Time Lords, Detectives, and Warlocks

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Hi! I'm Catherine, the author of The Vortex Of Deduction (vortexofdeduction.blogspot.com). You can also find me on fanfiction.net (https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5636912/dolphinz-amazon) and tumblr (vortexofdeduction.tumblr.com). My stories will be uploaded to my blog first (the blogspot not the tumblr), then fanfiction.net and AO3. And now, for a bit about me.

I'm in a whole lot of different fandoms (I have a list on my blog), but my main fandoms are Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Merlin. I like writing crossovers, especially Wholock, but sometimes I write stories that aren't crossovers. I regularly participate in fanfiction contests at The Star Cult, a Doctor Who community on Google+, and I upload those fics here as well. I like writing adventure stories, but I'll sometimes write romantic fics, and I might write some sickfic in the future. I don't really write reader insert fics, and I tend to avoid self insert fics (except for one time for a contest at The Star Cult). I don't usually create OCs, but I have made a few when the plot calls for it. I don't like to make stories where an OC is the main focus.

I always appreciate feedback, even if it's negative. I really want to know what you like and what you think I should improve on. And in the case of a WIP, I might take your advice regarding what should happen next in the story. (Note: I don't post WIPs often, as I like to make sure I know where the story is going to avoid leaving you hanging.)