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I'm just here to do what it says on the tin - archive my work. I started writing fanfic about 4 or 5 years ago, and wrote almost exclusively Slipknot fics for the first couple of years. I was angels+devils on until it died a loathsome death, and then adminned a Slipknot fansite called Athenite (and then Slipknot Slash) for a while with a friend, as plague_upon_words. I have been meaning to post my fics for a while, as they have been sitting around on my harddrive for years. I've only within the last 8 months or so started to write again, branching out into various fandoms. I originally intended to post them on LiveJournal (same pseud) but being technologically-challenged I gave up. This site gives me step by step instructions (HOORAY!).

I no longer write Slipknot fics, as they are no longer my dominant fandom. I have started to go through them all and edit them, and repost them all on here. There are several unfinished ones which I intend to finish and post, and others that I will simply wrap up with a passable ending. Fics may differ slightly from those originally posted. I can't say when I will have this finished - I am a university student with a part-time job and I also have horses so I am very busy :(

NOTE ON RPS: As mentioned, I started off writing Slipknot fics. That was several years ago. These days, I am much less enamoured with RPS than I used to be. To be perfectly frank, I quite dislike all my fics from that era, for two reasons 1) my writing has improved, and I don't think they were ever particularly good, and my characterisation was so bad as to practically remove the characters from their real world personas completely, and 2) I'm not really comfortable with RPS anymore. It doesn't sit well with me. I won't be writing any more RPS in the future, and it has even provoked to change my biggest work to original characters because I was so uncomfortable with it. Sorry if this annoys anyone! :)