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I'm cosmicdancer on Livejournal and most of the writing on here is reposted from my creative journal, fromsaturn.

I had been using verbingthenoun as a username in various places and got tired of typing the whole thing out. Hence, vtn. I prefer it in all lowercase because I'm just used to seeing it that way.

Permissions statement: All are welcome to make works based on my works, including podfic, fanart, remixes, and translations, so long as you give credit and link back to the original on my AO3 account. Please also contact me with a link to your work.

Content note: nothing here is guaranteed to be worksafe unless rated General Audiences. Works labeled with No Archive Warnings Apply may still contain other content that some may find objectionable. Feel free to contact me at infinitemetaphors@gmail.com if you have questions about the content of any of my fics.

Concrit: Is always welcome and appreciated!