sylvaine aka thriceandonce

My pseuds:
sylvaine, sylvaine57, Sylvie, thriceandonce, tsubasa_no_ryu
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I have a lot of interests and a lot of hobbies and if it's a creative/crafty thing I've probably tried it at some point or another. Here is mostly fic, podfic, and art.

I like gen, slash, femslash, het, poly, anything really. Mostly I read gen and slash, because that's easiest to come by and isn't quite as fraught for me as het. My primary interest lies with queer ladies, though.


Primary: Supernatural
Active: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Harry Potter, Naruto
Inactive: Mythology, Tolkien's works, Homestuck, Bandom, One Direction, Sherlock Holmes (all incarnations), Yu-Gi-Oh, D. Gray-Man, Avengers/MCU, lotrips, The Witcher

I tend to always return to inactive fandoms sooner or later, and sometimes lose interest in new fandoms fairly quickly, so this list may not be entirely up-to-date. Plus, I'll happily read fic outside of these fandoms.

Other Places to Find Me:
Check my website for other places I'm around (twitter, tumblr, etc.) or post stuff (fic, art, podfic, crafts, recs...).

Transformative works policy:
Basically: blanket permission for anything and everything - all I ask is that you link back to my work on your post and link me to it. (I have obsessive indexing tendencies, as you may have noticed, and I like to know where my work is going.) If you'd like more details, though, check out this post on my DW journal. (P.S.: You do not need my permission for repods.)

My avatar is from TheMinttu's artwork "Shared Minds" on DeviantArt.