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Darksbane, Verdantei, Zerrat
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Just a writer who writes fanfiction for the fun of it. If I entertain you, too, feel free to let me know with a quick kudos or a comment - I'd love to hear back from you!

Mostly I seem to be writing for the FFXIII fandom these days, though my reading habits can vary quite wildly. I'm also a fan of the Final Fantasy series in general, with my top two favourite games being FFX and FFIV.

I love the world of FFXIII and the characters, so it's my favourite universe in which to write. Also it doesn't hurt that I ship Fang and Lightning, of course.

You can also follow me on tumblr (zerrat for normal fannish spam or zerratwritesstuff for writing updates), if that is something that would interest you.

Additionally, since this has also come up in some discussions, nobody needs my permission to podfic, fanart or write extensions of any transformative work that I have posted. You don't need to PM me and ask, you can just do it.