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(03/24/16) I have removed all of my fics from AO3. There’s really no good reason for it other than self-care. But copies of each are still backed-up on my livejournal ( I feel like storing them there is something of a midpoint between leaving them up here, a decidedly more trafficked site, and just deleting everything and disappearing entirely. They aren’t friends-locked, so you don’t have to add me to read them.

I want to apologize if this causes anyone any needless stress or frustration. But maybe that’s pretty presumptuous? I really hope nobody cares or notices at all. That would be the ideal.

If anyone is by chance reading this, though, I’d like to end by expressing my absolute gratitude to everyone who ever spared me and/or my fics a kind word or a kind thought—and every wonderful thing in between. You didn't have you, but you did anyway, and I couldn’t ever say enough in appreciation and outright awe. I hope that in your lives, someone, somewhere, makes you feel as good as you made me feel. I wish I could’ve been the caliber of writer your kindness and generosity truly deserved. And I wish you all the best.




(01/2016) Barring any unforeseen circumstances, all of the fics on this account will be deleted shortly after the end of season 5B (mid-March). There will still be copies posted on, but if on the off chance you enjoyed anything and would like to download it, please do so at your convenience. :)




Not really good at or big on writing fic (it's way hard, props to all you who do it), but Teen Wolf got me. Someone form a prayer circle.

(My transformative works policy is basically 'do whatever you like, however you like.' . If something I wrote actually inspires you, by all means!)