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Hi! I'm Anne, 27 years old, from Luxembourg.

I feel like I haven't posted anything decent for ages but I am currently (sporadically) working on several Teen Wolf fics, so hopefully those will see the light of day at some point in the nearish future.

Transformative Works Policy: I'm totally okay with translations, podfics, remixes, prequels/sequels, fanart, gif sets, videos or any other form of transformative works based on my stories. Just let me know when you post something based on my stuff, so I can come squee over it and link to it. If you post it to AO3, make sure to link our works, so it shows up in the notes!

Please do not post my fics on Goodreads. Don't repost my fics anywhere (*side-eyes Wattpad users*). Thank you!

If you want to find me on other sites (tumblr, twitter, livejournal, etc.) - I'm thilia everywhere. :)