Just Call Me Trys

My pseuds:
d-singer, tryslora, wordsinthehall
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I live in:
Schodack, NY


Updated July 16, 2014

Tryslora (also known as Trys, and once known as D-Singer, or simply as D.) is a mother, gamer, writer, ex-programmer, systems administrator, wife, a black belt (in taekwondo) and a dozen other things I'm sure I forgot, living in the middle of NYS. She is way more prolific than she ever planned on being, but still feels like she is never writing enough to get it all done (we won't even talk about the number of fic stubs in the bunny folder). She loves AO3 and feels it is the best place for her current fics (mostly Potterverse and Teen Wolf) and someday, hopefully, her older Amberverse fics.

Many of these fics are intended for adults. If you are not an adult and you have found this site, you should not read any fic marked as Mature or Explicit.

Tryslora (who is still talking about herself in the third person) welcomes transformations of her works. If you would like to podfic, remix, create art for, or otherwise play within the spaces of her existing work, please drop a note on the piece to let her know, and then another note later to show her the final product. Thanks!

You can also find tryslora on tumblr at tryslora.tumblr.com. Please feel free to drop by and send an Ask!!