thing in the world.

Lydia gets under the blankets and Stiles lays down next to her. Stiles lays down on one side so he’s facing Lydia. Lydia can’t help but smile at him. Stiles smiles back. It’s great to see her like this, the real Lydia, without make up, with messy hair, a smile on her face, next to him in bed. “Can I like cuddle with you or do I cross a line then?” Stiles asks. Lydia laughs. “Only you would ask me to cuddle. And I think the line just got crossed when I kissed you.” Stiles laughs and moves closer to Lydia and pulls her closer. Her back is pressed against his chest and he can smell his own shampoo on Lydia’s hair. Everything about this situation just seems so perfect and he can’t keep it to himself anymore. “I love you Lydia martin,” he whispers against her head.  He isn’t even sure if she hears it. But that’s okay. She doesn’t have to say it back. She doesn’t have to love him back. He loves her, and for now that’s just enough. He turns of the lights and closes his eyes.

And out of the lack of sleep and the scent of Lydia he almost would have fallen asleep. Almost wouldn’t have heard it.

“I love you Stiles.”