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Translations, Podfics, Remixes, Art, and anything Inspired By my fics is OK! Please send me a link!!

Do you like my works? Great! If you like them a lot, please consider donating a dollar or two to paypal.me/Phne as a tip! I'm trying to raise money for a trip and every penny counts!

Works for Soothe: http://ferrety-lixciaa.deviantart.com/art/Animal-Comparisons-595952270

Call me Phne! She/her or They/them pronouns are OK!
Weakness: Not much dialogue and (almost) never finishes chapter fics
Strength: In Character (?) and succinct
???: Writes Rarepairs, Doesn't appreciate Demands
Current Interest: Reading more than Writing. Apologies!


Personal Tumblr: yaoi-yaoieverywhere.tumblr.com
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Twitter: @phne_demi
Curious Cat (AKA Be Anonymous): https://curiouscat.me/yaoi-yaoieverwhere