We have all seized the white perimeter

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Bowling Green, Oh


26; 2/3 of an MA in history; AB in history, unused certificate in grant writing; thoughtfully impulsive; intellectual elitist; thesis writer; interpreter of pop culture; fencer (when my knee cooperates); reader; watcher; observer; occasional writer; ultra amateur graphics maker; fic recer; thinker; sporadic rollplayer; occasional over user of *asterisks* and CAPSLOCK; pathetically bad musician; FEMINIST; women's college graduate; pirate

things i like
ak; The West Wing; Grey's Anatomy (when it doesn't suck); Top Chef; Project Runway; Criminal Minds; Friday Night Lights; Kings; Nurse Jackie; True Blood; Police Women of Broward County; The Good Wife; Mad Men; Megan Whalen Turner; Tammy Pierce; YA fantasy; good wine; good gin; well-made cocktails; gender studies; history (when I'm not sick of it); film criticism; pop culture criticism; women; jazz; good country; college basketball; nfl football; world cup football; euro cup football; grand slam tennis; march madness; feminism; Rachel Maddow; femslash; fiction; lit; fic; strong female characters; pottery; Star Trek; baking; other things that I'm sure I've forgotten