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Yes, there are two of us.
The Collective Cohort consists of two nerdy fangirls compelled to write about the things we love–tv, movies, books, fashion and fandomania in general–and share our insights into geek culture with the world. We are avid readers, reviewers and (occasionally) writers of fanfiction. Check out our blog: acollectivemind(dot)com where we have weekly fanfic recs! If you're interested in us reviewing/reccing your fanfiction, please contact us on Tumblr.

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Twitter: @collectivadiva

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Dear Collectress and Collectiva Diva give blanket permission for translating, creating fan art for, or podficing any of the posted fics. All we asks is that you please include the link to the story and then let the author know so she can link to yours! Please do not remix without asking permission first.

Please do not repost/copy/duplicate any of our work to other sites without our permission. That's called plagiarism and it's theft.