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There's nothing worse than a writer with nothing to say. -- Mitch Allan

I've been in fandom for a long, long time. I mean I was doing beta reading for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before Gmail even existed. We used to just send each other raw text and there was a lot of question-marking and bullet lists and crazy colors for editing purposes and yeah. I'm old by fandom terms.

I'm going to do The Stupid Thing and try to complete two major WIPs in 2017. One of them was supposed to be finished before I started Nanowrimo...and here we are. It's still going, though!

Find me on Imzy! I started a (very lonely) Labyrinth community and I can be found by the same pseud I use here: tooralooryeaye 

Chapter 5 of Snow is in revision, ETA September 25 30* Early October. AFTER NANO sometime before the end of January. Sorry :( DONE! OMG IT'S DONE YAY. Chapter 6 is in progress. The hold-up has been that I injured my hand and got laid off the same week in September. Fortunately, I had finished the Chapter 5 draft right before stabbing my palm, but looking for work kind of took over my life, as well as Nano. But now: Nanowrimo has been won, I have a new job, and my hand is usable again!

If you need a beta: I am happy to look over House MD, CatCF, Stranger Things, and of course Labyrinth fics.