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xahra99 is the pen name of somebody who is twenty nine, English, and still in denial about this whole fanfiction thing.

I've archived some of my fic here. For fanfiction of a more adult nature, fanart, original stories, the occasional rant and all the stuf that wouldn't fit visit my livejournal at

y epic ff8 trilogy -soon to be posted-is the longest by far, but there's quite a lot of Ubisoft fic (Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 and Prince of Persia), as well as Bioware (Dragon Age. Mass Effect) topped by a sprinkling of TV and film fic: Supernatural, Being Human,Terminator: Salvation and Heroes.

I also write occasional original short stories for the webzines 'the book of imaginary beasts.' and 'bang bang shoutetsu' which can be found at the appropriate livejournal communities and on my own livejournal (see above).

Story Notes:



The shorter serial fics of my Assassin' Creed 1 and 2 stories can all be read alone, but chronologically go something like this:


The Cross and the Sword, The Length of God's Patience (in-game), The Straight Path (in-game), The Favour of Heaven, Both Worlds as Our Companion, The Word of God and the Treasures of Wisdom, An Assembly of Bones.


Murderer (set post Lineage), The Sparks Fly Upward(in-game), This Course of Fortune(also in-game), Of Hell and High Water, Only The Devil Laughed and the short slash piece The Seventh Circle, which can be found at my livejournal.

If you liked the stories, leave me feedback so I'll be inspired to write more.