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I am Thene. I have been writing fic for kind of a long time now. I've not pulled all of it over here and will probably never do so; look me up on FFN (as athenemiranda) if you want to see some of my older stuff, and if there's a specific fandom of mine that you're interested in, get in touch - I have all kinds of other stuff stashed away on meme posts and so on.

I'm a shortfic kinda person. I'm more interested in line-level than overall plot, and I tend to subvocalise and therefore read and write slowly, so shortfic is my happy place. I generally go for femslash and slash but every so often I go for a het pairing, or some man-on-city love, or something. I like using canon for unintended purposes, dramatic irony, odd kinks, doomed pairings, and anything that makes me think or feel. I love reading fluff but am usually way too inhibited to write it. I'm an immigrant and therefore my language use is not pegged to any one fixed standard; this may be obvious from my more recent fics. Nothing makes me happier than good prose so I do my best to produce it myself.

My main fandom is Metal Gear, and I run the mgs_fanworks community. I drift in and out of a whole lot of other things, mostly game fandoms and sometimes book/comic fandoms.

I'm always trying to improve (or at least innovate, or at least cause brainbleed) so I'm open to any and all comments on the stories I post here - concrit, squee, rants, anything.


Here's a stamp (made by the lovely Tsukimeushi on dA) that explains everything else you need to know.